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84 thoughts on “Stealth Forex Signals”

  1. I bought it yesterday. I’ll start testing it out on Monday and share my thoughts once I’ve had enough time to form an educated opinion..

  2. receive the promotion for the Stelth forex signal .i havemy doubts about anything promotede on the tinernet especially
    forex software. 2milliona year you have to make 5000 a day to make 1,200,000 a year.
    one) note that it says upto 2 million dollars that is not the the normal but the exception,
    secon) they alwasy have a disclaimer so not to get sued, that means they can tell you that elepahnt fly by the rallys of Eur.USD buy or sell ,
    third, you have to make hndred pips aday with a 5 lot trade to make 5000 a daily , most days hundred pips is that unheard of sure it could move that much but in a bee line
    not a rally , draw backs and take profits and such,

  3. I believe Forex Stealth Signal has just been launched and it has the usual hype so it rings a bell an alarm bell in fact. When are we going to have some honset and straight forward marketing?

    Can Taiye update us please before we waste our time once more I will check your post in two weeks to see how you are getting on gd luck


  4. Thanks all for your comments. I was just about to buy it too when I thought I would look up reviews. These offers all sound so good until I find out they do not work. Were there any of those dreaded upsells? I take it the $49 is a monthly charge for the service. That is all fair enough if this is a product that actually works…. well an old guy can hope can’t he? I remember when hoping for a miracle was crazy. Now we are just hoping for honesty.

  5. I have bought yesterday for 1 week trial($5). Let me see how it works. If it gives $100 return this week then I will subscribe for a month.

  6. I’m the same as pramod.

    Have paid $5 for the weekly trial. I’m waiting for the product download link as I type this. I’ll run it through a demo account first and if they do not recommend a stop loss I’ll set my own at 3% of fund value and see what occurs.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  7. save file on metatrader, and then apply to signals. I have done it and it seems to be working. read the instructions, they are descriptive. good luck, mark

  8. Hi Mark, Thanks for your answer. I did that, but you have to keep doing it every 1 hours and daily then? Because the graphic does not change. Do you see anything dynamic in your Signals software? Because I do not.

  9. no i dont. I think its static. if you want to get to the current time you have to re save the file on mt4 and then reapply it to the signals. I entered four trades initially and three of them were successful.the other one is still running. this is for the scalper, gonna try a few more now. good luck, Mark

  10. Hahahaha… well observed Mark. Good luck!!
    I think it is kinda weird when you have to upload data to get the signals, especially if you are scalping. That means you have to upload data every 5 minutes to get real signals, again, if I know what I am talking about..hehehe

  11. I’ve emailed Support 3 times now……….I’ve paid for the weekly trial, a very good price of $4.95 but have not yet received a product download link 🙁

    If someone can explain how they received their software and was it timely that will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance

  12. i fear for trying new software as much as eating broken glass
    You alway look for poor results over looked trades ,
    what currencies and time frames does it trade on? if they software is made up to scalp the trader after he has gains and you are feel confident then wow they take all you won,

    the real queestion is are your trade protected from the broker clearly out you acount. becauSe even the ood softare out there the broker wants hi cut and even if you made thousand there is a trade for no reAson trades against you given those A HOLE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, ,

  13. I have just downloaded this latest Forex marvel for the trial price but the file is corrupted so I cannot use it. I have emailed the vendor and am waiting his reply. Not a good start. As usual, it is not made clear that this is a monthly subscription and that you are subject to three upsells one, a better version of the first, two, an EA and then another EA that seems nothing to do with any of the others. As my 7 day trial is running out fast unless I receive a swift reply, I shall cancel my trial as I do not wish to pay the monthly subscription.

  14. Thank you Bob. That pretty much does it for me. I hate the surprise upsells that could have been so easily mentioned in the sales letter as options to consider. It may be considered good marketing, but I hate it. Unless someone changes my mind with legitimate positive results, I’m not going to pursue this. Thanks again to all of you for posting your comments. They were very helpful. Likewise, if anyone has a legitimate recommendation for positive forex returns, I would be very interested.

