USDBOTUSDBOT is a 2 in 1 EA for two currency pairs – EUR/USD and USD/JPY. The system is built around a strategy of a group of veteran Forex traders, which has taken them years to perfect. The robot was built using the adaptive neural network technology which takes into account common trading strategies in addition to its own. Thus the robot is able to adapt to different market conditions or trends.

The system is easy to install, it’s beginner friendly and most important of all, it comes with a live support chat for its users.

The live trading statements that I can see at the time of writing this are of a period of about a week and the USDBOT seems to be making several trades per day. Although this is only what I can tell from these statements, it seems that the EA makes most of the profitable trades at 10-100 pips (take profit being always set at 100 pips but the trades are closed early). The stop loss seems to be set also at 100 pips, but is often modified to 1 pip after the price moves (how much I can’t tell). That lowers the risk further.

While these statements are really too short to consider it as solid proof, it does look promising. I expect to see more live trading statements once the USDBOT starts selling.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $149.95
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: EURUSD, USDJPY
  • Updates: Life-time free

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43 thoughts on “USDBOT”

  1. I had an email chat with their support team last night to ask if on purchase wether the buyer would then be offered a more advanced version,i was assured this was definitley not the case as they are not rip off merchants,guess what when i purchased the USDBOT i’m immediately offered an advanced adaptive version then upon purchase of that a secret manual trading method is offered at further cost,sound familiar?
    Oh well give it a go see how respective robots perform

  2. yea, i also purchased it yesterday. same thing happen as edward except that i did not go for advanced version. once i click no, they offered me at a lower price of $47 earlier it was offered at $77 (if i’m not mistaken). Still i reject. this is because i don’t have enough money in my debit card. The ea itself is quiet expensive… to add some more? now i feel that the ea that i purchased is incomplete..

    anyway, already have it running on my demo. see what happen.

  3. Hi Zora,no trades so far but i think i have a problem with the software have contacted support over 12 hours ago no response yet

  4. It is not possible to have a professional product without a manual describing the parameter needed to configure the EA!
    In addition the results can be obtained only if we integrate the standard version with an add-on to pay of 77$.

    I purchased it but this is not a good presentation for them…

    It is normal that every product contains information to set the right parameters, not only the installation procedure, otherwise I can not use it, and i could lost money, and I could ask a refund for this..

  5. 2010.01.27 19:25:03 Cannot open file ‘C:\Program Files\FXDD – MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators\ZigZag.ex4’ on the EURUSD,Daily
    Still not heard anything, maybe there’s a metatrader bod looking in who can decipher the error message above which is appearing in the expert log along with the same message re the $/yen the two currencies USDBOT trades
    No trades so far,getting messages from affiliates that robot has already made profits of over $1000 for some traders on first day of launch!!

  6. I purchased USDBOT one hour after it’s launch, but I too have not had a trade yet. I’ve emailed them 3 times now, as more and more questions came to me while trying to work out the EAs, but still no response to even 1 email, & it’s been over 32 hours since then. The main website says they have Live Chat, answer their questions fast, & are on the Internet like 18 hrs per day, but so far, this USDBOT has not lived up to it’s expectations for me. So I am very disappointed. 

    I’ve been trying to look online to see if anyone has had any trades, but I am discovering a lot of people are also not getting any trades, getting errors, or just having problems with the EAs, with their short guide to install. Their very brief guide focuses more about installing the metatrader than the EA and its inputs and information about it.  there is also absolutely no info about their advanced EA, which is supposed to also perform well. 

    I will wait a little longer, as it was just the launch yesterday, but so far, not a good experience. Many other EAs I’ve purchased at least responded to customer emails within 1 business day, or addressed problems by emailing, but Usdbot seems to not be true to their promised customer support. I will have to see how the robot performs before I make a decision, but I hope it does perform well, or will have to refund.

    The problem I have is if I should use a 4 digit broker or 5 digit broker, and if the EA performs differently on a different kind of broker with their different settings. And also, there is a flaw to their main website because their “Live Statements” are only screenshots for either 1 week last week, 2 weeks ago, or last month. There is no live account which we can see their own account actually making money this week, or more back, like in sept, aug, oct, or nov 2009. I just hope all of us who bought the EA weren’t conned, but since it’s with Clickbank, we could always request a refund through them thankfully. Anyway, let’s hope this EA works and their customer support to be true in the next few days or week!!!    

    That’s all. Just had to express my comment and experience so far with USDBOT b/c it’s been bugging me how my experence has thus far been a bad one.  


  7. Well i’ve given up on it now and asked for a refund,all purchasers have been sent an email suggesting all the problems are due to the brokers so we should swap to ForexMeta,this i’m not prepared to do,USDBOT should have been tested with all brokers before launch so these problems could have should have been avoided

  8. I bought it an loaded it on to uk it has made more than a dozen trades. Many for only a few pips. but it is working

  9. Started 1000$ demo. USDBOT made very good trades. Get me to 2500$ but i closed many of them manualy.
    Today made 4 bad trades and wiped out my account.
    Now it does not want to work on alpari. Why? i dont know.
    Opened new demo on Iamfx. Works fine.

