Forex Secret Agent

Forex Secret AgentForex Secret Agent is Forex signals software from the company that made Forex products like Supremo FX and Forex Profit Launcher.

The software monitors markets and issues signals for orders on screen or via email. The strategy behind it is based on price action and it trades often.

As far as trading results, here is a screen-shot of a back-testing statement (click to enlarge):

Forex Secret Agent Statement

Now, to be honest, I see some things I don’t like in it. First of all the drawdown is a bit over 30% and the average loss trade is three times bigger than the average profit trade. Even though the presentation says the losses are few and spread out, it doesn’t matter. You can’t guarantee future results and just a few losses like that in a row can do a lot of damage. It’s not a good thing that the system is capable of that.

Along with the Forex Secret Agent comes a pro version and trading robot based on the same signals as optional products for an extra price.

The fact sheet:

  • Cost: $97
  • Available: May 4th
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day 100% Money Back

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19 thoughts on “Forex Secret Agent”

  1. Hi,
    I subscribed to their pre-launch newsletter, the system is based on PRICE ACTION only!!!
    As I’m a fan of price action it’s a good news for me but I also read the reviews on the former products from these guys. Thay’re not really encouraging…
    I’m waiting for some additional reviews from you all!!!
    here after an abstract from their newsletter:


    It’s based on a proven system that depends ONLY on price action.
    That’s tremendously important. Any other technical analysis is
    fine, but price action is ALWAYS the most reliable.

    And what’s truly amazing about this is that the software does NOT
    trade for you…which is exactly what you want!

    Trading robots are software that trade for you. Sounds great, but
    the bad news is that those robots tend to fizzle out, and the pros
    can actually catch onto the fact that you’re using one. Then
    they’ll rob you blind.


  2. This system is a slightly changed copy of the free cash system.
    They claim you would not need to sit in front of the computer all day long, because you get alerts via email, pop up window with sound, even to your mobile phone.
    This you can only get, if you purchase the advanced version for additional 77$.
    The next upsell is a trademanging EA for 67$. No settings can be changed. The vendor do not explain how it works, because he do not now. This EA is a 100% copy of the SRS Trendrider trademanger.
    I bought the system yesterday an got already some trade recommendations. When they came up, the entry price was already hit 75 min ago and the target was ( if ) already hit too. So it is easy to claim to have a high successrate.
    Afterwards everyone knows the right direction.
    Stay away!

  3. Exactly the same as Mike!!!
    Stay away!!!!!!!!
    I bought it yesterday and the alarm is an upsell. You’ll have to stay in front of your PC all the time to catch the suggested trade…that’s impossible. I don’t know how they can only dare making such claims on their website!!!
    They’re simple liers!!!
    I followed 3 trades, 3 losses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Asking for refunds has become my second job!!!

  4. Admin,
    no reviews about “SRS Trendrider”?
    It’s old but I read something encouraging on this site

    Any experience with this system?

  5. I’ve looked at the all EA’s these guys put out and find that they all seem to be a ripe off of other peoples work.
    I fine the more a new EA is promoted by some of these so called gurus and review sites.the bigger the scam.

  6. I always check this site first before deciding if I should look into anything new that is hyped. I believe one reason you do not get comments on the sRs Trend rider is that it actually works the way they say it does. Why would anyone need to write in with negative comments. It is only these over-hyped, slick sell systems that prompt everyone to want their money back.

  7. Maria, I am using the system and it is working very well for me using the 5 and 15 min charts. As soon as you get the alarm Watch for the price line to be on the blue line and enter immediately. Sometimes the alarm goes off a second and third time often when the price has already moved. Then add the prices on the other two colors to show the stop loss and take profit. The robot works really well if you are busy as it will take a portion of the profits and move your stop loss to breakeven and continue with the rest of the trade in a no risk environment. Sorry if you other guys don’t like it, but I’ve never used more accurate software myself. Anything that doesn’t work for me lands on the desk at and this is one of the very few for which I will not be asking for a refund.

  8. Maria… sorry I should have mentioned just make sure that you have a fresh alarm/signal with the price on or very near the blue line otherwise don’t chaise the market, wait for a fresh signal on this or another pair.

  9. *** CAUTION CAUTION *** !!

    If you look at their backtest, you will see that their total net profit got an unexplained extra $210 000.-

    The math is simple:

    Gross profit $11185.72
    – Gross loss $7967.64
    = $3218.08

    NOT $213 218.08 as they proudly claim!!! Something smells fishy with this product.

  10. I just bought Forex Secret Agent Pro and try to test it out. Unfortunately after I installed it always show me sad face. Do anybody have solution for that?

  11. Sandy,
    make sure your Expert Advisor tab is enabled.
    Also in the settings.

    Even if I sit direct in front of the computer when a signal came, it is 95 % not possible to enter the trade at the recommended level. The signal nearly always comes when the entry level is already crossed for a lot of pips.
    If the signal does not come before the entry level is reached, how will you make profit with this?

  12. Two very obvious lies in the promo show up straight away.

    1. It is obvious that the alerts are produced from the two indicators and NOT from pure price action as is claimed, which is why the price is often already way past the recommended entry price when the alert is issued.

    2.Also you have to ask what other results have been massaged by this dishonest vendor when he blithley adds 21 (an increase of $210,000) in front of the really very poor net profit figure.

    sRs TrendRider really works, Secret Agent is a piece of crap compared to Vladimir’s work.

  13. If you miss the entry try putting on a limit order. It will often retrace and get you in at the recommended entry price. My copy of this thing is working perfectly well. I think I’m on the same planet as the rest of you.

  14. Hi,I noticed that lately the system didn’t work that well. Most of the recommendation hit stop loss. Anybody encountered the same?

  15. Yeah same for me, just keeps hitting stop loss and the robot for some reason is’nt making any trades? I havent got time to sit at my computer all day get bullshit signals that make losing trades! customer service is crap too!

  16. Hi There

    I don’t know much about the mechanics of all these robots but I’ve tried most Fabturbo,Gridbot,Auto pilot the list is endless All of these’s i have given up on and one actually
    got refunded with no hassle (Gridbot)
    I purchased Secret agent about 4 weeks ago I bought all three items but decided to use advanced only, I use it on one pair GBP/JPY Only and I can promise you the success rate as been staggering.
    I have not lost one trade that it recommended luck or not I don’t know.

    Can’t comment on the support service never used yet.

    I would also add that the alerts i have been given, give me plenty of warning so I set the trade accordingly

    If anyone would like to know the settings im using then please contact me i will try to help.

    Happy Trading to everyone


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