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3 thoughts on “TradeVantage”

  1. This is pretty sad. All the technical problems and promises of great returns, and everyone so far has shown negative results. And, even if these negative results are drawdowns, it’s way too much for my tolerances and money management. I thought it was too good to be true. The examples shown in the sales pitch, show points of entry and exit that are too perfect, almost like back-fitting rather than actual live forward results. And, like others have asked, where’s info on how it works, other than just saying it operates as a “neural network” ? I was told by a ‘live chat person’ that I would be able to purchase the system thru the end of April, and that obviously was not true.

    I almost purchased this product too, until a nasty chat person just cut me off in the middle of a chat session, when I started asking questions about when the 30-day trial began & ended, and what was required to get a refund. I’m glad I did get cut off, from what others have experienced so far, especially with TradeVantage removing from the members site the “negative traffic” that Barry, from another review site, mentions about all the problems traders are having. Too many red flags.

    Hey! I’ve developed a forex trading system I’ll sell you and it won’t cost you near what they want for TradeVantage. It works almost perfectly on back history! Only problem is, you will loose your shirt if you trade it live! Sound familiar?

  2. I have since furthered my research on TradeVantage and you really need to read some real hardcore reviews from Forex Peace Army one of which is a professional reviewer who has posted documentation about how it is a “MAGIC REPAINTER”! Make sure to check both reviews & forums. He even goes further with reporting it as a possible SCAM.

  3. I requested a refund for the product on 4/18. I hope I receive my money in the 3 business days that they told me. Since 4/15 thru the present the trades are running at 59% losers. Total pip loss at 2013 to 1074 pip gain. Not anything close to the 87% wins they advertised.

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