  15. @Tom

    Not related to Stealth Forex Signals but to answer your last point above, whilst looking around today (and waiting for my software from SFS which has still not yet arrived) I came across (if you sign up also look at which offers some supporting services to zulutrade)

    I’ve opened a demo account today and am taking signals from 3 providers.

    I’ll see what happens.

  16. Tom. Try Leo Trader Pro. It has worked for me so far and the vendors are very helpful with any queries. Also they have online trading you can watch. Go to their website for more details or see the comments on this web site

  17. Thanks Bob and Lee. The Leo reviews on this site are really mixed. Some love it and and some…..not so much. I will read their sales letter again. Thanks. I will check out Zulu too, Lee. All I want is something that just works. It doesn’t have to be an EA. I really don’t mind computer time if a system needs my attention and it is profitable. I find it utterly amazing that with a 50/50 chance (long or short) I cannot seem to stay on top of this business. It is not like I am trying to pick a winning horse out of eight choices. There are just two choices and I cannot seem to stay ahead of the game. I know… management and discipline…..and then there is that greed thing. At least when I went to the track I ate better. My refrigerator is an embarrassment to refrigerators.
    Sorry for the long post. Thanks again for the ideas. Tom

  18. Tom

    Checked my Zulu demo account this morning and the balance has gone up from 5000.00 to 5009.82 – a small increase is better than none I guess 😉

    I will see how it performs today and update tomorrow.

  19. Hi Tom, How did you setup? I have no trades at all on the robot. I only setup the EURUSD as they suggested in the PDF manual. Thanksm, fxc.

  20. Hello FXC, I have not made the purchase yet so I do not know about the set up. I am still waiting for someone to have good results here. Good luck though…..Tom

  21. NO clear indication of monthly subscription. A dogey way to sell product.
    My friend purchase and he does not know the monthly subcription. Becare full

  22. Sounds like another dis-honest, complacated, unworkable pile of crap. If it works so well why is there no live proof. My advise to you all, for what it’s worth. Do not buy these rip off systems unless you can log onto a live meta-trader account and proove it to yourselves that it works. Always think “what are you trying to hide Mr ?”

  23. Stealthforex is a system – not sure if system is based on the indicators in the system. Not clear from the advertising material what the indies are – but these trades are easy enough to spot without indicators – put a 50 ema on h and l of 1 hr charts and buy/sell on break of pivot with trend
    It is not as hard as it looks; just trade with the trend, and on break of SR to next SR area

  24. Three upsells, with the last one, an EA, that apparently has nothing to do with the “signals”. WTF! The .zip files for the signals are not good files and can’t be opened with the latest winzip. What have others opened them with?

  25. I bought it on Sunday, January 2nd. I just requested a refund through Clickbank.

    Three times, I submitted this question to the vendor’s e-mail support: How often do I need to generate signals? Once daily? Once hourly?

    No response from the vendor. That, plus three upsells that I did not fall for, when I bought the basic system.

    Screw it. I am forever done with FOREX crap sold through Clickbank. Pips 4 Idiots, Leo Trader Pro, and now Stealth Forex Signals. Good grief and good riddance!

  26. I need to heed my own advice!
    Read reviews BEFORE buying, OK $5 or whatever for the trial is is fine but the manual is absolute crap. As Dennis says no indication of time frames, etc. Have just run sigs on cable, buy @ 1.5612, sl @ 1.5433, tp @ 1.5667 so that is a TP of 50 with a SL of 160. OR, one needs 4 wins to cover one loss.
    I dont think so!

    The publicity is also misleading in implying that there is a human behind the signals, not correct, the software is stand alone.

    Money back please! Also I did not realise that the $49 was monthly.
    Lets see if it is honoured!
    **** Watch your credit card for the rebilling after you ask for refund****

  27. Support changed my refund request to “technical support” in Clickbank. I just changed it back to refund request.

    I have had 5 trades signaled since I bought the trial. Three of them hit big stop losses.

    People, don’t buy this piece of garbage. You will have a fight on your hands trying to get your money refunded.

  28. Oh, and BTW, Support never answered my questions, when is the best time to generate signals and how often should I do it? Once daily? Every hour? When?

