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171 thoughts on “Rover North Forex System”

  1. Has anyone tried this Rover North Forex System? And what have you found? so many scams If it works great Can you help.

  2. I just purchased now. It is extremely simple and based purely on some moving average statistics. The software alerts and sets up trades for you, but they can be easily identified manually.

  3. Hi Jordan,

    I also purchased the system. It is extremely simple and I am sure it can be a very good system and profitable. For me personally I think I will return it as it is nothing extraordinary new, and I actually already trade another strategy similar to this with info I got for free from the internet. This is based on some EMA’s and as you probably know there are a lot of free systems out there using EMA’s as the main indicator for taking trades. So I do not criticise the system as I did not try it but like I mentioned, curiosity got the better of me and maybe I expected something way different. One thing I must just mention, and it is clear from the videos on the sales page, is that there’s no strict rules for placing a SL or take profit. Looking at the system I know how I will do it or apply Money management, especially taking into consideration I have a job, but even during the competition it seems like there were one or 2 big losses (trading without a SL) and closing it manually. The person mentions himself that he do not use SL’s or strict take profit rules.

    As there is a refund policy in place I suggest you give it a try, especially maybe if you are a newbie to Forex. I don’t think however for more experienced traders it will add that much, except if someone wants to maybe diversify their strategy portfolio a bit.

    All the best


  4. Well here we all go again!

    So I am another one who has bought the product and I’m going to thoroughly test it until it proves itself! One way or the other another you all get to hear about it! Give me at least two weeks from this date, best regards to all hope you enjoyed your CopyPastePips manual Megatrend.

    Best regards Bill, Fire the whole!

  5. I just start to use it for less than 2 hours, it makes good movement gain some pips.
    It’s a good system indicator that combined with automatic one click open trade.

    Hopefully it will makes more good pips.

    It’s definitely not a robot, it give you a signal indicator then it’s up to you whether you want to follow the signal to open trade or not, so basically you just need to click between yes or no button whenever a signal alert pop up to your screen.

    It’s good to give a try, at least you have 60 days Click Bank money back no question guarantee.

    The member area is also give you tons of information, it’s a professional one, unlike cpp.

    It’s created by a Malaysian art drawing teacher name Abdul Majid Bin Othman.

  6. I haven’t bought a system yet but waiting for more reviews. I am curious if it’s similar to Forex Rebellion system which gave many false signals, or this one is more accurate and filters signals much better.

  7. Kobus…. yours is a great post and from what I can tell rover is nothing special.

    The affiliates are pushing it hard because it is a monthly, recurring commission for them. That’s the way it is.

    Forget rover, people. You can learn to trade that well on your own without spending the money (please !!!! ).

    There are decent, completely automated systems out there. This isn’t one of them.

  8. Yes, I totally agree with Dave that there are too many affiliates pushing Rover. These same guys promote each other’s products.

    Mark McRae who is behind Rover conducted a similar competition a couple of years back and sold the winning systems just like he is doing it now. The winning systems then were also from Malaysians and Nigerians. Unfortunately, I took the bait and bought Mark’s first offerings. I was totally disappointed after all the hype.

    Like all of us in this group, I too am looking for the so called “holy grail” system. Have I found one…..? Maybe, I am working on it.

  9. I want to express infinite gratitude to Dave, Kobus, Trung and others for your honesty and time you’ve taken here. I’m totally new to forex. I’m scouring email offers and other places trying to understand where to start.

    I’ve been semi disabled and have little start up capital. If anyone of you can guide to free systems that will actually work and anything else~ I would be thrilled and relieved. I guess I should get a refund on Rover North and the other EA they sold with it due to the warning regarding beginners geeing at risk.

    Thank you again!

  10. I buy Rover North and after one day I have many signals.
    I did not use all but this Friday I use 11 trades and all
    Recommended set up only for 3 pairs but I want to know
    how will system react on different pairs.
    System is real simple and result 100%.Will see how this works in month.For this price i am happy.
    Much better result like with NetPick Ultimate Swing Trader.
    UST over price No money back guarantee just scam.
    You can’t go wrong with Rover and You have 2 months Money Back guarantee.
    I thing Rover is 5 Star product

  11. I have this sytem as well.

    I have done 13 trades in 2 days an all are winners.

    This is one of the best manual systems I have seen in the last 5 years.

    The semi automated EA comes with it is very good and helps you to place the trades instantly.
    (They might actually fully automate this later on and that will be FREE to all customers.)

    Yes I agree that if you have thye maual of this system, you can folloow it and use it manually by yourself, but just for the semi automated EA it is worth the money. I already made my purchase price back in one day.

