Forex Supersonic

Forex Super SonicForex Supersonic is a 100% automated Forex trading robot that according to the authors is simple but works.

What’s different about Forex Supersonic is that they are giving away the exact strategy that is behind the software for free so you can examine it, test it and use it. The robot then picks it up and trades automatically.

The trading performance proof is rather scarce for this EA – there are only a few screenshots and a few excerpts from the statements. But to believe the proof that we do get, it shows an 80% winning rate with a 15% drawdown and a risk/award ratio below 1. Those are good numbers that would indicate a possibly solid strategy.

Besides the standard EA, there’s also an upsell of an advanced EA, an EA for extra currency pairs and an advanced trading strategy.

More details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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39 thoughts on “Forex Supersonic”

  1. This is a complete scam do not buy it. do your own testing of the strat. just look at his pictures they dont match up he is showing a buy when the ema is above price. then look at this 2400 winning trade on 6-8-10 and the chart he is showing on it. price is not even close to the same price. please do your own research.

  2. Through experience I have learnt not to touch a product when an upsell is involved. Why can’t the vendor just sell the advanced product and save the trader all the time wasted setting up the the standard and advanced BOTs. The confusion after that can be a real put off.

  3. I was caught by the hype and bought it. Absolute stupid of me. Can anyone please guide me on how to get a refund? Thanks!

  4. @SRP, go to clickbank confirmation url, and click the url in there, and choose REFUND from the drop down menu, you’ll get it in two days.

    I’d give the robot at least 4 weeks to prove itself.
    If no good, then ask for a refund.

  5. I have bought the full package minutes after open the doors of the vendor. Until now (Friday, Aug, 6th, 10:30 am MST) the robot has not made one trade!! Some days ago I wrote a letter to the vendor – no answer until now.

  6. Let’s look at this rationally. I trade forex, I make $36,000 per month, I am going to spend all of my time hawking my system with countless e-mails and upsells??? If any of you were making $36,000 per month don’t ya think you’d have better things to do than to sell your system for $97? If I was making $36K per month with a system I would not sell it, and if I did, it would cost you $75,000 – which is only two month’s of alleged profit. Let’s get real people – you can’t buy a business for $97 and you can’t make money from ANY Forex system that costs $97 either. If you look at ClickBank you will see that the same people release system after system after system – when one stops selling, they repackage, change a few parameters and relaunch. Until we stop being suckers, they will just keep on pushing their wares.

  7. All I know is the backtest so far for 2010 look great but that dont mean its going to perform like that on live trading. Just going by backtest its a clear winner no doubt.

  8. So far Forex Supersonic has not been trading. The UserGuide says “At 06:00 GMT” the EA plots the high and low for the period 4:00 – 06:00 GMT.” EA is not doing that at all. EA doesn’t set pending orders above and blow the define time high/low range. Something is wrong or buggy. Contacted the vendor several times, but there’re no responses. Even ClickBank encourages me to get a refund. This is totally scam! Stay Away!!!

  9. DO NOT BUY THIS. It is a scam and does not work at all. I have had it on my platform for a week now and it hasn’t made a single trade. I have sent off 3 or 4 emails to john the vendor(if in fact that is his real name) asking for some help and he has not responded once. This is nothing more than a well hyped up scam and anyone who buys it will be wasting their time and money. I put in for a refund on Tuesday and also faxed ClicBank the same day with this link and received my refund this morning when i woke up. Run Away is my advice.

  10. As I’ve said many times, you can’t test an EA in one week. It takes months to test one properly. Yet I see people yelling “scam” just after a week of using it. Where are you trying to run away? You have 60 days refund period, use it, get as much as you can.

    It may be a useless EA, but who can tell? There have been EAs that didn’t trade in first weeks – people where yelling “scam”. Months later they are apologizing.

    Just saying…

  11. I disagree with some of your thinking. On the web site it clearly stated that the EA marked the High and low between the hours of 4 and 6 GMT and at 6 GMT is supposed to put on 2 pending orders. One short and one long. This EA has not even tried to trade for a week. That is not just my opinion All the comments about mine except for one have the same thing to say. The Robot does not trade. I don’t need to burn my computer up for a month to see if this junker is going to trade. It is a scam with a hyped up web page. You cannot change a hotdog into a hamberger no matter how long you let it run.

  12. I wrote a very crude EA following the release of this system before the robot came out. It showed at least interesting profitability in backtesting. However, one thing that did not jive with their claim was the fact that you were targeting 20pips/70pips on each pass. You would have to trade a ton of full lots to get $36,000 a month. I didn’t see anywhere near that kind of money in a years backtesting. I too bought the robot as durring the hype phase I was told that a better targeting system was in the robot and they would provide optimized settings to substantilly increase profits…bite, bite…So far my crude robot has taken two trades (1 win/ 1 Loss) according to the strategy but the paid for bot has done nothing…I don’t mind if it is more selective in picking the trades as long as it does a good job when it does. I’m giving it 45 days to prove itself. You really can’t test a robot for less than that and have any idea if it works. As the admin said, I have seen a bot make 12 small losing trades and hit a home run two weaks later in a break out system. You’re not going to get rich fast here, all things take time to evaluate and develop. It is a shame that so much of what is out there is pure junk. By ditching things so fast and jumping to the next thing, you are only fueling the fire of these junk producers to make more junk faster. Take a deep breath and relax, Forex will be there tomorrow.

