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49 thoughts on “Pips Cloner”

  1. I’ve bought the 7 day’s trial version of Pips Cloner. However, I got stuck, its webpage become unavailable, and couldn’t even download the product. What is your experience? I’ve expected a better start.

  2. Pips cloner sounds great and may be a great product but the usual hyped sales page is a big red flag. Four surprise upsells and offers to affiliates to promote his product after stating that this is a very limited time offer. If they are so interested in helping out the “little guy” with forex, why is he promoting to the affiliate? It sure sounds like he is trying to make his money from selling his product. It all sounded so good, I was ready to buy until I saw all of the above. I truly hope this product works for people, but I for one will wait and see; or miss out. GL trading!

  3. I bought the whole package, but have not heard anything from it for 2 hours now. We’ll see.

  4. did buy today the software on the 2 of march but was stupid too installed did send many emails all of them was responded immediately too solved my problems all working now but i dont know about the trade yet??????????but very efficient back up seem very professional
    if not good well will ask for a refund has i do too most of them nothing too lose only try

  5. I can see at the affiliates page that there are 4 upsells. That only is kind of a record, isn’t it? The more upsells you see when ordering, the more you start to regret you ordering since you don’t know where it will end up and you see that the product you wanted to buy for only $67 isn’t good enough until you buy the lot. And by then, you’re over $200.

    I’ve done this a number of times and generally it seems that the main product is the one working best (not meaning that it generates a lot of money but at least a lot of trades) and the other ones are just slightly modified versions.

    Therefore, before ordering anything, I wonder what upsell no 1, “Triple Trader”, and upsell no 2, “Webinars”, are? Does Tim hold classes and teach his strategies? In that case, how often? I could read this for myself, if anybody of you buyers saved the weblink to one of those upsell pages (that is always a good idea) – did you? If so, please post them here.

    In any case, it seems worth trying this for a month. I’m also in another signal service from a professional trader, which is absolutely not a scam, since it works very well and he seems pretty good at what he’s doing. It called Copy Past Pips, and seem to work the same way as Pipscloner.


  6. Hi folks,

    Installed it today.. No trades so far. I will wait for one more day. If nothing happens i will contact support.


  7. Bought the package. Can NOT load. Have sent E-mail requesting help. No response. Will wait today and see.

  8. Bill,

    Check you’ve entered the correct receipt code. After you’ve added your licences to the member portal the receipt code then has a _XX where is a number. I just changed my receipt code in MT4 inputs and now I have it connected. With a trade open.

  9. Can anybody say what the Triple Trader and Webinar upsells are all about. I’d like to know that before ordering so I don’t have to make a quick decision while there. Please?

  10. I haven’t purchased it and I probably won’t.It’s the typical hyph. First,he claims that it’s not a robot or a signal system – well,ok,then what is it? He doesn’t say.All he talks about is big money made so easily; and,it’s very interesting that all of these salesman -that’s all they are – claim that this is the best trading system out there and is unlike any other; but,then why do you see the same salesman endorsing 10 other trading products?? Let’s face it,if any of these systems worked the way they claim,would they be selling it for only $47? And,if this system is so good at reeling in the cash,why would they want to share it and spread the wealth? And why would they need to make money selling this if they can make all the money they want trading with it?

  11. I can’t tell you how much I dislike the upsells. Once you are in the site and view the actual trading results it gets even more troublesome. Trader Nel is down 60% from mid January. Trader Victor is up 8% since August. Trader Tim has 38 open orders at a significant loss compared to the account size. They may recover. If you are on the fence I would say avoid this product. If it does perform well it will be a surprise.

  12. I am trying the 7day trial got it into my demo but not working yet keep getting messages no subscription for this acct by the sounds of it its a nother peace of crap

  13. Hey Guys

    Just for the Heck of it I went to Google and typed in Pips Cloner and was hoping that Forexmachines.com would have some info about it.
    Now that’s great to know. I think I’m going to wait this one out to see how it goes.
    Already bought LTP and RN and I’m still waiting to see something good about them. I’ve seen better but for the 47 dollars a month he is charging to use the cloner I think I’m going to sit on the side lines a bit just to see what is going to happen before I jump in.
    It sounds good but so did LTP and RN @ the time if you know what I mean.
    Happy trading to all and Good luck and May the Forex be with you all.

  14. Just bought the pipcloner and having config issue but cant get reply from their suppor after send so many email.

    the support is suck, going to get my refund.

  15. I have told u guys this is this another piece of CRAP. i personally think trading manually is the best option.

  16. Hi All ! I’m new to forex and have been using an online forex broker . how does the pips cloner work. do i need to download a trading software on my machine ? please help.

  17. well …lol i have installed this thing and three days later it only did one buy … it was a good one … make $3,000.00 + but that was the only buy and still waiting for it to do it again !!!!! i am going to hang in there… one more thing guys, one of the guys only works monday throu thursday from like 9 am to 4 pm … something like that …. so if you have that guy he is not going to help you buy or sell … it is in the FAQ

  18. oh one more thing … if you have just one guy it will do just about 10 trades a day… and i know what you are thinking it is not even doing one… that was in the FAQ forum too

  19. I run like crazy from anything with upsells that aren’t mentioned until you go to place your order. In my experience, that’s a HUGE red flag.
    Also, see the comment by Ted, above, giving some information on the actual performance.