  29. I checked deeper… $49 monthly for a few pairs, upgrade to pro(a few more pairs) for one-time $79, then the real deal of a robot to do it all for you for one-time $49(I think). Man this thing had better work for that money!! Gonna try on demo- how long does it take to get the download? Don’t forget- they will refund if you do not like it.

  30. Well, I read enough. Upsells are just plain BS and when a vendor starts the secret upsell thing to me it’s just a form of dishonesty. How good can the original program be if you need to buy an upsell and then pay 49$ per month to use it. Pure BS. I just knew this thing was a lot of crap so I came here and sure enough. I read thru about 15 or 20 comments and I am now convinced.

    I will stay away.

  31. Many thanks for your eye opening reviews.
    I’ve just sent them a refund request: “Hi there,

    I want to cancel my subscription for Stealth Forex Signals. The zip file you sent is corrupted. You didn’t even bother to reply to my emails. Now it’s too late. Here’s what I’ve got from you: bad file, bad customer service, poorly written manual, and a deceitful video advertisement with cunning upsells…

    I want to cancel my trial subscription, and get my $4.95 back at once!

  32. Comment by Nicholas on January 4, 2011 @ 2:09 pm
    Hi Can u explain in more detail about this please……

    put a 50 ema on h and l of 1 hr charts and buy/sell on break of pivot with trend
    It is not as hard as it looks; just trade with the trend, and on break of SR to next SR area

  33. Hello

    Could you tell me how can I get refund ?

    When I’m trying to generate signals I’m getting runtime error. I’ve send them 3 emails with questions, no one answered. It looks like another scam…

    So how to cancel my subscription ? Go to clickbank (where – Order details maybe and what next?) or SFS site ?

    Thx for your help

  34. I buy basic after . There was no information for monthly paid subscriptions.
    It appears that you will get software as you pay $49.00.
    Even Its not worth for $49.Cost was not clearly show in FAQ.
    when I submit Credit card and on bill fid that next payment will next month. Customer service no answer ….requested for refund. Product is not very good or so for profitsble.
    No idea what time to use after Asian or American session.
    Bought a piece of crap. PLZ dont waste hard earn money.

  35. Hello is a total and
    complete scam, rip off and marketing trickery

    1. The original offer is $49.00 and they fail to mention
    it is a monthly subscription

    2. They bad mouth robots and then turn around and sell
    you one of their own in “2 Upsells”
    – I just HATE these fricking upsells and One
    time offers

    3. Then to add insult to injury they force you to fill
    out a survey form and ask for your phone number so
    they can phone you and upsell more “High Priced”
    coaching garbage.
    – It begs the question …
    If the software is so good why does anyone
    need the coaching service?

    Why cant someone just sell a service that works? Instead
    of selling such pure and complete fricking garbage.

    Rip off artists like this should be banned from


  36. Did anybody chech the affiliates link at the bottom of the sales page? You might try this next time before you buy, helps me alot. Combinded with comments, well I’m not so quick to buy any thing any more. Thay all sound soooo good! Chris

  37. Reply to John White
    I think Nicholas was suggesting creating a 50ema channel…one high and one low, and when in an uptrend buy when price goes above the channel…..and the same when the trend is going south and sell. Breaking support and/or resistance is generally considered to be a safe break out strategy….he suggests targeting the next support or resistance. All pretty sound….just don’t let a profitable trade go bad. Tom

  38. I bought the Basic version of Stealth Forex Signals, and then I bought the Pro version.

    Everything in the basic version is included in the Pro version as well as added features such as 5min/15min chart signals, and 7 extra currency pairs.

    The 11 currency pairs in the Pro version are: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURJPY, GBPJPY, GBPCHF.

    Since the Basic version is embedded in the Pro version I am requesting a refund for the Basic version since I won’t be using it.

    I am not sure how the subscription works because after I bought the Basic version via Paypal (through Clickbank) a subscription was not opened in my Paypal account. So there is no way to cancel the subscription (if there is one) unless I get a refund or change my Paypal email address so I won’t be auto charged every month.

    The Pro version I want to keep. It is a one time payment.

    So far in 2 days the Pro version has produced 12 winning trades and 6 losses which is way better then I do when I make trade decisions.

