Forex Mercenary

Forex MercenaryForex Mercenary is a stand-alone Forex signals software developed with its own AI and based on statistical models for each currency pair. The stand alone software doesn’t need any extra platform (such as Meta Trader) and it generates signals for short-term positions. As such it should generate several signals a day.

While there aren’t many numbers for me to crunch on (at least yet), I do have one statement that shows a 96.62% winning rate. It also shows an average profit trade of $50, and an average loss of $50 as well. I don’t have the exact information about the stop loss and take profit of Forex Mercenary but these two numbers give a good hint of a risk/award ratio of 1. That is good.

I would like to see the detailed trading statements for this signals software to make a good decision, but from what I see Forex Mercenary does look promising. It has good upsides, such as being a stand alone software, not dependent on any broker, as well as parameters of a good trading strategy.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 30 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: All major pairs
  • Updates: Life-time free

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155 thoughts on “Forex Mercenary”

  1. I don’t really think it is a robot, but signal software. So you can use it for any broker. It looks like it takes 10 pips here and there. But, it also looks like the signals can occur every 15 minutes. So, 10 pips here and there every 15 minutes can equal a very profitable forex trading career.

  2. The product does not work. I waited all day after emailing support to get back an email saying “have you unzipped? have you checked to make sure java is installed properly?”. Of course I had done both. This has got to be the worst launch of a forex product in history. I don’t have a working product or support. I give them 24 hours for a refund & my next stop is the feds internet crime complaint center.
    From donnaforex’s forum it’s clear others are having the same problem.

  3. I purchased it today and downloaded, it is not working and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have unzipped? I have you checked that the java is installed properly. When I click on bat file nothing happens. I will wait for couple more days and ask for refund.

  4. Hey guys, I am having the same problem too. Software not working at all. No signals, nothing! They, too, asked me to install the lastest version of Java and to restart the program. I’ve done it all! Problem still persists. Arghh…

  5. Guys, instead of just launching the bat file, try to run it from the Command Prompt, that way you’ll see any errors.

  6. I also purchased it today and also cannot get it working. Try as I may I could not be more unimpressed by this package if I tried. The manual was thrown together in about 5 minutes and is completely useless. I’m still waiting for a reply from support but given what I’ve seen so far I guess I’ll be asking for my money back.. Dreadful, truly dreadful.

  7. Check this out. If it doesn’t work, try to open the fxmercenary.bat in Notepad, you’ll see a single line:

    java -cp clojure.jar;. clojure.lang.Script com/awwthor/strategybox/forex_main_2.clj

    Try to change it to:

    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\java -cp clojure.jar;. clojure.lang.Script com/awwthor/strategybox/forex_main_2.clj

    The above line should also be all in a single line (it got split in this post).

    If it still doesn’t work, see if the path is correct on your computer and change it to what it is.

  8. I have the software running now and (for me anyway) it does open the “Market Snapshot” box when clicking the .bat file. But it isn’t streaming any updates like it says it is suppose to (I think?) in the manual. The box doesn’t change at all. I have had the software running for 7 hours now and it hasn’t streamed anything. I also agree with previous post about the user manual being thrown together and really worthless. I sent support email about 7 hours ago and so far no response back. I had a feeling that for $97 it was probably a joke. Oh well… hopefully I will get my money back. If anyone has had any luck with this software please post!

  9. Thanks for the suggestion, tried that but alas is failed to run.. I went into my java and typed the path exactly into the bat file but nothing happened.. Thank you anyway for trying to help out. Blimey we get more support here than from the developers. Which is not a good sign.

  10. Sorry but I’m very rusty on Dos commands..

    I know I have to be in the directory to run the batch file I can get to the C:\ drive with chdir but trying to get into the file is not working… Maybe I’ll put the batch direct onto C:\ and run it from there, see if that works.

  11. Managed to run the program in cmd.. Here is the error message that I got..

    C:\>java -cp clojure.jar;. clojure.lang.Script com/awwthor/strategybox/forex_mai
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: clojure/lang/Script
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: clojure.lang.Script
    at$ Source)
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(Unknown Source)
    Could not find the main class: clojure.lang.Script. Program will exit.

  12. I just bought the software, and have the same problem as several others. Nothing happens in the “Live Trading” tab after I press “Start Model”. However, the “Backtest” button under the “Backtesting” tab works. I use Windows 7.

    I will see if there is a way to get it to run on Windows 7.

    I too was disappointed in the quality of the manual and software… I hope it works though.

  13. Ouch, those errors don’t look good… Are you sure you’re running the latest Java? (stupid question, I know)

    I’ve just installed it on a computer where there was no Java at all. Installed it and it all worked. Perhaps you can try to remove Java first, then installed it anew?

    Regarding any life signs when it’s running, I don’t see anything happening too… But perhaps it only shows something when there’s a signal…

  14. It had been several hours. I bought it during the post launch at 9.30am EST. Still no signal yet. It’s claimed that there will be frequent signals. I, too, encountered the same thing. Nothing happens in the “Live Trading” tab after I press “Start Model”. However, the “Backtest” button under the “Backtesting” tab works.

  15. I am a bit closer to narrowing down the error. I recently cleanly installed the newest version of Java (6 update 17) from I am using Windows 7.

