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  2. None such post from you were received. Also could you please not write in all caps? Makes it hard to read and makes the spam filter go nuts. Thanks.

  3. Admin.,
    Sorry for the all caps.Will correct.My missing post was not to this web site.It was to the vendor’s blog.Haven’t had a problem here.Thanks.

  4. It’s easy, scroll down to the bottom click on the affiliate link, and you will always know how many upsells there are.
    This particular one has the front end of $67.00 followed by a $97.00, and then a $37.00.
    Pathetic these people. Robots just don’t work. If they worked that well, why doesn’t everyone in the world making money on the forex market?

  5. So far 42pips up on a live account. 4 trades EURUSD and USDJPY. The back test to this thing is unbelievable.

  6. Just as soon as I hit ok..boom..eur/usd sell entry
    same with the usd/jpy sell entry
    Took down 46 pips on eur…solid trade
    6 pips away from jpy takedown at the moment
    Looking good so far on default settings
    ECN broker.not on VPS yet
    Running advanced EA as well

  7. Last night it took 2 trades.. USDJPY -9 PIPS
    EURUSD closed and a break even slit and the other half of the trade went for +25pips. Total profit dollar for dollar the EA broke even last night. Still better than losing. It seems to manage risk very well.

  8. Thanks r2ed r and Marty. It’s nice to have honest feedback. Are you using the initial or advanced version? Did you buy the upgrades?

  9. Sail..using both on 15 min charts..4 charts total

    in 2 sell trades @ 00:00 right now

    Will let you know how those work out.. GLTA

  10. Trying this EA on a demo account with $5000
    yesterday it took it up to $5778.50 in two trades. one buy one sell. the sell was made att midnight exactly on with my broker. 2010.12.02 00:00 and guess what. right now it has made another trade, a buy at the exact same time. 2010.12.03 00:00
    No trades with the usdjpy yet

  11. I only have the regular version. What does the adv version add? I never checked it out. Just took the reg version and ran from the upsells..LOL

  12. OK r8ed here you are

    The TurboPipSniper Advanced EA has a different strategy to TurboPipSniper. It trades alongside TurboPipSniper and
    offers diversification between strategies. The EA indentifies when the actual TurboPipSniper EA trades go into
    temporary drawdown and open a counter trend trade analyzed by its smart pattern and multi timeframe analysis.
    Turbo Pip Sniper advanced version offers hedging and bifurcation for TPS. Bifurcation enables the EA to maintain
    profitable results regardless of the type of market. It secures profit even if the market is range bounded and
    without any clear trend.

  13. Just back from Christmas shopping. Had a 1 pip and 7 pip loss on EURUSD buys closed out. Now in a sell w/3 pip gain. Market not moving much. Seems order management is working. I’ve some more tweeking and studying manuals to do. Haven’t used the advanced yet. r8ed I’ll let you know on the adv. I’ll bet you can still get it if you email support. No jpy trades yet.

  14. Hello guys, Steve’s website says that this EA trades on EURUSD pair, does it also trade on USDJPY ? is that due to any upsell purchase ?

    Reply me guys.
    Thanks and best of trading.

  15. hey guys, I m currently using megadroid on EURUSD pair, can I open a second chart of same pair and run Turbo Pipsniper , I mean one chart with megadroid and other chart with TPS.
    Will it work or both EA will conflict?

    thanks and best of trading.

  16. Ok..Good call Oloman. This EA does seem to only take trades on broke time 00:00. It seem to scan the market for the trend and then it opens a trade in that direction. If the trend is strong it will either:
    1. Open more than one trade on a single pair
    2. Once the first target is hit it will open another trade at twice the sl/tp as the first trade. (exmple 1st trade tp/sp 10pips 2nd trade tp/sl 20pip 3rd tp/sl 40pips) and so on and so on.

    Where this EA shines is in the money managemnt. It some how know when to take some profit or loss off the table to reduce your risk.

    Now on to the trade. It took 1 trade USDJPY for 10pips+ however it open 2 trades at the same time. Also it only let 66% of my lot size hit the TP target and closed out the rest manually. Stil number for number it was the same target.(not sure why) Anyway still not bad at all.

  17. Has anyone seen the EA open a trade for anytime other than 00:00? We know it seem to open a trade as soon as you attach it to a chart but after that does it open trades independent of the 00:00? From what i can see the 00:00 trade is the windup for a bigger goal.

    If the 00:00 trade only thing is true, than the back test shown on the sales page are bogus. I still think so far it is a decent EA but why lie about the result if you have a good product?

  18. Marty,
    Just seen your post. Thanks for the info. If the EA continues to perform like it has I may have to invest in the adv version. Thanks again!

  19. Your welcome r8ed

    Took a loss of 52 pips on a sell eur/usd ..1 lot 520.00.

    Not sure why it let the trade go to sl yet.

    Did anyone purchase the 37.00 extra manuals and if you did was it worth it? I don’t think my settings are right even though I am using the default settings. I better study up some more. The standard mans are fairly vague though

    Odd thing..the unique Id numbers in my adv tps in the upper right hand corner are the same for both eur and jpy but not in the inputs….Any thoughts anyone?

    Sure would be nice if someone posts some advanced inputs that rock….GLTA

  20. I did purchase the manuals and video. Interestingly, they are for another EA!. However, after watching and reading several times I basically understand the optimization procedure. There still are variables in TPS that I don’t totally understand though. I’ve emailed support for an explanation.
    I’m only trading EURUSD and had 3 bad with 1 good fill so about even. The good fill was a result of the non-farm payroll news release so I might have just been lucky.
    One of my questions to support was whether to stay with the dynamic processes of the default settings or to optimize. I asked this question because optimization set my s/l and t/p at 60/90 which seemed a little wide. I currently have TPR and TPS_adv up on EURUSD and waiting.
    I appreciate the dialog.

  21. Pip Rider uses the Gartley (Zigzag) indicator, and is a copy of the free EA funyoo did in 2009.

    The Pip Rider vendor has just copied this free EA and is trying to promote it by posting messages on different forums under different names.

    Do not buy this EA, it just encourages further scams. If you have bought it go for a refund.

  22. The Pip Rider guy has published several scam EAs, including Forex Torpedo, and none of them have worked.

    Save your money, this one will lose too.

  23. Ok guys , I bought the EA and ran it on both pairs.
    It gave me 9 pips profit on USDJPY (short) and 27 pips on EURUSD (long). Interestingly it opened up two long trades on EURUSD and close one before TPL and one at TPL. The other thing surprised me was I found the charts closed when I came home from work. this is something very much surprising and I m asuming that the EA closed the charts as the markets closed. all other charts were open.

    Marty, any comment on this …


  24. Sorry BKFX, I disabled my EA this morn thinking it might open a trade today and carry it into the weekend. Interesting though, I wonder if it will reopen itself. Should have left it on to see if it does trade on Fridays
    ? Did anyone have a trade on today….