    When using the software I simply get all the chart info for the 15 min and 5 min charts for each of the 11 supported currency pairs, and then I upload the charts to the software, and I look for signals on all 11 currency pairs.

    Not all 11 pairs will have signals all the time.

    But I got as many as I could….and did this for 2 days so far (you have to upload fresh charts every time you want to get fresh signals).

    I look for the signals just before the London open since that is when I go to bed. I tried getting signals during the Asian session, but there is little movement and the price just lingers (maybe sometimes there is movment on the Yen pairs)

    I am thinking there would be better signals if you look for them during the London session, but I don’t know. I am asleep during that sesison.

    On the website they make you think there is some millionaire professional trader sitting at a desk or in a trading room who will send live signals to your desktop in real time via the software.

    But maybe what they mean is the trading technique this millionaire trader uses is programmed into the software so that when the software gives you a trade setup (stop loss and take profit, and whether to enter a sell or buy) maybe it is based on the guys trading system he uses to make money.

    There is not some guy on the other end sending signals to the software.

    There must be a code or indicators programmed into the software that looks at the combination of updated charts to determine the possible best direction to trade in (and it calculates a stop loss and take profit).

    Otherwise if some guy was sending signals to the software then you would get no signals when he is not at his computer. As far as I understand you can get signals around the clock if you want, but the software might give conflicting signals if the market is dead or ranging etc.

    On the website they also imply you will receive automatic sound alerts when there is a trade so you don’t have to sit at your computer waiting.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding something but there is not a auto alert. The only alert you get is when you manually load the charts to the software and then click the button to get a trade signal. After you click the button there is a brief sound.

    I don’t think Forex Stealth Signals is a scam. At least so far it gives me better signals then my own decisions.

    But I will be following its signals some more in a demo before going live. I can report back if my opinion changes.

  39. I have bought all three things from them. It is a garbage. I will be asking for a refund.
    They never answer any email and the TP to STP Loss is 1 to 31, are those people for real?
    Not to mention that promo makes a clear promise of live person providing the initial Entry, TP and STP Loss not some 5 cents EA. How long before NFA or some other government agency will go after these guys. They think that they can lie and lie forever. And all these promoters and affiliates is like one big mafia job, like mutual funds or Mr Madoff’s pyramid. Since when it became a norm to scum.


  40. hi guys,

    dont buy this crap.. i just contacted their affiliate managers.. it seems he is a mad guy.. also the guy who sending this signal is not a millionaire.. he is trying to get rich by selling this junk “Signal Service”..

    just check the proof in the sales page.. he fail to even get that page photoshoped in a nice way.. he forgot to add the Profit amount correctly …:)..

  41. Thanks for your comments guys; really helpful for me a beginner. Has anyone looked at Richard Swaby’s 2% daily EA? I will sure appreciate some view on it.


  42. Those a@@holes changed my refund request to technical support in Clickbank again. I am filing a dispute and request for chargeback with my credit card company today.


    I received this email from Stealth Forex Trading System. It appears that the signals people are using their good name to make sales. Please read email below.

    There has been a hype on the Internet about a new product or service called “Stealth Forex Signals” recently.

    For your information, the Stealth Forex Trading System™ is not to be affiliated with “Stealth Forex Signals”.

    This product or service obviously tries to make use of the good reputation that Stealth Forex Trading System™ has gained over the years. Using the name “Stealth Forex” without our authorization, having the same colors in their logo and using such phrases as “Early Bird Discount” (referring to one of the products in our Stealth product package) all proves the intention to mislead customers.

    After receiving several complaints from our existing customers, we started to investigate who and what is actually behind “Stealth Forex Signals”. Based on our trial purchase and the feedbacks that our customers have been sending in the last few days, we consider them as a scam.

    We do not recommend either purchasing this product or registering on their site. Based on feedbacks and our experience, you will start receiving 2-3 e-mails from them to the same address daily after providing your e-mail address.

    Stealth Forex Trading System™ has a proven track record for over 4 years with plenty of positive reviews, testimonials and praises from our satisfied customers. See reviews on our product and services at Forex Peace Army.

    If you have recent experience regarding the Signals product/service, please respond by clicking on this link. Your feedback is much appreciated, as these inputs can help us to use facts when taking the appropriate actions to protect our customers, partners and good reputation.

