Xtreme Pip Poacher

Xtreme Pip PoacherXtreme Pip Poacher is a new multi-currency Forex trading automation software created by a Forex system developer with 26 years of trading under his belt.

The author Drew Collinson claims to have tested 553 EAs before developing his own and now using it in favor of the rest software.

Xtreme Pip Poacher prides itself with it’s BDT broker detection technology which identifies and displays the trade slippage information that should help with trading.

As far as the results, the backtest summary offered on the site shows a very low drawdown of 1.27% but an average loss trade significantly higher than the average win. In the long run that describes a risky strategy.

The EA is fully automated and takes only 12 minutes per day to monitor it, works on MetaTrader 4 and with any broker on multiple currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF).

Additionally, it has an option to trade in manual mode.

Other details:

  • Cost: $77
  • Currency Pairs Supported: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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47 thoughts on “Xtreme Pip Poacher”

  1. Installed this program, but MT4 crashes as you load the program on to the currency.

    Have emailed for help.

  2. Two extrem obtrusively upsells! One for a monthly membership of 87$ every month.
    They say if you want the EA is always updated, you need this.
    The second one is the profit accelerator for 67$.
    I purchased the standard version. After installing it to the first chart, the MT4 nplatform crashed 4 times. Then the EA can not find the license number even though it is correctly inserted.
    My conclusion: this the usual piece of crap, what never has been tested before selling it, because the vendor need extremely urgent to earn money with selling his EA.
    Do not waste your time with this.
    I claimed my money already back.

  3. I highly doubt that is the holy grail EA.First of all, the owner doesn’t show us the real life account (the updated live account not just a video clip) to prove the EA is working. Secondly,he doesn’t live up to his claim when saying that $77 is all we pay but he tries to upsell another claim instead
    .Thirdly, the sales pitch is exactly similar to other EA products

    I will never buy another product if they dont let me try it first

  4. They have sent a new version, but again they did not try it before.
    See below:

    Hi Mike,

    It’s Lisa here from the XPP Support Team.

    Could I please ask you to download a new version of your
    product from the page below:

    ==> http:

    I apologise for any inconvenience but it’s an important
    measure for us to be able to protect your profitability.

    If by any chance I’ve made a mistake with the download
    page I sent you, please let me know and I will send you
    the correct version.

    It would help if you replied to me with your receipt if
    a mistake has been made.



    XPP Dedicated Support Team

    After I installed the new version on my VPS, it seemed it would work now. But when I checked one hour later, all charts where I had the EA attached to, were deleted by itself.
    How can a vendor be so stupid, not to try it out only one time on his own pc to check if it work or not?

  5. I bought it too, the normal version and the elite… The elite which of course is nowhere to be found in terms of actually downloading it, only the buy option is there. Plus there are a bunch of hidden things about it, such as the fact that you need to download an mt4 broker demo twice, one for the interbank and another without it. It also does not tell you ECN non dealing desks have a low success rate with EA’s so there will be a chance that it will not work at all with your broker… I want to know what broker they use for this EA and how much that will cost me… I might just get my money back on this thing. Also do they expect you to keep your computer on 24/7 for these long term trades??? I have not seen a solution or answer to that question. So far I am upset with myself for buying something I was already sure was a scam.

  6. Does not seem to come up to what the vendors have said so far.
    Demo account is in the negative, live account is also losing money.
    Trades very seldomly.

  7. In 4 days 5 trades 2 loser (-65 pips) one winner (+45 pips),
    two open trades -68 pips and -40 pips.
    I trade it with small risk on my live account, because demo`s are always different.
    I will test it 3 trading days longer, then I ask for a refund.

  8. All the posts on this site seem to come from inexperienced traders. The MT4’s must be fresh copies before starting with a new EA, did you know that? When loading this EA (XPP) on a chart, if your MT4 crashes, the problem is not with the EA, it’s your fragmented MT4. Did you know to save the “Profile” as “Default” with no chart open and then to close and reopen the platform before opening any new charts to load the EA’s, probably not, eh? Bunch of dummies! We installed the XPP on a demo and live accounts – both clean and freshly loaded MT4 platforms – and right now the two trades it opened are in profit. The EA is one of the best we’ve seen, bar none.

  9. Right. Please stop insulting other commentators. Ensuring that the product works on the user’s machine is the responsibility of the customer service from the vendor.

    Furthermore, different people will have different experience and everyone has the right to share it. It’s that sharing that helps us all to protect ourselves from scammers that are abundant in this niche.

  10. Hi

    I have a copy and am using on demo. I side with Nils. First if you think that any system is going to generate profits straight away then you should give up trading altogether or change your expectations and your attitude to trading.

