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44 thoughts on “Honest Forex Signals”

  1. I am really interested as well. looking for reviews all over the internet but this is the only place where there are real reviews and the only website I trust except for couple other ( like forex peace army or forex factory etc)

  2. I received their promotionaL email which looked OK phone number skype given etc., but I am put off by the presence of “reviews” which had different URLs but were obviously just repeats of the promotion. Maybe it’s standard American marketing but I don’t like the pretence. I also didn’t like the lack of information about the cost before the form asking for personal details. I’d be interested to hear from anybody using it and the results so far. At the moment not for me. I advise caution.

  3. I Received this as well…interesting but cost may limit you to larger account $…I’m out because of number of winning trades to pay monthly charge on smaller $ account size..jim

  4. I’ve talked to Tony by phone now and emailed back and forth for a few months. I met him through another offer he was promoting. He’s been honest and responds to questions. If he’s busy it takes him sow time but he always answers my questions so far. He lives in the same city as I do. I feel he is sincerely trying to offer an honest system. Being that I’m a total beginner without enough money yet for an account of at least $1000., he discouraged me fro starting untill I have more to start with worried I would be in danger of loosing my account with a tiny amount for starting capital. I think he’s honest.

  5. The only reason I did not join this service that I donot trust this guy Tony lazzaro at all, not at all. Tony was involved in another scam involving this guy called Colin Atkins. Tony was Colins marketing man. They claimed that this guy Colin Atkins reportdly made 15000 pips in one and half year which was a total lie any one who would have spent some time in Colin’s room would know that he cannot even make this many pips in his entire life but they said he made in one and half year. Colin’s usuall take profit is 4 or 5 pips and some time he does not take any trade for days

    Later Colin dumped his marketing man Tony and hired another guy and started this new service called copylivetrades.com.
    All these people who start these signal services and claim theu=y are gurus are actually scammers and donot know how to trade. Real traders never actully start these signal services as they can make good enough money from their trading and donot need to start these services.

  6. After a test of several weeks, in duplication mode, the losses accumulate. We are well far from the announced results. I ask for refunding.

    Après un essai de plusieurs semaines, en mode duplication, les pertes s’accumulent. Nous sommes bien loin des résultats annoncés. Je demande le remboursement.

  7. These comments are funny.
    I have been making my 20+ Pips a day with them every single day.
    I have talked to Tony 2+ times on the phone and he’s very helpful. What is wrong with you people??

  8. up 126 pips so far since joining last week. this is definitely not a “scam”. u want a scam look at pushbutton or somin. these guys are a bit pricier but it’s definitely a straightforward real deal operation. and it’s profitable for me! 😉

  9. 2 weeks so far and am blown away by the value.
    i am use to paying $100 for an ea, then being upselled to 3or4 hundred more. these guys are straightforward and i am profitable. support is there too. very hapy. thank you

  10. Natasha how long did you trade or recieve the signals for and what did’nt you like about the service???.
    Tony Colins room was marketed by Antony Lazzaro not Tony Lazzaro maybe the same person but is a different name???.

  11. Maybe the same person, because sometime people use Tony instead Antony.
    Anyway, this is not the point but I really like to know if this system works or not. Is there anyone here still working with them? I would so much appreciate if you could share your opinions with me.
    Thanks a lot…

  12. I was a member of colins trading room and yes the amount
    of pips they actually made and the figures advertised to their website were way out of perspective.
    we struggled to make 10pips per day but maybe i joined at a bad time only traded for two weeks and left. these are the concerns I have with false advertising.
    Has anyone joined Honest FX Signals and made 40-60 pips per day??? please advise

  13. Hey guys, I’m not a member but I was interested in some of the comments on Forex Peace Army, especially about Tony L. I was looking at it, but there is way too many grey areas for me, so I’ll be giving it a miss. Good luck.

  14. I was contacted by some guy named John Roberts saying the he was with Colin and went out on his own. Claimed that Raj was his trader and made 20% per mmonth. He said he officed out of his house in Austin, Texas. I was with Colin for a while and found they made very few trades or pips. Looking more and more like a scam. I’ll pass for sure.

  15. Joined 11th April.
    Certainly not 20pips a day .Probably just in front but I have not used his recomendations as they seem to be at risky areas.
    Only joined out of curiosity. Stay away untill more positive comments are available. The only way to trade is with price action .No indicators.Price action easy and it works period.

  16. Here’s the deal everybody, I am blind. Totally blind. I am in truth and in fact creating this comment right now only with the help of something called a screen reader. A screen reader is a piece of software that blind people like myself use because what screen readers do is take whatever writing is on the screen and turn it in to speech. For proof see “http://www.gwmicro.com”. Anyway, with regard to the forex market, I started out by buying Fap Turbo. I was then contacted and signed up to hopefully get an education about how to successfully trade forex from a company called Traders Edge Forex. That was when I first discovered the sad truth about trading forex as it relates to blind people. We, as blind people, as far as I know, sadly, have no way of performing manual chart analysis at all. Thus, software like Fap Turbo, or Pro Trade Copycat, or 1 Click Pips (all of which I’ve bought, some of which I’m still trying out) have been until now our only shot! This (Honest Forex Signals) sounds like an even better solution, but what do you all think? How does my comment make you feel? Do you have any feedback at all about anything that I could try to do as a blind person to be even marginally successful in this market?