    Best regards,

    Steve Moore
    Customer Service

  44. I wish they would answer my email so I could buy the Pro version.

    Unzipping their zip file is bit tricky and can be done.

    I figured it out and first two trades profited my demo account $1500.00 … I’m liking it!

    Being skeptical I only bought the basic version, dang it.

    Hey Scott! If you are reading this get back to me!

  45. Just went to website and they sell their system for $199.
    Stealth forex signals is different, hope all of you get your refunds.

  46. Maggie if you want to buy the Pro version but missed the onetime offer, you can find it at (am I allowed to post a link? it is not a affiliate link). But be warned because refunds have proven to be difficult. I requested a refund for the Basic version since I bought the Pro version and won’t be using the basic version. But they keep changing my refund request to tech support (did it 3 times), and they never answer any of my questions. Nor will they cancel or explain to me what they mean by recurring billing.

  47. MOOBA

    Go to the CUSTOMER SERVICE at bottom of your receipt from Clickbank. This will open a ticket for you for Clickbank to help you. Indicate that you want a REFUND for the item you purchased. You may need to do this for each individual charge. If after two days you get no response from the vendor, there is also a place there where you can get Clickbank to help you directly. I believe it is “escalate to Clickbank”. The $49 is a monthly autobilling. Make sure that you have Clickbank also Cancel this for you as well as Refunding each of the individual purchases. Hope this helps.

  48. Thank you Maggie. I already did everything you metioned a few times, and the ticket kept getting changed back to tech support. But I was just notified that the refund is confirmed and that I have been refunded even though the money did not show up in my Paypal account yet (I paid through Paypal). I am hoping the refund will stop the monthly payments too. I plan on keeping the Pro version since it is a onetime payment and all the features from the Basic version are already included in the Pro version.

  49. Mooba

    Make sure that the subscription has been cancelled, not refunded. Check the order number against what Clickbank sent you. If the order number for the $49. monthly subscription does not appear in the refund info, you must request that it be cancelled, otherwise you will be automatically billed each month.

  50. Is the Pro version truly a one time payment overall? I am guessing that there is still a $49.00 monthly fee to receive the signals.

  51. If you paid via PayPal, you need to go to the recurring payment area and cancel your ongoing monthly payments from there.

  52. Wow, if you’re even thinking about trying to get your money back for this (and I would be), I’d start now. These chumps have changed my ticket to Tech Support like 5 times already. Go get ’em Mastercard!! muahahaha

    The “system” itself: total garbage. Furthermore, there’s some deceptive marketing in play here. Not only do they fail to disclose a recurring monthly fee before you hit the order page (and then reduce the font size of the one line that does), the system itself is static. There is nothing whatsoever about this thing that warrants a monthly charge. NOTHING. You’re essentially asking someone to take your money for nothing in return.

    If you’ve got some money that you’re just aching to get rid of, give it to charity, not these chumps. Whoever’s behind this thing must be a real contribution to society..

  53. Don’t be duped. You’re not “receiving” signals from anywhere. The software generates a signal from the two .csv files that you save and feed it from MT4.

  54. G’Day Everyone,

    This website has all the brilliant signs of sucking one in to purchase a product. Never the less, I like to buy & try Robots and Fx Programs. I too was not suckered in, just curious to try. (maybe a little suckered)

    Before I start, I am in no way an affiliate for this programme or Robot. In fact on the whole, I think it stinks to high heaven, however I have been able to get some good results so far in 3 days using it.

    I started 5th Jan 2011
    So Far. 11 / 16 Winning Trades.
    376 Pips.

    If you want to see the trades and results I would be happy to post them somewhere for all to see. Let me get some more trades going first. I like to compare a system with about 100 trades minimum.

    Firstly, the key to becoming a successful trader is Risk / Money management AND take your emotions out of it.

    If you think its bad, it will be and you will be always lose. One has to be consistent in trading and follow rules.

    Secondly – Forget the Scalping Robot that is available for purchase. Making 5 pips / Risking 155 is utter lunacy.
    If I do decide to use this, I will be modifyling my own Stop Loss & Take Profit levels, when I work out what they are on testing.