    I ran the fxmercenary.bat file by doubleclicking it in Explorer. The program opened and the following text appeared in the command line:

    D:\Projects\New Project\Forex\dlaag03\Forex Mercenary Core System\FXM-Std>java –
    cp clojure.jar;. clojure.lang.Script com/awwthor/strategybox/forex_main_2.clj
    Welcome to Awwthor Strategybox
    Last recorded data: 2009-12-30 17:45:02.382420
    feature-set: (0 4 1 2 6)
    feature-names: (Moving Z Range GBP Correl CHF Correl Return)

    All is well so far. I then press “Start Model”. Nothing happens, and after a minute or so the following text appears in the command line:

    Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” Software caused
    connection abort: recv failed
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at So
    at Source)
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.http_utils$url_get__437.invoke(http_utils.clj
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.http_utils$get_awwthor_fx_since__443.invoke(h
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$update_pair_data__543.invoke(for
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$update_fx_data__555$fn__557.invo
    at clojure.lang.LockingTransaction.runInTransaction(LockingTransaction.j
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$update_fx_data__555.invoke(forex
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$fn__567$fn__569.invoke(forex_mai
    at javax.swing.Timer.fireActionPerformed(Unknown Source)
    at javax.swing.Timer$ Source)
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    at Source)

    Nothing more happens. I will send this text to their support also.

  16. Admin…

    Here is the errors I get. I am running Windows XP. Sorry it got all a little scrambled when I copied and pasted it. Also I notice a “Connection timed out” message near the beginning? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    C:\Program Files\Forex\Mercenary\dlaag03\Forex
    Mercenary Core System\FXM-Std>java -cp clojure.jar;. clojure.lang.Script com/aww
    Welcome to Awwthor Strategybox
    Last recorded data: 2009-12-30 17:45:02.382420
    feature-set: (0 4 1 2 6)
    feature-names: (Moving Z Range GBP Correl CHF Correl Return)
    Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” Connection timed out: connect
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)at Source)at Source)at Source)
    at Source)
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.http_utils$url_get__437.invoke(http_utils.clj
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.http_utils$get_awwthor_fx_since__443.invoke(h
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$update_pair_data__543.invoke(for
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$update_fx_data__555$fn__557.invo
    at clojure.lang.LockingTransaction.runInTransaction(LockingTransaction.j
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$update_fx_data__555.invoke(forex
    at com.awwthor.strategybox.forex_main_2$fn__567$fn__569.invoke(forex_mai
    at javax.swing.Timer.fireActionPerformed(Unknown Source)
    at javax.swing.Timer$ Source)
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    at Source)

  17. Unistalled and re-installed java and mercenary but the same errors keep coming.. I give up, time for bed.. Thank you for your help anyway.. Appreciated, got a lot more from you than I did from their helpdesk.. Still awaiting a reply, now been told to wait two days.. They will probably just tell me to do everything I’ve done already and then I’ll have to wait another 2 days..

  18. I also get similar errors when it’s running, perhaps their servers are overloaded… I’ll keep it running.

    BTW, especially those running on Windows 7 and Vista, check the firewall to make sure it’s not blocking it.

  19. Turning the firewall off make it work! At least I got a message box with a trade setup. I will let it run and see what else happens.

  20. Eureka! I turned off my firewall (which I don’t like to do) but I immediately got a signal to short EUR/USD. I am not sure what to do now exactly. It gives you the Limit and Stop Loss but since it has already moved down past the entry price I am assuming it is a sell limit order? But anyway i am just glad it is doing something. It looks like it sends the same signal 4 times… once for each Longevity file. Not sure what that is all about. I will monitor more.

  21. I too bought this and nothing happens it wasn’t my firewall or any of the above, Has anyone else figured out how to use this? any help would of course be appreciated.

  22. The softwares and the robots really helps in the investing in the Forex market.According to me everyone should have robots for the Forex trading.

  23. I just bought the software, and have the same problem as several others. Nothing happens in the “Live Trading” tab after I press “Start Model”. However, the “Backtest” button under the “Backtesting” tab works. I am also using windows XP…I think the inventor will have to go back to the drawing board. Thank God I used Paypal, I am asking for a refund as we speak.

  24. I had a similar output to JohnR except that at line 9 it says connection time out: reset and not connection time out:connect. I am also running of windowXP. Switching off both firewall and antivirus did not help. Am still suffering from no visible activity in Forexmercenary.

  25. I get the same errors as the ones listed by Zora. It would just be that the market is going up today and therefore not generating any signals. It would be nice to know. Any one get this to work today? January 12, 2010?
    Good luck with your trading!

  26. Same issues here with the java problems. Support got back to me same day, but said to “just keep trying to run the software. Its been thoroughly tested.” Uh, no, it should work out of the box… as advertised. Thoroughly test my a$$. They really shouldn’t rush these things out.

  27. I think this guy from forex peacearmy has hit the nail on the head.. After reading this you should be duly concerned and I for one will be attempting to get my money back and soon because they are going to be swamped with refunds very shortly..

    I noticed that the accompanying DOS window was showing a Java exception error message to the effect that a Socket Connection was being reset. As I’m a Java developer, I did a little digging 😉

    Their system is attempting to contact a server at “” to obtain real-time quote information.

    This server or domain has been down for hours and hours!

