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Delphi ScalperDelphi Scalper is a Forex scalping system that consists of training an several indicators made specifically for this system and strategy. Delphi is made by ForexImpact company, known for such Forex products as Correlation Code.

Delphi Scalper strategy is able to make 10-30 pips in profit per trade at a winning rate of about 70%. It provides very clear and exact entry, exit and stop loss rules for every trade. The system works by leaving you just to use the indicators and learn a few simple rules. The idea behind it is to eliminate the guesswork as much as possible and make Forex scalping simple.

Because it’s a scalper, you can expect to make several trades per day and the goal is to spend as little time at the computer as possible. However the Delphi Scalper’s indicators an rules determine the right trading times when you can use this strategy successfully.

On top of that, it works in one of two modes – easy or advanced. The system is build not only for the beginners to make their learning and trading easy, but also for advanced traders who want to put everything else a side and make the full use of the system. The advanced mode enables more precision and customization, while the easy mode is designed to specifically point the trader to the right direction.

How is Delphi Scalper different from most other scalping systems? There are 4 main differences:

  • It has a minimum of 10 pips (no less) per trade rule
  • It measures trades in minutes, not seconds
  • It trades on predetermined times of the day
  • It uses predetermined entry and exit rules, and predetermined stop losses

Some more details:

  • Cost: $997 (or a 3-month payment plan at $397 per month)
  • Guarantee: 45-day 100% Money Back

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31 thoughts on “Delphi Scalper”

  1. I have bought the system and have so far only lost money with it albeit in a demo account. I will keep trying until the demo money runs out. At the rate I am going the 10k will be gone by next week.

  2. lol. If you not happy after 30 days you can get a refund.
    But James you sure you are exactly following the recommended instructions? Are you on basic or advanced mode? According to Jason, you shouldn’t trade if the 4 rules don’t match. Suggest you have a good look through the videos or contact Jason. Will purchase mine this week & give it ago.

  3. this product rocks big time… following the 4 rules.. almost 100% hit on every target.. thou the 4 criteria is a bit hard to come by, but when it comes, u’ll know its time to bank the pips!!:)

  4. can anyone recommend me better MT4 brokers to use Delphi scalper with?
    Most MT4 brokers hate scalpers & play their own dirty game. argh down 120 pips. It’s not the softwares fault, it’s them dirty brokers!

  5. Hi, i bought it 4 days ago, managed to get 3 trades, all lost. Being able to `have your breakfast first` is just a laugh! the chaces of getting a trade in the first few hours are non existant(i`m in the uk). you may get a chance of a trade 1 every other day in a particular currency pair and then it will be any time during the day, so you have to constantly keep setting up different currency pairs in the hope of finding a trading situation. more than 2 charts can slow my fast pc down that it takes 1 or 2 seconds to refresh! so i`ts best to just change the currency pair of the one chart. I spent the whole first day jumping around currency pairs hunting trading situations and got 2 and lost demo money. What the video`s and instructions don`t mention is the fact that there is a bid/ask price difference maybe between 2 to 7 pips, so their 10 pip scalp can be a 3 pip scalp instead!costs have not been deducted yet either. also the stop losses either over run by the size of the spread or you have to manualy calculate the adjustment every time you place a stop order to keep entry/exit points as per there video`s as they only use bid prices!, i have placed this question on there forum yesterday and as yet no reply, there forum has 2 postings! saying `hello` by themselves. it appears as i am the only one who has visited it!. I`ll keep giving it a try, though it appears to be difficult to find any one to contact, either from foreximpact or other customers!.

  6. Hi all, I almost bought the Delphi Scalper a couple of days ago, until I came across an excellent web site called the FOREX FBI, these guys test out most of the FOREX Robots, and Forex Trading systems, as soon as they get on the market. I’m sorry to say, but Dephi Scalper has bad reviews.
    Check it out for your selves, also read The Forex factory has in depth reviews.

  7. I am now used to getting at least 1 but sometimes 2, even 3 new ads in my e-mail every wk. Most are sold for between 67.00 to 200.00 or so. There have been a few expensive ones in the last few years going for 300.00 to 400.00 and up. I haven’t been impressed enough with any to part with that much money yet. I got sticker shock when I saw the asking price of the ‘Delphi’ at 997.00! That’s 10X the going rate that most of these EA’s are normally being sold for. But is the ‘Delphi Scalper’ 10X better? Time will tell I guess. Me blowing a quick grand on an EA is not gonna happen, no matter how good the sales pitch is, that much I know! I am still interested in seeing what happens with the buyers of this thing over the next few wks and months. I will also watch the comments on Forex Peace Army and some of the other popular 4X sites.

