Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit MultiplierForex Profit Multiplier is a Forex trading education and training course by Profits Run. According to the company, it’s a compilation of what their clients have been asking for the past 10 years and it’s the beset course Profits Run has released to date.

Forex Profit Multiplier is a physical home study course consisting of CDs of video training and full-color manuals. The training modules cover everything from Forex basics to advanced trading methods. The manuals include tutorials, charts, trading blueprints and a quick start guide.

In addition to the training material, the course includes weekly coaching sessions and Q&A sessions.

Forex Profit Multiplier also includes Automated Setup Identifier and Trade Trigger Software that produces trade alerts (after the strategies from the training) and can send the alerts via SMS, email or RSS feed.

Other info:

  • Cost: TBA
  • Guarantee: 90-day money back guarantee

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42 thoughts on “Forex Profit Multiplier”

  1. Multiplier software does not work; it is not possible to select any strategy, so no signals show up and no trading is possible.
    24 hours since complaint and no help.

  2. After 24 hours the software generate 5 signals but not one trigger the entry price.The software did freeze a few times and after I reload it it shows connected but the charts did not update.Unfortunately if you are out side America you can’t set it up to sent you SMSes and that was the reason I bought it.

  3. I haven’t used or have no experienced with this particular software but it is quiet interesting. I read some review of it aside from this one and I find it amazing. I don’t think so if it really works or not. I have also used some other software and one of this is Forex Ironman which is already a time tested money machine.

  4. SW work but only after doing some work in the settings tab.
    Have to click load on all pairs with selected strategies and notifications. I got 8 initial orders made without a trigger. Slow start but better than making losses. Just got a bunch of signals now where one pair got 3 signals. The tool is handy to spot trades. I am glad I don not have to spend time to find the trades. I just wonder what the ROI is on the strategies he use to flag the trades? I hope for more than 20% ROI on triggered trades.

  5. After 36 hours 20 signals were generated and no trade started.

    What to do with the old buy-stop and sell-stop orders (40 up to now)? These are twice the signals due to the different take profit targets.

  6. I believe an order is only valid for the 4 hour bar the signal is pointing to so orders may have 4 hour timeconditions. 3 orders triggered on Thursday. All in red but no stops yet.

  7. Bill says that he is pulling it off the market in a while, is that true? I don’t want to buy it so soon, would rather wait and see what other traders think of it before I buy into it.

  8. My performance review was premature. There is a lot more with managing stops and maybe other things that will improve the score I showed. I will study and then update this review when I have been through the course material. Until then it is offline.

  9. Hi Mats,

    How do I get acces to your review, do I have to sign up somewhere as it asks me for a password?


  10. Good to see some reviews of Forex Mult now that the software is out…I have been very reluctant to purchase since Poulos seems like about 90% hype w all his sales pressure gimmicks and 10% substance. Time will tell if the system really has merit and I hope the posts continue…Thanks everyone

  11. Thanks for your updates Mats. Could you also comment on the quality of the training, is there any attempt to upsell “additional training” or is the system complete as purchased. It seems like this guy never “sells out” his programs. There is always another “last chance”. Makes me suspicious he is more of a salesman.

  12. The FPM is designed and hyped to sell as an exclusive product. A big box with DVDs, booklets and a binder is delivered to your door. In this way the product can be given status and a perceived higher value. Offcourse all training could have been online and the signal generator software could have been centralised with subscription on signals via SMS and/or email. There is a little problem in that you need to run the software all the time to see the currently valid signals. I am planning to run this on a separate dedicated machine so that I can use my personal computer (which is a Mac) as I like. I do not see any additional add-on sales around this product. I understand the volume of this product to be determined by how big pressure it gives to their support organisation. There have been 3 SW updates sofar on the client software. Im am going to papertrade at least 100 positions on “allflags” before I let this loose on my real account. The turnover is rather rapid with several trades per day and with a descent ROI after 100 trades it can be a package that is worth it. Waiting for the webinars where I can compare myself with Bills trades.

  13. The user of Forex Profit Multiplier should look for signals in 4-hour-periods and dont need to watch the monitor permanently – so the advertising. But you must change the stop loss of the 2nd of the two combined trades, if the first trade was a win (every trade has two trades with different stop losses); this is very likely within the 4 hour period.

    Even worse is the situation if the online connection is broken: Forex Profit Multiplier does not reestablish the connection automatically like MT4 does.
    If the connection is down and you get to the PC all signals in meantine are lost and you cannot set up any trades so that a complete trading day is lost.

