Automated Pips

Automated PipsAutomated Pips is a new Forex EA that puts forth its trading proof.

So let’s look that those results. I’ve seen two trading statements both for EURUSD. The first thing to notice is that it doesn’t use a stop loss or take profit, meaning the software “decides” when to open and close trades. Another thing to notice it’s the trading frequency which is fairly inconsistent – it can make a few trades per day or skip weeks.

The average loss seems to be much lower than the average win and a good risk/award ratio. If this EA works out as good as it looks on paper, it can have potential, at least for a while.

Now, many people don’t like upsells, Automated Pips actually has 4 of them. An EA Market Optimizer, a version of the EA for USDCHF, an advanced version and a manual version.

Other features include automated risk and money management, high spread protection and free lifetime updates.

More details:

  • Cost: $77
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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36 thoughts on “Automated Pips”

  1. Hi,

    I just received a mail from the only honest affiliate in this market:

    yesterday I’ve sent you an email about AutomatedPips.
    I received some replies back and a question if I really
    believe this EA hype.

    Actually, I’m very reserved against automatic trading systems.
    The few that really work are very hard to find.

    We have to be very careful with any EA, and I admit I personally
    trade only my own robots because I know exactly what they are doing.
    But not everybody is a programmer to be able to do that.

    I learned about AutomatedPips from a friend, and I thought
    it might be interesting, because they are showing live proof
    for 5 years!
    I checked the results and they passed my quick test of a good EA –
    it was not a scalping system, and the results seemed to be consistent
    on the first look.

    Unfortunately, just recently I learned an interesting thing about them.

    Their statements are from MB Trading broker, but after a research
    we’ll find out that MB Trading did not actually have MetaTrader platform
    back in 2006, so the statements on the website are indeed FAKE.
    They are not live account statements.

    For this reason I DON’T RECOMMEND this EA.

    Also, I’d like to apologize for wasting your time with a product
    I didn’t know first hand.

  2. Just purchased automated pips .and cancelled it out 10 min. later. After you buy it,he tells you that you have to pay extra money every month to have it up-graded and you have to do it now or the deal is off.To me it sounds like it only works well for one month without having it up-graded

  3. Well I went a step further than Mike. I bought it this morning and went ahead and added the “optomization”. I have to admit the way they add the “tag ons” is pretty sleezy marketing, and I had buyers regret set in pretty fast. You should know if you decline everything, they offer it to you again in the member’s area (added to the feeling of sleezy marketing), although this is really not that uncommon with affiliate marketing types.
    Nonetheless, its through Clickbank and I know I can get my money back (as I have with other EAs). So I set it up on a demo account with $100.00 and set risk to 5%. Supposedly if you set risk, lot size is ignored, but I went ahead and made it .01 lots so it would have 50 pips to work with. I chose this amount because I wanted to see what it would do for someone just trying to get started that wasn’t blowing a trust fund. It hasn’t placed a trade so far, although I watched it pass up a 200 pip swing this morning. That would seem to be a large enough trend for an EA only taking 5 pips at a time. Going to let it run for awhile and see what happens. If it starts working out I will report back, otherwise it looks like another refund request ticket to Clickbank.

  4. The suspense is killing me, I want to know JOHNs results before I order it. I understand the backtesting may not be real, but it may still be a good robot like FAP Turbo?! Plus FAP Turbo is giving a free robot with the purchase of Automated Pips…if they are affiliated, that’s good, right?

  5. This does sound interesting and I have paid for the robot.

    I have placed it on a test account of $5000 and thrown it on a handful of charts and it has made some good profits BUT i have also placed it on a live account with $100 in it and it hasnt made one trade. If I check the status of the EA tab it shows strange errors and trades its trying to place for 1 instead of 0.1 like I instructed it to.

    >> 2010.09.24 15:10:24 Automated Pips System USDCHF,M1: attempted OP_BUY 1.00000000 lots @0.97870000 sl:15.00000000 tp:20.00000000
    >> 2010.09.24 15:10:24 Automated Pips System USDCHF,M1: error: IsStopped() == true

    Another Error,

    >> 2010.09.24 14:08:06 Automated Pips System USDCHF,M1: failed trade: OP_BUY USDCHF@0.98089000 tp@20.00000000 sl@15.00000000

    >> 2010.09.24 14:08:06 Automated Pips System USDCHF,M1: last error: 130:invalid stops

    I can see its tried to make trades but they are just not being actioned.

