Forex Samurai

Forex SamuraiForex Samurai is a 100% automated Expert Advisor that uses a Forex signals service to make trades. It works on MetaTrader 4 platform and trades EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs.

Because Forex Samurai is using a professional signals service feed built into the software, it is not based on algorithms or indicators. That gives potentially better results, but that also introduces a monthly fee for the service.

The authors claim to have tested it on live trading accounts for 16 months to make sure the system works.

Like most Forex robots for MT4 platform, it’s easy to install and use.

Some more details about this software:

  • Cost: $147 per month (or $697 annually)
  • Currency pairs supported: EURUSD and GBPUSD
  • Guarantee: 60 day 100% money back guarantee

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12 thoughts on “Forex Samurai”

  1. hi, I am using this EA. Actually it is said that this ea is actaully given by a human beeing. Its not a robot. Its a person who analyses & send signals to our mt4 to open trade. It is working-making profit. i am in it.

  2. Hi Jaydhesh,

    How long have you been using fx samurai.
    There are lots of useless robots around and may be it’s better to use a pro-service like samurai.

  3. I am using Fx Samurai and so far it has been profitable. Early next month I will be passing my 60 day return period but if it continues as it has I will keep it.

  4. thats a lie. dont buy samurai forex. i bougth it and them i find out that doesnt work. i ask for my money back guarante with no answer

  5. See this link to find out just how bad this site is – under the impression that I could always get a refund I bought a YEARS subscription fo nearly £600.00 – within a few days I could see it was rubbish.
    They point blank refuse to consider a refund even though as you will see from the link they have lost approx $1500.00 since early July – the selection of trades is comic to say the least – buys when the market is just started falling, etc etc. – absolutely crazy

  6. Talking of Scams-
    Just wanted to let you know that the Forex Samuri, Professional Trading service/EA that you mentioned a few weeks ago and which I decided to try is continuing to perform at much less than the rate the program promised – Started off with total winnings to early June of £4,250 (ish) and currently have reduced that to about £3,300 – Normally I would just ask for refund of my annual payment of £568.83 and that would be that but would you believe it my PayPal payment was sent to Plimus through another website/company and they do NOT make refunds
    After spending some three weeks trying to get my money back I have had to accept THEIR (Samuri ) resolution which is to carry on loosing money with them or just cancel my subscription in which case I lose all my money and any possibility of improvement I cannot even be sure that they will not take next years subscription because I cannopt get into the PayPal history where this is shown because more that 20 days have passed.
    I decided to give them a bit more rope to hang themselves which is currently what they are doing with gains of 60s & 70s interspersed with losses of 350 ish.
    I thought that It was time to make this PayPal/ Plimus practice of no refunds a little more public – while not actually a scam as we normally know them – it appears that in the PayPal small print there is a definition which I was not aware of – any purchase of an intangible (ie a service, not an actual solid, postable item) is now outside of the Plimus/Pay Pal protection
    I have complained, but they (Paypal/Plimus) just wring their hands and say _ You must ask Samuri for a refund – Ths is a joke as they (Samuri) just answer my complaints with platitudes – ignoring any reference to a refund of any sort
    Can you help in any way??

  7. To prevent me showing up to date performance figures – they have (on 26th August)terminated my feed to the proft/loss site

  8. I tried this service for 12 weeks with very small gain. Not nearly what is promised on the website. I requested my money back after 54 days and was offered a 60 day extension of the trial period. I have since requested a refund after trying the service for a further 30 days. I have received no response to repeated refund requests. I purchased through PayPal but not through Plimus.

  9. On the 16th September – after numerous attempts, I received a Email signed by KIRILL telling me that a refund was being processed.
    As of today (3rd Oct 2010) NOTHING has been heard.

    I noted that the product at the bottom of the email has now become JUGGERNAUT – I intend looking this up and leaving a few warnings there too.
    I regret to say that you have more chance now of flying with one arm tied behind your back rather than successfully getting a refund from SAMURAI

  10. I bought this EA back in June 2010. I tried it for 54 days the performance was positive but not what they promised. I was making payments of $147 dollars every month. I canceled the service on the 54th day; however they charged me a third time after I requested the cancellation and refund. The people from Samurai never answered, so the people from Plimus (the ones that collect the money) escalated the request and after 4 weeks they forced a refund from Samurai for $147. The same week the people from forex samurai executed 749 transaction in less than 30 minutes in my MT4 account draining the complete balance from $1,890 to $49 dollars. Therefore, I lost $1,841 from my MT4 account plus $294 that were not refunded from the subscription. Be careful with this unscrupulous people.

    Currently, I’m still sending email to Plimus in order to get my $294 dollars.

    This people is the worse Forex EA seller I have done business with.

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