Who Wants a Simple Forex Strategy?

So you just want a simple Forex strategy to trade? Okay, let’s see what we can do…

Firstly, you want to get the probabilities in your favour; this means making sure you’re trading WITH the trend. Yes, I know, you’ve heard it before – but it’s true; trading with the trend will increase the probabilities for you.

The first thing we do is place two moving averages on the chart. The first moving average is a 50 Period Exponential Moving Average of the Highs; and the second is the same, a 50 EMA, but this time of the Lows.

You should have something that looks like this:

50 EMA

Now, we add another Moving Average, this time it’s a 15 EMA of the Close:

15 EMA

Now, there is an indicator for Metatrader4™ to download with this article (you should find it at the end) called ‘QFF-MACDv1.ex4’. Leave the default setting on this indicator. Once you drag it on your chart should look like this:


The first rule is:

We only BUY when the 15-EMA is ABOVE the 50-EMAs.

We only SELL when the 15-EMA is BELOW the 50-EMAs.

This chart should help give you a better idea:

First Entry Rule

The second rule is:

We only BUY when the MACD bars are green.

We only SELL when the MACD bars are red.

Here’s a chart of how this rule works:

Second Entry Rule

Combining the first and second rules we are almost there with our strategy:

Both Entry Rules

Although very simple, the core of the moving averages is just to keep you on the right side of the market; In other words, the side that is with the trend.

The specific entry:

(for a BUY) – If any part of a candle is BELOW the 15-EMA and that candle CLOSES ABOVE the 15-EMA… we BUY when the HIGH of that candle is broken by a few pips.

(for a SELL) – If any part of a candle is ABOVE the 15-EMA and that candle CLOSES BELOW the 15-EMA… we SELL when the LOW of that candle is broken by a few pips.

Here’s a trade to show a typical setup:


Now, this is just an article, I don’t really have time go into every detail; I just wanted to give you an idea of a way get probabilities on our side with a solid strategy.

I’m not going to go into exits for this strategy. I recommend you take a look back through your charts with this strategy – I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

One last thing – yes, it can be traded on any timeframe.

Download the ‘QFF-MACDv1.ex4’ indicator.

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18 thoughts on “Who Wants a Simple Forex Strategy?”

  1. Very nice, easy set up and and easy to follow. Liking the ability to trade on any time frame. Suits me as i can,t be a full time trader as i have other commitments.

  2. Nice one Mark, I actually found your site yesterday and figured this would be a good strategy to purchase for my son who would like to enter the Forex market. I’ll probably puchase next week.I liked your rave on your site also, you definately don’t sound like the average scam marketer.

  3. Yep, a complete rip off of the black dog system. What’s the name for someone who takes someone else’s work and peddles as there own?…

  4. The commercial Black Dog system has come to my attention recently.

    There do seem to be similarities. The similarities are the 15-EMA, the 50-EMAs and the MACD.

    In terms of the actual system: the entries, exits, rules, etc. – these are very different.

    I developed my system over a period of time using my own entry rules and exit rules. I have added my own personal trading experience and knowledge to improve a system that I felt was pretty good.

    There are thousands of systems that use moving averages; the highest probability trades come from when the markets trend and we trade a pullback in the trend – this provides us with low risk opportunities.

    There are only so many ways one can use “tools” to trade pullbacks.

    There is nothing special about the 15 and 50 moving averages; or the MACD either. They are just tools to help us trade.

    There is nothing new in trading. In fact, I believe the commercial Black Dog system (which, to my knowledge, was released in 2009) is based on a freely available system (from 2008) which can be found here:


  5. I have been a Black Dog member almost from the outset so I speak from experience of using that system and nothing else. As regards your response, above, the good part is that at least you don’t deny that you are a thief and a pirate. This is as clear as it gets and kudos to you for admitting that.

    But that’s where it ends – you have totally ripped-off someone elses work claiming it to be your own, can’t get much lower than that I’m afraid. Also going as far as using terms and phrases used by Dave Atkinson in his manuals. You also use the 50s, the 15, the Macd (with the same settings), and using the arrows also with the same settings as the Black Dog. Yes, I have a free copy of your COPY of the Black Dog.

    If you are trying to fool people that you are not plagiarising anothers’ work then you are not doing a very good job of it. Shame on you.

    I strongly advise people NOT to purchase this theft of someone elses work – there will not be any support anything like the Black Dog forum where the senior traders help without a moments thought. If you think that I feel strongly about this reply then you are damn right – there are enough thieves and scam artists on the net without another rearing its ugly head.

    I AM A BLACK DOG TRADER and proud of it. The type of person who does what you do makes me heartily sick to the core. Just think how you will feel when your copied Quick fix system ends up on ebay. Not nice hey?