    Also, on the website you’ll notice some really big pip gains yet when you add the robot to the charts it actually recommends by default that you set a “TakeProfit” parameter to 5 (And not more than 10) limiting your profit per trade to 50 pips. And all my wins on the test account have all been near enough the exact same amount.

    I’ve probably got this all wrong but i just don’t see how the system can make those huge gains like it said on the website by limiting the profit to a specific number. Waiting on a reply to my support ticket asking this question.



  6. Back again, After trying several times to get my money back from ClickBank,I am told my refund was changed to tech support instead.I still haven”t installed automated pips into my server.They tell me they want to adjust the program,the problem is I haven”t even used it.Lots of luck guys and girls if you try to get your money back.If the people that sell the programs believe they are so good,then why can”t they let us try it out free with no money down for one month.Why won”t they,its because they know there systems are garbage.It”s a hit and run(take your money and run) Maybe we should group together and find someone that is honest enought to pull a system apart before we shell out our money. Enought said;Thank you for letting off some steam

  7. Yes the lovely genial uncle, honest sounding Jeff Osbourne’s system is utter pants and based on fabricated test results. A 5 pip scalper that doesn’t even work.
    I think by the style of the marketing that all these EAs are made by the same team of scammers. They use every marketing trick in the book to promise the world but deliver nothing. Yes when you try to get a refund from Clickbank the scammers change your refund request back to “Tech Support”. They did this to me three times so I contacted Clickbank directly through their live chat facility and they made the refund request expire immediately stopping the scammers changing it back again to Tech Support. Paypal have just notified me of the successful refund. So at least I have lost no money on this little journey into the darker side of Forex.

  8. I also bought this system, and to be honest it looks like another refund from Clickbank. This is “bait advertising” at it’s best, and you can read more about it on

    I hate the upsell, and they keep on trying to drain more money out of you. It’s deceptive advertising, because on the selling page they say you have free lifetime upgrades, but when you by the initial product, there’s a monthly fee charged for the upgrade product.
    I think it’s time we report them to above website!

  9. Answer to (Kenneth Fridholm)
    Hi , I have purchased a lots of automatic forex systems and 99% does not work , if you want to make a refund send e-mail to

    Send your order number you received from clickbank when you purchased and your name.

    After 5 days you will refunded and the money will return to the credit card you used when you purchased.

    Clickbank process a lots of refund requests and takes litle long time to make the refund.

    After 5 days (average) you will receive another e-mail from clickbank and will tell your request is closed and your money are refunded , but do not afraid , the money will not appear in your credit card , you need to wait another 3 days for your bank process the refund from clickbank , there is a small bureaucracy behind.

    Your money will appear in your next statement :o)

  10. Answer to (Andy)

    Hi ,

    The error 130 you have is related to your broker , the take profit of the robot is very small and some brokerages does not allow small take profits , for example if we assume the take profit is 7 pips but we have 4 pips spread means we have only 3 pips space for take profit. So this can’t be fixed right now. Most brokers not allow little pips as take profit , so programmer have a small bug and need to fix the bot. But some brokerages and some times when the spread is small 1 pip and broker allow 7 pips or less and take profit is 8 pips the bot will work well.
    Generic the programmer needs some update and test the bot in more brokers. (I am creating a forex bot and I have the same problems) 🙂

  11. Back again with and update. After having several errors listed above (like Patrick), here is what I can say so far. After a couple emails to support (ie. setting hours to your broker instead of default and unchecking sub-boxes in “common”)(they haven’t replied to my last two) I was able to get a demo account with $1000.00 to trade at .1 lots successfully. All 3 trades it placed were successful. The downside is I looked in on one in mid-trade and it was down 50 pips with no stop kicking in at all. Considering it does TP at 5 pips thats a 10:1 ratio. EEEK!!!.
    The account with $100.00 has yet to place a trade. My broker allows lots of .01 however it appears the software may not take trades of that size (one of the not replied to emails to support). I have also had the 130 error so I am changing the TP to 9 on the $100 account as I believe my broker allows 4 pips to close (following logic of Panagiotis ) If the spread floats 2-4 pips by volume (which is usually the case) it should now have room to execute trades. The other VERY disturbing fact I have discovered is that if I change the perameters of the EA on one account, it applies the changes to ALL accounts. Since Demo accounts use a different server this isn’t a big deal for testing, but that could be huge on live accounts (the other email to support that has not gotten a reply). I am running the accounts on 2 separate computers so I can set different levels. It has won the trades that it has made, so I’m not going to write it off just yet. And perhaps support is just overwhelemd with emails (considering I have never had an EA with so many errors) continueing to let it run…will let you know.