    This is the one system I will probably not ask for a refund.

    As for using it on other pairs than the recomended ones. I would only use as max one more pair the AUDUSD. Don’t forget this is a scalper system and best to use pairs with llow spreads.

    TP for me is 5 – 10 pips and SL is at 30 pips. Even with these settings you will have much more winners than losers, so it will be profitable. Really only good to use this system form the opening of the Frankfurt market 1 hour before London opens.(During London and the New York markets. Do not use it during Sydney and Tokyo, market is very flat at that times and trades will take forever to complete.)

  12. IMHO, This system is simple and easy to follow for beginners and can be expanded on by more advanced traders and incorporate other systems/filters for bigger trades.
    Just follow some simple rules along with RN fx system s.a. Don’t be greedy (ie take small profits e.g. 10-20 pips per trade); use safe MM (ie risk small % of capital eg 1-3% per trade); be aware of big fx news announcements (can look on calendar); be patient, don’t jump into a trade if not high percentage; I would always place a SL (eg 30 pips) but can close out trade sooner manualy if goes against you or you are “uncomfortable” with it; setup your daily Support/Resist levels (free software for this – google it).
    Also, read free ebooks on basic forex (google it) to gain some understanding of what is going on.
    From my experience there is no holy grail, even if there was it would be misused by newbies/inexperienced traders(impatient and greedy) or abused by scammers (just plain greedy). Last of all find a simple system that works (sa this one), test it and see which time frame suites your style and stick to it.
    Bottom line, this is a basic system that any trader can use. You have 60 days to smack it about on as many demo accts as you like and one live account if you feel comfortable. So, come back here after a few weeks and leave your assessment if you decide to give it a go, like me.
    Good luck to all 🙂

  13. A note to those who are chasing Bill asking him to send the free indicator. Please do not clutter up the thread with unrelated posts. I’ll have to remove them. If Bill wants to send it, he will check back the copypastepips page. Please stick to that page.

  14. Alca and Frank…I agree with you both and think that you are right on …I believe that the users that are having issues are trying for too many pips per trade….be conservative.

    What brokers do you guys use? I see a lot of good ones out here now???


  15. Hi Marsha,

    Here’s a bit of free advice. Not so long ago, I too was new to the forex market, and bombarded with offers from all over the place. It seems as if you reply to 1 email, and get 20 more from people you have never heard of back! All of them tell you the same thing. Everything else on the market is either rubbish, fraud, or simply does not work! However the system they are offering has been developed, stumbled on, or secretively given to a loser who lost his life savings, house, car and wife and, miraculously has been saved by this one piece of good fortune which has made him a multimillionaire over the last six months! And, now, he is prepared to share this with you (and everybody else) for only $97! Boy, have you just got lucky? Or what?

    Take it from me, I have learnt the hard way. There is no easy route and no short cut. Sure, you can subscribe to a reputable signal service and make slow and reasonable profits. But here I would urge you to be highly selective, I know of only two which have produced regular and verifiable returns – and NO, I am not selling them – I will send you their details for free, and what you do with them is entirely up to you, I make no promises or guarantees regarding their performance.

    I would personally suggest that you start out your trading career with a deep understanding of what forex trading is all about. Google “baby pips” and ”Forex factory” and start there. Open a FREE demo account fron any of the hundreds of vendors out there (I personally use FXCM) and start to trade without the risk of any financial loss. I have been trading a live (with real money) account for quite a while now, but every time I want to try a new strategy or product I DO IT IN A DEMO ACCOUNT FIRST! Trust me, you don’t want to have to learn this lesson the hard way.

    Regarding systems, free or otherwise, there are hundreds, if not thousands out there. I have been demo testing Rover North since its release, and I think it’s excellent. But, this is because I have (and don’t think I’m bragging here) developed the experience to see when a trade needs to be cut short because its losing, and when one can be let go for a profit run. Essentially, Rover North is a scalping system, so you need to watch the trades for an early exit for profit. But with experience you can start to identify those trades which you can let run. However, even with just a little knowledge, and following the manual, you can easily make profits from this system. Don’t just chuck it out because a few people purport to have bad results with it or claim that it’s so simple that you don’t need to pay for it. The system I trade most and make most of my profits from uses only a price line chart and the RSI to identify divergence, and it makes me money all the time!

    So there you go. I don’t sell anything, and don’t believe everything I read, either in emails – or on forums. Be selective, research everything, learn the fundamentals of trading (baby pips, etc) and don’t lose money in a live account until you have proven whatever system or strategy you choose in a demo account – FOR SEVERAL MONTHS!

