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The Forex SignalsThe Forex Signals by Vladimir Ribakov and Bob Iaccino (as of January 10, 2011 he’s replaced Tom Strignano) is a unique Forex trading signals service where two expert traders compete who’s gonna provide better signals. As a result of this friendly competition, the user gets two signal services for the price of one and each of them competing for quality.

The Forex Signals offers 5 membership packages, each different with the level of service it provides. The first four packages provide signals different number of currency pairs, indices and commodities, while the highest level package also includes personal mentoring.

The service provides signals for all currency pairs, metals, commodities, stocks and indices. You can choose what signals you will get by the membership package.

In addition to the signals, the service provides advanced tools and indicators for MetaTrader platform, training and education for different level traders – from beginners to advanced – as well as personal mentoring.

The membership packages are:

  • Junior package with 2 currency pairs at $97 per month
  • Trader package with 4 currency pairs at $197 per month
  • Senior trader package with 7 currency pairs, gold, oil and 2 indices at $297 per month
  • Chief dealer package with all currency pairs, metals, commodities and indices at $399 per month
  • Chief dealer package with personal mentoring at $997 per month

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31 thoughts on “The Forex Signals”

  1. Till now I have no experience with this new service.
    But I have bad experience with Tom Strignanos former signalservice.
    Ehen I heard Vladimir will work together with Tom,
    I have sent him the mail below, but got no answer till now.

    Hi Vladimir,

    I think you are a honest person.
    Therefore I am really dissapointed to hear you work with Tom Strignano.
    as you probably know, Tom tried last year very hard to install his very expensive Signalservice. As you can check on different forums, the signals produced only a lot of losses.
    Then he tried to sell his service with an EA ( every real and honest Forex expert – like you know, a robot do not work )what exactly should trade his signals.
    All what this robot produced were many losses.
    Then he tried to sell an improved version of this money destruction EA
    and I signed up in January 2010 for a trial.
    My credit card has been charged immediately, but I never received anything from Tom.
    I have sent a lot of emails to his support and other mail adresses from him, but never got anything. I can prove this, if you do not believe.

    Such a behaviour is usually called a “SCAM”

    If Tom would be such a “GURU” as he claims to be,
    he could earn hundred of thousands $ easily each day.
    Why should he make himself a lot of work and sell signals.?
    I think you will not be happy with Tom for a long time.
    You will do the work and he will take the money!

    Best Regards

  2. I have a similar feeling that Vladimir may be tipping his hand concerning his own personality by teaming up with this potential money grubbing operation. Those that cant’…teach.


  3. In the meantime I got a reply from Tom`s support. See below:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Tom Strignano
    Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2010 3:27 PM
    Subject: Re:


    We just wanted to clarify a few things. Tom’s old marketer scammed
    people. Tom is currently in legal issues with him due to the scamming
    of people. His marketer was to provide support to cancel people’s request
    and to forward Forex questions to him. They didn’t do either. Tom also
    doesn’t believe in EA’s. This was his marketer using Tom’s name to try
    and make money off of his name. Tom is always very clear that he does
    not use EA’s and doesn’t endorse any EA. Tom also didn’t make any money
    off of the signal service as his marketer took all the proceeds.


    My reply:


    do you really think I would believe Tom did not know his “marketer”
    made big promotions many month`s for a worthless robot?
    Only very simple minded persons would give the full control over a company account to other people.
    If someone would use my name, I would recognice it on the same day and pull down the website.
    Tom did not do this for several month. Very strange.
    You did not excuse for this scamming.
    Honest and intelligent people would do this first.
    This says all about your company.
    It is very interesting to know Tom is in legal issues with his marketer.
    He do not care about the people who have been scammed, he cares only about himself.
    No excuse, no information.
    In any case Tom is responsible for his business partners!
    If I would live in USA, I would sue him.
    I think the new signals will also come to late for taking it. Like the first service what failed.
    You will read soon my comments on several forums.


    PS: I just hope Vladimir will not be scammed.

  4. Thanks Mike,
    thank you so much, go ahead, we should all be fed up by now with all these scams invading forex!!!
    How about selling an EA called “THE SCAMS ERASER” which automatically erases from the net all the names of these so called gurus who’ve been scamming us up till now?
    Programmers…at work!!!

  5. I am using TheForexSignals Service From the Launch Date…
    I am getting signals correctly and Most of them are profitable.
    But from my experience Vladimir’s Signals Was Much Better..
    He gives most accurate signals..
    Mike i think you should contact him personally inorder to get the details… i think he is available in skype @ call him and ask him the truth :)…
    I am pretty good impressed with The Forex Signals Service So Far…i love those Indicators which he gave as bonus..

