StealPipsStealPips is a Forex robot created on the idea of diversification among short and long time frames. That means it works in two modes – trades frequently every day and trades safer in the long term by making less trades.

The diversification used in this EA doesn’t end at the different time frames, it works on two currency pairs to increase the diversification even more.

Steal Pips system employs two proprietary algorithms – APAR and TULD. The former is an Automated Price Action Recognition is a set of algorithms that analyze and forecast short and long term price and market behavior. It doesn’t use any indicators. The TULD algorithm (Trend and U-Turn Points Detector) is used to recognize market trends and identify market turning points.

In addition to that, the system is able analyze fundamental market scenarios and adjust to them automatically.

Other features are pretty standard for a Forex robot. It’s fully automated, supports 5 digit and ECN brokers, includes broker protection, money and risk management system.

The back-testing results provided for StealPips, although it omits the drawdown or winning rate and it shows some considerable losses, the average win is higher than then the average loss during the period, and that’s an indication of a well capped strategy. The live trading statements are also included but they are very short (1 week) to say much and don’t even have a losing trade which would show how the EA deals with it. It is, however, obvious that the system moves stop loss to lock in the profit for each trade which indicates good risk management.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back

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48 thoughts on “StealPips”

  1. I am sure that this Stealpips EA is a scam. The person behind it is the same person behind the USDBot scam.

  2. I purchased this EA this afternoon and had it installed in just minutes. I am not sure where the reviewers above got the idea that it can be used on 2 different pairs? The manual only states to use on the USD/CAD pair on the 4 hour chart. No mention of any other pairs. Also they talk about a conservative and and aggressive trading option but there is no option to change to either in the EA? Anyway… after 6 hours still no trade so I will leave an update if/when it does start trading.

  3. That information was provided before the product was released to affiliates. Though, looking back to it I think I might have misinterpreted it and it’s an internal feature rather than a setting. But it clearly mentions two currency pairs, so I dunno what to make of that, unless they mean an upsell.


    Diversification across the short term AND long term: the robot works on two different timeframes:

    Short time frame – trades frequently, large quantity of trades, more dynamic and intensively “lives and breathes” the market.

    Long time frame – more “solid”, safe, with lower frequency of trades.

    Works on two currency pairs, which offers even more diversification.”

  4. Thanks admin… I received an email from their support today. Apparently the features you mention above come in the advanced version which is an upsell they offer AFTER you have already made your initial purchase of $97. Imagine that? Why don’t they tell you this before you purchase? I don’t know. But that also explains the conservative and aggressive settings thing. And the 2 currency pairs that I mentioned in a previous post. I have this running on the USD/CAD pair now for 16 hours and no trades so far. I have a funny feeling I am going to be requesting a refund already. I will give it a fair test of a couple weeks anyway.

  5. Have the standard and advanced version, no trades on the short time eg 1H currencies.

    Had a loosing trade on the long term 4H USD/CAD.

    Will have to keep an eye on this.

  6. i Just bought the steal pips system on Friday April 2nd, 2010 but haven’t seen a trade yet on friday hoping one tonight or tomorrow to see how well it performs ill give it 2 week test as well or ill be requesting money back I also purchased the newer version of megadroid the same time and haven’t seen anything hopefully i find out soon or i will be requesting money back for both systems

  7. I purchased stealpips when it first came out and they claim that his 10 different acount that he has made boat load of money,I have a feeling he is using a different EA,but I have not seen a singel trade and I purchased the advaced as well, I emailed support three times and still no answer. I am really disappointed at them.

  8. Steal pips maybe steal your money,the latest 9 live accounts show the first 5 taking a trade as soon as they were funded. All 5 accounts are within 2minutes of each other. After 4 days I still do not have a trade. Looks very fishy,if no trades by end of week will ask for refund.

  9. ame as Phil here, I have put the stealpips running but still no trade even 1 single trade.

    I keep checking my settings everyday and re read the manual to make sure nothing is wrong. Any feedbacks from anyone? My other robots have trades. Will keep an update.

  10. Still waiting for these so called trades to materialise.Have emailed these people twice, and same old thing check you settings;steal pips will only trade when the conditions are right.

    I will give it another week, and than see

  11. Like many of you I purchased this robot and still waiting for a trade to open. I will give it until Friday.

  12. This is SCAM.

    not yet trading

    I purchased StealPIPS EA and also purchased StealPIPS Advanced EA. and I ask for them the Advanced EA’s results.

    and I got an e-mail next:

    Hi ,

    I didn’t understand your question.

    We don’t have the Advanced EA’S results yet. We are working on it, and it will be on our website soon.

