Triad Trading Formula

Triad Trading FormulaTriad Trading Formula by Jason Fielder is a Forex trading system consisting of several trading strategies for beginners and advanced traders alike.

Triad Trading Formula gets its name from its ability to trade in 3 types of market – trending, choppy and breakout markets. It’s designed to adapt the trades to whatever the current market is.

The system consists of these trading strategies:

  • Swing trading – a strategy that takes 10 minutes per day to set up and adjust, and is able to produce near passive income
  • Laser Scalping – a scalping strategy for short term profits
  • Trend Finder – a strategy to identify and trade trends
  • Squish Squash – a strategy for trading in choppy markets
  • Target Breakout – a strategy for identifying breakouts

Each strategy is explain with step by step instructions and examples. The instructions include the exact entry and exit conditions, as well as money management rules.

The Triad Trading Formula package comes in form of DVDs and manuals to your door (it’s not a digital product), and it also includes a membership site with support and community of the Triad Formula owners with extra resources, videos and extra trading strategies.

More details:

  • Cost: $1,997 (or three monthly payments of $797)
  • Currency pairs supported: All major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: 45-day money back guarantee

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6 thoughts on “Triad Trading Formula”

  1. This silly Triad has been around for a year. After lying low for a while this Fielder feller is trying to hawk it again. Not only is the product expensive it will bankrupt your trading account. I am speaking from experience.

  2. Well, that was the first version, now they’re releasing Triad 2.0. Maybe they’ve learned from the mistakes and can do better now. We’ll see.

  3. I honestly thought this is a good system but now you are saying it isn’t?? I know there is no holy grail formula but is there anything out there that one can implement and know you’ll make consitant profit long term?

  4. Looking for an honest, unbiased review of the Triad Training Formula 2.0 Has Jason Fielder ever been recognized or interviewed by a major business magazine for his work?

  5. Do yourself a favor; and please listen. Stay away from Fielder and you’ll save time and money money

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