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5 thoughts on “Pips Multiplier”

  1. Hello All
    I know I’m the first one here so far and I’m sure there will me others following.
    I got a Email for Pips Multiplier today. Now I must say it sure sounds a lot like Forex Pro Cloner EA.
    I bought FPC on July 4th and I’ve had 4 trades. 2 Winners and 2 losers.
    I must say that this Pips Multiplier sounds good but so did FPC.
    With most of these Forex Sites they have 3rd party verify for everything. I was wondering can any one Doctor the 3rd party info to make it look good on there part?
    Now it may be me but for some reason all of these sites are saying the same song and dance. and it’s the same for most of them. What are they reading a script or something?
    If any one has any GOOD info on this Pips Mulitplier thing please post it for the rest of us.
    Oh by the way I got a Refund on my forex pro cloner.
    May the Forex be with us.

  2. seem has the rest of us before buying a new product i do read the comments but he seem too me no many coming forward that site seem too promote only few robot or i did try without success of course did get a refund from all of them.
    if pips multiplier hes so good why Forex machine wait too try it well in one week will see if so many pipes been made??????????
    thanks all

  3. I have been running Pips Multiplier for a month now,and it is not worth the money,it has a few good trades often followed by big losses,and likes to enter right at support and resistance levels,before it cnfurms direction.
    The only way to trade for profit is to find a proven mechanical system that give consistant returns.

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