    The program has to be upgraded to automatic reconnect
    and the signals of the last 8 hours should be sent at start of the program.

  14. First month result where a majority of signals have been tracked and resulted in the following:
    Orders given 101
    Orders triggered 66
    Loosers 26 (39%)
    Winners 40 (61%)
    Pips staked 4679
    Pips earned 497
    Stake/day 187
    Pips/day 20
    ROI 11%

  15. Hi I started to use FPM software on the 8.11.2010 today is 29.11.2010 and I am 1029 pips up…., the best thing I have ever used for trading during my 2 years experience…., guys at first read all the materials and learn every strategy step by step and of course the most important thing…, don’t forget to move your stops !!!!!!!… .After one month of trading I can say only oné thing …. Thank You Mr.Poulos …I am proud …,that you are my teacher.Sincerely Paul (UK).

  16. Don’t see that Pauls result is possible in that period. Maybe forgot to divide total result in two and if stayed out on some tradesignals given bad days such as Nov9 and Nov19.
    Here is the result since Oct 25 on a majority of the signals given. All currencypairs except CAD have been profitable.
    # orders 115
    Triggered 71
    Loosers 27
    Winners 44
    P1 44
    P2 30
    Pips staked 5025
    Pips earned 513
    Stake/day 173
    Pips/day 18
    ROI 10%

  17. I bought the course on the first day his customers had the opportunity and am in the trial period right now. Paul obviously either works for Bill Poulos or is a long-time customer, because supposedly FPM was released, the day I bought it on October 18th, so Paul’s comments need to be taken with a grain of salt, because he got the course a before the general public did. (Bill Poulos did say he had released it to a few priveleged customers.) I was impressed the first month, because I was up about $9,000 trading on a paper account with $100,000 paper value by trading two lots as recommended on each signal, but the last two weeks I have been taking it in the shorts following the signals and my account is down to about $5,000 profit. It appears to not be doing well in the choppy markets. One or two of the trades in the last week, I probably should have stayed away from do to the charts being too choppy on entry. The thing I don’t like is his signal recently has been giving a really wide stop loss, which means if you get stopped out on two contracts you are losing 12 pips each, but if you hit the target, you only sell one lot and make only 8 pips (and then wait for the second lot to either break even or hit the second target which usually is another 6 to 8 pips). This is fine when you are winning, but takes a large chunk out of your account when each stop is hit.

  18. I’m thinking of buying g the system

    Can anyone give me the mathematical expectation of the system

    Or alternatively let me know

    1. What the win rate is .. from what I see of the coments its about 60%
    2. What is the profit ratio ie reward divided by risk for the average trade

    And I will work it out and post it on this site

    Thanks Phil

  19. Bill Poulos is claiming that his system did this today 13 December 2010, can anyone else please clarify this:

    “Some of you have asked about recent trade alerts…
    Well, here’s what’s been happening so far JUST TODAY.
    These are actual trade alerts that my current FPM students got:
    (the first number is total pips on first half of trade, and
    second number is total pips on second half of trade)
    • GBP/USD: +41 / +82. Total = +123 pips.

    • AUD/USD: +32 / +64. Total = +96 pips.

    • USD/JPY: +21 / 0 (stopped out at breakeven). Total = +21 pips.

    • USD/CAD: +21 / +42. Total = +63 pips.

    • USD/CHF: +27 / +54. Total = +81 pips.

    I do not want to outlay that sort of money for something that is not truthful or consistent. Help please.

  20. Hi Joy
    I can confirm CHF, CAD and AUD on this day but GBP and JPY I did not get any signal for on the 13’th. Tot profit for my recorded signals this day is 240 pips. It should be noted that this day gave a big move as a result of China not raising interest rate and we happened to sit on the right side and catch this big wave with the signals we received from FPM. Overall performance over the last two months is about 1% on all signals given and about 8% on the safe approach where only deliberate markets and not too high stakes are taken. Not impressive.

  21. It appears that there is a question of efficacy with this product. Like many of these courses it might prove difficult to make profits following their strategies to the exact. However can anyone tell me if the course at the very least provides worthy information that a growing trader can tuck in his pocket and take with him or her to add to their arsenal of trading methods. Does he educate the student to the point that they don’t have to wait for the alerts but can spot them themselves. I tend to prefer to make that judgement call to buy or sell my own and if the course info will help me do that I might just buy into it. Any input on this is greatly appreciated thnx.
    Ps – thnx mats for the stats. very interesting.

