Forex Currency Pairs for the Novice Trader

Illustration: Currency
This is a guest post by William Eve

When looking to get involved in forex trading, there are several basic concepts that you must first understand. The most fundamental aspect of forex trading is that of currency pairs. Every trade involves an exchange between two currencies, with the most popular ones in the forex trading markets currently being: the Euro (EUR), the US dollar (USD), the Australian dollar (AUD), the Japanese yen (JPY), the Swiss franc (CHF), the Canadian dollar (CAD), and the British pound (GBP).

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Currency Correlations in Forex Trading

Trading Strategy
This is a guest post by Ahmad Hassam

Everything in the currency market is interlinked to some extent. Most of the currency pairs show correlations. Knowing about these currency correlations is important for you in order for you to reduce risk and diversify your portfolio. This knowledge of currency correlations will help you diversify and double up your investment portfolio without having to invest in the same currency pair plus also reduce your exposure to the market.

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Correlation Code

Correlation CodeCorrelation Code is a new and very unique Forex trading system. In a nutshell, the system is using the similarities and differences (correlation) between two currency pairs. The system is based on monitoring fundamental correlation between different pairs and as a result of testing 82 strategies based on this, Correlation Code is a set of 8 strategies that performed best.

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