Forex Ultimate System

Forex Ultimate SystemForex Ultimate System by Robert Iaccino is a Forex signals services that delivers signals to the user’s computer via software.

What’s so different in this service from others is that Robert Iaccino, who with his team provides the signals to this system, is an acknowledged Forex analyst who has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business Channel.

Otherwise Forex Ultimate System is a signals software that brings you signals with the exact entry and exits rules, take profit and stop loss.

Additional information:

  • Cost: $197/month
  • Currency Pairs Supported: All major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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13 thoughts on “Forex Ultimate System”

  1. I don’t have experience with it myself as it’s actually not released yet to the public but the free videos which are supposed to be samples of the system look pretty good.

  2. I think all this pingbacks shall prevent us from reading a review. Most people will not scroll down to the end.
    I wonder you (admin) allow this.
    We do not want to read pingbacks ( =commercial advertissements of vendors), we want to read only real reviews.

  3. This product is actually a signal service ran by Bob Iaccino with his trading strategy integrated as an educational component. Goes Live Oct. 5th and there’s rumors of a webinar with Bob next Monday.

  4. does anyone have any feedback on this product

    i have heard good things but would rather hear it from the real-Mcoy

    have a cool day guys


  5. How come I was sent the details of F.U.S through the Megadroid team and Bob Laccino seems to rubbish Robots. Seems self defeating. I have been testing the Megadroid Robot for a couple of weeks now and apart from my computer going off-line a few times it seems to work well. So far i has made five positive trades.

  6. FUS has nothing to do with Megadroid as far as I know. The reason why you got an email about FUS from them is because everyone and his dog is promoting it as affiliates for commission.

  7. Only 18 signals in 4 weeks. It seems the master do not spent much time with checking charts for possible trades. Probably he has something better to do.
    For this few signals you have to watch 24 hours a day your pc.

  8. It is not about the quantity but the quality of the trades.
    Very educational. You can become a real profesional trader with no fear or greed.

  9. Stay away from this service!!
    As of 14/02/11 @ 22:10 GMT Bobs useless system has produced a running DD of 15.5 lossing trades (not all in a row)but this DD has built up over a period since roughly Mid Nov 2010 to present.
    If you had been trading 3% per trade (bob’s recommendation) thats 46.5% of your account blowen away WHAT a load of CRAP!
    He claims a 70% winning ratio but his shit signals since Nov have produced the complete opposite 70% lossers Hopeless!! And you want to know the worst thing for these results you would have to be paying Bob £150 per month for the privilege WHAT A JOKE!

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