  13. OK, here we go.
    I was looking for something like this, because I know BO does work over time but i am not in a good TZ (MT).
    I bought the ROBOT 3.8.2010 and guess what did not have a trade triggered until 13.8.2010 more than 8 trading days.

    I have send numerous emails to support…..guess what not one was answered.
    He is a very good webpage developer and scam artist IMHO, I had also posted some questions in his comment box before launch and they where deleted because they have not been in favor of his. I am even sure he couldnt answer them, because he isn’t a trader, If he would be a GOOD trader he would probably not have the time to do this, because when one makes 36.000 and counting a month, I don’t think that he has the desire to get 97.00 for a Bot and his name dragged into the web with very bad comments….right

    I give it a few days more and than i go and ask for a refund do not like to wast my time and electricity for such nonsense, because you have to run your PC all night to get the robot working if he would work!
    John Wilson you are a scam-artist, solly I have to say this

  14. Oh, BTW one of my questions to Johnny Wilson was:

    what is your LOT SIZE to make $3600, $2800, $2500 etc in one trade he was not able to answer this, because according to his SL, TP it does not add up,

    one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist,

    or do you ? RIGHT

    Oh, BTW he is also selling you a signal service, why do you need this, if you make 36000 a month with a 97,00 BOT???????

  15. I bought the program but no where does it show where you enter your account number and clickbank number to get the serial number. It does not work without doing that but there is no indication anywhere where that site is?

    Does anyone else have the site?

  16. if you cant find it go to clickbank e-mail and click on the site that redirects you to supersonic, than you have to click through, but honestly dont bother it does not work anyway, no one trade has been triggered in 10 days.
    ASK for a refund this is easier

  17. I to have not had one trade in a week i will
    give it 45 days. and then ask for a refund
    if there is no improvement.

  18. My experience is typical of others here. We’ve been had by a master “snake oil” salesman. Robot does not make trades.
    There is no technical support. Do not buy this robot!

  19. same as everyone else. no trades in nearly 2 weeks and no response from support. will give it a while more but expect to be asking for a refund before 60 days are up!

  20. I surely got and download [Forex Supersonic Standard].
    But,It is displayed in the upper right of my chart as [Forex Supersonic Advanced].
    Is this a reason why this robot doesn’t move??

  21. Supersonic was not about selling a BOT it was to get your address and float your inbox with new offers….be careful

  22. yay it made a trade, it got me 2 wins, small ones but better than nothing. it took over a week so maybe it just takes time to anlalyze the market or something.

  23. Three weeks and no trades. Wrote 5 tiimes to support and got no answers. This product is a scam and I put in for my refund today. Too bad. The manual system works well.

  24. Interesting, my previous post has been deleted….

    I coded an EA from the inital release of the strategy which in back testing looks slightly profitable. However there is no way it will provide the money they claim on the website with 25 and 75 pip targets unles you are trading a substantial number of lots.

    I have also had two trades with the purchased EA, one loser, one winner for a net gain of 1 pip. At one pip every 4 weeks, I should pay for this thing in 308 weeks.

    I know bots take some time to really evaluate. I will finish the 45 days out, try some additional settings, and then ask for a refund if it doesn’t pull out $36,000 for me.

    Those that haven’t bought it yet, don’t waste your time here there are plenty of other bots out there that may have mmore merit.

  25. Well I bought this bot from an e-Bay seller for $9.99 on Friday 20th Aug. I liked the fact that the code for the EA is open code unlike any other bot I have used. I also like the fact that the strategy can be understood and traded manually from the included instructions. I also think that the strategy itself appears to be a sound one of creating a zone at a critical time frame and then going either long or short depending on whether the upper or lower zone boundary is triggered. Monday it made 30 pips (going long) and today (Tuesday) it made 30 pips going short. I have no problem with this bot at present but will give it time to see how the strategy pans out.

  26. Can anyone please give me John Wilson’s email address.
    I was as ass for having bought this worthless system after promising myself never to buy another “foolproof system” again.
    Thanks kindly,
    Basil Croeser,

  27. I bought it. It did not work as advertised. It did not make trades when it should have and it made trades when it clearly should not have. The “system” is so simple. I paid a programmer on ScriptLance to write the EA from the PDF that explains the trades and that EA is working like it should. I am on day three so there are no solid results yet but there will be as the coded EA is making and not making the trades as it should.

    Email me for follow-ups.

    BTW, I have another system that is doing very well. Not ready to share it yet but I may be interested in some beta testers soon.

  28. i bought this as soon as it came out i still cant install it
    and they do not respond to any e-mail’s
    how do i get a refund

  29. How does one get results when strategy testing using MT4 – what time frame should I test over, and trading size and lot size should I use. Also, what do I need to do to get the same ‘advanced’ box showing on my graphs?
    thank you

  30. hello to everyone…… one favor please……make a system for your own..i have lost much more than 30000$ in fxrobot..when i create my system i take back all the money that i had lost in 40 days…..please find a system based on breakouts………..

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