Correlation Code

Correlation CodeCorrelation Code is a new and very unique Forex trading system. In a nutshell, the system is using the similarities and differences (correlation) between two currency pairs. The system is based on monitoring fundamental correlation between different pairs and as a result of testing 82 strategies based on this, Correlation Code is a set of 8 strategies that performed best.

What’s important about this system is that unlike other expert advisors that are based on technical indicators, it is based on fundamental laws. The idea that different currency pairs are correlated is not new, that is obvious from simple observations. But what Correlation Code provides with its strategy is the predictable volatility that enables the traders to find trading opportunities with greater confidence.

It’s also an automated Forex robot, so it can trade without user intervention, it’s made to suit beginners as well as experts. In addition to that, it comes with training manuals and videos, as well as community forums.

There are no restrictions to currency pairs or time frames.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $1997
  • Guarantee: 45 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: All
  • Updates: Life-time free

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13 thoughts on “Correlation Code”

  1. I can’t wait to purchase this, i purchase bill polus forex course, but it was to complicated so i returned it for refund. This seems more simplified, i sure hope so, i could use some extra money, im quitting my job after the hoildays. And i need somemore extra income, what i was making was peanuts and not worth getting up in the morning and going to, cost more than i made to go to that useless job. This course is pretty costly, but if it does what it says it will. It will be worth it, the cost, 10x’s the cost. thanks jason….

  2. This course is the best. Easy entery signals. Simple to follow rules. One indicator gives me more than 95% accuracy for at least 10 pips and go go up-to 150 pips. It is making me money it will do the same for you. Worth evey dollar…

    go for it

  3. Thanks Othman, I will be going for it, and i hope and pray that it does everything you say it does, and what it profest to do for us traders, im so tired of buying systems after systems, that promise you, the sun, the moon and the stars. And delivers nothing, time and time againg, rip off after rip off. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! GOD…let this be real, and not another pie in the sky, too good to be true, rip off?…

  4. Dear Mrs Manuel ,
    Please post your comments on this product . Would love to hear from you . Is this product worth buying ? Your feedback will help a lot of people out here who are trying their luck in forex. Its been 2 months since your last post .

    Mr. Admin , you may have her email address. Is there someway you contact her and let her know that we are waiting on her reviews of this product ? She may not know about my post.

  5. To whom it may concern, Prateek;
    I wasted another $1,700 on yet another get rich quick pie in the sky rip off and this time, im not getting a refund. So now i have to wait 10 days from now to get my income tax refund check and i will be purchasing this one also. Im almost sure this one, will be the real thing and worth my money, if not, they offer a no questions asked refund, and i usually always get a refund from the honest forex people. So prateek as soon as i recieve it and try it, i will be back in hear telling you the outcome, im almost positive that it will be a good one, because everything they say makes sense, ive been a trader for about 5+ years, not a newbee. cross your fingers and look for my post Prateek…..:)

  6. Prateek
    Just to clear up my message above, I wasnt talking about the correlation code being a rip off. I was talking about something else i ordered for $1,700 bucks and cant get a refund, i wish i had spend the money on the correlation code first. so what i was saying is now since i wasted that money like an idiot, I now have to wait 10 days to recieve my Tax Refund check, in order to send off for this one, that i hope to be the last one i have to purchase ever, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, talk to you soon, sorry for the mix up….:)

  7. prateek i could give you my email address that i listed to this account, only thing is i never go to that one and use it and the one that i do use all the time, their is no way i would post it here and get all spammed up like my other email address that has 8,000+ email messages that i have to erase which takes forever and is dragging my computer down and taking all the space up on the hard drive??? so just keep checking back in here and i will keep posting as long as i have something to say….:)

  8. Still waiting for the refund check to come, the IDIOT that did our taxes we told him to electronically send it, instead of doing what we paid the damn fool for, he had it mailed , which is taking 6 to 8 wks. or more to get the refund, i contact the IRS website and clicked on “were is my refund” and they said if not recieved this month, wait another 30 days and then contact them, and they will locate it for us. Boy I always get all the luck, cheezzzzz………..:( As soon as i have something to report about the correlation code system i will come back and report it, keep checking this website.

  9. prateek I ordered it and it wouldnt work on anything live, only work on a demo account, which makes it worthless to me, I dont know about anyone else, but for me it wouldnt work on a live account, the customer service was horrible, so fed up i ask for a refund, the good thing about them, is they will give you your money back. I have no idea why it wouldnt work on a live account and only work on a demo acct. Maybe it was the brokers, they were on to them? I have no idea, but thought i would let you know, if you were still interested….?

  10. I bought this thing when Jason first released it over a year ago. I watched all the training videos and read all the info on it…several times, but I have yet to make it work. I can’t even get it loaded into MT4. Something to do with .exe files. That’s way over my head. So, it was no “plug and play” system. Maybe someday they can get it all straightened out for me, but for over a year now, it has not made me one thin dime!

  11. Why is it that nobody so far as actually reported making any money with The Correlation Code (over, say, a week or a month)?

  12. Have just stumbled on the Correlation Code site

    Does anybody have an update on this product??? before I decide if I should buy this product



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