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11 thoughts on “Scientific Forex”

  1. The aggressive marketing of this product considering the no. of emails I got on it, scares the daylight out of me. Anyone tried it?

  2. Joseph, you are very correct, I think this will be the biggest scam, thousands if not millions of traders will fall for.

  3. boy i tell you another one again people will never learn.
    But i dont even wrong these sales people because they are
    getting richer and living good.

  4. I have never seen a more long-winded presentation on what appears to be quite a complex system. Almost all the standard indicators are mentioned. But here’s the real trick. Did anyone notice Christina’s Sure Fire winning trading account? Out of 80 trades for the month, just TWO trades took her account to 161% If not for these trades, which were carried for several days, the account would have only been up 12.4% !!! And it’s now reported to be sold out @$499? Am I missing something???

  5. I have been leary of this since it came out. All BS hype is what i am thinking. Perhaps it works but at 499$ it will never be on my computer. I will wait for the pirate to put it out for 9.50$ lol

  6. Hi people ) please don’t fall for it. trade yourself Eurjpy H4, when price is above MA 200 Buy only, below MA 200 SELL only. Take profit = Stop Loss. odds are heavily in your favour.greate rezults. I stopped paying any money to sleaky marketers after searching for the holy grain for 3 yeas, thats all B.S

  7. I bought it based on the 161% in one month. No one has really seen the details yet. I saw as pointed out previously that almost all the money came in just 2 trades. Am waiting for delivery. I will check it out. If it does not work I will simply as for a refund

  8. sure someone did buy it but all are very quiet no one had the gut too tell how the system perform????very strange

  9. I have not traded live with it, but I’ve spent this week watching DVDs and looking at indi combinations on demo. It is the most thorough explanation of indicators and how they work together that I have seen. There’s not really anything new, but the training of how the indies work together will make me a much better trader. Wish I had this 7 years ago when I first strarted to experiment with forex.

  10. Thank you Alexey. Your simple trading strategy seems to be a good one. Please clarify are you talking about EMA 200 , or SMA 200?
    I agree with you completely. No one should fall for any Forex system ad. Do not pay a penny to anyone. I’ve been trying my luck with forex for a bit more than 2 years now. I would recommend you to Google and forex strategies revealed website for valuable free forex stuff. God bless you all.

  11. I bought this system with the big release at the end of February. I was curious if it would live up to the marketing. I retuned it last week and received my full refund yesterday.

    I will say that the course material was very nicely done. The DVDs and course manual are a nice change from the ebooks and downloads that are usually offered with these systems and presents a thorough explanation of the system. There are regular online webinars that go over aspects of the system in greater detail and there is also a member’s website that offers members a place to ask questions and chat with other members.

    All that being said, there was nothing new in this system for me. It uses a combination of indicators such as RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands, with attention to Fibonacci levels. As a trading system, it works. They all work. They all fail. Success comes down to your own skills as a trader. For a beginner, this would be a good way to learn how to trade forex as a lot of basic information about the forex market is given along with good money management practices. For me, I could not justify the cost for a collection of material I am already familar with, regardless of how nicely presented. I boxed it all up and shipped it back to them and they issued my refund just 4 days later. Fair enough.

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