  17. Hey Brandon.
    This is a tough market seeing it with 2 eyes.
    Robots are well known for wiping out accounts.
    Brokers now encourage robot trading for obvious reasons.
    Keep your money in your pocket.

  18. Update on this service.
    Not getting trade alerts as advertised.
    Sometimes email comes through to move stop loss to break even but original trade not received.
    Looks like smoke and mirrors.

  19. They have some problems with copying the trades to your account. Not all comes through. And not email either.

    However, if you want to learn how to trade, you should be in the live sessions with Raj. He is a real guy who knows his business. If you are there, you won’t miss a trade, and you will learn a lot.

  20. Very impressive!!! What I like is they dont UPSELL and it’s $197 a month and you get EVERYTHING. very easy and to the point service to make pips!!! 😀 $$

    Made 400 pips last month and they did more then me, i joined mid month.
    If you can’t make pips with HFS, then stop forex trading. they are the real deal and very anti-hype.
    Tony talks the talk but he also walks to the walk.
    i like them.

    Jamie Farris

  22. Excellent — I have never experienced such quality customer support from a Forex service and the trading is also extremely impressive.

    +1200 pips since I have been a member.
    Started with $2,000 up to almost $4,000 trading the way I trade which is decently aggressive.

    I recommend them!! 😀

  23. Joined in January 2012. Run two weeks on demo, then 6 weeks live. My £10,000 account down £1200.
    Tony seems like a real nice guy and is honest enough. He communicates well, but I have a big question mark on the trader. The returns are no where near 500 pips per month. ( I had a negative return, although with a big enough account able to take the draw-down, you could end up profitable).
    I disagree with the 80 pip stop versus 40 pip profit. 1 loss wipes out 2 wins. 3 losses in a row is devastating.
    The trades often take the opposite side of a strong move, which to my mind is a dangerous practice. Wasn’t for me.

  24. Excellent Forex service. I can’t believe anyone would speak negatively of these guys… Best support, and best of all. NOT scalping!! This is a real trading system that unless you are an over-leveraging idiot, you can easily make 20%+ a month here.
    I have been with them 6 months and made almost 5,000 pips / 200% of my account.
    Strongly recommend them. thanks!

  25. Very happy with them. I’ve done about 1000 pips in 3 months.
    It is not promising crazy results but an actual performance that DELIVERS STRONG over long run!!!



  26. Fellow traders. WOW. We can’t have it both ways here. Some say the service is great. Some say not. One way or the other some people don’t have it right. I guess I’ll continue to wait and keep reading new comments.

  27. Is there really any honest organization out there? They all sound very promising but why is it that each time I give it an honest hard try I experience nothing but disappointment? It seems I do much better on my own rather than following these gurus.

  28. Greed drives us all……
    I have not used them, would like to give them a try.
    But I realize that person that really makes good money all the time with forex would not have a service like this. I just can not find a reason why successful trader would even share his trades…..good luck to you all greedy bastards.

  29. I used the service 9/13/2012-10/11/2012. Here are the results: 14 winning trades for 466.6 pips and 13 losing trades for -959.1 pips.

  30. Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I’m amazed at what greed and lack of principles does to people. Forex market gives much money to be made but also much to lose. It is not hard to learn to negotiate the tricky part is the great discipline required, self control and lots of patience. In the past subscribed this service but the results did not please me and frankly the results were far away from the published.
    In conclusion, I prefer to do my FX transactions if I lose money it was m error in judgment and analysis.
    For those who have written on this forum saying wonders, (I think the largest occupation of the owners of these services is to write in forums fantastic reviews of their services, brokers spend thousands on marketing) I challenging to demonstrate the gains of their accounts.


  31. HFS has offered the first month for $ 77 and I bought. I used their copier and the results were disastrous. The trades looked as if they came from a cheap EA. The entries were crazy and I stopped it.

  32. Look guys. The system works. But you have to have a big enough account to stand the draw downs. You can’t start with a small account or itll wipe you out. I’d suggest starting with at least a $5k account if you actually want to use this service. I wasnt to big on the 80/40 win/loss ratio either. They are a legit service though. But, here is the deal, go look at the records from trades theyve made. Just add up the wins @40 vs the losses @80. And see if youd come out ahead at the end of the month. It didn’t work out for me when i tried the service.

    Ive since learned to trade myself. There is no easy way in Forex. You have to have your screen time in. Find a system that works you and stick with it. Good luck to everyone.

  33. Robbie Newton, their “master trader”, I doubt he even exist. They use a (bad) EA that will cause you great losses. Stay away!
    Do not waste your money on this crap. Their results are totally fake and the reviews they received on various sites is most likely manipulated.
    And Ken, their “support”… He is a slowthinking bozo. Do not expect any clear answers from him. His only talent is that he completely unscrupulous lie and send out senseless advertising messages.
    He will say it is a problem with your settings or it is something with your internet connection resulting in -500 pips for you while they say on their home page they have made +996 pips 2017. Do not believe it!

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