    It looks like they’ve undersized their servers for the actual demand load. This happens a lot when people are setting up data centers to respond to online applications. I’ve seen many examples when someone gets a few tens of friends to test there application and they believe it will scale to hundreds and thousands with no problem. Usually turns out to be a big problem with no easy fix other than to throw hundreds of thousands at the data center hardware and resources.

    Bottom line – Forex Mercenary is DOA until they can get their service up and running. Also, Forex Mercenary will always be dependent on them keeping their service up and running.

    I don’t know how they plan to keep their business going long term. This type of business model usually requires a monthly recurring fee. They’re not going to be able to finance and staff a data center that can support the quote data aggregation service for all of us with a one-time 97 dollar charge.

  28. Yeah, that’s what I’ve suspected. Not good. Some people do get it to work, so I guess it’s hit and miss right now.

  29. Yep. I had one signal last night to SHORT the EURUSD then nothing. Errors after that. So, it works if it can connect to the server.

    The mercenary people say they use for the quote feed. They should have used them as a direct feed. Pay them a one time fee or whatever. Heck if you can get free feeds for MT4, why not?

  30. It’s not a scam, don’t worry, you’ll get it back. It’s not the first product sold through Plimus, and people do get refunds from it.

  31. No, I’m sure it works if the software could connect to the servers. I don’t feel confident that the servers will ever work since the software has no copy protection what-so-ever. That means there will always be server issues, as more and more people buy and propogate it over the net.

  32. Well, as well as all the problems everyone else is having, I have just looked at the backtests. How did they get winnable signals on the 25th, 26th and 27th of December? Weren’t they weekends, when the forex markets are closed?! I’m a little concerned by that!

  33. It is worrying, their marketing was better than their product! It probably was not even him, but a hired actor.

    And after 30 days they can wipe there hands clean from giving refunds…

  34. It’s just data from saved files, it doesn’t actually trade nor look for what day it is. If there are quotes registered on those dates, it might as well give signals. Back-testing doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

    Just my take on it.

  35. There is a blog created by the inventor of the software. And he was a Quantitive Analyst for CitiGroup. You can only see it from Googles cache because the blog in connected to the same server as the quote should come from. Here in an excerpt:

    My name is Jason Victor and I am the founder of Awwthor Technologies, LLC. Founded in 2008, we are based in New York City and develop quantitative trading strategies for use by both hedge funds and retail investors. Until now, we have worked solely with institutional investors looking to expand their quantitative platform and affiliates who functioned as a distribution channel for our investment strategies to retail customers.

    But before I tell you more about what we do—and more about how we can help you make trades that are profitable 95% of the time—let me tell you a little bit about myself.

    I started programming computers when I was six years old. At the time, I wanted to make a video game. Now, some seventeen years later, I still haven’t made a video game. Instead of learning about the complexities of 3D graphics, I was attracted to a burgeoning subfield of computer science called “machine learning.”

    Machine learning is the successor to the field of artificial intelligence. In the 1990s, academics began to publish statistical techniques under the heading of AI. Essentially, they were a variety of nonlinear regression techniques that weren’t particularly sophisticated. They had trouble even with simple tasks, like handwriting recognition. The professors were embarrassed. The investors who hung their hat on this novel group of “quant” techniques lost their shirt.

    There were a couple problems with artificial intelligence, but that’s not important. Those problems were fixed, rapid advances were made in the field, and machine learning was born.

    I started getting into the field when I was eighteen, and soon began doing internships with hedge funds and investment banks. In my spare time, I worked tirelessly on applying the thinking of machine learning researchers to the markets. Some things worked, and some didn’t.

    I have now been researching quantitative investment strategies for six years and believe I have finally found the key to the city.

    A bold statement, I know (no pun intended). But how else could I explain back tests that yielded 97% hit ratios? And how could I explain that in my first week of trading, I placed ten trades, all ten were profitable, and I saw a 31.6% return on capital?

    My concepts are radical. I believe that nearly every single statistical method—machine learning-based or otherwise—is flawed when applied to the financial markets, because of an underlying assumption of virtually every technique that doesn’t make sense for financial markets. I believe that price movements encode more information than most give them credit for, and that by thinking about how investors behave we can quantify or approximate different aspects of their psychology.

    In this blog, I will discuss how I think about trading and quantitative investing, as well as how our powerful capabilities could help you transform your investment strategy.

  36. Hi,i’ve bought all three FX Mercenary,FX Advanced Mercenary and FX Pro Mercenary and so far have been unable to download any of them and i’m not sure whether i only need to download the FX pro,support have not replied so far but i will sit tight for a few days and hope they can sort things out.
    Total shambles

  37. I was able to get one signal to short the EUR/USD yesterday evening and was hopeful that everything was working finally. Now I can’t get a connection at all to the servers. After reading Beej’s post above about Peace Armys opinion I have lost all hope for success. And these guys are suppose to be geniuses? I guess they were just counting on people not requesting refunds.

  38. Well, things happen, they obviously expected for the server to handle the load. The correct thing for them to do now would be to publicly apologize and solve the issue asap.

  39. I have done my best to be a pain in their support ass all day and I finally got this reply:


    I’m sorry to hear you’re still having problems. We’ve been having some server issues today but we’re working on getting those sorted.

    Could I just ask you to be a little patient while we try and get the systems running at full capacity again? Hopefully the problems should be resolved shortly.

