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9 thoughts on “Wall Street Cloner”

  1. dont buy this crap!
    They lure you into buying the signals and then when you’ve made the purchase,they upsell you the EA to automate the signals. When you’ve made the purchase of the EA, they are selling you another signal service!!!

    Other than the confirmation email from Plimus (and you know it takes forever for Plimus to handle refunds) , i receive only a short email saying they will deliver the license within 48 hrs. So far not a single email from them even i have sent 4 emails to them asking for the EA password

    Stay away from them

  2. Guy’s and girls, stay away from this crap.

    I’m not saying that this service doesnt work but plase try it in demo first and use Paypal to pay for it.

    At Least you have a shot at getting your money back.

    I laughed when I saw this and forwarded it to a buddy of mine who is learning the Forex business. I’ll tell you why?

    There is a signal service called Rentasignal, you can basically pay for signal service and they trade straight into your account. Now the funny thing is that with Rentsignal if you open an account with FXCM, you can trade all the signals for free. yep thats right.

    Looking at this guys video he is using FXCM broker account and even shows some of his profit trades that “to me” look exactly like the statments that you get in the website I’m talking about, I know because I use them and when you subscibe you have access to all past trades.

    Looks like another scammer passing himself off as another professional trader, ex banker or what ever!!

    Just my opinion.


  3. Apart from receipt mail, all mail to support is unanswered. I have yet to receive the software purchased, as we speak.

    I have requested to cancel and asked for refunds.

    Will see what I get before I claim from my CC

  4. I bought this (the main package and the EA upsell) back in June of 2011 and have used it off and on since then. I almost always get download errors literally numbering in the hundreds every time I leave this thing running for a day (even now), and for a while I even started receiving invalid trade list messages in the journal tab of my MetaTrader 4 client! I contacted Lisa, who seemingly works as this vender’s one and only tech support lady, and she just basically more or less tried to dismiss my concerns. I’m paraphrasing here, but “Oh don’t worry, the download error messages just mean that the EA lost connection with our trade server for a short time.”. Does something like that not seem alarming to anyone else? When I enquired about the invalid trade list messages that I started receiving, I got no response at all. With all of this said, this EA HAS made me some money, haha, when it has been able to reach the server and had valid lists to look at and operate off of. Why do I use somany EAs you may be wondering? Because I am totally blind, and am therefore forced to rely on EAs because at this point, due to my disability, I cannot perform any kind of manual trading at all.

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