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9 thoughts on “Safe Trade Pro”

  1. Well, again repackaged product from same bakery with delivered Automated Pips, FX Retribution. Forex Cash BOT, Xtreme Pip Poacher and endless similarly marketed simplified software ‘products’.
    After spending some time to put it to function, it became obvious that nothing special worth waisting time is in this product.
    Like 99,99% of robots, there is particular algorithm that might occasionally make some gains (as well as make losses). In long run such systems are always loss makers, it strongly depends on market circumstances.
    Forget it.
    Money back works as butter through ClickBank in 2-3 days.
    In simple words: Safe Trade Pro is scam not worth anyone time.

  2. All programs work Curtis, its just how well or how profitable they are. Then there is the amount you pay.
    SRStrend rider has rave reviews, and “Funyo” + Forex will get you to a good forum. Funyo has programmed some bots that have been reborn as other bots IDed by clicking the “smiley face” on the MT4 screen when the bot has loaded—usually if it comes up with an option box–same as F7–it will be a hacked “funyo” bot. Manual trading—auto trading—courses—all available but as you can see there are people who churn out rubbish to make money and the “forex market” is large.

  3. actually i’ve bought virtually every system there is,i purchased Safe trade Pro off ebay for around £5 and so far i must say i’m quite impressed although early days,the upsells not available so far on ebay but if they do become available i will certainly give them a try

  4. I purchased the whole system, including the robot, put it on 3 demo accounts and not 1 single trade in almost a week. I will email them to see what their response is. It’s already looking like a refund.

  5. I’ve had it up and running for about 2 weeks. Very elaborate system for 1 or 4hr. Unfortunately trade arrows pop up about 7 candles back and a lot can changhe in 7 hours or so. I’m almost always asleep anyway when they do pop up and results have been mixed. Hasn’t been profitable for me so I’m going to request a refund.

  6. I am not in front of computer much through the week so I also bought the robot. Two weeks on six demo accounts and not one trade. The robot does not work. Refund!!!

  7. Denson – Please tell the rest of us how you got it to make a trade. I can’t find a way to contact the vendor except thru Clickbank. They will only say it works for everyone else and so far has denied my refund request. I bought the base ea a month ago and have not been able to make it work on my demo account or the tester.

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