    Still not sure why my risk man is not working. I think it has something to do with .. tps_uniqueid in adv and the unique_id in the standard ea
    Could anyone clarify these settings

    Gotta Go…Post Later ..GLTA

  25. just got an email for the turbo pipsniper from the guy in manchester saying you need no experience thats me less than a novice lol but interested though i do not understand all the comments can someone tell me if it works and should someone like me get involved? If not how do i learn about all this? Thanks for any help cant save this page for some reason so hope its ok to put my addy on in case i get a reply lofatmat99 @ aol.com

  26. lofty450, this can be a risky endevour and you should only use capital that you can afford to lose. If you haven’t already, I suggest you do some study to find out what forex is all about. If you do purchase Turbo Pip Sniper use it with a practice account with a forex broker for at least 2-3 months before you try something live. It’s not a get rich deal even though Steve G says so. Just my two bits worth.

  27. Good day all,

    I did buy this EA last week (both of them)and trying to optimize it this week-end. I was able to do a good job with the standard EA but when I’m trying to do some back test against the TPS_Adv, I received no data within my report.

    Was wondering if any one of you were able and successful to back test the TPS_Adv.

    Thank you

  28. Morty thanks for ur post,
    I m still surprised that the charts were closed by itself as market closed and all other charts were open. Anyway will see if it opens the charts by itself today. will post more as it goes.

  29. Dan:
    It does not appear that you can back test the TPS_adv. I tried also and got no data….On the journal tab, it warned you have to run the TPS_adv WITH the regular TPS. Since you cannot run two EA’s on backtest at the same time, I doubt we will get to optimize the TPS_adv.
    I have not much luck on optimizing the TPS. What settings did you come up with to help you?
    One of my problems may also be the broker platform. I use FXDD which has a chart time of GMT + 2. All trades are centered around 00:00 chart time, so my trades are calculated and entered 2 hours before GMT chart time, and there is no GMT offset on inputs. 2 hours is a lot of time difference and my trades will differ from others I am sure. With this time difference, I was entered on a sell trade Friday at my chart time 00:00, and because of the late push upward in price, it nearly blew up my account!! Same with the day before.
    No help either from support. Has anyone tried to contact them and gotten an answer?
    Also, if you have both the TPS and TPS_adv, do you run them on separate charts of the same pair with different key numbers or the same key number? The manual sent with the EA’s is sorely lacking………

  30. El Bee, to let you know, my broker is gmt+2 aswell and it has made one trade a day on eurusd only for 3 days. 1,2 and third december. two long and one short. all winners. the EA is on original settings without any changes. 1 lot. every trade has had 0.5 lot taken out after between 10 and 20 pip and left the rest to target. Hm. apart from the first one I remember now. I closed it manually because even thoough I’m on demo now I tried to behave as I would have done live and this the very first trade that opened as soon as I dropped the EA on the chart took out 0.5 lot after 24 minutes and then it got up to 76 pips after more than 11 hours… and I had no idea where it was going.. the other trades have had sl and tp written in the order. I also wrote support asking how to change for 4 or 5 didgit quote and recently Steve G answered that the slippage should be changed to 3 from 30 if you are on a 4 didgit quote. now thisw is on demo. my experience tells me that things behave different on live account even though some tells it is the smae thing.. we will see…

  31. Marty – thanks for telling how the TPS adv. works. sounds like a clever idea to have a hedging ea. But then again.. the price may bobp up and down around the entry price many times for small changes.. what happens then? a lot of slippage and spread losses? I don’t quite get how it works. but I’m interested in buying the rest. advanced ea and the optimize thing. hmm.. what is that about?

    r8ed – good point about the back test sales list. all different traded hours there.. might be bogus then.. but is anyone surprized?

    I use a laptop that is on day and night and it heats up and sounds like an old corvette. I think I need a VPS service. any tips for a cheap and trustworthy service there?

    Best regards – good little forum this.

  32. Oohhhhh.. my first usdjpy trade! opened as soon as I opened the metatrader program! 9 minutes after midnight on sunday night. sl and tp both 29 pips in the order.

  33. As I said, I opened MT4 9 minutes past midnight.. does this mean I don’t get a eurusd trade today? since they all previously opened at 00:00 hours..

  34. Oloman, VPS is not advised at all mate. Rather do urself a favour and get a desktop. If u dont have a choice apart from a laptop then spend less hrs but stay safe.

  35. 2 trades EUR take down 0.2 lots time of trade 03:04
    JPY still in 0.2 lots ” ” 05:13

    EUR buy @ 1.33814 out @ 1.34195

    JPY buy @ 83.697 Target 82.964 time of trade 05:13

    wooppppsss…JPY takedown Buy in @ 82.697 out @ 82.841 time of trade 03:07

    All trades done by bot

    sorry for mess…gotta fly GLTA will post again

  36. Good stuf Marty, I didnt get any EURUSD hit, but got 24 pips 0.5 lots on the USD long. TPS is working good so far.

  37. Currently, I’m using the TPS and it seems like it will trigger a trade at 00:00 and also when you first installed the TPS. But worst for me is that it will trigger immediately each time you restart the MT software so I’m not sure this is a impulse trade (usually BUY EURUSD). No response from steve yet for advice.

  38. Has anyone had problem with tech support ? I’ll email twice and no response from they and it been more then 72hr since. They we send you a reply that they we get bk at you in a 24hr but nothing yet πŸ™ it make me wonder.

  39. Dec 6th TPS took 2 trades both on USDJPY. Both trade were taking at the same tiime. 00:00 I think this may be a broker issue and not the EA. Anyway it closed out in profit. It split both trades in half when they closed.

    TP4-still open trade

    So far this EA has only closed out in the neg once for me and the day it did it was still in profit. Also i am trading live no demo.(This works for me for psychological reasons). It seem to be trading differntly for most of us which makes it hard to figure out however profit is profit. I’ll take it!

  40. Mornig all. Ok, these are the trades the bot made since I made changes to the Id #s. If you are running the standard version on both EUR and JPY change the Id# completely ( all 6 digits) on either the eur or jpy Do the same on the adv version as well. Also make sure that the input tps _ uniq

  41. sorry wrong button

    The tps_ uniqueid input is the same as the standard version for which currency pair you matched the adv version to

    Here are the trades since the changes

    2010.12.06 03:04 buy 0.20 eurusd 1.33814 1.33433 1.34195 2010.12.06 04:43 1.34195

    2010.12.06 03:07 buy 0.20 usdjpy 82.697 82.434 82.964 2010.12.06 05:13 82.841

    2010.12.06 05:13 buy 0.10 usdjpy 82.841 82.434 82.964 2010.12.06 09:48 82.964

    ? Anyone know if this bot will work on multiple accounts?