    Kind regards


    Customer Support
    Forex Mercenary

  40. I emailed Jason, the founder of the company (from blog above). Here is a copy of my email to him and his response. So, stay tuned…
    Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 11:59 AM
    To: Carl
    Subject: RE: Forex Mercenary…

    Exactly. We drastically underestimated the volume we’d get. We’re in the process of migrating the data feed to a dedicated server and we’ll issue an update at that point. Very sorry for the delay.


    Jason Victor
    Awwthor Technologies, LLC

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Forex Mercenary…
    From: “Carl”
    Date: Wed, January 13, 2010 9:50 am


    Are you connected to this Forex Mercenary Debacle?

    Very cool idea. But it seems the software can’t get quotes from your server(s).

    The internet is now teeming with very negative reviews.
    I would be interested in seeing what the plans are to rectify the situation.

    Carl Rodriguez
    (via private email)
    The Financial Legacy Group LLC

  41. None of you should be trading with this system whether it works or not. There is no holy grail system. They only work during certain market trends.

    I don’t consider Stealth Forex or Forex Rebellion great systems. They have great reviews, and I’ve tried both of them. I’ve also bought FAP Turbo and Forex Megadroid. They’re all not good enough. Someone else’s system is not good for YOU.

    Stop worrying about systems. Develop a method. Use your eyes. There is no indicator that is better than your eyes.

    Proper money management is the key to being successful with forex. Stop risking a lot on trades, and use common sense.

    Start trading 4 hour and Daily charts. Avoid the lower time frames. You can make a lot of money with forex when you are confident that you have a method that works.

  42. Just had this message
    Hi Edward,

    We are currently experiencing problems with our server. We’re working
    round the clock to resolve this and understand that some of you have
    had problems generating a live data feed.

    Others have had trade signals so all I can ask for is your patience.
    I’m sorry for the delay and we are doing our best to resolve the issue
    so you can start trading asap.

    We’ve expanded our support team to deal with enquiries and demand. But
    if there is a slight delay in getting a response to your email, please
    bear with us.

    Kind regards


    78 York Street, London W1H 1DP

  43. same problems here, i really dont know why people still buying this system after all the negative feedback everywhere.

    to handle data streams over the internet is a really big challenge. developers of online games always had problems with it and i dont think that forex mercenary will fix this problem. that needs network specialists and a lot of money for infrasturcture. not to forget the time to get this all setup und managed.

    there is no authentication system on forex mercenary, so as already said, everybody who gets the software from somewhere will be able to use this service and is also using a data stream. i saw it for download on two different websites today because the customers are pissed. not good.

    the whole idea behind the system is great, but what we here bought is kind of an alpha release client.

    for my opinion, first step should be to add a authentication system to the client and only allow one client to login with the same data. many things to do.

    i asked for a refund but i really dont know if they will refund.

  44. I think we shouldn’t assume what they are capable of doing and if they will do it or not. They’ve just issued a statement that they are working on the issue, so perhaps it’s best to see what happens next.

  45. I bought the forex mercenary program as the gates opened and had it installed within in minutes, eagerly awaiting the first signal… hahaha… 26 hours later and still no signal.
    But i did get an instant reply to my query as to when the signals would start… and that reply was… you can expect a reply within 2 business days.
    OK… so let’s say they were so successful that the servers could’nt handle the load. On the sales page they stated that the window of opportunity was only going to be open for 2 hours to purchase the program for that very reason of not overloading the system.


  46. Well i think we should give them a chance,i remember quite a few rockets blowing up on the launch pad before one finally made it into space

  47. It appears the majority of people have not received a fix to the problem. I am still waiting for customer service to reply as of 13 hours ago. These guys owe all of us an appology. Also we should not have to figure out the fix as i have downloaded tons of various type software with no issues. THis is so Pathetic of them to release to the public without proper trial. THey get no more of my business

  48. They have sent an apology, if you haven’t received it yet, wait for an email to come. It’s a server issue, so the problem is global and for everyone.

    I’ve bought it and it doesn’t work for me too which is quite frustrating, but geez, patience is a virtue…

  49. Hi,
    I bought 2 times …Forex Mercenary yesterday, however to today nothing got.
    I sent 2 reminder to the support.
    Chris, Germany

  50. Seems like problem is sorted,managed to download my copy
    now but getting late here in the UK so will mess about with it tomorrow but everything appears ok

  51. It’s incredible that they continue to propose the sell of the software on internet without resolve the problems

  52. Still no signal or software running here in Australia. Tried to get my money back from Primus, but they have denied my request, now going through Paypal.

  53. I’m not trying to justify the mercenary guys, but oh come on! They’ve just told they’re solving the issue. It’s been just over 24 hours since it was released, can’t you give it a couple of days?

    Again, I’m not justifying them. They’ve messed up big time, it’s frustrating, it sucks, but…

  54. I have just received a full refund for all three systems.

    I have no doubt that they will eventually get the data feed sorted but I have one major concern.

    Data feed servers cost a lot of money, they are currently struggling with their current customers. There is absolutely no security on the software which means that sooner or later a great deal of copies are going to be in the hands of those who have not paid with the end result the data feed servers are going to again come to a grinding halt.. When will this happen, I have no idea but when it does and you cannot get any signals will you still be able to claim your money back?.. Well I’m not taking that chance, I’ve opted for a refund which I have received and glad to be out of it. Good luck to all of you who are going to hang in there.