    Third – Forget the Scalping Section in the actual program.
    Again the Risk Reward ratio is rediculous.

    Only use the section 1D & 1H. If you analyse the 1D Chart data & the 1Hr data and get a Buy or sell signal take it, only using proper Risk Reward managment rules. Mine is 1 : 1.5

    I am gathering & inputting the data at a specific time each day. (that suits me, – in the morning – Aussie Time) Spend the 15 – 30 mins needed to place trades / work out risk management.

    I am using the stop they suggest however I set the Take Profit level at 1 1/2 times my Risk.

    Once my trades are set – I walk away and forget about them until the next day. (I move on to another trading system and another broker account) If you watch them, your emotions will take over and this is not good trading.

    The next day, around the same time. Close any open Trades (winning or losing) and Repeat the Data gathering and inputing process. Place your trades and Again walk away and do something else.

    Good Luck everyone. I hope this helps.

    ALSO – One last thing. May I suggest to have a look at this FREE trading system called the “Cowabunga System” at

    As a fellow surfer – I love this system.

    This system, is a profitable trading system (not hugely) but for me gives the best example of sticking to Trading Rules and how important it is.

    I may report back in a few weeks with more results from this programme I just bought. If I at least make my money back, which is on track to doing, I will be happy.


    Rob – Australia

    PS – I will not be paying $49 / month for this. I am about to go cancel my subscription in Paypal. If the programm & EA Robot stops working after that I will let everyone know.

  55. @ Rob: Your post right above this post of mine is a very good post. What do you think of this idea for traders such as I who don’t like a large S/L? Use your idea of a 1.5:1 reward/risk ratio in reverse. Use the T/P that SFS suggests but change the S/L to 2/3 of the T/P by multiplying the T/P by 2 and dividing by 3, then setting the S/L accordingly.

    SFS sets a pretty large S/L. I’m just comfortable with a large S/L of 50 pips or more.

  56. Oops! I meant to say, “I’m just NOT comfortable with a large S/L of 50 pips or more.”

    To the blog moderator(s): Can you give us a way to edit our own posts when we see that we have made typos?

  57. You talk about having S\L of 50 or less. this is the way most traders loose money in the long run. I am an investor with Morgan Stanley company. most good profitable trades need a stop loss of about 150 to 200 pips. this allows for news spikes and other things that may happen.

  58. @ Mooba and @Rob: Any updates on your results using the Pro version?

    I finally got my refund and subscription cancellation in Clickbank on the Basic version.

    But I am watching this thread for results from the Pro version. If I see that the modified strategies that Mooba and Rob are deploying with the Pro version, I might purchase the Pro version. The Pro version is a simple one-time purchase.

  59. Good grief, “If I see that the modified strategies that Mooba and Rob are deploying with the Pro version”

    should read, “If I see that the modified strategies that Mooba and Rob are deploying with the Pro version *are consistently profitable* “.

  60. Hi all,

    I’d like to share with you guys my ‘experience’ regarding this ‘system’.

    First of all, I’ve got to admit that i fell for the hype… too bad

    The website never mentioned a monthly subscription… 49 usd gone. PLEASE BE CAREFUL
    I bought the upsell pro version in order to get more pairs… Nevertheless, just ONE download (where was the ‘basic version’?)
    And I also got the ‘robot’.
    …None of them worked as I wished (and hoped… for the price = 49+79+69)

    You have to download every chart in *csv, from D1, 1H, 15M and 5M to run it daily and scalping. If you sum the time invested in doing so, you will notice that is rather too manual for a ‘system’, and too long for scalping.

    Second, the robot does not perform well… in any pair. It gives big drawdowns just to get a few pips. Definetely not worth it.

    Regarding the efficiency of the system, I tried it for 20 trades fair and square (long trades of every pair in the pro version + scalping). Live account, real money.

    14 of the 20 trades were losers… Even if I traded 0.01 lots, you might wonder how much I lost of money.

    I asked for a refund and the stealth guys (Scott) keeps changing it to ‘tech support’. I already uninstalled the software and the EA… it is just not worth it the time, neither the effort for the results.

    I hope Clickbank would give me a hand with the refund.