    I had mine on straight for twoo days and didn’t crash. I did what the instruction manuel told me to do, instal a fresh version. I also downloaded the second update. Regarding the ID number check your emails they may have changed it, they did with me.

    Finally if your going to do a proper test to see if it works, then give it at lest a month if not six. By the way he never touted the EA as a holy grail system so expect losing trades, and because its a swing trading system there will be fewer trades and they will trade for days and some times weeks.

    All this for $77??? Its not like you spent $1000. The way they will get their money is if people buy the update service. So if the system doesnt work they will not make a lot!

    All the best.

  11. My problem is that I could not download it. problem started when Lisa sent me an e-mail to download a new vrsion. Download on two acounts, non trading, optimization process that is eternity. The whole thing is not clear to me. I need help on a simple process on how to download and optimize. Please can somebody help me and I will like to try it first. Maybe Nils and others can help. Thanks.

  12. I have finally downloaded..taking over 4 days..incorrect version given out..what a nightmare…people like [snip by admin – please let’s keep it civil]…for all we care..!Support has been helpful….only Question NO one wants to answer is ..do you need to have a VPS to have continual trades of days maybe..???

  13. Bought it and traded it for 1 week now. Result: 1 trade closed with a loss of 78 pips. 3 trades open ….two showing losses.

    I am concerned about the huge drawdown….the robot went is made to sustain a loss of over 200 pips before it will exit the trade….

    My recommendation…this is a shit peice of software…dont waste your money on it…..manual trading is best and I am going back to it…..have asked for my refund

  14. I made a complaint about the losses the robot was making… at one point it had opened 4 trades and all in a loss of about 250 dollars ……did not get any reply from the admin people….I followed it up with 3 more e-mail…no reply….still waiting for a reply…..


  15. For products sold through Clickbank everyone gets their refunds. As long as you request it directly from Clickbank.

    Most EAs won’t work on Oanda since they have their own platform and don’t support MT4.

  16. I have to say it took me a while to understand how to get it up and running and so far have only had time to install one MT4 platform. However using a demor account it has trigger two trades. One has already closed and the other is still open the overall profit however is 512 DOLLARS.

    I admit the set up instructions are not to clear but it hasn’t crashed or anything like that.

  17. I was so irritated by the upsells that I cancelled immediately through Clickbank. The first response was to offer me the upsells free, but I replied that I did not trust the vendor. Clickbank have refunded my card.

    It now seems that this is repackaged Robovore, which was just a pile of junk anyway.

    Forget this one.

  18. I had no issues downloading and installing this EA, although this was my first time installing MT4 on this particular computer.

    As for the EA itself, I have a demo account at MB Trading and it’s executed three complete trades in the past week, all profitable. Two trades on GBP/USD for a total of 625 pips, and one trade on USD/JPY for 177 pips. It’s just executed a sell on USD/CHF for a floating -1.97 pips. All using default settings.

    So far I’m liking it, but I’m trading the demo for at least a month before making any decisions on the live account.

  19. Hi :

    I’m new with forex robots.

    Can any experienced forex traders here recommend a good VPS to run XPP?


  20. Just received a mail from Fx Trading reviews:

    This is just a quick warning regarding Xtreme Pip Poacher, the new robot I purchased.

    After I purchased XPP a few days ago it came to my attention that this robot is the exact same thing as Robovore, a robot that I’ve already tested extensively and discarded due to consistent poor performance. I don’t know if this is an attempt from the Robovore owners to generate more sales or if someone copied their robot, but the whole thing is a bunch of lies either way.

    If you already purchased XPP I definitely suggest that you ask for a refund ASAP.

  21. Have read thru the various comments regarding XPP. Could go on about all the similarities found between different pieces of paperwork from both Forex XPP and Robovore. Also sent an e-mail to Allen Sykes of Robovore to ask him whether XPP was his creation or not, and if it were his creation, would he be staying to nurture XPP, and if things went ‘Pear-Shaped, would he be staying to solve the problem, or cutting and running and leaving all his clients hanging out to dry as he did with Robovore!
    To date I have received no reply. When I asked the Forex XPP Support Team why the e-mails being received from XPP were the same in content as those I had received back in April from Robovore, needless to say, I never received a reply to this question either.
    But to end on a cheerful note. I have been Trading Forex XPP on a $1,000 Demo account with FXDD (Malta), since the 29.7 10, and to the 2.8.10 the following has happened. There have been 6 Closed Orders with a Profit of $115.41.
    Which is a lot better than my other Robot(s), Forex Revolution 1 & 2. Revbot 1 has not opened a trade yet. And Revbot 2 has completed 120 Trades since the 30.7.10 with a Loss of $51.94.

