Forex Currency Pairs for the Novice Trader

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When looking to get involved in forex trading, there are several basic concepts that you must first understand. The most fundamental aspect of forex trading is that of currency pairs. Every trade involves an exchange between two currencies, with the most popular ones in the forex trading markets currently being: the Euro (EUR), the US dollar (USD), the Australian dollar (AUD), the Japanese yen (JPY), the Swiss franc (CHF), the Canadian dollar (CAD), and the British pound (GBP).

The current value of these currencies in relation to each other is what composes the given exchange rates in the global markets. In a forex currency pair, the first one noted is the base currency, which is always depicted as one monetary unit. The secondary one is the counter currency, which is shown in its relative value to the base currency. For example, AUD/USD 1.05 translates to $1.00 of Australian currency buying $1.05 of US currency.

As a novice forex trader, this can seem a bit difficult to comprehend at first, but once you research everything you possibly can about forex trading, it becomes much easier. Learning to read the forex trading signs is important from the moment you get involved in this investment practice. You can easily learn to interpret market signals either using specialised software programs designed to analyse and simplify charts for you, or simply follow the news as to which rates are going up (time to sell) and which currency’s rates are going down (time to buy). There are many websites that are specifically aimed at novices looking to study forex trading signals.

Given the high volatility of this market, there are certainly times of profitable gains, but there are also possibilities of tremendous losses if you do not proceed carefully. When examining forex trading currency pairs as a novice investor, prioritise risk-minimisation in order to protect yourself from financial devastation. This is achieved through education and not over-extending yourself when it comes to starting new trades in currencies. As a novice, it is usually recommended to stick to one currency until you learn the ropes of the forex trading market. After you feel that you have a solid understanding of how this unpredictable market works, then it ought to be okay to branch out into other currencies as well.

This can be a difficult market to get seriously involved in for novices, but forex trading can be a successful venture when you are knowledgeable about what you are doing. Currency pairs are crucial bits of information for any forex trader to comprehend before investing significant amounts of money into forex trading markets, but luckily for novices, they are quite simple to understand. As long as you remember that the base currency always comes first in a single monetary unit, then the rest becomes easier from there.

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