  20. ok…ted did it wrong that is why he has no subscription…but it is hard to say there are any red flags right now…becuase it just came out …. and i have been getting a few e-mail from pipscloner … i am going to hang in there for the duration of the 60 days … i bought it !!!!!!

  21. I have the “Triple Trader” upgrade and I’m not sure whether I’ve been mugged or not. I currently have 4 trades open. Opened on: 1 x 2/3; 1 x 3/3; and 2 x 4/3. For what is supposed to be 3 guys doing full time trading that doesn’t sound very much to me. I’ve had no trades closed yet. i.e I haven’t made a single penny since installed on 2/3. Would anybody like to confirm if I’ve been robbed or not? How is anyones experience using a single trader?

  22. Hi friends,

    I havent had any trade since I installed it on 1st March. Everything seems to be ok.. like.. smiley face, server connected etc. Time for refund I think.

  23. I also bought the 7 day trial. Had some problems with invalid subscription but finally got it to work by hand typing in the receipt code(copy and paste did not work) but you have to first go to the members area and select a trader and then it takes your receipt number and ads a number to the end preceded by _.
    Once it started working it set up 4 pending limit orders. Two of them hit their price and opened and they both went negative that night but the next morning the market turned and they both went into profit. Because the S/L and T/P were both at 0 I panicked and closed them both out with about 30 pips in profits. I found out later from customer support that it is normal for them to not show S/L and T/P because they or either hidden or the trader takes care it later in the trade(I also saw on Tim’s statement that most orders did not have it). I should have left them alone and let the trader close them at the right time because today they both would have had triple the profits from yesterday. My trader is Tim. I have sent several emails to their support and have got good responses. They usually get back to me within a few hours. I bought Tim’s manual system (TrendPicker) and made over 100 pips on my first two trades. From what I have seen so far, Tim is the real deal. After looking at his live account statement (how many traders let you do that?)I can see that he uses a lot of long term trades that can go for a few days before they are closed out. That is why there are so many open trades showing up on the statement. I feel confident enough from what I have seen so far to go with this for a couple of months and see how it goes. If you have a small account of $1,000 or less I would recommend using Tim as your trader because he is trading a $1,000 account so the lot sizes should be the correct size for smaller accounts.

  24. not sure yet……have had smiley face and the only trades i have received were pending buy limits usd/jpy way below recent levels…i closed them and they said i shoulnt have…havent actually had a trade happen in the two days its been up and running. Just sent them a screenshot, we’ll see……..not a real good feeling from this… bought the trendpicker upsell and i think it is poorly presented and not something you dont already know…not sure yet(closer to refund than recommendation-due to unorganized group they are-sure they are fast on the email returns but with the upsells and lack of trades i am leaning towards refund-for everyones benefit need to give it some time though)

  25. Dear All,

    I installed the pipscloner and the trend picker by myself following the video tutorial. No problem with the installation. I open only one chart with a pair USD/JPY at my VPS. I will wait if this will trade or not. I use 0.01 trading lot live. If this doesn’t work I’ll expose another SCAM here.

  26. They do not refund your money! They just canceled your order and close the Ticket without full Refund.

  27. Went live with all three traders on March 2nd. Within minutes a trade by Tim came through. This was followed by 2 more Tim trades as well as 3 trades by Victor over the next day. Their trades are still open. Then along came Nel on Friday 3/4 and opened a buy order… followed immediately by a Close of that order….for a $92 loss…. ummm.. thanks alot Nell! I think I’ll stick with Tim and Victor for now.

  28. Dear All,

    I installed the pipscloner and the trend picker by myself following the video tutorial. No problem with the installation. I open only one chart with a pair USD/JPY at my VPS. I will wait if this will trade or not. I use 0.01 trading lot live. If this doesn’t work I’ll expose another SCAM here. They won’t post my contact details here I don’t know why.

  29. John, please read the posting rules, they’re just above the comment form. Posting contact details is not allowed.

  30. Just as I thought that I would give pipscloner a chance, I just had a look at the MT4i statement, which shows the trades and statistics.

    I must say, that was not a pleasant discovery. After looking at it I don’t know how they dare to let anyone see it.

    Some of the “best” parts:

    From 2010-09-20 up to 2011-03-02, 362 closed orders, where most were profitable, adding up to a net profit of 2471 pips. Seems good enough, only before looking at the list of horror, open orders. There are a record breaking 38(!) open orders, at a total of -7342 pips. Wow, read that again!

    This means that a main, and dangerous, strategy of these traders are to take on a lot of orders and just wait for them to go to profit. If they don’t, just wait even longer, hoping that someday the orders will recover and turn to profit, but if they don’t…

    If you look at the Stats->Overview page, you find that the gross profit is 3785, while the gross loss is -2953. That is way to little difference for my taste. A good system with that many trades must have larger profits compared to the losses.