  6. I’ve been using the signal since the launch too and so far quite a few profitable trades but i didn’t managed to catch all of them since i’m in a different time zone. I don’t know anything about tom but i’ve been following vladimir and his service ever since i sign up for his manual trading system about a year ago and i feel he is really quite the honest trader and the main reason why i sign up is becoz of his signal quality

  7. cool thread…

    can i please ask where/how i can acquire a feed to Vladimir’s Signals.

    i have yet to find any signals which have been recommended…

    help !!! lol

    have a cool day guys

    Warm regards

  8. Dear Admin Sir…
    Thank you for the feedback

    So may is so boldly ask where i can get Vladamire’s signals
    in a bundel with aonther product or service?
    and am iaalwed to ask

    what other reputable signals are worth their salt

    Guys … a quick thankl u for been open … honest and sharing.

    Many Thanks,

  9. This post is about “The Forex Signals” service by Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov so just click the “Visit Website” button at the top.

  10. Admin,

    Good evening …
    Can I ask the audience if they have joined his
    subscription to signal providing service

    I just dont fancy wasting my time or money

    any comments would really be appreciated

    Warm regards,

  11. Hey Admin,

    With the Pingback invasion I am afraid your regular commentators and readers will abandon your site.

  12. I have joined Vladimir and Tom signals service about 3 weeks ago.

    So far I’m very very pleased. first of all I made around $3500 from Vladimirs signals and an addition $1000 from Tom signals and that’s for just 3 weeks!

    they also give live webinars with Tom and Vladimir, teach their strategies, give free e-books, videos and metatrader tools, they have a member’s trading competition when they hand nice cash prizes… do I really need to go on??

    The only thing I didn’t like is that when I wrote an email to the customer service it took them about 2 days to reply. but when they did they were very polite and helpful.

    I was scammed in 2 services in the past and this is the first time I see a decent and high quality Forex service that I would really like to keep staying with!

  13. Costa, thanks for the information.

    I had heard that Vladimir’s signals were significantly better than Stignanos.

    Your experience seems to support that.

    Can you tell me what stop losses/risk you were using? $4.5k profit sounds nice but not if you were risking 20% of your account per trade.


  14. Ive been following Tom Strignano from Febuary 2008 when he released his E-book. His method are easy to follow and make sense. Tom is very approachable guy he will give his phone number to you or email. The signal service is easy to follow, and Tom has other systems within the signal service that also produce low risk setup. Vladimir is also a good trader, who trades with a completely different style. The people that are in the chatroom are helpful, in that we bounce idea’s off each other. With proper money management and the signals from both great traders you can make a nice little living from it. So check it out, also give things a chance 3 months minimum to make your own opinion of the service provided.

    Tony Smart

  15. I was once a member of Tom’s Strignano Signal Service. What a big mistake. I joined because the info said you could get your money back if you’re not pleased with the service. After I joined I learned that was not possible as the criteria had changed. Tom spent more time talking about how he was a 25-year trading veteran and a chief currency trader than actually providing profitable trade signals.

    Of course Tom knew of the EA. I sat in the webinars with him, Carlos (his trading partner at the time), and the EA developer who Tom said was a former NASA employee. The EA of course was a total failure. When I left the signal service they were still trying to make the EA work. We were the EA ginny pigs. We just didn’t know it at the time. LOL. Thank goodness I didn’t stick around long enough to lose a lot of money.


  16. I love The Forex Signals!

    Obviously some of the people above are not that happy but that is with a previous service. I have been a member for 4 months now and let me tell you they have been straight up and honest about everything with me. I have asked questions in the chatroom and Tom opens up go-to-meeting right there and shows me his charts and shows me what to look for.

    His TRN’s are magic numbers!

    Vladimir has also showed me wonderful things and I have learned alot from him. He is truly a genius! My account is up 45% in the past 4 months!

    I will be a member for a long time. As for the reviews above I am sure they didn’t take the time to go to the webinars that they offer or read the many ebooks or watch the many training videos that they offer.