  12. I asked three times for the refund, but every time they changed the refund ticket to technical support ticket, and I am afraid they will go on this way until I give up.
    But I didn’t ask for tech support, but for fefund!!

  13. Why don’t you write to Clickbank? The biggest mistake is to ask the refund from the vendor – most will stall until the refund period is over.

  14. Final Report: Garbage

    As Stated earlier, it has no “risk management” built in. Furthermore if you set it to a particular risk level more errors abound. “Support” was useless, they sent me a copy of their manual 4 times and never answered any of my questions (3 day average response time). As predicted, when let to just run, it takes huge losses apparently with the hope of the market “magically” returning. THIS COULD WIPE YOUR ACCOUNT OUT. Also the one time fee for upgrades, isn’t one time, its reoccuring billing.

    Unfortunately, submits a vendor ticket and is no longer useful as they of course will keep changing it to Tech Support. You have to go to Clickbank and submit the “customer service form” to have it refunded.

    Hey, I gave em a fair shot. Does not work as advertised, has incompetent customer support, and no risk management. Thats the trifecta of a bad EA. Happy Trading 🙂

  15. I tried the EA out for a couple days…set the stop to 80 pips (my normal) & took the TP up to 7 on a $2500 real account…it made 3 winning trades then one loosing… it only made trades on one pair & I received no errors…I back tested it on that pair & I know back testing isn’t 100% correct but it showed that the EA would make a couple winning & then a losing (losing always being bigger than the wins) until the account is whipped out. Going for a refund!

  16. Oh, I wrote to clickbank for the refund & received this message in an email:

    You should receive an email response to tech support requests within 2 business days. Refunds and cancellations are processed within one business day (except if a product has been shipped, in which case refunds and cancellations are processed within 14 business days). You may return to this ticket at any time to check for a reply, to further comment on your ticket, or to close the ticket should you no longer need assistance.

    Just did this today but I agree, write clickbank, not the vender…unless you dont really want your money back…in that case, write the vender all you want.

  17. Oh, & last thing, has anyone tried that FAP Turbo Flash that you are supposed to get as a free EA when you purchase Automated Pips? Is there a link on this site where it is reviewed?

  18. I received an email today from clickbank saying the vender changed the status of my ticket from refund to tech support, so I was required to change it back…I hope the vender isn’t allowed to change it again…

  19. I installed this EA and am waiting for a trade (one week so far). I’m used to a week or two of no trades because of ForexSTF. Still hopeful that this EA will do even better then ForexSTF. Go to the ForexSTF comments to see mine. ForexSTF turned $2,000 into $7,000 for me in 2 months. While this EA may not work, ForexSTF does indeed work! I too felt that the marketing for this EA was EXTRA-slimy. SEVEN webpages asking you to buy more products (with the “wait, one last chance”, when you kill each webpage)

  20. Have hope people,I finally got a refund from clickbank,after several e-mails.In one that I sent,I mentioned that he is a captain of a pirate ship riding the waves of the internet doing whatever pirates do.(I just love that).Keep after clickbank with tons of replies why they should refund your money.You should win the battle.Don’t give up. Ken:

  21. I found an easy way to get your refund, I was having a battle like Ken above because the “vender” kept changing the status of my ticket from a “refund” to a “tech support” so I finally went to click banks website & clicked the option to chat with a live agent, told he/she what was going on along with the order number & a refund was issued immediately! They said it may take 3-5 days to process but it was in my bank the next day.

    Clickbank also gave me an email address to send a complaint, I hope everyone uses it.

  22. Hi, I really thank those who have tried this EA and share the result here. The information is very useful. I intended to buy this EA as I’m amazed by their account statements on their website. I thought it wasn’t a scalper EA because the statements show us big pip gains. But looks like I need to be more careful. Thanks again.

  23. I tried this EA. I have also been testing the Bulletproof/High Voltage EA from the FAPTurbo guys and Forex Hippo.

    I’m afraid to say this one was terrible. The marketing looked like a scam and the EA performed horribly.

    I have to say that the Bulletproof EA is actually ok, but I have had unbelievable results with Hippo, it’s the best EA I have ever tried (that I didn’t get programmed for me).

    If you are reading this and thinking about buying Automated Pips, please don’t waste your time.

    Surprised to hear people having issues with Clickbank, they are normally great and will refund within 24 hours in normal situations.