    I will post more as I learn what this thing will do. GLTA

  42. Also note that the 03:07 trade in the JPY did not hit t/p 82.964 but was taken out early at 82.841

    I think there is more to this bot than meets the eye

    We have only just begun to find out…..GLTA

  43. Marty, thanks for that. I had virtually the same trade on the jpy today. It closed half (0.5 lot) for 15 pip or $92.33
    and then got within 2 pip of tp of 82.995 but then went down and closed for a 7 pip loss or $ -44.17

    Q1. why did it not close out early in profit like yours?
    Q2. have you seen the adv. ea in action? what has it done for you?
    Q3. in a setup video Steve changes the last didgit of the id only for the second pair… why all six according to you?
    Q4. If I se that the price comes within a few pips of tp but don’t have the momentum to push through, is it ok to close it manually or does it affect the ea in any way? I know , daft question but anyway..

  44. at 00:00 hours i got two buy trades, one in eurusd and one in usdjpy… they look like contrary pairs.. one goes down the other goes up.. hmm.. not a good idea.

  45. I dont understand one thing and that is that all the sellers below are recommending the new EA and the seller of that new EA will tell that all other EA in market are just junk software. Are these all brothers?

    Robinhood fx
    revolutionary fx
    Turbo pip sniper
    Pips 4 idiots

  46. Lol, i think so Oloman.
    I mean how can u run all these EA (which most of them work only on EURUSD) on to one currency ?

    Or else these brothers are thinking that we all traders are stupid?

  47. My eurusd buy at 83084 is just about to hit stop loss..now minus 253$ Would the adv. EA have protected me against that?
    please help on that point.

  48. haha.. Bharat, does that mean that you have bought the pips4idiots then? I know I am tempted to but as you pointed out. I’m a EA sucker and I know that I am.. just got two though.

  49. No Oloman, I did not and I think I will not do that for sometime. I bought Megadroid first and that has always satisfied me but u know that Megadroid does not take trades more often so then I bought TPS to accelarate my profits. But I have been receiving email from all these sellers stating that the new arrival of “XYZ” will change the world of Forex trading and bla bla bla…

  50. Hello people,

    The 00:00 hr is also triggering orders for me – not quite sure why at this point.

    Oloman: Q3: True, the manual mentioned that if you are running the EA on EU, set the unique id to default and if it is also running on UJ set it to 244012. However, the manual is silence on how to set-up the tps_uniqueid within the TPS_Adv. Help is welcome.

    Q5: You can close any trade manually, it won’t affect anything.


  51. El Bee,

    Sorry for late reply. My optimized settings are as followed:

    Lot: .2 (just a risk thing)
    ATR_stoploss: 2
    ATR Period: 13
    ATR_Shift: 3

    With those settings I’m able to reduce the drawdown % to an acceptable level.

  52. Oloman: comment to your post on contrary trades. Usually when one goes up the other will go down. However, TPS entered me in buys for both EURUSD and USDJPY at 00:00. The yen dropped immediately for an 11 pip loss and closed. If it had been a sell I’d be in big bucks. Have not seen TPS_adv work yet.

  53. My trades today

    2010.12.07 00:00 sell 0.20 eurusd 1.33167 1.33585 1.32751 2010.12.07 04:16 1.33014 30.60

    2010.12.07 00:00 sell 0.20 usdjpy 82.637 82.760 82.502 2010.12.07 04:36 82.671 -8.23

    2010.12.07 04:36 sell 0.10 usdjpy 82.671 82.760 82.502 2010.12.07 06:06 82.502 20.48

    still in a EUR trade.. came within 2 pips (while I was sleeping)…and yes Take money off the table and into your pocket..call it a managed fx account if you will.

    I changed all ID#’s… EA didn’t recognize just the 1 didgit change the Man says

    Dan…how to set-up the tps_uniqueid within the TPS_Adv… I explained it above in another post. It must match ID# of the currency pair you paired it with

    Just waking up ,sorry GLTA

  54. Hey Marty. How’s your settings if you font mind on TPS? Would it be different for others with TPS or can we input the same setting?
    Thank you

  55. Yes you input the same– here are mine
    standart tsp id#

    eur default 244011 Jpy 110442 (changed)

    Adv TPS ID#’s

    EUR default 133122 JPY 221331 (changed)

    TPS_adv ID 244011 JPY 110442

    Hope this helps

  56. Here’s more interesting info. I have backtested EU from 1 Sep to 1 Dec and out of 99 trades, 52 were taken at 00:00. No wonder most of us are seeing trades taken place at that time (quite normal I suppose).


  57. keep us posted Dan, thanks buddy.

    I m probably the biggest looser today using TPS. $1000 lost on Demo and $100 down on live account.

    All the trade today on Demo are loosing trades , I dont know why. I have only changed the Unique ID. Is anyone else a looser like me today?

    Thanks guys.

  58. to Bharat

    You this checked?
    “scaleout” and “scalein” must be:
    4 digit droker – 100
    5 digit droker – 0

  59. To follow up on Dan and some others. I agree the back tests look great. I started running the reg version (i bypass upsells) after launch. Now I got happy feet. I mean to be honest it wasn’t moving so I opened and closed meta trader.
    Well thats not good idea. I ran it on a live account $100 with it set at %5 risk and .01 lots. I prefer to test this way, I do well trading manually and have a few ea’s that are good with this. In the first 48 hours, now remember I had happy feet, it made 10 trades, for a net loss of -136 pips. So I sent an email to support. I got a reply!!! 3 days later. Basically saying that it was the 5% risk/stop loss that was getting me. OK I took off the risk (set it to “0”. Trading USD/Euro tonight. I passed on a 27 pip profit, and took a 35 pip loss. So to date, its down over 170 pips. Now all this is well and good, but I get this email talking about Pips 4 Idiots. (well I must be , because I was already running that too). I noticed on their site they promote Automated Pips by Jeff Osborne. You can read my reviews of that one here on that ea. Automated pips is the same garbage thats sent many a folk to the poor house, but this is from the folks against that, and apparently supported by our dear Joe at pip sniper.Honestly I was just going to write it off and continue trading manually(successfuly) but Marty and Red had such good reports I had to turn it on again to see if I was wrong. I mean hey maybe my 5% stop loss messed it up…. Nope Sorry. I’m going to let it run, its either going to make a profit or bust a $100 account. I will post my final verdict as i always do. Cheers,,, John

  60. Excuse me for mistake! This it is necessary to read so:

    to Bharat

    You this checked?
    β€œscaleout” and β€œscalein” must be:
    4 digit broker – 100
    5 digit broker – 0

  61. **Canis**

    thanks for ur input Canis.
    my broker is 4 digit and did u mean that both these parameters should be set at “100” ??

  62. **Canis**

    I never noticed that, both these parameters shows “0” in mine and ya let me go through the manual again.

    Thanks budy.