  6. Although you say you have a copy of my Quick Fix Forex system; I am not so sure your do.

    You say that I am, “using the arrows also with the same settings as the Black Dog”.

    Now, I’m assuming that the arrows on the commercial Black Dog system are the same as the arrows on the freely available version.

    So, with the above in mind, either:

    a) You don’t have my system – and so your comments are unfounded anyway.
    b) You do have my system – but have failed to grasp how different the arrows and rules for entry are.
    c) You don’t fully understand the Black Dog system yourself as you claim the arrows have the “same settings”.

    With the significant differences between the arrows established we can focus on the similarites.

    As you say, the similarities between the system are the 15 EMA, 50 EMAs and MACD; and the rule about not trading when the 15EMA is between the 50EMAs.

    There is a lot more to Quick Fix Forex than that; things that are very different to the freely available version of the Black Dog system.

    I’m curious how the freely available version of Black Dog on Forex Factory has not come under the same scrutiny you have given Quick Fix Forex here.

    I would like to point out that, while accusing me of “theft”, you admit to having a “free” copy of Quick Fix Forex.


  7. what are the odds of having the 50 channel, 15 ema and MACD and the rule about the 15 being identical with Black dog just by chance??
    What’s the name for someone who takes someone else’s work and peddles as there own?…

  8. Please stay civil here people. So far there’s been a lot of calling “thieves” with no real proof. Some comments I already had to remove.

    If there’s any copyright infringement going on here I will leave it up to the owners of the Black Dog System (or anyone else who claim their copyrights are being compromised) to send a proper DMCA notice to support [at] forexmachines.com and action will be taken where applicable.

    Otherwise please keep it civil.

  9. Oh, and using a Macd indicator coded by wolfboy – who just happens to have coded all the Black Dog indicators…very strange. The odds get longer! SUCH a coincidence!

    In response…
    a) I do have your copied system
    b) Fully grasped because it’s the same as Black Dog
    c) Fully understood

    The freely available BD system is used as a training system within the confines of our forum, members are advised not to trade it but simply learn the basics. Those settings are not used for trading.

    Yes I have your system but the difference between you and I is that I do not claim to be the creator and will not be making a quick buck off gullible traders.

  10. Who cares, the system is not great and gets you late into to trades. Too many false claims about traders doing well with Black Dog!

    They all use each other methods anyway!

    Learn to trade from S/R!

  11. Some wild claims here, the biggest by the “creator”. The world of FX is full of people fleecing others, but this is something else. Whilst I appreciate ADMIN have to be careful, there are far too many areas where the two systems are the same. The system is clearly a copy of BD, and no one will ever tell me differently.

    I have been trading with the original BD system for around 9 months. No one promised an easy ride, but every day my trading gets better and with the support on offer, this may become my full time “job”. Can’t understand the comment above, “they all use each others methods” – we all use the Black Dog method………..

    So, Mark, you may make your bit of money selling this, but can you sleep at night? I know I can, and so will the real creator of your system, Mr Dave Atkinson.

  12. Thanks for all the comments above, I find most of them to be accurate and true.

    Yes, I am the creator of Black Dog Forex. I have been directed to this page by a BD member to maybe offer my explanation. I accept, but I very rarely get into ‘differences of opinion’ slanging matches so this will be my only visit to this page and my only contribution.

    You keep referring to the thread on Forex Factory as a ‘get-out’ clause – that was also written by me. That version was in 2008 and is no longer used, it was a trial version for public consumption where most of the dialogue was by PM and e-mail. Even the latest ‘Original’ Black Dog is not used. We have far better. At last you admit to copying, at least, the original. Progress, it seems.

    You are clearly a Black Dog member who has decided to branch out on his own taking the same ideas with you although you will refute this. Mark Richard is undoubtedly NOT your name. Even Quick Fix Forex is copied from the Black Dog site.

    Our coder and programmer (who has done work for no other trading site) seems to have misplaced his indicators for use on ‘your’ method..!! There are just too many similarities with ‘your’ version – not just the colours but the shades of colours! The price! Everything in fact!

    Although, I admit, we don’t use the session timer – but then we know what session we are trading.

    I’m sorry, but I must agree with the other BD members above. Instead of doing a blatant copy and fleecing the trading public, why not become an affiliate so you can ”sleep at night”. I can understand why people become so angry with the, largely, unregulated internet. The day will come. I will not visit here again but feel free to e-mail me.

    Dave Atkinson

  13. Hi Mark,

    As I am not a real fan of MT and would like to try this method on another trading platform.

    Can you supply the indicator, QFF-MACDv1’s settings.



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