Forex Kagi

Forex KagiForex Kagi is a manual trading system with an indicator based on Kagi charts, an old Japanese trading technique. The system combines an old strategy with the new Neural Adaptive Technology for an indicator to produce signals.

Forex Kagi uses the advantages of Kagi charts which are independent of time and reduce random noise of market changes. It doesn’t use other indicators and is based on price action.

The system consists of the manual strategy and an indicator which gives trade signals with specific entry and exit points (75-80% accurate according to the author). It incorporates money management, risk management and risk reduction strategies.

The trading system works under any market conditions, with any currency pair and even stocks, bonds and commodities, it supports all broker types.

The system is explained in simple and easy to understand manner so that it’s beginner friendly.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Currency pairs supported: All currency pairs
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day 100% Money Back

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9 thoughts on “Forex Kagi”

  1. I get better signals from my good old fashioned support/resistance and candle stick patterns method of trading.
    Christopher Jackson, the vendor of the Kagi system, even claims one does not need an EA when using his Kagi system. But after you buy the Kagi system for $97/- he will convince you to buy a “once in a lifetime” KAGI BOT for another $97/-. I have not tried the BOT yet. So to be fair to Mr Jackson, I will comment on the BOT after I run it for about a week.
    Conclusion :- the Kagi system is all hype and I most probably will be getting a refund from ClickBank.

  2. Hi Antony, you can try Forex Powerband Dominator by Dean Saunders as a basis. Experiment, mix and match, and be mindful of fundamentals.

  3. I agree with Raj. Kagi is a lot of hype…

    I ran the bot for a week in a couple of demos, and it didn’t perform as stated!

  4. Further to my post of June 3rd, the Kagi bot is as described above by Joe. I notice a pattern emerging from vendors based in Manchester, UK. Maybe the scammers are congregated there. I will be asking for a refund.

    Antony, yes, Indian origin. Now 3rd generation in Singapore. I use two brokers. (1) SAXO in Singapore, and(2) FXCM MT4 in UK. Powerband Dominator is good especially for those who do not have the time to monitor their trades. You can use the system on any type of platform. Of course not all trades can be winners, just like all other systems.

  5. I’ve been using forex kagi for about a month now, started with $5,000 balance and am up to $9,200 in roughly 30 days. Forex Kagi is really working great, and I’m seriously considering quitting my day job now! Thx ForexKagi!

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