  55. Yes, I got denied my refund on my first request. I have now made another request.

    Also Admin, I have been the victim of these scams before, it is often first in are the only ones that get there money back.

  56. Hi , i’m writting on the 14th January , to inquire whether the problem had been resolved . I almost purchased the mercenary . Thank you

  57. I have had to escalate my refund clam to a dispute. It seems Plimus wants an opportunity to prove the system will work. However from a customer prospect this is unacceptable. We have a 45 day window to request a refund from Papal and this kind of problem eats in to your evaluation time. It can take several days for them to size the server correctly and then who know if we will ever get consistence signals.

  58. Had it running all night,no signals so far and it does not appear to be receiving any data,also i’ve read on another site that all 3 systems are identical and are giving out the same signals,if that’s the case those of us that have paid for 3 versions have been conned.
    I will see what evolves over the weekend before considering a refund

  59. Finally have a live feed, however the first 3 signals were losers, have had a couple winners since. All on eur/usd.Not really a dream start.

  60. It working now! Got up for work this morning 6:30am EST. Making money already! Quick trades! My account is up over 1% in less than 30 minutes.

    I’m stoked.

  61. Just been sent a link to update software but needed to remove
    original installation first,new download seems to be working fine issuing sell signals on euro/$ like mad presently!!which is in profit at time of writing

  62. Now it’s working but it’s difficult to undertand the signal

    Strategy: Longevity2 [2010-01-14 04:35:06.745465]
    Position: SHORT
    Stop loss: 1.4493243
    Limit: 1.4478757000000002

    Any can understand?

  63. The signals were continuously going short. I had mixed outcome. So far 5 winning trades and 3 losing trades. Net +19 pips. Doesn’t look impressive. Only running on demo at the moment.

  64. Now it’s working but it’s difficult to undertand the signal

    Strategy: Longevity2 [2010-01-14 04:35:06.745465]
    Position: SHORT
    Stop loss: 1.4493243
    Limit: 1.4478757000000002

    Any can understand?

    This is a limit order.. so you must place a Pending Short (stop loss) order at 1.4498

    Your stop loss is 1.4493 which is 15 pips so conversly you must place your Take profit at 1.4483 also 15 pips.

  65. Apologies typed in the wrong number for sell stop.. Ammended.

    This is a limit order.. so you must place a Pending Short (stop loss) order at 1.4478

    Your stop loss is 1.4493 which is 15 pips so conversly you must place your Take profit at 1.4463 also 15 pips.

  66. Hmm. My interpretation of the manual suggests an immediate SHORT position upon reciept of the signal followed by an OCO for the STOP LOSS and LIMIT. Which is 7 pips take profit and 7 pips stop loss.

  67. Thank you for the advice.
    After restart i got a new signal.
    But again only one and only on EUR/USD.
    Do I have to restart it every 5 minutes to get more signals?
    BTW do you know what is the recommended TP?

    Thanks a lot.

  68. If you monitor the signals quite often when they come out the price is already well above the stop loss. But having re-read the manual you may be correct in which case this system is throwing out a ton of losing trades one after another.. That is the problem with such a poorly written manual it is open to so much interpritation.

  69. Also if that is the case where you are supposed to say go short/long at every 5 minute signal there is absolutely no way on this earth they got 1058 trades without a loss.. That is just not possible.

    Since loading every signal it has generated has been a sell. The price has most certainly moved more than 7 pips in the opposite direction on nearly 50% of the trades.. Trading like that you will be lucky to get even 5 trades in a row going your way.

  70. Yes, you are right. As long as prices are falling, the signals will be correct, as was the case when I started this morning.

    I recommend everyone email support and tell them that the software is giving signals every 5 minutes. Which is not what was advertised-and is not profitable.

  71. Also, it seems the program crashes when you try to use the email option. After the first signal comes up, the program will crash as can be seen in the DOS box error messages.

  72. That is the conclusion that I have also come to.. The software is not working correctly.. It is just throwing out sell signals every 5 minutes and has been for quite some time.

  73. Hmm… I dunno, most of those signals are practically the same, so I place one, ignore the others. I will have to play with it for at least a few days to make any conclusions.

  74. Position: SHORT
    Stop loss: 1.4493243
    Limit: 1.4478757000000002

    i think limit is the take profit.
    so for my case it always gave signals where the actual price was between stop loss and limit.

  75. Hmmm… that wouldn’t make much sense, because first of all, the S/L would be greater than T/P. I’m doing it the same way Beej interpreted it, as it seems to make most sense.

    Also, I place an order, and close the program at all because it only bothers me with the same signals. Once the order is closed, I opened it again and use the first signal.

    Again, that’s how I personally find it’s best used.

  76. Can I just check admin, going by Beej’s explanation, you have to work the Take profit out for yourself, it isn’t one of the numbers given? The limit is the order we place, and it gives the stop loss, correct?

  77. As per the manual, and from the screenshots on the sales page (which are no longer there-sales have been shut down), and from the blog (which still works), the take-profit and stop loss are +- 0.05% which comes out to 7 pips.

    I don’t recommend trading the software right now. You may lose money.

    The blog:

  78. dont think there’s any chance of it making money on a real account, as soon as you buy you tend to loose around 5 pips, then your broker will hunt the other 10 pips lol.