  63. just a by the way, don’t you think they should bother to mention that “slippage thing” in the “how to” I mean really, I almost missed it. 3 rather than 30…, also since it looks like toast i’m going to run Dan’s optimizations, see if that helps. BTW I hit very consistantly manualy trading, and I’m not doing well right now, December stops and all. Just so you know , you can’t always blame the ea..
    Then again who launches this time of year lol, cheers….John

  64. oops again.must be tired

    eur lot of.1

    must use risk management folks

    1000 dollar acc you should be trading max .1 mini lot per trade. greed will take you out quickly

  65. Hi been reading all the comments and like most of you my ea has only made trades at 00:00, i have asked for support on this but no reply. On the scale in scale out situation if you set SMM to true the ea does this on auto also it then closes trades with out reaching stop or take profit if it thinks it needs to

  66. one other thing today it opened 2 buy signals on my demo account and 2 sell signals on my live account, Is it just guessing i wonder

  67. Hey all.in the display inputs if you change the moveleft from 20 to 140 it will move display more to center out of the way of near timeframe data. Doesn’t have to be 140,100,120 150, all will work.

    just for fun I installed on GBP/usd..15 min chart.Says it is unsupported currentcy pair but put on a trade anyway…hummm. Anyway the market came down and took me out on s/L by .7 pip. Going to leave it run for awhile and see what happens. Funny, if not hit sl, would be up 25 pips right now. Go figure

  68. **CANIS**

    soon after the changes the first trade USDJPY -25pips. But it has not hit any other trades after that. will keep you posted as it takes more trades.

    thanks Canis.

  69. Dec 7th it made two trades Eurusd and Usdjpy. Both lost. Took trades on 00:00.

    usdjpy -10pips
    eurusd -12pips

    For me this is the first lose for profit i’ve had.

  70. John – you wrote:
    “I ran it on a live account $100 with it set at %5 risk and .01 lots”

    where is the risk parameter in the settings? or what is it called there? if you have lot .01 then TPS can’t split the trade. I think this is part of the “protect capital” theory.

    All my trades have been divided in two. first half lot to small profit and then other half rest to bigger profit or small loss.
    my $5000 demo acc. is up 26.2% since 1 dec. 10 wins and 2 losses. It’s a bit too good to believe it would do that on live acc and consistently.. but one week testing is too short.

    I suppose the lot specified have to be “halfable”. ie. lot 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 and so on..

  71. sorry bad, just me and nobody else.If you have read my posts you already know I have put up the trades the bot has been taking. I have the Megadroid bot to which I shelved the first week on live acc. I’ll never run a bot on a live acc without fully testing the sheeeet out of it first. If you have some input that some may find of value, great.

    Here are todays trades..Note..had 1 hr EUR chart running along with the 15 min EUR chart. testing 1 hr time frame

    2010.12.08 00:00 buy 0.20 usdjpy 83.464 83.277 83.657 2010.12.08 01:25 83.562 profit

    2010.12.08 00:00 buy 0.20 eurusd 1.33044 1.32670 1.33418 2010.12.08 01:48 1.32670 loss

    2010.12.08 00:00 buy 0.20 eurusd 1.33052 1.32670 1.33418 2010.12.08 01:48 1.32670 loss

    open trades as of right now

    2010.12.08 01:25 buy 0.10 usdjpy 83.562 83.277 83.657 83.534

    note the EUR trades @ 044 AND 052 i THINK WAS BECAUSE OF RUNNING THE HR CHART so it doubled up. I do not know for sure because I have been gone all day. Removing bot from the 1 hr chart. Will toy with that later.

    Also of value– JPY/USD trades have been for the most part spot-on. Anyone else getting or notice this?

    Oloman, I have not had my lots slit yet…Interesting…will have to pay more attention. GLTA

  72. Just took down the jpy trade.

    2010.12.08 01:25 buy 0.10 usdjpy 83.562 83.277 83.657 2010.12.08 06:33 83.657

    please note that I do not take out trades early, move sl or tp targets. Bot does it all…

    Going to try this….set EUR to 0.01 lot and JPY to 1.0 lots and see what happens…will post

  73. Hey Guys.
    wich scale must be at 100
    scaleout_atr and scalein_atr
    scaleout_pip amd scalein_pip
    please help
    Thank you

  74. Edwin mine are set @ ( on both EA’s )

    scaleout_atr 0.5
    scalein_atr 0.0

    scaleout_pip 0
    scalein_pip 0

    I have nothing scaled at 100 except max lots

  75. ***Canis***Marty***

    I have still stayed in loosing streak today with 3 trades all loosers. Money management has to hit in for me now as Marty said.

    Hey Marty, my broker is 4 digit and I will really appreciate if u could share ur settings.

    Happy trading guys.
    One more thing, did everyone received an email from TPS maker saying that he is giving up against P4Idiots EA. New EA is backed up by all previous EA makers very strongly, is this one association of EA makers …..

  76. My 1 lot trades:

    Eurusd buy 1.32614 and stopped out at 1.32227 for $337 loss.

    the USDJPY buy 83.510 exit 83.698 for $224.62
    OBS bot went on without splitting the trade.
    I also tried the 1hr trick and put a bot on the USDJPY 1hr chart and 0.2lot.
    It did the same usdjpy trade as above but split the trade in 2 for $10.89 and $22.46 with 0.1 lot each.

    and therefore I conclude that I got a 19 pip loss today apart from the little 1hr chart trade on 0.2 lot

    Now I wonder – would the advanced EA have protected me from this over 33 pip loss on EURUSD today?

  77. Both eurusd and usdjpy were buy trades. I didn’t think the usdjpy would go so I closed out early for 2 pip loss. I then watched as it went to the t/p level. Note to self. The eurusd bought at 1.3249 & split/closed at 1.3265 for 16 pips. I closed 2nd half at 1.3268 as it was coming down for 19 pips. Note that there was a sharp drop just before TPS opened the trade and there was a bounce back that helped.

    Marty: the manual says to change the scaleout_pip/scalein_pip settings to 100 if you have a 4 digit broker.

    My settings:
    lots ?
    auto_lots 0
    max_lots 100.0
    slippage 3
    unique_id XXXXXX (put same in TPS_adv)
    stoploss 0 (0 is dynamic setting)
    takeprofit 0 ( ” )
    atr_stoploss 1.0
    atr_takeprofit 0
    scaleout_pip 100
    scalein_pip 100
    scaleout_atr 0.5
    scalein_atr 0.0
    scale factor 2.0
    My optimization settings suggested 60/90 for s/l and t/p levels. When they were set that way the s/l was still dynamic and much lower but the t/p was always at 90, which I think is too high. The dynamic settings are around 25 to 35 and I like that.
    I’m learning to trust. Time will tell. Good luck.
    P.S. BadV, go somewhere else.

  78. BHARAT
    I’m running on a ECN 5 digit broker that allows scalping and hedging.

    It may be your broker that is the problem. If you don’t mind,who is your broker?