    StealPIPS Support Team
    Ticket Details

    don’t have the results!
    it’s crazy!
    then,why this product sell?
    and.. yesterday, I refunded this.

  13. Great reading comments re: Stealpips..I also purchased on 31st March…with the Advanced addition…Also with Hosting VPS…no action at all..but the easter break has disrupted the market….I will check everyday to see any action…I also had the EA installed by….A lot of time /effort/and money just to get it going…still no TRADING……’IS Anybody Alive OUT THERE!’ Cheers Chris.

  14. I purchased Reservoir PIPs yesterday, and I installed it demo account. $154 take profit. so I install it my real accounts.

    StealPIPS refunded.

  15. My StealPips EA ‘Crashed” never traded a thing,,support blamed everyone help! Have cancelled the whole setup…….JUNK!!!!!!

  16. OMG,,,,thanks for your comments about stealpips… i was going to purchase the robot but from what i’ve just read,,,i think i’m gonna stick with fapturbo and megadroid,,,thanks.i felt like it was fishy,,, but i did’n believe it,,now i do,

  17. Finally after 4 days my first trade on the 4H. Profit 106.94 on a 5k account.

    I’ll hope a lot will follow…

  18. This is an absolute crap! Now, they are sending email saying they will stop selling the EA soon. This is the same marketing tactics other vendors (or they are all the same) are using to lure us. Read the analysis at to see how this scammer is trying to get money from us

  19. After further investigation, I have decided to get a refund for this Stealpips EA. Apparently, this is the same scam and author for USD Bot EA. No trades, basic indicators used, no proper money management as promised (misleading information from the manual and selling page website). Support only good when you query about their product but not after buying the product.

    I have also investigated that Forex Invincible to be refunded as even their Advanced secrets that cost $77 also will make your balance $0.00 in no time. Cannot support 5 digits broker (manual setting but not available in our settings), no ECN trading. Hope my honest review is helpful. Take care www.

    Sourced based from many EA experts both demo and live account.

  20. No trades with StealPips for me either.

    I only bought it to get the free EAs from the MegaDriod people, but I never got them either.

    Avoid anything affiliated with the Megadroid people.

  21. Well I bought this as well and have it installed on a 4 digit broker. The first week I had it on nothing but the second week tried something different and changed one of the settings. The one setting that I changed was the confirm DLL function calls and I started to get a trade and it is right up 20 points. It is trading on a mini acct. So far so good but will wait and see how it goes.

  22. Hi , I purchased the EA stealpips, but never it do not want to enter any trades. after more that 16 days nothing. I do not know why. All setting is perfect.

  23. Ten days – no trades! Have the smiley face and all is set correctly. The support people are nice but are just reading the same info I have in the manual.
    Keep your money!!!!

  24. Stealpips is real crap. Had two trades. One ended in loss and one in profit. Lets see how it trades next week.

  25. Bought StealPips about 1 week already and guess what? NO TRADES! Fired 2 email and a robot replied with the same ‘refer to manual’ thing. Another funny thing is, I’ve currently tried multiple EA(s) and running perfectly and bringing profits accept StealPips! Already ask for a refund just now. I thank God I’ve found you guys here. I thought I was alone. I bought their EA because it was recommended to Megadroid(a renowned EA) customers. But then, what else can I say…

  26. yeah i was suckerinto the steal pips too ,i ws wondring if any one had trades the first two weeks i had a hard time getting the vps guy to setup the thing,,,, i thing the forextrading direct borker was in trouble with the law not keepig accurate books and such. i hope that isnt the same broker ,, he didnt keep enough money in the pot to keep him on them on the upa nd up . anyway i figured they run their business the same way websites do we are a statistic and if we are scuccessful or not they make money on purchase and on refund some how,, it matters not to them if you make money or not,the only thing they want is you to buy and get a refund either way they make money,,whata scam
    the same as with big business and the politcans dothe same thing, are we dum or dumber,?

  27. One trade on 1st day and now nothing for 15 days in both Steal Pips and Steal Pips Advanced.
    How do I claim my refund? I am new in this.

  28. Hi Gero,

    You can do that here

    I’d recommend to take full advantage of the 60-day guarantee, though. I see people jump the gun with refunds giving very little chance for the EA to trade. You can do that, but you can also give it a better chance and only ask for the refund with only a week or so left till the refund deadline.

  29. Purchased StealPIPS EA and also purchased StealPIPS on Advanced EA on March 30, I have 7 demos running,it only traded once on April 7, no other trades, it’s April 20 now!
    This is not working.

