Fibonacci Killer

Fibonacci KillerFibonacci Killer is a manual trading system that works not only on Forex trading but also stocks and bonds. In Forex trading, it works with multiple currency pairs under any market conditions, it is platform and broker independent.

Fibonacci Killer comes in a form of an e-book and series of videos that walk you through every aspect of trading. It shows you step-by-step how to identify trades, how to use stop losses and how to determine exit points.

The system teaches the fundamentals, money management and how to spot winning trades to increase your Forex earnings. It was created by an expert with 15 years of experience in Forex trading and is based on a proven strategy.

As the title suggests, the system is based on Fibonacci principles and has a good risk/award ratio to minimize the risk. The manual and videos are designed to be beginner friendly.

Additionally Fibonacci Killer offers an indicator for an extra price to those who want to make identifying profitable trades with this strategy easier.

Other details:

  • Cost: $87
  • Currency pairs supported: All major
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day 100% Money Back

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6 thoughts on “Fibonacci Killer”

  1. I purchased both systems and I have requested my Money Back per the Guarantee and to date I have gotten a message back saying I will hear in 24 hours.

  2. I have requested information and testiminials about Fibonacci Killer program,from people in Sydney,Australia to the Fibonacci Killer support people in USA,3 days ago;till now I don’t have a sensible answer from them,except that they will let me know in the next 24 hrs.I’d like to know about the reliability as they claim,high rate of profitability and success of this system,from people that use it and are happy with it,specially from someone in Australia.How reliable is this product and how credible are the people that market it,specially to people outside the USA.I’m interested on it since I read about it,but I’m new on FX trading,done the course,practised Demo and live,but with no success,due to time deficiency and work commitments.I’m trying to create a good and reliable trading system.Any guidance,advice or positive testimonials about it would be greatly appreciated,before I purchase it and be sorry later.Thank you very much,
    Best regards,


  3. Anyone know a good trader to manage accounts over 220,000 accounts with very good results, discipline and risk control?

  4. There is an independent trader who is not IB of any broker .. His name is Adrian Shiroma won the marathon last traders, just google it and you’ll find it.

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