    It is very very important that your id# are correct,double check. bots will be confused if wrong.
    slippage should be 3 for 4 digit broker…try setting that to 30.
    auto_lots should be 0.0
    limit parameters…0,0,1,0
    hedge and bifur…..true

    I’m just learning myself how this bot should work.
    I noticed that the jpy trade is hedging only half that of eur lots. note post above of a test change of lots sizes.
    I will be playing with that for awhile,maybe .4 eur and .8 jpy might give the right % hedge…I don’t know yet

    also check that you have only 4 check marks in your common tab. Make sure the ( confirm dll function ) is not checked

    You may have to remove bots, close down the charts and then reinstall everything

    Gotta go 4 now…GLTA…will post trades when they come

  79. SAILMAIL I will get back to you…sorry gotta sleep now
    will reread the man for a 4 digit broker

    And Edwin..your quite welcome

    Oloman… I took the same hit

    This is going to take some time to figure out folks
    All of your input is much appreciated…THANK YOU ALL

  80. Hello Marty Sail Bharat and others. interesting conversation this. Could someone please clarify the Advanced EA thing? what exactly is it supposed to do and has anyone seen it in action?

    I looked at tha pip4idiots page on this site:

    it was not a nice reading. 3 upsells and monthly subscriptions and advanced EA and all… lot of discrepancies in the proof pages and so on.. makes me a little nervous since they all (inkludin Steve) promote it. probaly cos’ it’s a moneymaker for the affiliates…

  81. I’ve seen enough. Due to a power outage TPS of course placed a trade when it came back up. -70 pip loss. Then on its 00.00 trade it split a buy and sell, took 35 profit and 70 loss. I’m happy for any of you having success. But its far too unstable for me. Down over 300 pips since launch. So far Pips for Idiots is 2 for 2 wins at 20 pips, but remember its got a huge stop loss. Since this thread is TPS I will leave further comments on that thread. But TPS gets a “no buy” vote from me.

  82. Can any one tell me why the robot in the demo is nothing like the one you purchaced maybe this robot needs to get up to speed but in the demo no trades were made at 00.00 and this bot has only one time frame it dosent scan the market looking for trades it takes its 50 50 shot once a day please tell me iam wrong and that this bot will come around to somthing worth useing

  83. Edwin,
    I use the default setting. Haven’t changed a thing since i started using it. I’m with a 5 digit broker (MB Trading)

  84. Marty

    Thanks for paying attention to my concern.
    my broker is Investtechfx. They have special rules for SL and TP. If ur trade is within 15 of SL/TP, they will not let u touch the trade. I mean u cannt literally close the trade or modify ur SL/TP. I asked them about this and they said that thats the rule and thats how they work. I dont know if that means “No hedging”. I think that is why TPS behaves funny????? I dont know if this broker is ECN or not ?

    The settings are exactly as u have suggested apart from the slipage which I will try with 30. I just had 2 trades at 00:00 USDJPY both winning. I did set it at 0.05 and 0.1 so the winning is not that huge but still its winning feel πŸ™‚

    Other thing I have noted is that the UJ becomes aggressive if ur lot size is higher (1.0).

    Thanks once again and will let u know what happens after the slipage change. Let me know if u know more about my broker.

    take care.

  85. Scott

    what I felt same when I started using this EA but then u will see the difference if u live this thing on I mean leave ur platform on and let it collect the history. Thats why the maker suggests that try using this EA with smallest lot and let it get familier with ur broker. Let it run 24/5 and with the smallest possible lot (just avoid huge loss) and see if u notice any change in its behaviour.

    I never purchased Adv version of this EA so sry I wont be able to comment on that. and yes they all promote each others product man, probably its a money making for all of them. Its kind of association of brothers πŸ™‚


  86. Both currencies came out buys again. Yesterday they both went up but I would rather they came out opposed. Today was the perfect example.
    JPY buy at 84.13 closed @ s/l 83.94 for -19 pips
    EUR buy at 1.3249 split/close 1.3270 for + 21 pips
    I closed 2nd half at 1.3262 for +13 pips. Market stalled and I’m happy with smaller positive gains. Overall 25% loss. I will close JPY early if they come out buys again and are trending strongly.
    PS There was a rally to EUR t/p levels 5 minutes into the trade. You never know.

  87. Marty

    what did u mean by Correct ID#s,

    was that about Unique ID or Currency ID ?
    If u were concerned about Unique ID then I have those set up as explained in the manual, but if u were pointing towards Currency ID then I dont knw how to find that out?

    Could u pls focus on this ?


  88. Thank r8ed. has anyone try the TPS with 1hr. setting. it been taking some trade for me, got +33pip today about 9:33am today and thats good πŸ™‚

  89. Edwin

    I got same +33 pips devided in two trades one hr earlier then ur trades. 17Pips on 1hr chart and 16 Pips on 15m chart.

  90. Edwin & Bharat, did TPS open those trades by itself while running or did you open the program thus starting the trade?

  91. Sailmailman

    To me my comp. is running 24/7 and those trades were opened by TPS. But as I said if u can disregard everything about ur broker being 4 digit / 5digit and load TPS with no changes at all, TPS will perform very aggressive. I m checking that out today on my demo and it has took 3 trades , all winners including one Edwin mentioned.

    same trade it took in my demo also but I closed it manually as a part of my study. I m also feeling that if u modify TPS trades manually or close them manually then it may get screw up ur next trade. I m not too sure but I m looking in to it and will let u guys know once confirmed.

  92. Bharat, I’m going to take your advice and just leave TPS on with 0.02 lots set up and see what happens.

    Edwin, that’s what I thought. I haven’t seen TPS make any trades except when just opened or at 00:00.

    I would be nice if TPS can learn over time and then make opportune trades at different times like on the website examples.

  93. Took two hits today
    Sell eur
    buy jpy
    both hit s/l

    both say 12-9 oo:oo

    funny thing is that in trade journal trades are 12-8 11:o1 but at that time the market was not close to the entry points.

    Q: why is there not a GMT offset….anybody? could it be that Steve overlooked this small but important tidbit.

    Not sure what to do at this point.

    Bharat….yes the unique_id

    I may uninstall all

    here’s another odd thing…in left hand corner it says.
    Experts are disable! Enable experts from tools->Options->Expert Advisor. EA is happy in all 4 charts…hummm

    This will not go away. I’ve tried everything except remove and reinstall…

    Does anyones trade journal match your trade history for the time of trade?

  94. Marty, something like that happened to me awhile back. In MT4/tools/options/expert advisors under Enable Expert Advisors is a tick box for “Disable experts when the account has been changed”. I must have changed something in my account and this box was checked. I now leave it unchecked and have not had another problem. Hope it’s that simple.
    My journal entry times are within 7 seconds or 16:00:07 PST (my time) which is 00:00 GMT.