    We never did get to see any real money account stats, and i think you can give a 100% gaurantee that there is none!

  79. This software during its development had a couple of testers, is there a way we can here from a tester?
    I am getting scared of the idea of buying this software if this form of dissatisfaction continues.

  80. I will give kudos to them for getting the signals working… but the signals so far are not good. So something must be wrong somewhere. Hopefully they will get that part corrected.

  81. Well, it’s not for sale anymore anyway, and I guess unless they can get it sorted out, it’s not gonna open up again soon.

  82. The software keeps churning out short signals on a mini uptrend….and price had already moved above the stop loss… is it that the data is lagging?

  83. personally i dont think anyone sat there and placed those 1000+ trades, think it was all done on the programs backtest.

  84. I got the upgrade through email. When I downloaded the software, it produced the signal euro/usd. There is a pop up box telling you what to trade. I keep clicking it until it gave me another trade setup….. that is how I got my next signals.

  85. From another forum about how you are supposed to use the signals…:

    Limit = Target = Take Profit

    You should see the entry price at the top of the box with the scroll bar (which contains all your signals). As an example earlier today at the top of the box I saw:

    2010-01-14 04:00:02.125488: 1.4491 [EUR/USD]

    Then I had lots of popup windows like this:

    Strategy: Longevity1 [2010-01-14 04:00:02.125488]
    Position: SHORT
    Stop loss: 1.44982455
    Take Profit: 1.4483754500000001

    Which were all stored in the box, after the popup appeared.

    Apparently, the more popup windows you get the stronger the signal, because you get signals for each strategy being traded.

    In my example above:

    Enter your EUR/USD trade as a Sell at 1.4491
    Set your Stop Loss to 1.4498
    Set our Target to 1.4483

  86. The software for quite a few hours today churned out signal after signal every 5 minutes.. All were short signals despite the market rising. I do not think that the software is supposed to do this, it is supposed to generate a signal every so often so I think that although the data feed is now working the software is not.

    My first interpretation was incorrect which given the quality of the manual is understandable. The correct way to trade this is as per the method described by Ali above. However that method would have lost you rather a lot of money today because the software just kept churning out incorrect signals.

  87. I purchased the the upgraded version. Have been watching the signals using my meta trader chart set to 1 minute (eur/usd) . If you put on the stocastic indi set to 5,3,3 and a nonlag moving average indi set to 17, you are able to see why you get so many signals for short. Too early to tell if this system is required or whether one can just use the indicators.

  88. just received an updated manual so just reading through it, dont think it says much more, But 1 thing that bothers me which was in the first manual too, is where he is telling you to use OCO orders ( one cancels the other )..Why do we need to use this? we are not setting a sell limit and a sell stop.. So does this guy know how trading works!! lol

    Or am i missing something ( i dont think so!)

  89. You might be. When you place a market order (1 position SHORT), as the signal software tells you, you will place a OCO BUY order for the Take Profit 7 pips lower than your SHORT, and the Stop Loss 7 pips lower than the SHORT. That OCO order will offset the short by EITHER the BUYING at the take-profit or the BUYING at the Stop-loss. If your take profit is hit, your stop-loss order is canceled. Vice versa for the stop-loss hit first. By the USA NFA rules, that is how it has to be. Unless you have a foreign account or IBFX account.

  90. Sorry, I think I typed it wrong above. The OCO would be 7 pips higher for the Stop-Loss and 7 pips lower than your market order for the take-profit.

  91. im reading some of the posts and i cant believe you people bought this
    im a forex certified tradestation system developer,

    please people so no one wastes any more money
    do you know why its giving all shorts
    when the euro is going long ?

    do you want to know why it says
    Stop loss: 1.44982455
    Take Profit: 1.4483754500000001

    when all currencys only have 4 or 5 decimal places?

    do you want to know why it is giving long and shorts at the same time.?

    i will tell you why
    because when your trusted friend jason who you thought was going to make you a million,put the system together,
    he didnt know what he was doing either.
    the only thing he was thinking was how to put some
    stupid system together that generates signals every time a cow farts .
    he put the system together in a few hours and put the website up in a few hours knowing he was going to rip off
    people like you with his scam site.
    thats why

  92. I have had it. I have asked for a refund.

    If a EA continuously gives signal to go short and short when a strong downward trending is occuring, I am not surprised at all that in mid november and december when EURUSD was trending strongly downward that it could hit 1000 profit in a row. When we get a string of 7 signals to sell coming from 7 ‘methods’ for the advanced version in within 2 minutes, won’t take long to reach 1000 signals. Are we going to act on all these signals and put in 7 trades. Obviously not unless it is a robot trading. However from what I have seen forexmessenger (FM) ‘intelligently!! continue to give signal to go short even when the current EURUSD moving slightly horizontal. I am keen to know why the backtest result stop at 27 Dec 09. Hence with a very short stop loss of 7 pips, I am beginning to feel the brunt of getting stop out as much as, if not more than take profit. If this EA is set to do long term swing trade I gather I could make some profit but not in a scalping strategy.