    All the best and good luck


  16. Paul, Thanks very much for the advise. I, too, have learned the hard/expensive way. I use RSI divergence but not with the success that I would like.

    I have traded equities for many years and Forex for about two years. A steep learning curve, indeed. I feel that I have been side-trackled by salespeople trying to sell EA’s and really lost a lot of timing in doing so. I have tried a number of signal services and have had success with only one.

    Also, I have tried a number of brokers. Often I will start out ok and then after a few months of success the profits see to dwindle. I wonder if they are “hunting” my SL’s or if they view the “account number or majic number?” Not sure how that works but have had a few EA’s start out and then stop. I now only trade with the signal service and manually. Sometime I wait on the SL’s until I am close to my mental stop. I would be happy to share information, regarding.

    Fee free to email me if you would like..

    Best, Buzz

  17. Hi Paul

    I am also new to trading you seem to have alot of experience behind you. Would you mind sending me those details of the two good trading systems you mentioned

  18. Good Evening All
    I just purchased Rovers System and am getting it installed on my Netbook to let it run when it wants to.
    When I was getting ready to sign out of the order something else popped up asking me to spend another 49 or 59 dollars on top of what I just bought.
    I didn’t even know what the thing was so I didn’t buy it. Does any one else here know what it was and did they get it?
    I wish happy trading to all and may we all retire RICH thanks to RN Forex

  19. Hi everyone,

    I too am interested in purchasing the Rover North System and it does sound very good especially considering the feedback here and also the price as well as 60 day money back guarantee.

    Thank you Paul for your great advice, which I am definitely going to adhere to, and also I would like to know about the two trading systems that you have found to be the best !

    Here’s to all of our success in FOREX !!

    Warm regards,

  20. Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated. I don’t think it is right for me to name the signal services which I have used on this site, and I don’t particularly want to post my personal email address here (not even sure if it’s allowed?) so I’m not sure how to directly correspond with those of you who would like to. Any ideas?



  21. Guys, please don’t post your emails here, I will have to remove them. This is unrelated to the topic and only clutters up the thread, not to mention it’s highly insecure for your own privacy.

    @Paul, you can name the services if you like, no harm in that.

  22. Hi all,

    Well, my original posting on this site was moved by a posting I noticed from Marsha, and I hope that she was able to read my reply to her. However.

    As I said, I thought that there would be a problem with publishing email addresses. And the last thing I want is to be bombarded with mails from all asunder! So here are my current thoughts.

    This is supposed to be about Rover North, so my next couple of paragraphs will be brief, then the good news!

    Admin says it’s OK if I mention the signal services I have used. As I said before I have used these, done my personal best to verify them, and found them to be profitable. Please note that there are others I have tried WHICH DID NOT PERFORM! Obviously, I will not list them here, but be aware, there are offerings out there which will do nothing more than take your money. Look for those which offer a minimum of a 30 day (preferably 60 day) no quibble money back guarantee (such as through Clickbank), and “in some way, their results can be verified”. That way you know, that if the service fails to deliver, you can cancel and get your investment back. However, I would urge you to test the service during the free period in a demo account. There is no point testing a $97 per month service in a live account and losing your account balance in the first week! So there you are. The two I have found to be profitable are as follows: (Google them for full details).

    Bob Iaccaino’s TradrSwiper Signal service (previously called FUS)

    And James deWet’s G7 and Lab rats group

    I currently am using Bob’s service (which is attached to his training programme), and I was very happy with the G7 service offered by James de Wet, but unfortunately, due to a personal family matter which took me out of the country for several months early last year, I unfortunately had to withdraw from his excellent programme.

    Please note that I do not endorse either of these offerings, and seek no recompense from mentioning them here; I only state that I have used both profitably myself – with sound money management principles applied to all trades taken with both systems.

    A personal note to FxCutie: I noticed that you also subscribe to the LTP forum. Well, I’ve been testing this (as you might know) since 6 January with 2 pairs. Whilst I have yet to have a loss, and the platform does seem to have stabilised, the results are far less than (and I mean FAR less) from my manual trading, and I might ditch it before the end of this month. Just a note.

    Moving back to Rover North. As I said previously, I have been testing the system in a demo account since its launch. Well, today I moved it into my live account. Currently, after six hours of live trading I have banked 73 pips, trading only 2 pairs, and currently have one open trade which is 15.5 pips to the positive. As I said before, I use a carful a money management strategy, and monitor each trade by looking at it in light of movements around the trade, rather than simply looking at the trade itself.

