Forex Secret Profit

Forex Secret ProfitForex Secret Profit is a Forex signals software by Karl Dittmann. The software provides simple and easy to use on-chart signals with a calculated stop loss and take profit.

The software works on MetaTrader 4 platform and displays signals in the form of red/green arrows on the chart indicating when to buy or sell. It also provides a specific stop loss (and trailing stops) and exit target. You can use it on any currency pair and any time frame. On average, Forex Secret Profit can produce 10 to 50 of these signals per day.

The software issues signals automatically after it’s set up and after you add it to any chart you want. It averages 20 to 100 pips per trade at a 80-90% winning rate.

The most important aspect of Forex Secret Profit signals is that the stop loss and take profit makes a risk/award ratio of 0.3 to 0.5. That means the average stop loss is from 2 to 3 times smaller than the average take profit, and that means it’s a well balanced strategy. In other words, it has a good potential to be profitable in the long run. It’s a big plus considering the majority of the EA/signal software on the market use high risk to get great results in back-tests but fail in the long run.

More details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Currency pairs supported: All
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day 100% Money Back

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22 thoughts on “Forex Secret Profit”

  1. usually Karl Dittmann is a very good marketer but his products are bad.
    I don’t know about this one. Wait for your comments.
    Thanks to all.

  2. My experiences with ‘Expert Advisors’ have made me strongly prefer a manual system like this (or even a good solid simple indicator) to trusting so called ‘expert advisors’ that usually end up being anything but! Like most of you, I have seen far too stories about heavily promoted and hyped-up junk pile robots that seemed very promising when they start out, only to rapidly fall apart and wipe out accounts (both demo and real) when markets suddenly spike or change direction. I have tried a few of these miserable EA’s in recent years (free and paid-for) and most didn’t let my 10k or 50k demo accounts survive long enough to break even, much less show a decent profit. In fact, I was usually shocked how bad the losses were using what they laughably call ‘money management’ Those are always the weak spots on most EA’s- poor take profit to stop loss ratios, and having to ride out huge draw downs that can drag on for an agonizingly long time. Especially on ‘scalping EA’s’ -typically they accumulate many small profits that encourage users to think they have a successful bot, only to be taken out by a few big scary losses that wipes it all out and the margin ends up way below where you originally started. I’d still go for another EA, but it will have to be a solid success and proven by traders using real accounts for a while. Two manual systems with many good reviews on the web are the ‘SRS Trend Rider’ by Vladimir Ribakov, and the ‘Forex Rebellion’ by Russ Horn. They have both been around a while- always a very good sign. If Karl Dittman’s ‘Forex Secret Profit’ system is still around in a few months and has proven itself than I will probably buy it. Right now I am strongly considering the SRS at this time. I am on Dittman’s mailing list and don’t automatically delete his e-mails like most others. But I refuse to buy anything he (or any else) sells via Plimus, but will strongly consider items sold through Click-Bank like this new one, all the more if the guarantee is unconditional and 60-90 days.

  3. very nice anlalysis Gene. Thank you. Of course I underline every word.
    I’ll probably try SRS out as suggested.
    In case I’ll let you know.

  4. I don’t understand why Karl Dittman comes out with new products every few days. He probably has about 10 other forex systems on the market and NONE of them work. I have personally tried 3 of them and each are shittier then the previous. Luckily , I used all 3 on demo accounts only. I have been given my refunds through clickbank without any hassles. Karl probably uses the exact same “code” with tiny insignificant little tweaks and gives it a new name. I think he’s just one big dumb ass. I am definitely not trying Forex Secret Profit coz i know it will be a waste of time .

  5. Can anyone help me? I’m unemployed and can’t find work. I need an honest, proven way to make a full-time income with Forex. I’ve purchased junk EA robots and later read bad reviews about my EA purchases. I need a system, an EA, or something that WORKS and a trustworthy broker that works with your EA or system. Can someone speak from experience on this? If I can’t make money right away, I’ll lose my home. Thanks!