    FM was announced months ago and beta tested. Why is that when this software was launched, it has to faced so much debacle. Not working. Web site for customers support not up. On the other, hand the promotion was spot on. The blog entry has since stopped on the 12 Jan. All this don’t smell right. Something is not right with the software. Their value for Range, Return, ShortRet, SMA(5)-SMA(15) continuesly return 0.0. The java template appear to go misaligned whenever we resize it. It sounds like the software has not been optimized yet, like a bunch of 3rd graders had put up an online commercial website for ‘fun’.

    I am not going to go along with this ride.

    Good luck with you guys.

  93. I just received a refund from Plimus. So they will refund if you aren’t satisfied. I requested a refund yesterday from Plimus and since I used Paypal to purchase I opened a dispute today with Paypal and the refund came just minutes after I opened the Paypal dispute and the dispute was closed by Paypal just after. Thanks Plimus and Paypal. Good luck to everyone else.

  94. Hi

    Can anyone tell me how to place the order on MT4?

    Can’t seem to find the “OCO” order, as described in the FM userguide, in MT4 when placing a new order.

    Should I set the “Type” in MT4 as “Instant Execution” or “Pending Order”?

    Using “Instant Execution” and setting the stop loss at 7 pips above the current price and take profit at 7 pips below the current price for a short always give me “Invalid S/L or T/P price”.

    If “Pending Order”, for a short, should the type be “Sell Limit” or “Sell Stop”??

  95. Yes, all this had me worried…

    Requested refund, and I got a few replies saying they are giving updated software and new manuals for it to work.

    I kept replying I am not happy with it, it had 100% money back guarantee, please refund.. so after a couple of days I recieved my refund… which was a positive..

  96. I can just see this in a Dilbert cartoon tomorrow morning.

    Dilbert’s boss tells Dilbert to come up with a Forex trading system by the weekend.

    Dilbert says: “How much money is budgeted for this?”

    Boss: “I can give you $100,000 dollars. I want you to spend $99,000 on marketing and $995 on computers, R & D, and servers and $5.00 on a manual”

    Dilbert: “We tried that on an ETF system and it never worked”.

    Boss: “Hmm. Well this time hire a spokesman from the UK; people will buy anything if the salesman has an English accent.”

    Dilbert: “We tried that with our Stock trading system that produced only losing trades.”

    Boss: “Hmm. OK, I see where you are going with this. This time let’s offer 3 systems that don’t work!”

  97. i have also just requested a refund,, it was on a credit card so can always charge back through the credit card company..

    Hey Bob if you think the english can sell snow to an eskimo look out for the irish selling gambling software or land.. DO NOT BUY EITHER….Go to vegas instead.

  98. Hi
    I buy Forex Mercenary 12 jan.
    No signals on xp.
    The same on vista…….
    What more can i do?
    Mvh Per G sweden

  99. I purchased Mercenary core, advanced and ultimate trader pro. I requested refund when system was not working and was asked to wait until they got the servers going. Once this occurred, I assessed the systems. I asked them to explain the difference between the three systems and they recommended I use the advanced. I got refund for core and ultimate. Once I tested the advanced, found my own trading on 1 minute chart was as good, if not better than the signals, so I explained this to them and asked for a refund of the advanced, which I got immediately. Their customer service was excellent as well as Plimus.

  100. I appreciate this page for helping us all figure out if FM is legit or not. I havn’t done any trades with it yet, and that’s a good thing. I say this, because just for kicks I loaded up Mercenary Advanced at 11:30 P.M. Friday night and it is STILL spitting out signals every few minutes!! It’s basing these off of the closing price from Friday, but how can it possibly give all these variations of signals (different stop losses, etc) without any trends or movements?! The market is closed!! I’m convinced that FM is just a random number generator based off of the current price quotes, kind of like a random lottery picker program. Wow…

  101. I made a submission to the blog used to promote the software expressing my concern that this was just another system being promoted through all the usual affilliates and that there would be the usual thing where you would have to buy an advanced and super-advanced system to derive full benefit. I also pointed out that similar to others even though it was only supposed to be available for a short period of just two hours and that would be it I was concerned that it would be up there for several days making God knows how many thousands of sales.

    I should have guessed what would happen when this contribution was the only one that was not replied to and indeed was deleted after being left there for less than a day. Not only has this turned out as I feared it would it is easlily the worst launch of a system ever and all those so-called forex gurus who promoted it as affilliates making 60% commission on sales to their own lists should hang their heads in shame for choosing to be associated with it.

    There is hardly a day goes by without some new system being promoted by these guys and we fall for the sales pitch every time. I hope PLIMUS have some way of making sure they are never associated with something this bad again because every single person who bought it should be looking for their money back by now and their reputation will suffer if the requests for refunds are not honoured.

  102. Am i the only one that didn’t even get the product..or is there someplace i have to go to download? Purchased it on Jan 13 and so far all i’ve got is the receipt from plimus saying they got my money.. Can’t believe i fell for this again after Fapturbo and Ivybot…All crap!!

  103. Hi again.
    Im still wating for a signal o an new update.
    I have test all but the signal feels far away.
    Ihave no problems with fairbot Bet Bot Pro.
    This is the first time with forex trading.
    Is there som einstein who can help an newbee??
    Sincerly Yours

  104. My system is now working after initial problems like everyone else. Trouble is all it generates are loads of short trades on the Euro/Usd and nothing else. No other currency pair are given and no long trades. I can only think that the software is faulty. I have to press the OK button on the info box seven times before it will disappear. I am hanging in there for a while longer to see if they sort it.