    I won’t bore you with endless paragraphs of drivel, but if anyone wants to share more info, I will only be happy to do so. Hope to get your input too.

    Kind regards,


  23. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your sharing.

    Which pair do you trade with Rover North ?

    Once again thank you.

    Kind regards,


  24. hi i am new to forex and im looking to see if this one is really good i have had robots before and lost money and every time i buy one another upsell you dont now till you pay will this one have a lot of upsell?

    thank you

  25. Hi all,
    I’m purchasing Rover North System tomorrow and will let you know how I find it.

    Also thanks Paul for the other two systems – I’ll check those out later.

    Happy trading everyone !

  26. Hi Alfredo, Deborah and all,

    I have only traded (live) the GBP/USD AND EUR/USD. So far about 70% GBP and 30% EUR. Only had two losers, and seven winners.

    In demo, I traded the above + the USD/CHF, but only took a few trades on the CHF.

    Deborah, I honestly think you are making a good move, but play with it in demo for a while first, and remember, the system tells you when to get into a trade but it doesn’t tell you when to get out. And, the secret of good trading is not getting into a trade it’s all about getting out! There are many tools and techniques which can help you here, and I suggest all novice traders research this (there’s plenty of good free information on the web) and practice in a free demo account before trying it out with real money. Do your research and practice, practice, practice! That way, although it won’t guarantee forex trading success, it will go a long way towards preventing catastrophic failure.



    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  27. Hi!

    Paul,I`m considering buying the system too…could you please tell me how you set up you money management in the system and how big much your SL and take profit levels are?

  28. Hi Ian,

    Money management is very much an individual thing, and I’ve seen many different approaches. Just recently I heard the best piece of advice in this regard, from Bob Iaccino when he was asked the same question. His reply, I think, illustrates the difficulty in answering your question directly. He said, if someone has a $1000 trading account and a half a million in the bank, I’d tell him to risk the whole lot. But if someone has scraped together enough to open a $1000 account, and is dependent on a return from that account then I’d tell him to risk the minimum.

    I have a trading plan which is set up in an excel spreadsheet, and I risk no more than 2.2% of the current balance of my trading account on any given trade. I know that might sound small, but it has worked for me so far, and I don’t see any reason to change it.

    As for the stop loss. Well, I’ve only been trading the system since its release on 2 Feb, so I’m currently using my default intraday S/L which is 20 pips. If the trade seems to be going in my favour, I will reduce this by half, and then move it to break even. BUT I NEVER INCREASE MY STOP LOSS!!!!! As for the T/P that’s a whole different question. I look at the following: the recent highs and lows, support and resistance, markeT volatility, rate of current price movement, length of recent candles, trend strength. And then make a guess! Sorry I can’t be more specific.

    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  29. Paul,I want to know if you get the whole package of the system when you buy it for $97 and if you get the trading assistant with it too?


  30. Yes Ian, as I understand it you get the complete package for $97.

    However, I received it free as I am a member of the Traders Secret Library (TSL). There are many trading knowledge resources, most of which are free, however, I personally believe that if you are serious about trading, TSL is a good investment. The Surefire Challenge (and all of its systems) are available on TSL. It also has an excellent forum, and runs several webinars a week with a number of different presenters, each explaining his or her own approach to trading. The outfit is run by Mark McRea. I would suggest that you start by Googling TSL and Mark McRea and decide for yourself from there.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

    Bugger! Whilst I was typing that a trade stopped out on me!

  31. Hi Paul,
    Yes, I am also testing the LTP and I like the results so far.
    Remember that manual trading is not for everyone, I wish my manual results could be better than that.
    Maybe you should sell your signals 🙂

  32. Hi Guys

    Can I know does the Rover system use any stop loss and target profit?

    Do we have to place the stop and target by ourself?

    One more thing, do we have to execute the trade personally or the system execute for us?

    Appreciate some help here


  33. hi paul i would like to no the service that you use also i
    to been trading with softwere with not much luck tha would help me out alot thanks


  34. Hi all,

    The Rover North system comes with an EA which they call a “Trading Assistant”. Essentially, it looks for valid trade setups in the trading pair you attach it to. The manual details EXACTLY how to configure the various parameters for the EA. Included in the EA parameters are defaults which you can configure for S/L, trailing stops and T/P. This is one of the most powerful EA’s I have seen, and it is very flexible. But, it is important that when you configure it you have the manual open and read all of the notes on the parameters, otherwise you could end up creating conflict situations, and it will not function correctly.