  95. thanks sailmail
    Food for though…the adv ea says looking for counter trade…hummmm Ok what happens if you pair the standard verion in the EUR with the adv version in the JPY– match id’s….well that’s what I just did. Thought is how can it look for counter trades if it is paired with the same currency….so I changed it. Guess I will see what happens…also nobody has seen the adv version in action yet so…..maybe Just a thought I would test out…will post findings..maybe I had it wrong all along..GLTA

  96. Marty, I copied this from the Advanced Manual: “The EA indentifies when the actual TurboPipSniper EA trades go into temporary drawdown and open a counter trend trade. You need to deploy the Advanced version in a separate chart with same Currency Pair (EURUSD) and/or (USDJPY) and same timeframe (M15)”.
    I’m not sure what temporary drawdown is. Maybe it’s an over-leaverage situation? It does say the same pair though. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with your test.

    I think I had been running the Strategy Tester with all 4 windows open. This time I had just the EURUSD window maximized w/plain TPS and checked “visual mode”. It’s visually going through every tick for the time period I chose. It shows the trades TPS opens and closes. It’s pretty cool. It may do the same thing w/o visual mode checked but it may be learning more too. You may have already known that. I’ll be more inclined to leave it alone now to do its thing. GL.

  97. I’ve used tps for a week, it made many trade, it uses 17 lots of capital but only give me a total loss of -12 pips. This EA can make winning trades but it also can make many loss trades. You have to watch the trades and close those are losing. I think better trade manually. Just Requested for refund. I agree with oloman. All those EA traders make use of our email address to get affiliate commissions although the sellers are saying that their robot are craps. I think that all of them are thinking we are all craps who buying their craps.

  98. Dec 9th..


    This trade was taken when i removed the EA and than re-attached it. Of course it open a trade right away.

    Does anyone know how to get it to take trades at times other than:

    B:removing it and than re-attaching EA to chart

    I’ve notice that some people are getting trades at times other than the ones I listed above. How are you getting TPS to do this?

  99. r8ed r

    I have noticed that it takes trades at 00:00 and then again exactly after 12hrs which is after 7AM EST. I have seen trades between 7 to 8 in the morning which are all in profit and since last couple of days trades at 00:00 are negetive.

  100. You are not going to believe this..gotta laugh..thought I was going insane did you…well now

    My trades– 3 out early, 2 hit T/P here ya are. These are the last 5 trades as of right now.

    2010.12.09 10:25 sell 0.10 eurusd 1.33069 1.33320 1.32818 2010.12.09 11:23 1.32949

    2010.12.09 11:23 sell 0.05 eurusd 1.32949 1.33320 1.32818 2010.12.09 13:50 1.32818

    2010.12.10 00:00 buy 0.10 usdjpy 83.666 83.489 83.839 2010.12.10 00:29 83.757

    2010.12.10 00:29 buy 0.05 usdjpy 83.757 83.489 83.839 2010.12.10 05:00 83.839

    2010.12.10 00:00 sell 0.10 eurusd 1.32415 1.32802 1.32042 2010.12.10 05:21 1.32267

    and I thought I was losing my mind. Going to leave running through the weekend

    unattended trades, all of them. Want to really see what this bot can do before I manipulate ongoing trades. My setup of the EA id#’s is ..well…nuts…and that is the outcome so far..have a great wk end all..and GLTA

  101. If you have asked a question of me and I have yet to respond, I am sorry. I have had very little time to devote to this. Working nonstop, with very little sleep. Please try and understand…Thanks

  102. My USDJPA is not trading at all anymore.. dont know why.

    EURUSD for 9 dec: 1 lot straight to 37 pip loss

    EURUSD for 10 dec: 1 lot split to
    0.5 lot +14 pip winner
    0.5 lot -32 pip loss

    Marty your EA is trading not only at 00:00 hours?

    My standing question: Is anybody using the Adv EA?
    HAs anybody seen it work?
    Has someone deplyed it on to chart and it has not worked as it is supposed to?

  103. Marty, good for you! I just changed mine.

    I’ve put TPS on two other platforms and optimized. It’s really different on every one. They all have different historical data. I think I’ve got a general tweek. Will let you know how things work out.

  104. sailmail—-my tweek with the ids and charts may be a fluke.
    Going to leave as is for the coming week. Your tweeks should be interesting, look forward to info.

    Took hit on eur. that 05:21–hit s/p by 1.5 pips. will post the loss later. Off to work

  105. It seenm that the EUR loss was an extention trade.

    2010.12.10 00:00 sell 0.10 eurusd 1.32415 1.32802 1.32042 2010.12.10 05:21 1.32267

    It re-entered the EUR at 05:21 1.32267 with .05 with the orignal t/P target of 1.32042 (as above) hit s/L at 1.32802
    Could it be risk management at play here?

    Also of note, not sure what to make of it yet.

    2010.12.10 11:59:55 ‘40016668’: order buy 0.10 EURUSD opening at 0.00000 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Trade is disabled]

    2010.12.10 11:59:58 ‘40016668’: order buy 0.10 USDJPY opening at 0.000 sl: 0.000 tp: 0.000 failed [Trade is disabled]

    Any ideas, anybody? Wonder what this week will bring. GLTA

  106. in 2 trades right now

    buy EUR, JPY both @ 03:02

    Bharat—-run as fast as you can from Investtechfx. Any broker that will not allow you adjust trade ( within 15 of S/L or T/P is insane.) Just my opinion of course.

    I can even trade inside bid/ask if I want. I can also hedge in same currency pair. Double edge sword but allowed. US brokers will not allow this, against rules.

    Also this or any bot will run and act differently with each broker. You may or may not get the same trades I do. I also have my setting inputs tweeeked against,opposite of what the manual says to do. I will post my trades as they unfold.

    Also eyeing Leo Trader Pro. Looks like it is trading GBP/usd as well as the EUR. Could compliment TPS.

  107. note, both trades @ 03:02 have sl and tp from entry of about 50/50. Anybody else have that? As of now, still in both

  108. Marty

    Investtechfx is also wiered sometime. If I have a micro lot trade placed then they let me fly like a bird. Minilot I m allowed to modify if the sl /tp is min 7-8 pips away and in standard lot the sl/tp should be atleast 15pips away.

    Canadian Gov. is banning the forex traders to open accounts outside of Canada very shortly and that will either make canadian based brokers very happy. I dont like Oanda’s platform and they dont offer MT4 anyway.

    Anyone has any suggestion about any trustworthy broker in Canada?

    These guys r now promoting Leo Trader after P4Idiots.

    Happy trading guys.

  109. My broker will allow Canadian accounts but the commisions will kill you. My brother lives in BC and so I am aware of your problem. I will see what I can find.

    will not purchase pips4(….)

    Leo may be the real deal,but again test,test and test some more. Only reason for me to run bot is no time to trade. Looking for weak spots in this 1. EA’s should be renamed to MABA=MEDIOCRE AT BEST ADVISORS. It’s all about the money.