  105. I have requested a refund on the 14/01/10. I haven’t got the refund yet!!! The vendor told me they have already sent me the refund but I haven’t recived the money yet.

    Is anyone else having the same proble?


  106. i requested a refund on the 17th and was told to wait 2 business days to hear from forex mercenary. after no email from forex mercenary i told plimus and they said they would contact them and if they didnt reply they would refund me on their behalf. so in my case plimus are being pretty helpful about it all.

  107. Contacted Plimus today for a refund. We’ll see what happens.
    Received an email today from James Marshall advertising the virtues of Forex Megadroid. He obviously has no confidence in his own product and in his marketing blurb for Mercenary said that robots did not work!
    What the heck is this all about?

  108. James Marshall and most everyone else who markets these Forex trading systems online make there money by selling trading systems. Plain and simple. Think about it… if they really had a trading system that worked like they claimed… why would they share it with others? Oh yeah wait… to sell them thousands for $97 a pop. That’s where the easy money is. Just my 2 cents.

  109. Don, if you’ve contacted the support and haven’t gotten it yet, ask for your money back at Plimus.

    The software itself doesn’t work right as you can see from the comments above, so you probably won’t go wrong with the refund anyway.

  110. Seriously Per G, what are you talking about? What crimes?

    You’ve been clearly told before buying the product that you would get your money back if you don’t like it within first 30 days. You don’t like it, get the refund. End of story.

    Where is the economic crime going on here?

    The worst you can find here is misleading advertising, but even then it’s a weak case, again because there’s the guarantee which they do fulfill.

  111. Dear Admin
    Why have you left your advertising link Mercenary?
    To sell a car without the engine is outrageous.
    Hopefully the engine to work soon.
    Best wishes, Per G

  112. It’s not being sold anymore, so there’s not much difference now anyway.

    Besides, removing links won’t do any good. I would only be breaking this blog. There are enough comments on this page to make an informed decision – that’s the whole point of this site anyway.

  113. Plimus appear to be responsive on this. I have asked for a refund and they are refunding me. They are keeping their end of the deal. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Forex Mercenary. Their so called ‘system’ just does not work. If their program was as good as their marketing then we would not be asking for refunds.

  114. hello

    i have bought both the basic and advanced ($97+$77)on the day it was floated.

    after 5 days of waiting delivery, i got message from platimus with the download links.

    following the user guide, i have installed it successfully but i was bitterly disappointed of the set up and the alert signals.

    first, the system only deals in euro/usd,but not in other pairs.

    second, the link with java is always broken never consistent and it always stop when the market is active. i have to reload and restart my pc in order to get it going.

    third, their email support is atrocious – 2 working days to get a reply – imagine if it breaks down on friday night.

    because of this inconsistency and frequent breakdowns i have not traded the system yet since late december last year.

    i was refused refund by platimus citing that i failed to take action within the stipulated time.

    warning – i am beginning to think this FM is one whole gigantic BS and i want my full refund back. i think i will ask Forex Peace Army to help me and i will post similar messages to other forums.

  115. I had this product for about a week and had all the problems listed above…this thing does not do anywhere near what it promises….1000 trades without a loss??? B.S.!!! Once I got it working after two days of teeth gnashing, I got a few signals and no emails, then I got emails and no signals….the manual is nonsense…all in all in about a one week period I had 17 trades, eight of which were losses….I did make about $80 total but not worth the nonsense….very unreliable…STAY AWAY

  116. I tried to buy Forex Mercenary but was refused by Plimus because they said I had asked for too many refunds. I’m very glad that I didn’t get it considering the comments here.

    My comment is about Plimus. I did not ask for very many refunds and the ones I did ask for were all for robots that proved to be scams. I received refunds with no problems from Click Bank but Plimus does not seem to be very reliable about refunds. If they insist on selling all these useless robots and offer a guarantee they should not penalize a person for asking for a refund. They always did give me a refund but now they refuse to sell me any product that they offer.

    When I wanted to buy a respectable course offered by a reputable forex trader, they refused and the only way I could get the course was to go directly to the trader and make an arrangement with him to pay him directly without going through Plimus.

    If you want to continue to be able to make purchases from Plimus you can’t ask for very many refunds.

  117. Hi all,

    I see we have the same problems to install this program. They are using a system of .bat files we used back in 1990s. Old and difficult to understand and get to work. After purchase I had to remind them to send me the program to get it. I also send an e-mail with some questions about the system and why they use this old technic, But the support never answered back !!??
    First I bought the standard version and this one was working and giving signals, but not as many as the backtest shows, only a couple every week. After some weeks I also bought the Advanced and Pro version and I should not have done this. Now the problems started, it´s not possible to get it work properly. I have tried everything possible but nothing happens. I have also an expert to help me but he don´t understand the program. He says it´s so stupid made and reading the user guide is it difficult to understand what it really says. We have checked everything in my computer without success and now we don´t know what else to do.
    I must say I complained one more time to the support and this time I go answer and an update. Before they wrote all old files must be erased from computer but not this time. Strange information?????

  118. This system is garbage. Does not work at all…flipping a coin would give you better results. Short refund period, 30 days although it is not well displayed. Just a scam…they should be ashamed.

  119. I am still trying to get a refund. I had so many emails from plimus and the vendor and that just wears you down. I am grateful for all the comments

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