    Mike, see my previous postings.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  35. maybe ea is worse than this one,would anyone here instruct me how to trade with it for stable profits?
    we should watch computer always to get signals? reply at fromyour

    thank you very much.

  36. Hi

    How many upsells does this have, and how much are they?

    Also do you need the upsells in order to make the main
    system work?


  37. Hi Guys

    Has anyone received the new version 2.1 of RN yet. I can tell you one thing and that is this. THIS THING WORKS and it works good.

    Last Wed, Thur, and Fri. I got 8 signals for the EUR USD and all of them were winners. I love this thing. Sure it was only 10 dollars per trade for 80 dollars but that was because I had a fixed take profit.

    If I was using the trailing stops which I forgot about I think it would have been more.

    I hope this new version works even better.

    I hate to say this but I have LTP on the same currency pair and I’ve made more money with RN than LTP. Go Figure.

    Happy trading to all and may the Forex be with us.

  38. I was wanting to purchase the Rover North, but i wanted to know what is a min. balance that one would need is deciding to trade live? Hopefully Paul or someone else who has purchased the system can please inform me.

  39. Hi Lee,

    Deciding the minimum amount you want to trade with is like deciding how much you want to spend on a car or a home. It’s purely subjective and dependent on your own personal circumstances.

    But as to the minimum you need, that’s simple – zero. Before going live with this (or any other trading system or method), try it in demo account until you are comfortable with it and making regular profits. Then open a live account with any amount you feel comfortable with. I know that you can open live accounts with some brokers for as little as $100, and I seem to remember seeing somewhere that some brokers are offering $50 accounts. I think they call these “nano” accounts. You simply then trade with fewer lots of a much reduced size.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  40. Good Morning All

    I just wanted to give you guys an update. It’s 5.02 AM here in Cal and I’ve been up since 3:00 AM

    I’ve gotten 8 Alerts for far and 8 wins. This thing has no off switch. I’m using the Default Settings and letting it do it’s thing. And I can say this it sure knows what it’s doing.

    I have 6 open trades as I’m writing this down, so that’s 14 so far and I’m off to work now. I’ll let you know how things go when I get Home.

    Happy Trading to all and May the Forex be with us.

  41. Congratulations Ron! But, you’ve done much better than me today, I’ve been away from my trading station for a while, and only managed to catch three. But all good ones though!! What pairs are you trading? I’m running with EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and AUD/USD. I’m thinking about trying out the Yen and the Loonie, what do you think?


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  42. Thanks everyone for your useful comments. I started using the system today with SL at 40 & TP at 10. First 2 trades were good but then got stopped out of the next trade on both EUR/USD & GBP/USD.

    Any advise with the settings please.



  43. Ouch! joseph,

    Tighten up on your S/L and let out that T/P!

    As a basic entry, I use a S/L of 20 – 25 and a T/P of 50. But, I manage both throughotu the trade.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  44. Hi, Is any one have problems with Rover North System where on long trade trailing stops works okay.However on short trade trailing stops does not work.

  45. hi i just got the new version V3 but it keeps open its own trade with out the pop up window asking me yes or no not sure what to do can someone help please.

    thanks mike

  46. Guys, this is still not working for me. More trades hit Sl today than TP.

    Has anyone information on or experience with FXFORECASTER.COM signal service?


  47. Bills Update******************************

    Rover North Is Not a True Robot, in actual fact it only a Assistant! Therefore you personally will have to pull the trigger on every alert, so really what is the point of having a if you are not there to pull the trigger, this is a considerable drawback. Why because were looking for automation as in a robot!

    It was making modest amounts 2.00 version

    okay so the upgrade went from 2.00 to 2.1 so far we are now -$300 in the red, so I’m looking sideways at this product!

    Next drawback, the alerts stay on screen until you decide you or no to participate in them, that is an extremely dangerous problem because they could be out of date, this is a scouting assistant not a robot, therefore there alerts can be way out of date! I have discussed with them to bring out 2.2 a alert timeframe, whereby posted alerts from the EA if they are not participated in within a period of time they are either mentioned as “not viable” or they are retracted as “not viable”, either way. Presently nobody knows how old the alerts are when you finally see them on your screen, or you could just chain yourself to the computer and wait for every single pop-up, what’s the difference between a automatic robot and a customer in participation full-time. Personally I prefer the computer to make the choice because at least we will know who to blame if it all goes wrong, by giving us the customer the choice to participate alleviates Rover North from shared blame for bad performance!

    Just a theory
    your comrade in arms.

  48. I thought this was a site to leave a comment on a certain program but you guys use it for your own personal forum. I am surprised the owner of this site lets you rant on the way you do.