    The Risk page is also interesting, showing deep drawdowns. The worst day -12,6%, worst week -18,5%, deepest valley -25,4%.

    If you try these traders out, please be aware of the risks.

    This is the link (perhaps it will be removed from my comment – in that case you can find it at their web page):

  31. If you go to forexsignalsafe web site you will be able to get these Same Signals from Tim Williams Not (Tim Grant) and Viktor and Nell. You can even get Email signals for free from all of them. So its just a copy…

  32. I think Warren may have looked up the wrong product on MT4i. When I look up pipscloner (not clonerpips) I see a much rosier picture. Granted, it may all be bull puckey, but, if they are not the same product, it would be doing Pipscloner an injustice. I’ll be installing the triple trader option as soon as the funding posts to the dedicated account I’m setting up for trying this out. I’ll update at another time.

  33. Very interesting! I checked this up and there are really two different MT4i pages for pipscloner: /pipscloner and /clonerpips. The last one, I got from pipscloner’s own homepage, but the other one is indeed much nicer (why didn’t they put that one as the reference?).

    As there are two MT4i pages, can somebody using the product please check if the EURUSD version (/pipscloner) corresponds to the “main” product and the multi-pair version (the bad one) is the product called “Triple Trader”? Or is Triple Trader the version that has the three traders trading, and the main product only Tim?

    And what about the webinar upsell, has anybody bought that? What is it?

    I might very well reconsider, if I can get the results presented at the /pipscloner MT4i page. That one has the very opposite results compared to the /clonerpips page.

  34. I have had a lot more trades from Tim than are shown on his live account page. This is maybe deliberate to stop people who are not members from getting his trading information.

    I have not had a loss with Tim in the last 2 weeks, and with many trades. And their support answers in a few hours! I sometimes close out myself when I am happy with the profit on the table. So I will start using a real account this week as this seems to be a genuine service.

  35. Kukur, my account statement would not make too much sense to anyone because it also has other trades trying out other systems, and so it is not all pips-cloner trades. I would have liked to be able to see Tim’s account with the same trades so that I could compare my results. It may be that I was in profit because I took close out action myself on some of the trades.

  36. lets take a look at some of the GREAT (not) trades that the pips clonersystem closed for me today

    BUY – USDJPY – PRICE 80.430 – EXIT 78.961 – LOT 0.07
    BUY – USDCHF – PRICE 0.92650 – EXIT 0.90007 – LOT 0.03
    BUY – GBPUSD – PRICE 1.63292 – EXIT 1.60147 – LOT 0.01

    This practically wiped out my real money account. Seriously take a good look at these trades because i myself cant even belive this has happened

    Pips cloner also opened 5 other open trades today also running at a massive loss! Take a look at 2 of them them below

    BUY – USDJPY – PRICE 81.737 – CURRENT 79.148 – LOT 0.01
    BUY – AUDUSD – PRICE 1.00332 – CURRENT 0.97919 – LOT 0.01

    If you had a £10,000 account you would have just lost over £5000 of your money today with this reckless trading!

  37. DEREK

    All you have to do is RIGHT CLICK and SHOW COMMENTS on your MT4 account history…Click on Comments to Ascend or Descend your trading history..Cut out the PIPS CLONERS trading history and upload the pic on tinypic and paste it in here…

    Well Looks like Mark just spoke the truth…USD/CHF was indeed an unexpected market turn today…Even two of my signal provider went buy and end up STOP LOSS…

  38. I’ve tried pipscloner, fapturbo, pipsgeek and automated pips. Truthfully they all do the same thing. Each robot opened trades and they float. I don’t believe in any of these robots. Fapturbo and pipsgeek are supposed to be the best robots. I had to disable all of the robots because they were costing me money. I still have an open trade from fapturbo, it’s – $45. It’s amazing what we to make money.

  39. As of a few minutes ago, 11 open positions. the best one is only $0.44 – Can’t even buy a can of soda. The other 10 positions are going to put me around $220 negative. One of the things I hate most is there are no stops or indications of where he would like to take profit. If I didn’t have a trade of my own that was doing well, My broker would probably close all his positions due top stopout. It;s happened with his trades before. I am losing too much money from this. I do not recommend it to anyone. Another annoyance is the e0mails trying to dell me other peoples products.

  40. Hybridpips.com is beinng promoted heavily, I have subscribed today, after struggling through upsells into members area, I see it is really ” Pips cloner ” with the same 3 traders. I haven’t been able to work out how to make it work yet- they ask for an MT$ password but not the name of the platform.
    Intersting readinng the earlier notes, loooks like it has been re-hashed or re-branded. We shall see

  41. Not heard a thing, waiting for them to take more money from my credit card, nothing for 3 weeks not even an email.no backup no thankyou pips cloner not sure

  42. I was just watching his video on his site. This guy is as phoney as they come. Seems like all the scammers come out of England. First off how do you even know if in fact this is the guy making the trades. Most of these cloners are just run of the mill people who make a trade or two here and there to keep the buyers happy. I in now way would ever buy into a cloner sysrer period.

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