  110. Bharat–check out fxcentral.com commissions are high but…no requotes,nano sec fills.Bit lacking info on website

  111. JPY trade hit s/l 83.906 by .003 pip at 83.903 Low so far 80.902 Thought the s/l was odd in its placement. If I was managing the trade I would have moved it lower to around 83.800 Market still may go there and would/could have ended up with a bigger hit against acc. I think that is 3 or 4 trades to hit sl by 2 pips or less and then reversed. hmmmmm

  112. TPS hit me with a s/l on buy on e/u with -20
    Let see about Mr.Leo what it brings to the table.
    the sale day is on Dec.17

  113. since I made the tweeks on 12/9 using .1 and .05 lots so far ( as of right now )

    losses 26.75 16.09 1.20 16.10 = -60.14

    wins 12.00 6.55 10.86 4.89 14.80 8.40 9.40 25.64
    = + 92.54

    difference of + 32.40

    Also note that I am paying high commissions on these trades that are already taken out of these numbers. Per lot traded
    24.00 1.0 lot
    2.40 0.1 lot
    .24 0.01 lot

    emailed support, have Q’s

    Not ready to trash this one just yet. Want to see what the rest of the week brings and the answers from support. GLTA

  114. The 00:00 hours trade feels like a complete potshot at the time when the price is just nagging sideways at slowest pace. perhaps it calculates history and direction over the previous day but it still is a chance. Perhaps with a small upside to the positive over the long run. The killers are the trades that hit sl with full lot. ca 20-40 pip loss right away. Now my eternal question. does the Advanced EA protect from those drawdowns? Are the promotion results shown produced together with the adv. EA?
    all the best.

  115. Marty
    Support never answered my questions. I wish u all the best.
    Had one trade in demo (+7.5 pips), two trades open as of now with profit.

  116. Oloman,I will know more once support gets back to me. I am running the adv ea as well. Hang in there. Just started to test this.

    Bharat, again hang in there.I have asked support some important q’s. There may be a misprint or 2 in manual.

    Did you notice my trades after I made some changes. 2 or 3 of the losses just nicked my s/l and the last eur trade was up 16 but than came down and hit s/l. Again ,it took profit out early and reduced lot size by 1/2 on a re-entry with same s/l and t/p for the loss

    Just for kicks I logged onto Leo live acc. Watching a trade right now in the gbp. Interesting 0 losses, don’t know if it is being manipulated or not at this point. Will watch closely. FinFx charges a lot less in commissions than my broker does. Looks like ECN with only a 500 deposit. Will have to check out

  117. Good on you Marty for emailing support. Look forward to your test of Adv. EA.

    I checked the Leo live acc aswell. the only Q:s I have there are the trades closed without hitting neither tp nor sl(trailing or not). It looks like a scalper – fine with me. But as with TPS, I’d rather have an EA or something making 10-20% steadily than one that claims over 100% monthly. that would make all punters millionares in less than a year and that’s not plausable…

  118. Oloman, granted 100% is crazy. If all else fails-punt. Got the 2 platforms up and running. Will be interesting to see the EUR trades from both bots. No more trades from TPS to post yet. Funny thing,I am just looking for a bot that does just that , around 20% monthly ave…consistently…all I want for christmas is…

  119. Marty, when you say “the 2 platforms ” what do you mean? I suppose 2 separate windows of the same currency pair in the same MT4 program?

    My TPS entered as usual at 00:00 hours and bought both eurusd and usdjpy… I’m trying to tell it thet they go separate directions… but the EA doesen’t listen..
    Anyway, eurusd went undivided to tp but usdjpy split and half eixited at 9.5 pip+ and other half went to sl at 21 pip loss.

  120. Oloman, opened finfx mt4 platform to watch Leo trades. It trades GBP/USD & EUR/USD. Still have TPS and TPS_adv runnig with my broker. Ok here are my trades today. No word from support yet

    2010.12.15 00:00 buy 0.10 eurusd 1.34173 1.33725 1.34605 2010.12.15 00:00 1.34164 -2.40 0.00 0.00 -0.90

    2010.12.15 00:00 buy 0.05 eurusd 1.34164 1.33725 1.34605 2010.12.15 01:22 1.33725 -1.20 0.00 0.00 -21.95

    2010.12.15 00:00 sell 0.10 usdjpy 83.412 83.624 83.200 2010.12.15 00:15 83.200 -2.40 0.00 0.00 +25.48

    note..in and out of first eur buy and then re-enter with half lots

    Remember, I have tweeked against what the manual says to do

  121. Oloman
    yes 4 charts total for TPS and TPS_adv
    2 eur and 2 usd/jpy
    my tweek—tps in standard version to eur 15 min chart. open another 15 min usd/jpy chart, install an advanced TPS and attach the adv TPS version to the eur standard version.

    then do the same with the standard version usdjpy and adv EUR.

    All 4 ea should have a completely different unique_id

    the 2 adv have this tps_unique_id. this # from that EA should macth the id# of the currency you matched it to.
    So I just paired a eur with a usd/jpy adv EA. and a usd/jpy with a eur adv EA. There is a reason I am trying this. Have made profit everyday since

    need to eval the eur loss..

  122. Marty,

    could u pls (if u dont mind) guide me to the changes u have applied against the manual. I m talking about standard version.

    It takes two trades at 00:00 and one of them is for sure loss. Surprisingly it didn’t do this in its first two days after it was born πŸ™‚

    Thanks, happy trading.

  123. Boys,
    just for fun I hooked up TPS to USDCHF pair on my demo and ignored the massege “unsupported Currency Pair”. It took trades within 10 secs. will let u know the result on that πŸ™‚

  124. Bharat—default settings in standard version. Only thing I changed is the lots… 0.1 and id numbers. It’s when you (attach the adv version) I did the opposite. I will get back to you…maybe have an idea on running only standard version

    I tried that with the GBP/USD and lost…thought ok, I’m not suppose to go there and haven’t tried since. Gotta leave the tweeking alone for awhile.

    also of interest…went through all losses (put trades up on chart) and it seems the S/L (odd placements)if widened just a tad would have prevented at least 5 losses so far..need answers from support…

    eval the last eur trade..up 18, back down to S/L. Trailing stop would have been nice.

  125. Marty

    also, TPS standard does not scan more then 3hrs and 40 minutes or let me round it up to 4 hrs at the most which is I guess ok for 15M chart. those who r running this EA on 1hr chart be careful, more chances of lost trades on 1hr chart. Again this is my study on this EA only , not claiming 100% correct, I might be wrong.

    Happy trading all.

  126. One trade today att 00:00 hours Eurusd long. at 1.33787
    went straight down to 1.33372 and hit a 41(!) pip stoploss for -410$

    that erazed the last 4 positive trades and took the 2 day old accountdown to minus.

    Marty – I’m confused by too many numbers on your statements.. loooks like -0.9 and -21.95 and + 25.48 (dollars not pips I presume)
    Can you confirm that the Adv EA did its protective job? does it make a trade in the same currency but opposite direction?