    I don’t recommend anyone to purchase a system that:
    1) Does not says clearly that is a monthly fee
    2) Gives you upsells based in the same platform (software) just adding lines in a ‘select case’ button (more pairs bur the same platform – no extra expertise shown)
    3) Sells you an expert advisor with no records, but claiming to ‘put it on auto’ (which does not do either, since you still have to do the manual download to trade with the signals; the robot is isolated from the software).

    Best regards, and good luck,


    P.S.: If anyone knows a good and reliable signal system, please let me know

  61. Thanks for your posting guys, very helpful.
    I did bought this scam before reading this posts, and of course never worked properly the EA, never place any trades since 5 days ago. I did bought the signals and pro and the EA. I’m requesting a full refund as of today.
    Good luck to every one.

  62. I purchased this but never received the link to the download, I emailed support over several days did not get one reply. I have tried to get a refund through clickbank but the vendor keeps changing the ticket to tech support I then have to keep changing it back to refund, I have escalated to clickbank twice after the vendor has twice closed the ticket without a refund. There does not seem to be another way to contact clickbank to report this, so I am constantly going round in circles, getting very p*ssed off


  63. I bought the system via clickbank thru paypal, I have been getting the runaround for days trying to get a refund. Raised a resolution request ticket with paypal and got my refund today

  64. SCAM SCAM SCAM….STAY AWAY. I have asked 5 times now for refund and have just escalted to clickbank. They keep sending automated responses and at the end just closed my tick with no refund. Product did not work I only received one of the systems I purchased from them and when I tried redownloading from clickbank they had a file missing and could not be run….. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

  65. Has someone heard of this new system (CopyPastePips)which has never been on the market. It is launched on Tuesday 18 January 2011. Please I need lots info on it. Thanks

    CopyPast Pips

  66. I think it is a waiting game, just remember don’t get too close to the fan, none of us like two get big chunks of Sh-T throw at us!

  67. I have bought this on a 7 day trial, received nothing. Then they took subscription from me, still received nothing. I have now received an email from ‘Scott’ who has given me a link to download the program which I’ve done, now it says files are corrupt and does anyone know how on earth you attach it to MT4? AND HOW DO I GET A REFUND?

  68. Hi Matts
    I ordered the copy paste pips only the one week trial. Still waiting for the license # code to use the system, I was able to download the system, also they have upsells wich I hate it I did not go for it. will se how this works I will post again.

  69. Since the Euro is making Hi and Low this system giveing no signals………………………buy Garbage for $49

    Stay away from …………………please

  70. Hi every one
    I just got my refund for the signals and the ea but they never refunded the monthly fee of 49 dollars stay away if you can. Still trying to get my 49 dollars back.

  71. I agree with Rob’s comment back on the 8th. I have ditched the scalp system – useless. Instead I stick with the Day/Hour system and place two trades per alert: one using the R:R they give and one using Rob’s 1:1.5. I leave both open until they hit target or stop but I adjust the stop for the 1.5 at a sensible point, but not too tight.

    I find the trades with a worse R:R (up to a point ….) are more reliable. The bigger R:R trades don’t have enough space to move. Also, from the UK I am trading Tuesday to Friday (can’t trade this on Monday because of the EoD nature of it) three times a day at 7am-ish, lunchtime and evening, but not Friday evening.

    So far have built up 40 trades, but I agree there has to be 100+ before you get any real picture. At that point I will feel more confident in any further filtering.

    For me the system is not profitable (since 4th Jan) unless you filter certain types of trade out.

    Let’s see how it goes. Has anyone worked out the technical signals the system uses?

  72. Stealth forex signal / Scott Robinson
    is a scam..
    never and ever trust CLICKBANK VENDOR
    stay ways from this BT??

  73. Have anyone used the bob iaccino signal system? I did some research on this guy and he seems to have some fame on CNBC and CNN shows for forex trading.
    I saw that on a youtube video.

    Since he has some fame I would like to try it but the price is a little on the high end so I am reluctant to pay(even with the refund policy, lol). So I am trying my luck and see who have used it as I don’t mind paying quite a bit if it can really let me profit. 🙂
    Thanks anyone, will be checking back regularly.


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