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11 thoughts on “Abe’s Forex Signals”

  1. Hi all,
    I signed up because I wanted to use the automated trading option. After receiving the login details I had to recognice that I only can use this option with FXDD, FXCM, WorldPro FX ,Alpari and AVA FX.
    The reason is clear – this brokers pay a good commission for ABE. ABE claims they would be the ” world’s most reputable Forex brokers”. If you read the reviews about this brokers on Forexpeacearmy, you will know how honest ABE really is.
    If you want the automated trading option and do not want to change your broker, stay away. I asked immediately for a refund 2 days ago, but no answer about this till now.
    On their members website they show only the recommended trades, but no results. I think the results are to bad, otherwise they would show it proudly.

  2. You can use any broker that has Tradency–The cost is 1 pip per round turn. They could explain things better but if you click on the charts you get the compleat trade.
    The robot was trading 100% last year but on my Tradency I see a recent 600 pip drawdown. Read the mirror trade manual and watch the vidio. I finaly got mine allset up.
    Fri.13 no trades yet

  3. hi
    i just sign 2 weeks ago im verey happy
    right the copier is not work with all the brokers
    so i put the trDE MANUALLY
    he send pending orders so u have planty of time to put them
    the rezolts r show all the time so whay u say they dont ?

  4. Hi,

    Please I input the figures for both Abe’s Market Wizard and Pending Market Wizard for both FXDD and FXpro but even as my calculations for both Brokers were corrected as the market reached my entry point to my Target points and even pass over, both Abe’s forex signal and automation stay in idle status. Please can you tell me how they work or if you may show me the video examples.

    Thank you.


    Yunusa Aliu

  5. Ive been following Abe since august last year when his signals were free on skype, he is a very good trader and a great guy, the results are on the members area under stats for everyone to see, this signal service is probably your best bet at making money in forex you are ever gonna have unless you have many years and lots of money to learn for yourself. good luck to all.

  6. Have been a member since early January 2012. Manual signals did pretty well in January but have not been good since start Feb – so we shall see. Was puzzled on 6th when EU and GU trades taken at same time in same direction, surely they are pretty correlated, why double the risk? Both trades went down for -65 or so losses and odder still he moved the strops further out mid trade, always thought that was a no no. Anyway, on manual trades we’ll see.

    To trade the signals effectively you do need Tradency, some signals I’ve found to be very fast with the MT4 alert coming up to late to action or at times of the day when it’s hard to be at the PC – or if you leave the PC for 2 minutes to get a coffee you miss one.

    The robot – take great care, I’m not going near it. Yes, some good results last year but on the member site you now notice they’re stopped updating results on Jan 17th (as I write on Feb 7th) and on Tradency recent closed results are scary – lost near 2000 points on long term positions closed out in the last few days. Not for me!

    Other things you see in reviews, one that annoys me – the so called look over the shoulder of the trader webcam – nonsense. I’m on an HD big screen and can’t see any details at all apart from some fuzzy screens and someone moving about now and again. If you go full screen it’s totally blurry. No sound either. I asked support about this (support are very slow btw) and was told they are “working on” the clarity and no, there is no sound as it’s not meant to be a live trade room. So the webcam thing is a total gimmick.

  7. I always thought it would be great to follow a professional trader and to have his trades copied. So I joined Abes settup and have been very disapointed with the performance. For such a highly classed trader to make loss after loss including some strange moves, I dont get it. The robot hardly trades at all. If I compare the last month with the other EAs I am using like Megadroid and Fabturbo, the I must say that the predicted results of this setup Man/Robot is very poor. I do expect some losses but not a whole string in one trading session. I watch and hang in there as I pay per month and hopefully things improve and I dont have to cancel my membership.

  8. February 16/17 the manual trading by Abe made 14 trades lost in a row,not one winning trade in between. How can that be with such a high profile trader? Any simmilar results from anybody using the trendency mirror trading. I mean these are just copied trades and us customers go along for the ride to where I wonder????

  9. These next few lines aw with regard to the comments I made previous. There were these losses but then after a while Abe got it all together and came up with some good strong winners. That more then made up for it. I suppose it is natural to worry about ones investment. What I learned but is that one also must have patience and not just throw the towel in when things go bad. That was my mistake and by pulling out I eventually missed out on the coming winners.
    So I resign and see what the month of March brings. I thought I owe this explanation to Abe. It does not always go the way we want. So I let the this column know what happens to my trades this month. Till early April regards ..Hans

  10. Hi Guys,

    I just received a promotion mail from Abe:

    To summarize the first 3 months of the signals service:
    Jan 2012: +928
    Feb 2012: +1654
    Mar 2012: +1736

    Total pips since start: +4318 pips.

    When I checked the MT4i stats, I reogniced some very strange things.
    1. The last time I checked the robot performance, the stat ended on 01.16. Now this date is not on the statement to see. Now it stopped on 01.04.12 and started again on 02.02.
    2.Abes own statement started on 12.16.11 and show till now a profit of 380,7 pips.
    So I wonder where the 4.318 pips plus come from?
    What is wrong Abes claim or the the MT4 stats?
    I think we all know the answer.

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