3 thoughts on “The Forex Millionaires”

  1. I couldnt stop laughing when i visited http://www.theforexmillionaires.com/.
    I am amazed how much effort this guy put into making fake statements and fake pictures. He has 3 statements posted on the webpage.
    1) The very first statement date says “Oktober” instead of “October”. How come this Asian guy’s statment date is in German when FXDD is a US Company ?
    2) How come he buys/sells large lot sizes like 10 or 15 when his account funds/balance is good enough for only lot sizes of 1 or 2 ?
    3) That skinny ass friend of his who gives a video testimonial looks like suffers of anorexia or hunger. Looks like he picked up one hungry poor man from the road and paid him to make a fake testimonial. His command over the English Language Sucks big time. Best of luck to him in Trading.
    4) This software is being sold through Plimus and they are very very famous for NOT honoring the money-back policy.
    Only buy software from clickbank ( And no,I am not a clickbank affilaite getting commission for promoting clickbank)

    Reader’s Beware !!! NO Forex system in this entire world will make you $685,555 in one month with only $500 start-up.
    Always walk away from claims such as these coz if it were true they wouldnt be selling it.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks Prateek, it really was a good laugh. Looks like young kids are now joining the the older crooks like David Morris in stealing our hard earned money.

  3. hahaha…what a good laugh…i am a professional graphic designer turned trader and have noticed a lot of the pictures have be edited badly…colour matching is so bad too….this is a scam.


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