    I keep getting from support a “canned” email, you can read below: The market can’t be dead for 2 weeks, other robots are tradingm other than Steal Pips.

    Stealpips only looks for the best trading opportunities so a few days without a trade is perfectly normal.

    If it doesn’t spot a good trading opportunity it will not jump in and risk your money.

    To make sure StealPips is set correctly please do the following:
    1. Not all brokers enable using EAs by default. Please contact your broker and ask him to allow using robots on your account.
    2. Please click the “Expert Advisors” button on the tools menu.
    A smiley face should appear on the upper right side of your chart.
    3. Please go to tools, choose options, click the Expert Advisors tab and make sure that the four main
    boxes are checked. The secondary boxes should remain unchecked.
    4. Make sure that the robot’s settings are as the settings on the user guide.
    5. Also please allow Metatrader to work 24/5 so it can find the best trading opportunities.

  30. I did receive a message from StealPips:
    It was possible to get it for only 7 box !
    Crazy…isn’t it!

  31. Same here, Admin

    Traded on APril 7, and then no more.. on either the advanced or the regular version.. I’ll wait until 1 week before the cutoff and then refund.. they can’t say that I haven’t given it a chance.. I wsa also thinking that if it’s so picky.. I should be able to add more to my lot size.. (because of their VERY accurate algorithm!!)

  32. Exactly.. $7.. I can’t believe it.. but it’s true.. I just checked.. Last night.. it opened a trade on the usd/cad pair.. but when I saw it.. it had it asa short.. but it CLEARLY looked like a long.. so after an hour I closed it out.. but I forgot about my other demo.. and it lost $55.. so that account is now at $0 profit.. from the other usd/cad from Apr. 7

  33. You’re all going to love this…

    The site you’re talking about is for sale on Flippa. I’ve been researching it to determine the quality, especially because it’s completely new and already has a 22% refund rate.

    The biggest concern was how many more refunds are going to come through. And it’s now clear why they are trying to sell it within the first 60 days of launch.

    I will not bash a site without any experience with it, however I would recommend that each of you use this opportunity to leave a comment with your experiences to ensure that someone else doesn’t get taken advantage of in the purchase of the site. Not to mention, with change in ownership, you will have no idea what kind of support you’ll ever receive. BTW, I don’t like the fact that the $7 deal was never mentioned in the auction listing.

    This looks like a lemon of the century.

    You can find it here

    If the Admin prefers not to have a link, just go to Flippa and search for

    Good luck to you all!

  34. I purchased stealpips mar.30 it made 3 losing trades on demo (thank god it was demo) it lost just over $1000.00.Didn’t make a trade for 8 days I even downloaded and installed it on Forex Meta Meta trader Platform like they recommended.I e-mailed them ,told them it wasn’t trading ,their response was that it looks only for good trades so it doesnt lose your money. Long story short after -e-mails back and forth almost a month later it made three losing trades and the stealpips advanced made no trades..Im trying to get money back now

  35. Sorry to read of your bad experiences with the EA. I was thinking of promoting it for those who like that kind of trading.
    How much would you pay for REAL TRAINING to make 100 pips profit per week (a beginner’s target). Know without doubt, should you be looking for a short trade of a long trade. ?

  36. Listen im on your guys side about being frustrated with this all these robots are garbage do you really think by spending $97 your going to make thousands like they say. They are by selling their product. The affiliates marketing this crap on Click Bank are the ones making the $$$$ also. If you can learn to trade soley on price action and learn how the market behaves and study!! candlestick patterns and trade 4hr and daily you will succeed you may not trade as much but when you can catch a setup on these time frames they usually are big moves. Dont know about you but i like to manage my own money not some robot! Good Luck

  37. Hey Guys.. Please believe There are some great EA’s that work! Steal pips does work.. Here’s the catch.. It will trade, and double until it wins.. And I’ve been using it since it’s first day.. Sometimes no trades, very true.

    This is an solid ea that will bug u if it’s the only one on your account.. So I suggest you get another EA, and have this just there on your account.. Set it at 3% and remember, it makes safe trades, and cleans up the losses it makes, by doubling the next trade soon as it losses.. And if you can still get it for $7.. get it, set it.. forget about it..

  38. I’m going to help those of you that are going thru what I went thru trying to make money with ea’s..

    I will tell you which bots im using, and how to use them.. I read reviews on the bots I use, and see people writing horrible things about them, which means you won’t buy it, and not make the money from that robot.. That’s not fair.. So look for me to post the perfect formula for you to make big $$$ with Just Ea’s..

    Happy trading..

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