  24. Hi everyone. Had doubts on the automated pips package after having had it for 2 weeks with no trades and watching many big moves passed up by the robot. After reading this thread my mind was made up very quickly.
    With regards to the refund; I made a refund request yesterday morning, stating that I didn’t want the ticket changing to tech support. Of course, it was, but after changing it back whilst firmly asking for the “No Questions Asked” refund as promised, the ticket has been closed with a refund. So should have my money back soon.

    If anyone is having problems getting their refund back, I think mentioning the no questions asked statement may be key. Best luck to all of you have difficulties anyway.

  25. Thx all for your feedback. I was considering buying this EA, and thank God I come across this page.
    @Patrick: For your ForexSTF, did you do any changes to the settings to give you $7000 balance from $2000 capital?

  26. Please do not buy the product. Lots of errors and the new update doesn’t really upgraded to replace the old version!!!
    Becareful with that old stupid man!!!

  27. I don’t call it a scam though it doesn’t work!
    I bought this product by Oct 24th…more than 24 hours running on my PC, demo account, and there was not even a single trade despite the great opportunity in the market!

    So far I don’t recommend this product…if got any changes or gained any profit, will let u guys know

  28. ok , automated pips is a scam , with the agreement for updates i have recieved no update from vendor , have only a recurring draw off my paypal at $87.00 , through click bank ,,, have let it trade on demo and live account only to get small wins and large losses . it,s a well thought out money maker for the vendor no doubt .
    this week they finally called with a mentoring offer ,, which you will and not totally sure of giving them access to your trading account .. still awaiting to see what this is about .
    i was not aware of the recurring charge until this morn when i went through bank statements , have cancelled it and am sure i,m past the 60 day deal ..
    any and all response welcome ….. thanks stryper

  29. This system is only consistent in not working consistently Whe works, it’s tricky in results.
    Hit or miss.
    I can’t believe such scam exists for long.
    I suggest to fellow traders BUY IT and than require MONEY BACK. It will clearly show them that people are not so stupid.

  30. Automated Pips is another example of EA or robot that doesn’t perform well as advertised.
    Total mess with instal adn Automated Pips tech support is close to non-existing.
    It has very random hits and even statistically blind trade makes some profits.
    Anyone who believe that Automated Pips will secure flow of incomes is fool. No such things on open markets works.
    Automated Pips teaches fools to become non fools after some time spent and losses booked.
    Loss that inevitably comes in long-run, so if you are lucky tht you can’t instal it for whatever reson, just forget it.
    Clickbank is effective way to make momeny back, it REALLY works, follow their link and you have money back in 48 hours. After 60 days noone care about you !
    Automated Pips is scam brought to market by group of (very likely) criminals who found almost legal way to milk mass for their endless wish to get something for (almost) nothing.
    Very disappointed with Automated Pips.

  31. I bought all EAs and the manual system. When I load them on my computer, they drain the CPU so that nothing runs! I use AutoCad in my business and cannot afford to have it virtually stop working due to the AP products.

    I have had no trades with the EAs. The manual system had 2 trades and both were losers – never looked like winners!

    The thing that worries me is that the TP is only a few pips above the normal spread on the recommended pairs traded. They only trade for 1 hour per day using the default period. To make anywhere near the kind of profits stated in the sales blurb, they would have to trade several times in each session and have a very high success rate. So far, after some days trading, I have not had a trade so how on earth can it make those kind of profits with wins of only a few pips each trade. NO WAY!!

    I’ve applied direct to Clikbank for a refund. The sales blurb is the usual BS we have come to expect from the vendors of automated products. I would not try any of them if it were not for the Clikbank guarantee which I found to be a very good service. I have had no success with commercial EAs – they are not as good as some of the free EAs on the forums.

  32. hi all just a passer by on this account – interesting comments – i happened to buy the ea for $27 with a one time fees not sure why – and noticed that once you reach the download section from the members area – you can actually download all the items free of charge – so it seems they are just trying to squeeze the money out of you in the beginning – and if you don’t bite well it’s there, i have set this this up on both iamfx and alpari accounts real accounts and on the iamfx it was using .10 lot sizes and apart from 1 trade of -$30 all trades were positive. on the Alpari I traded using .01 lot size – there also it executes the trades nicely – what i did have to learn was to set the USE HOUR TRADE to FALSE – the APS works best on EUR/USD and APS X works best of GBP/USD. the standard APS has worked fine on the Eur/Gbp also – Usd/jpy have taken a while, whilst although it exceutes numerous trades on aud/eur i am a bit nervous of this one due to big fluctuations in the prices. hope this helps

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