  22. If Bill Poulos is that good a trader, then why is he SELLING his multi million pound system to you? Would he not keep it to himself and his family?
    I’ll tell you why, It’s because it’s more lucrative to fill people up with a dream of being an instant millionaire. The system costs a staggering £2390!!! If you trade with a risk tolerance of 2%, then to break even, you would need an initial trading balance of £119,500 to recoup your money in ONE trade (which is unheard of).
    Think about it…if you just multiplied £2390 that by 1,000, that’s £2,390,000 in revenue. If you assume a conservative profit margin of just 30%, that would be a cool £717,000. Why the hell does he want to trade and lose, when he can sell to the likes of us, who are looking for the holy grail/robot/ system.
    Make your own system, test it, STICK to it, and don’t take in any old crap being deliberately sold to you, NOT in your interest, but in THEIRS.
    Need I say more.
    Take care fellow traders and follow your OWN path. This is NOT a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme, it’s a BUSINESS. Take time to educate yourselves thoroughly, from proper traders/ mentors, who do not take tons of money from you. use a ‘demo’ account for a least six months, and then trade with ‘micro lots’.
    Most ‘wannabe traders’ go bust within six months, make sure you aren’t one of the statistics.

    Yours truly



  23. I own 3 of his products and am very disappointed in all of them. He does give us ideas on how we want to trade(personal preferance) but his products lack real substance and results. More power to the person who can make his stuff work.

  24. I had the opportunity to back test the trade methods sold under the name “Forex Profit Multiplier”.

    On a first glance, the methods look complicated, amateurish and confused. He’s using indicators to catch events at the beginning of a trend, but uses them in a wrong way, triggering on the noise as a result. So his entry positions are mostly random.

    His 4 methods produce an average loss of about 5.5 PIP per trade with 2009 EUR/USD data. As a comparison, with completely random trade decisions (throwing a coin) you get a loss of about 2.5 PIP.

    Better spend your money elsewhere. There are honest subscription services for the Forex market.

  25. Looking for someone with results who has joined up in December.
    Also January 2011 with new program under their belt??


  26. I used the complete package since november 1st 2010. The first 3 weeks I got some good wins but then up to end of january I had huge losses and minimized the lotsize to 0,01. I wanted to see how the further performance is. Losses and losses again so that I stopped trading with this account destroyer.
    The explanation I got from Bill Poulos: “…last week there have been 22 trades that have triggered into positions. Of those 22 that triggered 10 of them should have been stand asides due to non deliberately trading markets.”
    You can´t trust these methods, because nobody can decide which singnal is valid or dangerous. Nearly 50% were bad signals and the others lead mostly to losses too.
    A loss is twice as much as one of the few wins.

    Don´t kick your money out the window!

  27. I been trading 13 years. I have purchased 4 of Bill’s systems over the years and none of them are profitable in either the short or long term. I recently returned my FPM for refund of AUD$2400 (alot of money for another bullshit system). I received my refund. The FPM system has several design faults, one of which being: profit targets set from ’20 period ATR’ whilst stops are set from ‘market structure’. This fault results in a LOSING BIAS in choppy markets. Both Bill & Greg are clever marketers but I have seen no evidence in 10 years that Bill is a successful trader. He has never provided any live backtest data as PROOF of profitable systems EVER!!!STAY AWAY!!!

  28. I’ve been using Forex Profit Multiplier for 2 months now. (Jan 6 – March 3) In that time I’ve managed to turn an initial investment of US$10,635 into US$9,308 for an after trade expense loss of US$1,319 following FPM trade signals. From actual experience, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, since I’ve purchased this system I’ve discovered much better ones for the same money. Advice: look around carefully.

  29. I brought the FPM back when it was first released to the public. The system gives the strong impression of not being properly tested. I realised in the first week after examining the winning pips and finding they were on average about 75% of the losing pips (as the stops were 50~110 pips away from entry, but the limit only gave 35~75 pips on winning trades) so i had to later the formula somewhat to improve results. They later did this themselves, but shouldnt this sort of common sense been there from the start? To set so many triggers, after making subjective assessments of market suitability, often they dont get activated, and give little reward when they do statistically, has been a let down. I feel like i have placed 50+ trades and my account is still around the original balance or slightly less. Now he is pumping me with marketing literature on another product when i havent felt he delivered on the last. Fx is fast and risky. Save your money, at least until the current incarnation of FPM has proven itself.