  6. Hi Steve,

    You may not like this but I think you should forget about Forex for the time being. Regardless of what some of the EAs and courses tell you to sell, it still comes down to the fact that Forex is a form of investment, it holds a huge risk and you should never by no means invest what you can’t afford to lose (all of them have this in the fine print, by the way, it’s the law). Looks like you’re not in a position to do that. So don’t.

    There’s no magic system in Forex. To be a successful trader you gotta take your time to learn, and more than likely you’re gonna lose while learning. Regardless of what system you use.

  7. Admin:

    Thanks for your honest advice. I appreciate your thoughts. While your words help me avoid loss in the Forex world, they don’t seem to offer me any hope in the area of finding a way to support me and my family. Any words of wisdom?

  8. Admin:

    I find it interesting that you suggest I forget about Forex while your website advertising seems to suggest the opposite. Care to comment on that? Thanks!

  9. This not a system, it is just a well known breakout strategy,
    what Dittmann describes in a small ebook.
    There is no secret.

  10. Steve,

    I’m not a financial advisor or a counselor, I’m not gonna solve your problems. You got my opinion, feel free to do whatever you want with it.

    Regarding conflicting advertising, I don’t see where on this site I suggest people to throw their last money at Forex in hopes to get out of a bad financial situation.

  11. Hi Steve,

    I feel your pain – I really do as I have been there myself.

    Forex is all about RISK. It is not about anything else. If you can manage your money or in other words risk then you will be a winner in forex.

    I tend to agree with the Admin. though. You should forget about Forex as far as trying to make a living from it if you have your back against the wall.

    Most every forex trader does this because we enjoy the challenge.

    Make no mistake though – it is a tough way to make a living at times. I’ve seen some shit on the markets that would make the pope himself want to give up the ghost.

    However, having said that, I do have one EA that actually works through thick and thin, but ideally one needs to have some money to start. Only trade this in micro-lots. This ea still loses a lot, but it almost always wins more than it loses and when it does lose its losses are almost always less than its wins. It averages about 100usd in micro-lots a day… I know that may not seem like a lot but compared to most EAs it absolutely rules. Need to run it on a VPS 24/7.

    Go ahead and PM via my email if you are interested.

  12. Vincent:

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I don’t know how to PM via your e-mail. There is no way for me to contact you, or you to contact me without the whole world knowing our e-mail addresses. Thanks!

  13. Karl Dittmann’s Intra Day Signal system is great..he will provide you with an extra indicator if you ask him.Very reponsive gentleman to work with;alwyas e-mails back to you with very helpful replies.Always use the basic ‘Stochastic’ MT4 indicator with my other indicators on my charts….it predicts the future moves just a head of the others….Hope that will help someone. Kind regards Chris.

  14. This website mentions that the average stoploss is 2-3 times higher than the average take Profit creating a ratio of 0.3 – 0.5, then goes on to say that this makes it a well balanced strategy and makes it profitable in the long run. How is this so??? I thought one aspect of a good system was to have your Take profit being larger than your stoploss with a ratio of at least 1:1 and preferably 2:1, so that when you win, it compensates for losses in the past. Not sure about Karl Dittman. His picture on the website makes him out to be some boring intelectual who you would probably want on your side when trading forex, but can’t help but feel this is just a marketing image to compensate for all the BS hype people are tired of in the Forex world now a days, and may see this guy as a genuine saviour.

  15. Yes, that’s an error in the text – should say the average stop loss is smaller. It also says the risk/award ratio is 0.3 – 0.5 which implies that the stop loss is smaller.

  16. Hi,
    Glad to be here. I am relatively new to forex and as you may have known, it’s always tricky at this stage. so please I need help with a simple, affordable and most importantly working system.
    You really may not understand how much am going to appreciate this. Only if you can remember those early confusing and lose ridden days.

  17. Question for Vincent,

    The EA that actually works through thick and thin on mini lots, any way to let me know what that one is?


    Dave Vinson

  18. hello everybody, i’m interested about the mentionaed EA which treats microlots. I have different EA,if somebody want to try, i have personal settings and als 2 EA made using 2 of my personal systems.
    I would like helping everybody need, and i need help too!
    I’m here to understand one thing: does karl ditterman’s indicator work? I found different and opposite opinions, can somebody help me to understand it? thanks in advance,

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