    So fingers and toes crossed with XPP, as, ‘sink or swim, I intend to go Live with a small account at the end of August.


  22. As soon as you commit to buy the ‘Robot’ you are offered a last chance optimised or better version, then an advanced system then something else…..By then I am closing it down and applying for a refund before I install it..Usual load of rubbish. However I was excited about Forex Supersonic and it turned out the same I couldnt even open the zip file as it contained a trojan. I must admit they are clever marketeers and have a feeling they are all connected somehow and have a think tank on how to mesmerise and take the punters for a ride.

  23. EIGHTER!!!

    you seems to believe you would be a real genius.
    If you follow exactly the instructiones of their update mails,
    you need to uninstall every MT4 platform on your pc or vps,
    you must delete the root folder and even delete all Meta entries in the registry. If you know what this is.
    Only then you can start the extra long lasting installation process. For testing you have to use a complete different computer.
    This the o n l y EA what request such an extreme procedure.
    Maybe the named it XPP because of this .
    Just imagine you have four MT4 platforms on your pc or vps with different EA`s running on it. Do you really want to buy a new computer or rent a second vps for them?
    You as “self-appointed Expert” knew immediately after installing “this EA is one of the best we have seen”.
    That means in plain english – you never have used an EA before!
    Be honest and ask yourself ” who is the real dummie”?
    Even you knows the answer!

  24. It seems to me to be cautious and reliable. No trouble about loading it, and the extensive set-up process was quite well described, so I got it right second or third time. I’ve had 5 completed trades – all profitable – in my first week. I’ve got three open trades, two in profit.

    I ignored the gypsy’s warning about having several MT4 traders all going at once. I can’t conceive how that could cause problems.

    Many of the comments are spoiled by carelessness, anger, prejudice etc.. and I think that that weakens their credibility.

    As for refunds one can rely completely on Clickbank to make them, even against opposition from the vendor.

    I have high hopes of XPP, but will as usual test it for a month at least.

  25. I bought this and installed it. I did have alittle trouble understanding how to get it to work but persisted and it set up fine. It has opened 9 trades over the 3 week period I have had it all winners. $5,000 demo account now standing at $6,692.

    Yes there are a lot of scame, and I admit I’m a sucker for being pulled in by all theemails I receive promising the best EA however I am quite impressed at the moment. I also have had issues and emailed customer support and had replies everytime.

    I wish you all many pips!!!!

  26. I have to agree with the last two comments. This robot is a real goer. I almost cancelled my order after reading a few comments earlier on this page but decided to let it go on a couple of demo accounts. For the first three weeks in August there is $190.00 in the kitty with + $120.00 floating. This is with a starting capitol of $1000.00. My only regret is that I didn’t open a live trade at the same time. For those who doubt this bot, go to(www.4xproject.com/) They do live independent forward testing of most EA’s. The very tall bar graph on the right is XPP. All the others in the test look like mino’s.

  27. Tested on 2 demo accounts first. Made about 1200 pips so i went live. Been live a month nearly now, and down 700+ pips. At some point i will stop it manually if it keeps going backwards. Makes me blue to lose money.

  28. I will start by saying I’m a great believer in manual trading. I still have my doubts about auto trading but I believe XPP is not for everyone. If you are looking for a robot that will make you loads of cash overnight then this is not for you. The truth is there is none out there.

    The key is understanding what kind of system you are using. From my experience (I’m using the XPA by the way), this EA is a “swing trading system” . That means, depending on the pair, it can go on for days after opening and even for 2 weeks or more. I had a Eur/Usd trade open for two weeks, it was in negative for over a week but in the end it got to the 50% target profit and closed out a winner.

    There is no system out there that willn’t make you losses. XPA has made me losses which I’ve accepted. You have to be able to accept losses in Forex but the truth is we are all different and have different expectations of the market. The fact that you use a robot does not guarantee you instant profits. I don’t think the vendor ever promised you heaven and earth like other forex gurus.

    An automated system like the XPP/XPA is only to put you on the better edge. I can assure you that you will make more profits than losses. I have used it LIVE for 7 weeks now and it has made me +1780pips and -568pips loss. I am confident that the more you trade the XPP/XPA the better it will get. That’s my impression of it. Also you will be on the winning side if you get regular updates.

    May the pips be with you

  29. hi guys

    I have also bought the XPP, many of the lies which were told by the seller about robot is true with his own XPP ! aside from huge loss, whenever I have sent him an email, I got an auto reply that he would call me in a couple of days if not sooner which failed everytime, i don,t even know how to contact the for refund, does anybody know of thier customer service or email that truly respond ? thanks all I am returning this junk.