  49. Hello Traders,

    New to RN this week. Yesterday was my first day trading RN via demo acct: Some basic stats:

    *18 trades closed (16 winners / 1 loser / 1 still open)
    *net 137 pips
    *12.97% ROI

    I have the Grid Profit setting enabled but nothing’s happening with this. Have a message into support. May be best to just go with the trailing stop.

    Bill, I agree with you regarding the alert staying on until a decision’s made. This is a bit bothersome but with the accuracy so far I’ll live with it. Just need to double check the time stamp on the alert. If the price action’s still in line with the alert/indicators I’ll go with it (just like I did today).

    Pips pips baby!!

  50. Hi momo,
    Sorry, I have a life outside of the net as well. Its 01h20 my time. So I’m off to bed for now, but I will mail all of those who have shown interest when I get back in front of my computer – promise!


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  51. Way to Go K-Boy

    So far since Monday have had 14 Trades open with 12 Winners 1 loser and 1 that can’t make up it’s mind.
    I got a set TP at 10 pips with a SL of 25 and my TS is set at 9,4.

    I also tweeked the Times for the Broker.
    Instead of 5 to 23 I wanted to see what would happen if I went to 1 to 23. and as I type this I got 4 trades still open all + so far.

    Time will Tell.

    My the Forex be with us

  52. Ditto Ron!

    Still playing around with the settings. Went to the trailing stop mode too with 10, 2.

    Think I’m gonna avoid most of the Azn session. I’ve had too many bad experiences.

    TP @ 50 as I’ll manage manually before then and leaving the SL hidden from MT4. But 20-25 SL manually.

    Pips up!

  53. Really don’t know why my copy of RN is not giving me the same results as most of the rest of you seem to be getting but so far it’s lost 15 trades out of 28 and wiped out 5% of the Demo accounts it’s on in one and a half days.
    All settings are default with the exception of:-
    Reverse Pip Range. Changed to 1 from 3 as suggested by Support in one of their emails.
    Stop Loss set at 20
    Take Profit set at 40
    Trailing Stop set at 9
    Trailing Step at 2

    These are the only changes i’ve made. So far it just keeps burning demo money

  54. I should add that i tried it on another demo account before this one and got similar results an that account. Not impressed at all so far.

  55. Bought the RN program two nights ago and have had 16 wins and 2 losses. Both losses at the Gbp/usd. Breaking even so far. Testing 9 pairs now , all with default settings. I just clear the pop up signals and only trade the ones I hear. I work in the day time and cant trade, only trade when at home and leaving the pc turned on.


  56. I bought RN a couple of weeks back and have been trying to trade it but just not been getting the signals during the trading day, only in the late afternoon, which I’m sure is not right. Judging by the amount of trades others have been getting, I must have the settings wrong, although I haven’t changed them from the default.

  57. Edwin: How are the changes you made testing out forward? you said you changed the TP to 10, SL at 25 and TS at 9,4 and changed the times to 1 and 23. Any luck? I added gold trading to mine and so far no losses with standard settings.

    Garryh at rocketmail dot com

  58. Bev: If you look on the graph in little white letters, it has your broker server times and when it will trade. It defaults to evening trading after 6pm in the USA, but you can change it if you wish. It will not trade during the early daytime if the server clock says not to! Its fully adjustable. Just remember, certain times the markets are to crazy to trade, even with a signals machine. So be careful.


  59. PS. Since this is not a full EA kinda BOT, I did the next best thing.

    Put it on my neighbor ladys PC and she trades it for me when shes home and bored. She loves it. Allows me to test setting and different pairs while Im at work. I use team veiwer for free and I can remote in and make adjustments and see the results. She reallys loves the intereaction with it and watching the wins and any losses. Im sure shes cheering for the winnner! Im now on a different Island and its a great way to keep connected.

  60. Hmmm Garry,

    Seems like you got a nice thing going there. And trading too!


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  61. Hello RN traders, trade results:

    *3 days of trading
    *3 pairs traded
    *Closed trades: 36
    *30 winners / 6 losers: 83.33% win ratio
    *Net pips: 194
    *Net profit @ $499 based on $3000 starting acct = 16.63% ROI

    TS works well but still interested in trying the Grid Profit setting. Heard back from support and they stated the Target Profit must be filled in for GP to work. Seen several opps where GP may have been an excellent tool to add gains. If anyone’s utilizing the GP function would be great to get some feedback.

    Also debating on widening the SL to 50+. Many occasions where draw downs reversed nicely to hit TP.