  10. High all,
    I purchased the bot two days ago. I also was offered the upgrade and declined. As soon as that happened, I thought scam. Just another opportunity to rip money from my pocket. Interestingly, if you take a close look at the “live results they have on the web, some of the purchase prices are way out of the actual range of prices for the time period. I fear these statements are fictious.

    I set up the bot on Alpari US demo on EURUSD H1 and USDJPY H1. When I ran backtests on the daily charts the results were terrible. If you are using a 5-digit broker, make sure to get the .set file from the members download page.
    the first trade went negative immediately, EURUSD bought yesterday at:
    2010.01.29 09:22 buy 0.10 eurusd 1.39715 1.38715 1.43715 2010.01.29 17:40 1.38715 0.00 0.00 0.00 -100.00

    Not sure why as every indicator I have looked at said this should have been a short.

    It made three trades on USDJPY which went to pretty high profit, over 70 pips on one trade, 50 and 25 on the others, but the bot kept them open and now its down to about 20 pips and negative on the other two. If I had closed it manually it would have been a good trade, but I am letting the bot handle all opens and closes.

    I will let it run another week before making any decision. I am also optimizing the settings for EURUSD H1 (SL, TP, trailing, and zigzag parameters) to see if they will work any better. the current settings are really short term, 2,1,1 so there is a lot of noise in these settings, but thats what they gave as defaults.

    Seems that they are not going to keep many of these sold and if the upgrade is really where its at, then they should consider releasing that content to all buyers. Just my two cents.


  11. Hey , also forgot to mention i have three emails to support and over three days have not received any contact or feedback either. this does not bode well

  12. Hi all… having purchased many forex trading systems and a few EA’s over the past year I have learned a few tricks to keep me from getting ripped off. If the sellers website has an Affiliate link at the bottom and you click on it and check out the info there you can find out if they are going to be offering you an upgrade after purchase. It will show the total amount the affiliate can earn including the upgrades. It is so obvious that these sellers are just after as many sales as they can get (duh!) and even if they mention that they are only selling a certain number of systems (like 600 or whatever) they are just full of it. They will keep selling these systems as long as someone is buying them or until their online reputation is so shot they can’t sell anymore. They actually hope more people will keep buying them to replace all of the refunds they will have to pay back. Or in Clickbanks case… (and I really like Clickbank) I believe Clickbank holds the money from the seller for a certain time period just to be sure the refund is not requested. Clickbank has always refunded my money within a couple days of request. So I wouldn’t even bother going to the seller. Just go to CB. Sorry to rant… just my 2 cents.

  13. Anthony,
    Thanks for that information, about the affiliates. That is a great way to find out if there is an additional level. Frankly, it immediately gives me a bad feeling about the software.

    I finally got a response from Mark Trenton, or at least his email. Unfortunately all I got from him was that updates will be available periodically and the default settings are already optimized. Seemed like a form letter as he did not address any question I asked specifically.

    I will give a week and see how it works.

  14. Yes opened 50+ orders same UNIQUE number…wiping $5000 yes REAL money their is no LIMIT on orders option ..nil protection. Fortunate for me i did manual trade the money back & deleted the robot & immedialty requested click bank to refund ASAP.

  15. From support you get only standard messages like this:

    Have you installed the new update?

    Here: link

    And manual : link

    I wrote:
    On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 11:35 AM,

    Off course I did.
    Please explain, why it opens 11 trades on UJ
    and 4 on EU at the same time.
    I really do not understand, why you deliver software with so many bugs.
    Just try it out only one time before you sell it.
    I know a lot of people have the same problems.
    If the EA do not work proper until wednesday, I claim my money back.
    I have already a lot of experience with robots
    and do not want to read stupid questions: Did you read….., did you do………….
    I want a detailed answer!!!!!!!

    Got again the same answer:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Mark Trenton
    Sent: Monday, February 01, 2010 5:12 PM
    Subject: USDBOT

    Have you installed the new update?

    Here: link

    And manual : link

    Please make sure to read it completely..

    I think it would be
    better not to ask support for help,
    just claim your money back.

  16. HI Thom, I had the same problem and lost more than 2000 Euro in a day. It opened 32 !!!! trades on USDJPG and 6 on EURUSD set both on H1 with money management enabled…I can give you the FXCM list that sent to the usdbot staff too. The new version that I received had the PIP parameters changed for USDJPG pheraphs this was the reason of the bad trading. In every case I tested with MT4 the standard version (new one V1U) the advanced (adaptive), changing different parameters, except zig-zag indicator (I hope that they know that zig-zag is not an indicator !!!!).
    The results was vey poor…you can test yourself with mt4 simulator….

  17. even though i’ve had a refund for USDBOT(BOTCH) iv’e had an update sent to me so i’m trying it out but seems to be doing what robots do best and that’s wipe out accounts.
    I’m giving Forex Profit Launcher a go which is looking more promising

  18. Forex Profit launcher is made from a person who copy´s free EA`s. He did it with his so called Supernatural.
    So be careful. I think there is no money back guarantee.

