Seven Summits Trader

Seven Summits TraderSeven Summits Trader is a trading strategy created by NetPicks company and it is for trading Forex, futures, stocks and ETF in multiple time frames.

Seven Summits Trader strategy consists of 7 elements:

  • Multiple markets, multiple timeframes
  • Dynamic entries, targets and stops
  • Scale and trail
  • Exact trade plans
  • Capital preservation
  • Total immersion training
  • Consistent profits

The STT strategy is able to catch small profits as well as follow trends for larger profits. It uses fixed targets and trailing stops, and includes a solid risk and money management strategy.

Seven Summits Trader comes with a comprehensive training and can be used by beginners as well as advanced traders. It’s designed with active day traders in mind. The package also includes software tools and custom indicators.

More details:

  • Cost: $997
  • Currency pairs supported: All major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: TBD

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  1. SST will be released on Aug 24th and until then they redirect to DPG which they’re giving out free to create interest.

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