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How to Beat Forex When You Have a Day Job – Part 1/4

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This is a guest post by Robert Jones

Welcome to the first in a series of four articles that reveal a FREE killer Forex strategy for those who don’t have time to trade through the day.

Most new traders, like YOU, hold down steady day jobs; and most trading strategies out there are targeted at those learning intraday trading. But intraday trading is just not possible for most new traders.

Perhaps you’ve tried Forex “Robots” or “Systems” in the past but were not happy with your results; today is going to be the day that changes your Forex trading forever. Not more systems, robots or signals.

I am going to show you exactly how to trade successfully, profitably and easily for YOURSELF.

Over the next four articles I’m going to show you step-by-step my powerful strategy for trading Forex; and the best thing is – it takes just a few minutes a day. Don’t believe me? Read on and I’ll show you!

Where Do We Start?

We are going to start on the higher timeframes. Throw away your 5-minute and 15-minute charts… and pull-up your 4-hour and daily charts.

We trade higher timeframes for two very good reasons:

#1 – You have a day job and don’t have the time to watch intraday charts.
…and (this is a major one!)
#2 – Trades taken on higher timeframes are more reliable (it’s 100% true and I am going to prove it to you).

The CORE Of The Strategy

Next up is the core part of our strategy; support and resistance.

You’ve heard of S/R before and perhaps you didn’t like the idea of it? Or was it too subjective and required too much discretion? Well, I’m going to show you how to read S/R quickly and easily.

Once you can read S/R then you are half-way to mastering this simple, low-risk strategy.

The MOST Important Thing

Next to S/R we have another criteria for our setups – don’t worry, it’s very simple, and I’ll provide specific rules for you.

We trade with the trend.

You’ve probably heard about it before and for a VERY good reason; trading only with the trend will catapult your win ratio on your trades to new levels. It’s just one of those fundamental facts of the markets.

Okay, so I’m going to leave it there, in the next article I will lay out the specific rules we will follow, step-by-step, to enter a trade.

Continue to Part 2 of How To Beat Forex When You Have A Day Job.

This four-part FREE strategy, although very effective it itself, is just part of a rock-solid and devastatingly powerful strategy by Robert Jones. The strategy is called Price Action 5click here to learn more.


  1. Robert Jones

    Hi Fred,

    S/R is Support and Resistance.

    I will answer any and all questions about Price Action 5 here on Forex Machines as promptly as I can.


  2. It will be best for the ROOKIE if you show Picture examples while you write down the step by step process…Also tell us more about the BEST TREND indicators to use to identify the trend in Longer Time frame…When or Where we should do our Entry when the market is trending..

    Thanks and Looking forward to your next article

  3. Robert Jones

    Hi Kukur,

    The charts are coming soon (this is only the first part of four). I will be going step-by-step through the strategy together with detailed charts.

    There are no indicators in this strategy. I will be going through identifying the trend, where and when to enter, and how to exit as well.

    Thank you for you comment,


  4. Thank you Robert
    Reading part 1 several times
    Waiting for part 2

  5. Robert Jones

    You’re welcome Ed.

    Part 2 is out now!


  6. Hi Robert, how do you set up the support and resistance lines.


  7. Robert Jones

    Hi Magen,

    Have you checked out Part 3 of this post series. I show you in that part how to identify support and resistance.

    There is discretion involved – but it becomes very easy after a little practice.


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