  19. I wonder, if Plimus will give any guarantee if the vendor does not.
    On his website is nothing about a guarantee.

  20. I think they will if it’s reasonable. Such as if it doesn’t work as advertised. Plimus is pretty helpful with this as far as I know.

    And by the way, just watched through the video to confirm this – they do tell there’s a 30 day guarantee.

  21. I think there must be a good reason why they give the guarantee only in the video and not in the written text.
    No one will record the video for having a proof.

  22. Hi,

    So what I understand most of the comments here that this pruduct is just another EA that the posting on their web-site is just to make us buy is and try to understand that we gonna ask the money back in a week or so……oh man I think I am going back to the support and resistance lines it is the best robot.

    my advise to you all just study the literature on candles and how to put the support and resistance lines and you will be fine. No robot will make you money on the long run so it is better to believe in your own actions then a stupid robot.

  23. Hi
    Not very happy with usdbot, still testing it. Have more succesfull trades with: take profit set at 40. Not at 100.
    Ran Megadroid now for 5 months on my real account and have had only one loss so far, and that was 4 months ago.
    Does anybody have forex shocker?

  24. Please everybody RUN from this EA. It blew my 864 dollar acct in 1 hedge trade. Large large drawdows. It has to be a scam.

  25. I also purchased it a week ago abd it lost $1,700 in the demo overnight. I will ask for my money back soon. Does anyone have any advice on what the best robot to use is?

  26. Hi Folks,

    Listen to The Dude earlier.

    EA’s are cash extractors (from our wallets!!). The only way a limited editon of 525 copies can still be on sale weeks later is the number of unhappy bunnies who hit the refund button. The EA’s probably include sales in the profit claims of the EA’s!!

    Manual trading is the only answer!!


  27. So far the USDBOT on my demo account of $1750 has made 50% winning trades and 50% loosing trades. The loosing trades were larger than the winners so the account is down $151 and counting. Looks like the robot is junk. Does anyone see the 80% or 90% winners they claim?

  28. Hello: Completely new at this. Nothing but confusion on the USDBot product. Used VPS and the server blew up! No one from USDbot has recently contacted back and that is getting worse. Looks like I have been scamed. Now reloaded trading on VPS after creating a new account the instructions are completely different. Went from D1 to H1 and now to M5. I am a bit lost but glad I am using a demo and not real live money.

  29. Beware, this robot uses martingdale strategy, it says in the sales page that you can begin trading with as little as $50. How can u do that with martingdale strategy? Obviously this vendor is dishonest.

  30. I tried it for a day and it lost 10% of my a/c so i uninstalled it and got a refund,i tried Prospera EA on a week’s free trial and that lost 100 pips a day despite the vendor’s claims of massive profits,i’ve not found an EA that makes consistent profits,maybe if they were programmed to do the opposite of what they actually do they would be successful!!

  31. As everyone know, there is no live chat and no support.
    They never answer any question and they do not want to pay the money back as promised.
    This message I received after my request:

    CUSTOMER: CREATED: 2010-02-08 06:59:37 AM
    Everything in the advertissements is a lie. The EA produce huge losses.
    I claim my 60 days money back guarantee.

    VENDOR: CLOSED: 2010-02-08 05:20:23 PM
    Hi there,
    In case you have any reason for the refund request; Please mail your queries
    that you might face regarding the EA’s performance to our support team,we are
    more than happy to assist you in any issue.
    Thank you very much.
    Regard , Support Team

    For me it is perfectly clear USDBOT is a scam!

  32. Hi Edward:

    Did u bought it through clickbank? If u did u should request your refund directly through clickbank and they will refund ur money within one business day.
    Good luck

  33. Hi Victor,
    yes i bought through clickbank and have been refunded.
    I’ve never had a problem getting a refund otherwise i would stop trying different systems,don’t think i will bother again with robots though as they all seem to blow up sooner or later and those that don’t seem to get stitched up by brokers through widening spreads preventing them from operating

  34. Hi All

    Same probs almost exactly, was using ForexDemo and it traded up and down for weeks mostly down one demo account went from 100k to 90k in a week, wrote Mark Trenton, got form letter write support, wrote them as the chatline wasnt there as promised. Took them three days to write back, told me to install v2, no answers about the adaptive upsell i bought. Tried v2 it was better for a week so i opened a live account, and got wiped out of 3500USD in 4 days, am now bringing my balance back trading manually thank god.

    wrote Support and Mark and today i 5 days no response so have requesed a refund from clickbank, on the basis that it doesnt work as claimed and also lack of technical support.

    Keep you posted how that goes


  35. I had sent so many emails to make the refund for my purchases. But until now I still didnt see any reply from them. Is there any things else I can do to get my refund back?

  36. Yes both the original robot and the revised versions are scams. The original being a copy of a free EA. BUT the strange thing is that I have the original version of USDBOT running on a demo account and its racking up hugh profits in a short space of time. Its quite frightening really ! Seems just to good to be true, however I shallcontinue to run it, either until it wipes my demo account or it proves itself. The revised version is as said above a martingal system and useless. Go straight to Clickbank for refunds, asking the developer is just a waste of time.

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