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9 thoughts on “Turbo Pips”

  1. Presently testing this product on the 60 day money back guarantee! Trades are coming in slightly, however 100% successful over only 2 trades! It is early days, initially I requested a refund because the system was not responding, however I have received my second witness, and it was positive! So I recanted on my refund and now wish to continue testing for the next 4 weeks, stay tuned!
    1, system is very slow to respond and appears ambiguous!
    2, vendors customer service, “Unresponsive” has the appearance of no care!
    3, vendors customers homepage has no functioning “Contact Us” link! Basically E-Mail goes nowhere.

  2. Hi all,
    Starting to test this product under the 60 day money back guarantee $27us. Once again another company using upsell packages, 1st one is monthly updates to the programme $77us once only charge and then another upgrade on the GU pair as it makes the most profit $47us. Will give it a try and see….

  3. can anyone trading this system advise what settings they are using for Lots, Stop Loss, Take profit, Percent risk, Trading Hours?

  4. I have been using the Turbo pips Main, Turbo pips Ultimate and Turbo pips GBPUSD for about two weeks now,it has been a little positive but be aware of those losing trades as this EA trades without a stop loss and so there have been ocassions where i have had to close the trades myself.
    Question to Forex Frenzy,what did you mean that you use DD to make more money.What does this mean,would really appreciate an answer.

  5. @ Saul when the trade goes into negative territory I add another small position and make my TP the entry of the first trade opened by the EA.

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