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Forex BrillianceForex Brilliance is a package of 4 robots each trading one of 4 major currencies – EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF. These robots were developed and tested from ground up, and proved to make a consistent winning rate of 80% since 2004.

Forex Brilliance robots were developed with ease of use in mind, the authors have made all effort that the software worked with no human intervention except the downloading and installation.

The back-testing statements (such as this one for EURUSD) are similar for each robot and were run with the settings of 50 pip stop loss and 30 pip take profit. However, personally, I’d rather see the performance with an equal (at least) stop loss and take profit, otherwise it’s likely to fail in the long run of live trading. Other than that, it looks good as far as the back-tests go.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $499
  • Guarantee: 30 days 100% Money Back
  • Supported currencies: EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF

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18 thoughts on “Forex Brilliance”

  1. It’s not out yet – will be available on the 24th. Until then you can register on their site to get some free stuff and they’ll notify once it’s out.

  2. Once you purchase it, it’s impossible to get refund.
    You have to wait and try this for 90days and prove that it is not profitable in order to ask for refund.
    Very tough and unethical.
    I am having trouble with them.
    It doesn’t come with any instruction or manual about how it works. They don’t give any info about that.
    Be very cautious before you buy it.

  3. Dear Friends
    Never buy any product through Plimus, they are not good guys , it is diffecult and sometimes impossible to get refund , if you fight them they return only 50% of your money
    It is OK to buy through ClikBank , they are Honest and refund on 1st request
    be careful

  4. I bought and then the User Manual discloses it does not work with ECN brokers, such as FXCM, Gallant, etc. I has not traded at all. I have asked for a refund Plimus but so far just told to wait 90 days and show unprofitable results. How? It does not trade at all and that is what the User Manual says. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Obviously they should have disclosed it did not work with ECN brokers if they wanted to be an honest seller.

  5. Once you purchase it, it’s impossible to get refund.
    You have to wait and try this for 90days and prove that it is not profitable in order to ask for refund.
    Very tough and unethical. I requested refund many times and they refused.
    It doesn’t come with any instruction or manual about how it works. They don’t give any info about that.
    All they offer is the software and download instruction. That’s it. Whether you like it or not, you need to use it for 90 days and prove it is not profitable before even thinking about refund. How much profitable? They don’t specify. Very vague terms and conditions, meaning they have no intention to refund to anyone. It is one of those unscrupulous sharks ripping off people’s money.
    There is no logical educational material or explanation how it works.
    It is not wise to buy this kind of robot and entrust the software with your hard earned money blindly. After all, You have no idea how it works.

  6. Buyers – I just read the info on this EA and felt compelled to update you all on my experiences also. Yes – I totlaly agree with previous comments – beware any dealings with Pimlus – they do not support the customer. bad sellers can have a field day with buyers going through piumlus. A lot of the time demo results do not reflect live trading so a 90 day update on real account is not an option as proof (unless you want to totally rinse your account out). A refund would therefore be a rather low possibility of obtaining in that case? (just a thought to bear in mind). I fought hard with pimlus and eventually got my refund and i recommend everyone else do that until they support customers how they should!! I am disgusted with them (unlike citibank who look after the buyers interests as well as the sellers). I havent any dealings with forex brilliance but your update here along with the fact they trade through pimlus!! has answered my questions on whether or not i put my order in (no!!). Thank you all for your updates.

  7. can not get it to install sits on platform but nothing on navigator my vps providor said he installed it but nothing had to pay $60.00 for this
    their support email gets returned they offer useless info on how to fix problem
    will call plimus for a refund
    has anyone got it to work and make money????

  8. I agree with the comments listed above. DO NOT buy this software if you can avoid it. I have sent 3/4 emails to their support office – no response. I sat and watched as it proceed NOT to work. No manual is available and no-one responds to solve problems.
    May I make a suggestion – if I don’t get my refund I shall have no alternative but to take the matter up with my credit card provider. I can refuse to pay and they can take the matter up with whoever they wish. That’s the beauty of paying by credit card of course.

  9. Hello,
    I have purchased on 26th march uptill now very good perfomance 8 trades 5 win and my account is 15% up in just 4 days, great robot I think no need to refund my money, it work great on FXDD account

  10. I have been using the FB robots since they came out and have very mixed feelings about them. The EAs themselves work fairly well, though the money management is way to bold. Risking 20% of the account on one trade is foolish. The idea that this in some way mimics the way the human brain works is laughable. The EA is only 3k and I peeked at the code. It isn’t a bad attempt at trading, but it is not anything like what is advertised.

    The real lack is any sort of customer support. They just do not answer e-mails and the few answers to questions on their website are one word brushoffs. Once they sell to you, they are finished with you. Don’t expect to get a refund, get your bank to issue a charge back on your credit card. If enough people do this, they might get the message and fix the bugs in what could be a worthwhile product.

  11. yes i bought the FB software.i traded on a demo account of $5000 and i made some money.but i lost more than i made around $3800. maybe my setting is not right but it is a plug and play software. so why lose money most of the time. if the so called super software developers can say something or do something will be nice .another disappointed

  12. they have an ECN version now and mine works so far I am going to open another acct to run just this alone and see how it does. Right now it is giving me more wins then losses.

  13. My experience with Forex Brilliance has been awfull. First of all I had some problems at the beginning and tried to contact the company and got NO response. I followed their directions and yet the trade robot would not start working. I am an experienced trader and am very familiar with using EA’s and yet it would not work. Only after requesting a refund did I get a response from them. Their response was to send an updated version of the EA and stated that if after using it for 90 days I was not in profit, then I could request my money back. After running the updated version on a demo account for only 1 week and watching it gain a little then lose a lot over and over again it is now in a loss of $990. Thank goodness it is only running on a demo account. I doubt that it will improve within 90 days and I REALLY doubt that I will get my money back. I give the Forex Brilliance ten thumbs down for their poor quality product and poor customer relations.

  14. Let’s see- Just for starters it’s a little pricey at 499.00, only a 30 day guarantee that seems to not be worth a damn from Plimus (who many detest) not to mention weak or non-exsistant customer support, and multiple negative reviews. I think I’ll pass on what appears to be another over priced piece of junk, lol!

  15. I bought this junk. Ran it on FXCM 100K demo. Just about 45 days and it has lost 86K. It over-trades like crazy. It had over 70 open trades at one point. Free margin hit zero and it closed a few higher volume trades but then continues to open new trades.
    I emailed for support 4-5 times but got no response. Will try for refund in 2 days when my 45 days are up.

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