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5 thoughts on “Ultra Fast Profit”

  1. i just bought the ultra fast profit and really the software work very very good, i test on my demo account since 12:00 PM ( GMT ) and now its 4:00PM (GMT) i got 128 pips, you mst follow the rules i trade with 3 currency pairs and sometimes you must exit earlier to keep the highest pip or wait when the trend change the color.

    Please mr karl excuse those people who said your software is not good, i dont thing they do the right on how to use it

  2. Anyone else have any demo or live results from this indicator? Please reply with pip results/comments/etc.


  3. All his indicators are profitable but the problem is sitting in front of the monitor…

    Use this indicator for Option trading..30/1hour…u won’t regret…This indicator is great in 1 hr timeframe…For scalping it is best to use it during the london session…I don’t recommend trading after the close of london session…

    Use 50-60 SL
    Use 100 TP

    when you open a trade use .02 lot size…Once you reach 20-30 pips close .01 lot and let the other .01 lot run free with break even…

    When you see a long candles and you get a signal wait for retracement pullback [Doesn’t happen all the time]…

  4. This Karl introducing 3 paying indicators in a year and i suggest him to go for one unique indicator and help to traders. Previously I bought his BuySellwait Indicator and i never get any use of that. He simply making indicators by using simple MT indicators (EMA’s) and earning money. They getting large money in this commercial indcators and not on their tradings.

    I stop buying indicators and going with simple strategies with default MT4 indicators.

    Thank you

  5. Thanks to Karl it was one of the 4 indicators one could choose from as his christmas gift to us, I have tried it out on my charts and it works great, three winners in a row, I use the heiken ashi candles as a signal to exit trades and not the change in color of his indicator, The ultrafastprofits indicator works for me.

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