  30. Hi I have had Bills FPM since Oct and initially had 11 wins out of 12. I realised over 90% strike rate couldnt last and logically so. In over 8 weeks and only using Micro Account I was lucky to Break even, and that includes not taking some Trades into obvious Supp/Res. After Emailing them regarding No of Stop outs and poor Risk /Reward Ratios, I received a reply stating that you DONT take all the Trades and no professional would take more then 2 at a time. Fair enough I thought. A few days later in Mid Dec they had a very good night quite a number of wins. I managed to catch one of their profitable trades and 1 loser. But to my angst and frustration the next day I open my Emails and sure enough, through their site and their affiliates they are sprouting how they made over 340 pips the previous night, and why wouldnt you join FPM with this profit potential. Also the Timing couldnt of been more perfect,it was just after my 60 day warranty had expired. I received a Phone Call from Bill Poulos’s office enquiring as to how I was enjoying the Course. This was the day after their good night. I was polite but made it clear and with both barrels that I, and I bet a lot of others have Issues with this Course that were not pointed out on Initial marketing and on there wrongful Marketing Techniques since. The Coaching sessions each week which were initially mentored by Bill but were handed over to his sidekick Todd who rambles on, over and over on the same points to draw out the 60 to 80 min sessions. There must have been some ramifications from all the Complaints,re the Systenm itself as they have tweaked their system, 1/ To lessen stop loss, 2/ Have non deliberate signals and 3/ Numbered signals based on how far price is from Entry . Now in all fairness this has improved the system and time will tell. Makes you wonder how much backtesting was done initially and how many complaints iniated changes.


  31. Please don’t buy Forex Profit Multiplier. I live outside US and the software doesn’t work. It crashed a couple of times. I emailed to get a refund but they are not entertaining me. And they have delayed it from October 2010 to now. Honestly I have no use of the big box of crap they sent me! All the manuals, DVDs could be in digital form or downloaded from their website. In this century who wants a load of printed stuff? I’m deeply disappointed and I am very sure Bill Poulos is a scam. To charge such a high price for this crap, is really a desperate attempt to cheat people of their hard-earned money. Very unprofessional and unfriendly. I have never had problems getting a refund and really regret I fell for this.

  32. This guy is at the pinnacle of the Snake Oil industry!
    The software never worked and froze my computer when running.
    All I.T support could say was – reboot or turn off your sleep mode or uninstall and reinstall –
    And nothing worked, even a new computer didn’t fix this continued issue.
    They kept this going until the refund period was over even though I asked continually for a refund and then I heard nothing back until 1 year later when they asked me for 1 on 1 coaching!
    I am only speaking out now as they only contacted me the other day for this coaching and told them the same thing about. I asked for my refund again and got a response “we had no idea you had any issues – none of our other students have the issues you are talking about”
    These guys are scammers and money grabbing thieves!
    and the strategies are truly crap anyway – his quote from Einstein ” make it simple but no simpler”
    they are just plain stupid and rely on Moving averages eg: When ?? – ?? divided by ?? as long as ?? is less then ?? but only when bar has closed above ?? which is above another ?? which is not?? or ?? and only when the ?? are crossed and the ?? is above but as long as the ?? is not bigger then 2.5 times the setup bar which blah blah blah
    Although one thing I am thankful for is – Thanks to him I have continually pushed myself to find something that works
    and I have developed several strategies of my own based purely on price action with not 1 indicator and am finally doing well – on my own with a clean conscious!
    That’s my opinion – and you will be fleeced!

  33. Thank you evrybody for the information !

    I will not buy it based on your experience.

    Good luck to you all !

    I wish you great PROFITS !!!!!

  34. I am so glad Internet can bring information about a product, before using your credit card. I will be a careful forex trader and will take me some time, I will not buy FPM or any other product without a good research.
    Good trades to you all !

  35. thank you so so so much.
    do you know the entire google search is like plugged by forex profit multiplier “bots”?
    thanks mats your work has saved probably 6 figures in purchases for us newbie traders.
    your recording of log is absolutely fantastic as i went through the excel spreadsheet and the results are quite shocking – i in my life never trade with that huge a stop loss. and although i have gone bust(still) many times at least it is slowly.
    thanks for saving me all that stress all of you who were honest!

    by the way not sure if you guys know that bill poulos marketing strategy caused his sales to rise to at least 2 million in 2010. there’s a website that puts him as a testimonial. but so sad for me i can’t remember it. (and i’m not just slinging dirt i really saw this website >.<)

  36. Hi,
    I am very grateful for the honest opinions on this site from the more experienced traders.
    I have decided not to purchase this product. I wish all of you on here wealth and prosperity- this is where the internet really comes into adding value.
    Thank you all

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