    I’d say overall very positive so far. Happy trading to all!!

  62. Way to Go KBoy

    Which pairs did you Trade???

    I would suggest at 45 to 50 SL. Anything smaller will take you out of the trade.

    Don’t feel bad I’m still trying to figure out the GP thing as well. I hope this weekend of reading and rereading the manual will help.

    After all if LTP can have a 330 SL why can’t RN. LOL

  63. Hi K-Boy,

    I’m interested to know how you are trading RN. Are you taking every trade it populates, or are you cherry picking? I’m running with 5 pairs;

    and I only take a trade if the set up looks good. Also, I think my S/L is too small (25 pips). But if its a true scalping system, we should not have a large S/L. What S/L and T/P are you using?

    Hi there Momo,

    You should have received my mail by now.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  64. Hi Ron & Paul.

    Trading the 3 pairs RN recommends:
    Also adding E/JY to the mix.

    SL @ 20, TP @ 10-20 for the most part. Going to enable the GP function and set the TP for 50-100 and see what happens. Wondering how effective this might be… perhaps can catch some of those wild G/U swings.

    I do try to enter the trades @ or below(on long trades) the 10 MA.

    Yep, dilemma on the SL. I agree with you Paul, as a scalping system SL should be tight. However, if lot sizing is managed properly perhaps a 50 SL can improve the win %.

    I’m more of a swing/position trader by nature so this scalping thing is somewhat new to me. I may do some swing trades based on the 30M, H1 & H4.

    How are your trading strats/setting working out?

    Re: LTP…sure, the winning % is impressive but the SL strat doesn’t make sense to me. Wondering if the winning % is what they’re marketing. Cuz it’s been proven over and over again a trader can lose over 50% of the time but with the proper TP/SL strategy can be very profitable. I wish them well.

  65. BTW, Ron & Paul,

    Are you guys trading live yet? Which MT4 broker are you using?

    Been trading FX live with FXDD on a different platform. Been using MT4 for charting but never live.

  66. Hi K-Boy,

    Firstly, yes I’m a live trader, and I trade in and out of the whole London session Monday to Thursday, or at least until I meet my target. I will sometimes trade the NY session for a while, and I often trade the back end of the Asian session as a member of the online trading group I belong to. I mainly trade divergence on the 15m GBP/USD and that’s my bread and butter. Most of the trades are short in and out trades taken with a nominal 20 pip S/L. My targets are open, but I follow a strict exit strategy based on the close of each candle.

    I experiment with other systems from time to time (usually only in demo), and I sometimes trade Forex Rebellion. I have been trading RN live for about two weeks, and I’m impressed and having reasonable success, notwithstanding the issue of setting an appropriate S/L. I use a demo MT4 platform from FXCM for my trade set ups. I have 5 charts open across the top with RN’s TA installed on each, and 5 hourly charts below which I use for trend lines, support and resistance levels, etc. But I place my trades on my live FXTSII platform (also with FXCM), and I manage the trades from there. I’m also going to start to play with the Grid next week, just to see how it performs. If anyone is interested, and can tell me how to post an attachment here, I’ll add a clip of my MT4 station so you can see how I have my charts setup.

    Hope that helps.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  67. Paul,

    Thanks for all the details! Looks like in order to post a picture you could upload it somewhere and then post the link where it is uploaded in the URL field which is an option when you input your name and email address in order to post here…Its the 3rd option..The only one that is not required.

    Hope this helps,

  68. Paul,

    You statistics look impressive, can you tell us what TP and SL settting you use and what you have your trail stop and trail step set to?

    Many thanks


  69. Hi Momo, just sent it again.

    Check your mail shortly, and get back to me.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  70. Hi Alkis,

    I don’t think I’ve posted any meaningful statistics. I might have mentioned my pip performance on the day I went live with RN though. Anyway, the RN system is doing OK for me at this stage. I still think I need to do some more work on determining the best S/L to enter a trade, but this can only be established by analysing trades by currency pair over a period of time. Initially, I set a default S/L of 20 and a T/P of 50. BUT! I then manage both manually once the trade goes live. (See my post earlier today for how I manage setups and live trades).

    BTW, in my earlier post today I said “Most of the trades are short in and out trades taken with a nominal 20 pip S/L”. On reflection, just to clear that sentence up, by “short” I did not mean “Sell”, but short in duration.

    Getting back to the point here, I wish I could give you a simple answer to setting a S/L and more importantly a T/P. But, it’s not that easy. Here are my thoughts as they stand with RN at present.