  8. Jason Fielder and his take are HIGHLY overrated. I bought their Triad system last year and much the same results and comments we are seeing here on this website. The guy is a successful trader…sure..only because he trades his worthless products to us mugs who pay because we trust these con men! I would make sure you get a refund as soon as possible and be sure to cancel your credit cards because Forex Impact have a tendency to keep charging you even after you have received your refund…oh yes and watch out for the exchange rat eon the refund too which tends to be a much worse rate than you purchased for. Sorry for the rant but I have been burnt by these b******s

  9. I bought it, and is quite pleased with it so far. Support emails are responsive. I am a total forex newbie, and have learnt a lot from this course. Jason Fielder teachings in the videos are clear and detailed. Obviously, he knows his stuff well. I have make some small pip profits, not much, but I can see the potential in delphi scalping. I am also a student in his Forex Impact and Forex profit Alerts. Its free, everyone should go see the videos. I believe with the right mentor, and practice, Delphi Scalper will be beneficial in my forex career.

  10. I will not buy any product from Jason Fielder after trying Triad. Triad did not work and $2000 went down the drain. The 45 day trial period starts from the day Fielder’s outfit despatches the package. In my case I live on the other side of the globe and this resulted in me losing two weeks of the trial period.

    These days I check out the reviews before I even spend one cent on trading products.

  11. I purchased Delphi on instalment payment.Living in Australia makes the trading window difficult and especially waiting for the 4 indicators to line up for a successful trade causes anxiety.
    Still,I have included a few extra indicators and use the alerts to check out a prospective trade and they seem to be OK this far.Being greedy and impatient are my biggest problems.
    i do not doubt the refund guarantee and will test the Delphi for the required 30 period and then decide.
    I also trade another demo account using purely manual trading and with my mix of indicators I go OK.
    A concern with small scalps with Delphi is the broker spread,especially with exotic pairs-but if you want to trade what other option do you have?
    New products are always being presented-todays breakthru is history tomorrow!

  12. I purchased the package and the more I use it the happier I become.It is very important to read the manual very carefully.I have found that it is not necessary to have all the indicators lined up for the perfect trade as this would be a rare occurence.Instead I use the indicators to point out likely trades in currencies I would not normally trade.I have 10 pairs set up in my charts and flip through them looking for setups. In this way I was able to catch a nice move in USD/CAD on Fri 22nd using the down arrow as a heads up.I also watch for retracements in the candlestick patterns and use stochastics as confirmation.It works for me!

  13. Yes but you guys can set this up yourselves – the custom arrows are EMA crossover signals and the so called ‘window of opportunity’ is the most recent support and resistance. If you want his revolutionary currency strength indicator simply google online. The guy is a crook for charging what he is and I assure you that you WILL find his system elsewhere at a fraction of the cost. Happy hunting!

  14. well, i tried the system as per the safe mode, and i found the system lost more money than it made. You have to be watching the screen all day just incase a trade turns up, so it is not `trade before breakfast then go away ` as advertised. I found that the so called `time window` or basicly the uk trading time is of little value, the reason for this is to make sure there is enough volatility but you get this stretching before as well as after the restricted times. I also found that some signals were repainted an hour historicaly if at the start of the `time window`! You also have to make the trade actualy on the same candle as the signals so you have 1 hour (1 hr candles) to catch it before you have to ignore it. If you start adding `value` to the trading system you might just as well start your own system than buy one then dump the settings for your own!.
    I asked for a refund and i was given it without question so i am greatfull for that, i think they tried to make a product work but at the end of the day it does not work. I took a screen grab of all my trades throughout and have studied them and i cannot see any advantage or consistancy with winning trades and the signals.

  15. I bought Delphi Scalper, and am quite disappointed with its accuracy. I tried on a demo account and treated as if I am using my own real hard earned money. Out of 10 trades, only 2 are accurate, and worst of all u need to watch it all day long to get all the recommended 3 rules to appear.

    I have tried it for 30 days. After purchasing Delphi Scalper, two days later, the payment was deducted from my bank account. That was quick. After returning the product, two weeks has passed and I still hasn’t get my money back. It’s an irony money taken from customer at lightning speed, but refunds would be something like 30 working days.