  127. Marty, et al: I tried the ID# switch but it didn’t work for very long. I got an error code on both advance versions so I went back to the described setup. I’m very disappointed. All last weeks trades came out both buys. Monday was a buy/sell and today was sell/sell. I’ve lost much more than I’ve gained. I just don’t trust it. I’ll try it for a couple more days but if it doesn’t start performing I will ask for a refund.
    Incidentally, I’m testing another EA that looks very promising but I will need to go offshore because of US hedging restrictions. I will keep in touch. Leo looks pretty hot. I’m going to wait for awhile.

  128. Bharat–do you mean you can only see 3 hrs and 49 min in charts? confused..right click chart then zoom out maybe..not sure what you mean sorry

    Oloman–yes dollars
    Can you confirm that the Adv EA did its protective job? NO, nothing in journal or on the charts that make the distintion between the two EA’s trades. If running only the standard version, has it ever instantly came out of a trade and re-entered with i/2 the lot size? If not then I might presume that the adv EA is the one doing the trade or modifying it. The adv EA always says searching for TPS counter trades.

    Does it make a trade in the same currency but opposite direction? No, it will not put a buy and sell trade in the same currency pair. That type of hedging is not allowed with most brokers unless you go offshore (non US).

    Sailmailman—I have not got an error code…yet. Yes,it is very fustrating I know. Support still has not got back to me. Going to use up my 60 days and if I still cannot make this thing profitable..well ya..refund. But until then I will continue to tweek, probe, test and all that rot.

  129. Last trades:
    Sell 0.02 lots EURUSD -34 pips at s/l -$6.80
    Sell 0.02 lots USDJPY split 0.01 lot 10 pips $1.19
    0.01 lot 20 pips $2.38.
    P/L -$3.23.
    The saga continues.

  130. Lorenzo

    The TPS will keep working but u will not be able to obtain any future update and that means after some time / weeks / months TPS will be there for no use for you.

  131. Boyz

    Try this on ur DEMO (not live)

    TPS standard on USDCAD with all defaults except the U_Id #.
    Change the last (Sixth) digit only on the U-ID and let it run. Put it on a 30M chart. Count the total trades in 24 hrs and then count the profitable trades out of those and let me know what do u think.

    Not to mention,

    Avoid the “Unsupported Currency Pair” warning in the top left corner of the chart.

    Again, try this on DEMO only.

    Happy trading

  132. sailmailman

    its 50-50. But the thing I liked was that the loosers were in a smaller lots (0.2 & 0.3) and the winners were 0.5 &0.6 lots. Lots also decided by EA. All I have changed is the U_id# rest all are defaults.

  133. Interesting. How many trades?
    How have your EURUSD and USDJPY trades been doing?

    I’ve set my TPS at .02 lots because I don’t want to take large hits on a live account.
    Todays trades:
    Buy .02 lots EURUSD 25 pips $5.00
    Buy .02 lots USDJPY -16 pips to s/l -$3.81
    p/l $1.19

  134. In the spirit of testing I’ve replace the USDJPY with GBPUSD. At least it and the EURUSD should be going in the same direction most of the time. Will let you know.

  135. Sailmailman

    today I had same as urs. Demo was looser though.
    Overall upuntill today, my demo is $2300 down , thanks to TPS and my live account is down by $135 again thanks to TPS.

    There is a problem in the settings and I think thats what Marty is waiting to hear from the support.

    Let me know ur results with USDCAD.

    Happy:) trading

  136. 4 losses. Two were negatives carried over the weekend that were trending positive but I apparently closed them accidentally while I was loading some new software/rebooting for very small loss(bummer). Two new trades hit s/l’s: Eur buy -40 pips and JPY sell -14 pips. I can’t win:(

  137. Bharat–nothing from support…..very disapointed……..TPS all over the place………..I could not in the my right mind put this bot to work on a live account…going to request a refund…sorry folks…I will however still try to make this bot work….If I had time to manage this bot, I think it would be very profitable in the long run. If I hear from support it might be a different story…stay tuned

  138. One trade on EUR buy 0.02 lots (my set) at 1.3119. Closed .01 lot at 1.3131 for 12 pips the other half at 1.3144 for 25 pips. Wheee! Huge positive spike, where did that come from? I did set parameters back to default. No changes from back testing/optimizing. JPY did not trade. Neither did it with Leo Trader Pro. Interesting or coincidence? Anyone else?

  139. Marty

    request a refund from clickbank and ur ticket will be converted in to tech support for first time. Thats when u can reach them quickly.

    I have requested a refund on this bot , I cannt work with this bot man, it trades like what I was doing in my first week of trading. πŸ™‚

  140. Bharat– I hear ya. Maybe sailmail has the right idea. Back to default settings. Most of the losses for me have come because the S/L has been to close. The ave true range setting puts the sl and tp in some odd places. If one were to adjust these to a more technical placement I think it would perform much better.

  141. TPS will always give SL and TP around 23 – 30 pip on EURUSD. If we look and think carefully, 23 – 30 pip only to SL, will that consider big drawdown for TPS_ADV to kick in? I don’t think so. So the term ‘drawdown’ in the manual probably mean if your account have a very small amount of money or the size of lot that opened are ridiculous.

    Regarding the common SL and TP for EURUSD around 23 – 30 pip, when I do backtest using the default setting, atr_stoploss = 1, atr_takeprofit = 0, the SL is far-far way, more than 100 pip and the TP = 0. How come on the demo / live account, the SL and TP are totally different? I’m getting doubt about this EA.

  142. Had a good split trade on a sell USDJPY. The first half for 5 pips in 4:33 hours and 12 pips the other half in 7:35 hours. When I went back to default settings I forgot to change the unique_id #s so only one set traded.

  143. Boyz,

    TPS rrefund has arrived safely. Bye bye TPS. will see how u guys doin with LTP and then will jump in to it.

    Happy trading all.


  144. LTP?? read somewhere its just a trade copier…

    For u guys that still TPS, good luck… and if already running demo or live for sometime, try to run backtesting using same setting and period… u will see its totally different…

  145. I got my refund on the third request – so much for the “I will give you a 100% refund INSTANTLY” guarantee on the web page. If it looks like a scam, smells like a scam and feels like a scam then the chances are it is a scam.

  146. I got my refund from Clickbank after second attempt. They refered it back to support but I just didn’t have confidence in the EA.
    Just too small of profit and too many losses to continue live.
    Thank you Forex Machines.

  147. Hi All,

    I bought this product but whenever i add TPS to the EURUSD or USDJPY chart it says “equity protection % set 70 power off stop loss on? False starting lot size: 1:00 i dont know whats going on as no trade has been opened yet.. emailed the support but they dont care to answer…. plz help….

  148. Hi there folks,
    Thanks for your invaluable inputs. I guess I am lucky as I have good experience with TPS with default settings only. No changes. I have now bought the Advanced version and will inform you after trying out your settings.

  149. hi Jowe,
    I get the same reading, but have adjusted the lot size to .05 I think your problem is that your lot size is not supported by your account balance. Thus no purchase. Try smaller lot sizes and if it works work your way up. It always works within minutes of putting it on the charts. BEST OF LUCK.

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