  17. I signed up for TFS on 02.11.2010
    The signals history on their website show only the entry price but not the results of every trade.
    I asked them 3 times why, but never got an answer.
    I know now why – the results are to bad!
    There is a window, what shows the results ( for all trades together ) for the last 7 and 30 days.
    Because I lost 106 pips ( signals were automatically executed on my account) and they showed a profit of 905 pips for the last 7 days,
    I asked them, if they can show a live statement as a proof.
    Again no answer.
    That is in my opinion the clear proof the results are faked!
    Many traders believe Vladimir would be a very successful trader.
    I believed it too.
    But if you see how he trade live, you will change your opinion completely.
    He close all winning trades very early for a small profit and let the losers run.
    Take profit is about 15 to 30 pips, stop loss is about 110 pips.
    For example:
    On friday 19. he opened 2 short trades EUR/USD ( he always opens 2 trades with the same lot size)
    and closed 1 (50%) for a profit of 28 pips. The other part remained open over the weekend.
    What professional trader would take such a high risk?
    On monday we got stopped out with a loss of 110 pips.
    That means the 2 trades lost together 82 pips.
    Another time he closed a losing trade 8 pips before the 110 pip sl was hit.
    The trend reversed 7 pips before the original sl would have been hit and made a 200 pip move in our direction.
    We lost completely unnecessary 102 pips.
    Yesterday he opened 2 short trades GBP/USD at 1,5926 and closed the first with a profit of 22 pips,
    the second with a profit of 58 pips.
    If you check the charts, you will see, there was absolutely no reason to close the trades so early.
    The whole move was 171 pips. We could have made easily 139 pips.
    I know now, why Tom and Vladimir need to sell signals and make promotions as affiliates for worthless Forex products –
    they are not able to make a living from their own trading.
    BTW on the members website you can send a message directly to Tom or Vladimir.
    I did it 3 times, but never got an answer.
    Do not waste your time and money for this money destruction service.

  18. Guys , it is the biggest B..T around the internet , even now that tom is gone and bob took his place, c`mon guys, Bob is only good on CNN ore wherever he is making media apearances…

    The winning rate for the service is 1 win for 24 looses 😀 And the win comes from Vladimir ….

  19. Oh der oh dear!!! I signed up for the cheap 7 day deal but couldnt use it, received nothing to get access. Then they tried to bill me for the full amount but I had made sure my bank was empty!

    Ireally wanted to try this service, sounded so good, almost honest too! But having read the above comments and never receiving a service for the 7 day trial I guess I;ll save my time and money. A shame really.

  20. I completly agree with Dagmar. Bob Iccino only knows how to comentate but does not know how to trade. Bob Iccino can only talk, talk and talk but cannot trade. If he was really good at trading then he would not be starting all these signal services but would only be trading and making good enough money.

    I joined his signal service so called FUS (Forex ultimate service). I joined this service in October 2010 and got a refund for it within a month but I still have access to his signals for free. His software which is installed on my desktop still works for free. Any way I donot follow his signals but some times check them out what signals he is giving. so far October was only the winning months since then he i loosing and so far 603 pips down.

    I cannot belive how can a trader with 17 yeas of experience provide such absurd signals. Some times I think he is out of his mind. A few days ago he had a Buy signal for AUD USD @ 1.0151 and stop loss @0.9946 and profit target @ 1.0509.
    Any one who is trading forex for some time would not have taken that trade. According to my experience there was 99% probability that the trade would hit stop loss before if any time it would reach the profit target. Any one who would have taken that trade would have lost 204 pips.

    He also had A EURUSD loosing trade for more than 352 pips while his usual winning trades are only around 100 pips.

    Ok if he his signals are working why the hell is starting like a new signal service every day. He started FUS (Forex ultimate system which completely failed, he moved on and started trader swiper and now this service with valadimir. Any one who is thinking to join this service should think twice this is my advise.

    But should I say about Valadimir, until now he was so supportive of Tom and there website had around 5000 pips made by Tom his commodity trader partner. If all this was working so good, then why the hell is Tom suddenly gone and replaced by person like Bob who cannot trade. Valadimir is changing his partners like Bob changing his signal services.

    I think this should be a good enough review for any one interested in this signal service

  21. some of you say vladamir is the best some of u say the opposite.i am in between now.can some one let me know real performance of them.ı do not need to buy another scam:(

  22. I was with Tom and carlos service

    Total Bull shit Tom is a un reputable un trust worthhy guy.

    He has very good bull shit skills Total WANKER!!!!!!

  23. During our quality check for other signal services we tried this one for several months as well. The only good thing about this service is that it is pretty well marketed but unfortunately most of the signals are not very reliable on a long term bases.

    If you decide to use this service demo it 2 month minimum or watch out for better opportunities instead.

  24. I tried out Vladimirs signals for 2 month with mirrortrading and lost at the end.
    Some (positive) trades never wer taken on my account, questions wer not answerd – wast of money!!
    Paypal threw them out!!!

  25. Hi,
    I was using this before and found myself frustrated. There are many signals providers which are free so why not to give them a chance. I am using one right now, can’t say I complain because it is really good. So why not to try one which is free yourself,m?

  26. I’ve seen presentation of Vladimir. A lot of talk, no concrete fact, charts with very big scale, huge stop loss…
    After 1 hour he showed divergence with such subjective choice that I was shocked. About an hour about profits other gets prove that something is wrong. Automatic card billing and reneval is suspicious also.
    Looks like big scum to me.
    But you can always try…
    Anyway he doesn’t look (cloths, car) that he earns a lot…

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