Triple Threat FX

Triple Threat FXTriple Threat FX is a Forex trading course by a veteran Forex trader and coach Todd Brown. Besides teaching trading strategies, the course has a lot of focus and the trader’s psychology and mindset – very important aspects that are often overlooked.

Some of the methods that Todd Brown teaches:

  • Market behavior from a macro perspective and its relation to market movement.
  • Anticipating market actions by identifying the trend, momentum, and trading range in multiple time frames.
  • The most effective way of trading support, resistance and bounces within a trading range.
  • Trading the openings from regular conditions to gap-ups, gap-downs and runaway gaps.
  • The importance of repetition and programming your mind to take action based on prediction.
  • Avoiding early exits from strong moves.
  • Trading high probability intra-day patterns, enabling you to trade in the right direction, and allowing to optimally size your positions.
  • Trading the divergence model.
  • The proper trade execution with entry and exit points, stop order placement, scaling positions and risk management.
  • Projecting the “Probable Range” to identify profit targets and quick pop trades.
  • Identifying trends with standard technical indicators, determining the “Trend Life” and “Projected Targets” using “Rules of Projection”.
  • Different entry tactics for the best possible fills even in fast-moving markets, avoiding slippage.
  • Effective methods for spotting false signals and breakouts, how to avoid high risk setups.
  • And more…

Triple Threat FX is a big and comprehensive course, and the price of it is also accordingly big. The exact price wasn’t announced yet but it’ll be in the range of $3-$4k, which is definitely not for everyone.

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  1. Hi, I would like to know who your broker is, I need to set up my account. I am thinking of going with Ninja Trader Zenfire and Mirus. I am Canadian, and currently use TD Waterhouse. I have little trading experience and no currency trading history.

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