  16. have been trading since the beginning of the year using tradestation and Sharescope – have been taking heavy losses too – but as soon as I bought Delphi my strike rate is up and I am earning money – the accuracy to date seems 70-80% but on small pip moves – but thats no problem as if you take a few moves per day it soon adds up – I am very happy with the product

  17. Have been trading for a year using Tradestation with another sophisticated system which works well for swing trades but the Delphi is fantastic for scalping – have made good money using it with a (personal)rule that I only go for 70% of the range works nearly every time but you have to be quick sometimes – would I reccommend it – you bet I would – very happy

  18. The Delphi Scalper sucks. Its far too expensive for a system that makes very little pips.Yeah you have 70% win rate but be happy with just 3 to 5 pips per run. You have to constantly watch the charts for set-ups and i do not see the worth of paying 997 usd just to make 5 pips!!!i have asked for a refund and yet to see the the credit. His Triad was a complete BS.So please BEWARE guys. Its a load of BS.

  19. I almost wanted to buy delphi scalper until i read the reviews here. The chief complaints seemed to be about the small no. of pips after spreads, that is the profits are so negligible to cover any future losses that it has to be a 100% winning system and not anything less to be workable.

    That this product is way overpriced is thus too obvious to me, and I will give it a complete miss instead of risking a refund problem after purchase.

  20. Just watch the latest webinar for the Delpi Scalper. Im sure it was just pre recorded. I have been trading for years and it seems a pretty basic system for the dollar spend. Invest in your education not systems, learn the market and build your own system/trading plan. It may take a while but well worth the journey. Nothing can replace screen time and keep it simple.

  21. well i got the delpha of a indicator as (triad) and it make me loss money at first. but the goood news is this i had to change all the setting to my own way and now i can make up to $400 a day trading with it combination with my own breakout system on time bass using 1h and 15m combing for detail just email me i can give you guys the secreat. forex is wonderful and treaky

  22. whats your email raph? i’m interested to know how u did it. how long have your tried your method and how has the consistency been? $400 a day, no losing day?

  23. April 22, 2012 1:10 DST / EST

    Comment for Raph:

    I have recently started using the Delphi Scalper system
    primarily for the indicators, attempting to capture 25-40
    pips per trade.

    Kindly forward the details on your 15m / H1 trading strategy.

    Continue your profitable trading!

    Charles Philip Goodie
    Washington, D.C.

  24. This belongs in the same domain as the email stock promotions (I love the line “we have a runner!”), but has
    to be a good deal more sophisticated than someone who simply sends out email “tips” now and then.
    . . Follow me now. Suppose I pick some stock that was largely forgotten or ignored and meanwhile prepared a mailing list.
    Now I buy a bunch of that stock, causing the price to rise.
    Next I send out a big bunch of emails, “Check out XYZ! Its going to fly!”
    I then dribble out my stock on small sale orders to fill the demand that I just generated
    from people who got my note and see the stock rising.
    Buying it cheap, selling it when a crowd gathers to buy, how
    easy is that?. . That was the concept. Now suppose I figure a program that I
    engineer to look for certain characteristics that may indicate a rise in
    anything, but options and foreign exchange (ForEx)
    futures can be tremendously profitable for just a little of money put
    into play so I design it around those markets. Next, knowing the program, I put in flags and a
    fudge factor that delays the buy and sell signal for the
    buyer of the program. I keep the real program, and sell the time-release
    program to subscribers. The subscribers pay me, whether
    it works or now, so the program itself becomes a profit center.
    Then, with my own program giving me buy and sell signals in advance of several dozen, hundred, or thousand subscribers, I
    can buy before they buy, and sell before they sell.
    Leading the herd, the subscribers will generate enough traffic
    to sustain my purchase (especially after I may affect and upward motion by buying a bunch ahead of the crowd, which confirms
    to them that the program is working) and then when the
    program gives me the un-delayed sell signal, I sell (which affects the price downward) just before my delayed program generates a sell order
    for the subscribers. They all look and see the price start
    to fall when the program says sell. Now they have two confirmation points, the
    “robot” picked an entry and picked an exit. Their problem then becomes “How do I get the news and make the reacting trade fast enough so that I get out before the others who are also getting out (because their programs are telling them the same thing). So everyone is watching their program or emails or however you engineer the subscription service on pins and needles awaiting the signal so they can all the swifter catch the call early enough so as to not lose when it starts falling.. . Consider this when you use the program. If the volume is low, then spikes just before your “robot” gives you a signal, then you might imagine how your sponsor service knew in advance of the signal you shortly afterwards received. The more subscribers, the bigger the wave.

  25. Oh guys cmon, there is no 100% profitable system out there, don’t dump your money on the first juggler that says you are going to be millionaire with its system, why? cuz if you sell something successfull, thousands of traders are going to use it and te markets adapts and kills you, trading is personal, you develope your fine tuned system, your insight on price action, but this takes a lot of TIME.

  26. Comment for Charles Philip Goodie,

    Can you please forward the details on your 15m / H1 trading strategy? Thanks in advance.


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