  30. I have 4 phone numbers for ClickBank:
    208 345 4245
    208 472 9500
    800 390 6035
    559 210 0502
    It’s a while since I needed to use any of them but if they don’t seem to be actioning your request for a refund, it’s worth phoning. Last time I called, the service was courteous and immediate.

  31. I’ve used the EA for a few months now. There were a few profitable trades, but now I’ve got on five charts the message

    Predicted Return is (negative amount)/$ risked
    System Velocity is Low
    Forward Trading Accurancy is currently poor

    The backtest the EA is giving you on the side looks very good. But when you see the trades it looks like DADA wrote
    the EA looks like trading against the trend.

    I think DREW has not learned good enough how to make a good EA by testing so much different EA’s. His own EA looks to me a bad EA.

    On MT4 Stats he Showed the results from this EA but there are no new results shown after 14 september 2010. I think DREW don’t show us the results now because the EA is now working badly…… http://xtremepp1.mt4stats.com

  32. Been on demo with XPP (no add ons)now for 2.5 months (11 weeks)with a starting acct of $10K. It’s up 33.10% based on 31 closed trades. 90.32% winners. Largest losing trade was about 7%. The standard profit factor setting is 3.85 therefore, most positions are in place for days+. A bit concerned with the large stops (200 pips+) but seems to rarely hit compared to the winning %. So far I’m pretty impressed. However, I’m told live vs demo can be very different depending on the broker. Ready to go live but concerned with finding the right MT4 broker. I’ve heard an ECN broker’s the way to go for transparency but not sure yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  33. I’ve been testing on a demo since early August 2010. I started with $5000 and I have $7115. I’m writing the end of October 2010. Seems to work, is easy to use and hasn’t crashed. A bit tedious to install at first but so far worth the rather reasonable cost. I would like to see other pairs traded such as the Aussie and the Euro/Yen.

  34. I want please a good information about the way to set up correctly XPP because it dont work for me….
    thank you

  35. Hello Kenboy;
    Would you mind to tell what broker do trade with?
    I have tried Go Forex (Israel), ATC, and now on Go Markets. Non of them with particularly good results.
    What do you think about idea of setting two charts per each pair and set one to trade only long and one only short? In case that initial position went south there is the chance that by than opposite position would be open to hedge the first loss. Also long period of waiting for the position to close could still generate profits in opposite direction if proper price action would allow. Also overall frequency of trades would most likely be higher and since the rules would stay the same for long and short so should the overall profitability. I had no problem with setting up the EA and no crushes, I even like the tech support.

  36. Hi,
    I have come across above the xtreme-pip-poacher for the first time. COuple of weeks ago somebody introduced me to Forex.com and I went with with a mini acount (250 gbp) and downloaded the forextrader pro software. I went through the basic video to understand the working. Beleive me I made 260 gbp which got me 510gbp in my account. I was a bit greedy so I went and invested further all of them that I had into all different currency and lost all of it. In my experience its nothing to do with the software that you used, you don’t have to invest money onthe x type of software, forex trader pro gives all that you are after. I do not have anything to do with forex.com. please be the best judge and invest accordingly. I have learnt the harder way and a bit more cautious.

  37. If you search this keyword in any search engine, site:.mt4stats.com you will see the stats of the people sharing their stats with MT4.
    hope you will like it 😉

  38. I have XPP close to two months now.
    In some situations (when market trends is more less stabile) it made profits (something like 70% gains and 30% losses).
    During same period, I made substantially more profits by hands due to faster trades and quicker exits (here robots loss battles almost always).
    Bad thing happenned on fast reversals, XPP didn’t catch momentum correctly and burnt almost 90% of achieved before profits, so in average, although in small plus, it didn’t perform better than other robots I consider lousy.
    I would be scared to put bigger amount on live trading with XPP as it doesn’t respond well to extremes adn dips on market.
    I think that in very long-run it might make some money (depending on luck, what I hate in FX trading), but as serious money maker it is close to being worthless.
    Purchase cancelled, money requested back.
    Actually, I’m not happy to disillusion fellow FX traders, but seems that real solution is to invest time and make own system.
    Remeber that (this is well kept secret) more than 90% of traders (97& or so) in long-run exit FX with ZERO or lost deposits and 3% makes some (unlikelly very big) $$$.
    Real profit makers are only brokers (specially with dealing desks), software marketers and large market manipulators (with zillions $$$ to make market as they need)

  39. Hello..I am really thankful for this forum and all the input. XPP sounds like just what I needed until I heard about the upsells. I guess when the sales page said “no upgrades” that is different. The truth of the matter is, if they were honest and upfront with the upsells, I might consider them. I just want to know what I am getting into before I hit the buy button. If they are not honest and upfront before I buy; why should they be afterwards.
    Thanks again for all your comments, Tom

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