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8 thoughts on “Straddle Trader Pro”

  1. Been using this for 2 months now. A very good system and actually make a fair amount of profit. 1st week on the month usually has the big ones. Though you have to make sure that your broker allows you to enter trades during news releases. I have read alot of people unable to profit from this due to slippage and news freeze during time of data release. It really isn’t the software’s fault but ur broker. Just find a good broker and you will profit from this for sure

  2. Oliwand, no it is not. Lately only losing trades. Some people was even margined out. I know because I purchased it, and I regret. If you want to be nervous, get out of bed in the middle of the night, lose money, you must buy this software.

    in the three months since i purchased this product i’ve set up about 65 times not had a single entry. always some error message or slippage problem, also if i setup more than 5 minutes before news release time. the thing would close other orders in unrelated currency pairs, even when properly set up. MAYBE THAT’S WHY THEY DON’T GIVE REFUNDS

  4. I know I waste my money on the straddle pro, only person seems to never have broker problems is people selling that crap. We need to Banned and strike against this $2000 Bs software, that comes out every other month people. I have $5000 worth of software I couldn’t trade it or sell it for A dam bag of chip and some dip. All software for forex should have a 90 day try before you buy. And they complain about piracy! what about these thieves $2000 dam dollars never again. And the bank crap for proof if they have no withdrals showing 99.9% it fake.

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