    RN (in the manual) is described as a scalping system. But I’m not so sure that it really is. If you read the text, the author (Abdul) talks about holding trades for up to 8 hours – hardly scalping. Also, he is very vague about T/P, merely suggesting a 3-50 pip target. In addition, he provides bugger all guidance on where to position a S/L. In fact, he says that he doesn’t set one! Now, I have some good friends that enter trades without a S/L, but they have bigger boots than I have. My trading method with RN is as follows. I have a default S/L of 20 pips and a default T/P of 50. When I decide to enter a trade I first look at higher timeframe charts and reposition my S/L if I feel it appropriate (usually below or above a previous significant low or high). Remember a S/L is positioned on a view of what you are prepared to lose on a trade, whilst at the same time allowing the trade room to “breath”. I then look at where to position my T/P. Here I look for trends, support and resistance as well as price action. Unfortunately, for me it’s all subjective, and I prefer to “manage” the trade moving my T/P and S/L as the trade progresses. I rarely use Fibs, except when trading in a retracement, and even then, only as a guide. For what it’s worth, I’m going to try moving my S/L from 20 to 30 pips this week, and also test the profit grid (in demo).

    Hope that helps.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  71. Paul,

    Thanks for your answer, it is much appreciated, so have you been using the trail stop/step feature and if so what settings have you been using?


  72. Thanks for the info Paul. I also trade with a group during the tail end of the Azn/beginning of London & NY sessions. IMO this has definitely added another dimension to my trading. Was never that comfortable with scalping but RN’s changing that.

    My swing/position trading centers around the trend, S/R & Pivot points

    The TS has worked pretty well last week. However, for this week I’m testing the Grid Profit with wider SL & TP. Haven’t heard from anyone regarding GP results so I’m looking fwd to finding out.

    May the pips be with you.

  73. Hi Alkis,

    Sorry, but I don’t use the trailing stop at this stage. Just don’t trust it as much as managing the stop manually (but see below).


    Looks like we are going to be testing the same thing. I’m going to try out the TS in demo as well. Happy to share my results with you. May our pips grow together!

    BTW all I’m in South Africa, so off to bed now ready for an early start tomorrow!


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  74. Paul,

    Outstanding. Tried the TS setting last week and it works like it’s suppose to.

    I’m in US. Looking fwd to PIP growth!! Let’s stay in touch.

  75. I just don’t get it. The RoverNorth is supposed to have won in all these competitions as the video points out, but I haven’t been able to locate where and what competitions…does anyone know? Second, every one here is tinkering with this and that setting when no one knows what is the standard? The company put out a new version and didn’t bother telling those who had bought and paid for it??? Sounds like we are the guinie pigs once again..hold on to your receipt for a refund.

  76. Thanks for all the great info, I am also getting good results with RN on demo. I have found that if you add the moving averages from the 15 min and 30 min time frames to your chart your 5 min chart you get a better picture of what is happening with the trend. I have them as dotted lines so as not to get confused with the 5 min EMA’s. You will have to calculate them out by multiplying the EMA with the timeframe (15 and 30)and dividing it by 5. They won’t be exact but are very close. I have also found these are good levels to place your s/l (plus 5-10pips)if you are unsure and also close all positions on the cross of the fast ema’s from the 15 and 30min charts. It seems to be working well and you can see when the trend is losing steam.


  77. Leo,

    I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but Rover North only won one challenge, and it’s the biggest forex challenge in the world. It’s called the Surefire Trading Challenge. Just Google it for more info.

    As for the settings, the EA shipped with all settings as per Rover North’s defaults. The “tinkering with this and that setting”, as you put it, is to fine tune the EA to meet individual requirements and to try and get a little more profit or reduce the risk a little. Maybe this is your first experience with this kind of product, but if I might be allowed to offer a little advice, RTFM!


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  78. Hello Paul, nice to hear from your “expertise”, but I did google “Surefire Trading Challenge” and all I get is the same write up and link to “bla, bla” about Rover North…would you be so kind to give us the URL to the Surefire Trading Challenge organisation as per YOUR expertise research…please respond, we will be wating. Thank you for your continued interest in supplying us with “supporting” information about this product.

  79. Paul,

    Just copied this courtesy of Jeff, from Push Pips thread on this forum.

    First of all, to EVERYONE reading. Do not EVER open an account with FXCH. They are The WORST scammers I have EVER dealt with. Their demo is NOTHING like their live. I wrote an EA, and I made over 2million dollars in two months on it on FXCH. I tried trading it live with FXCH, and lost on it! I even tried commercial EA’s where I was making money on other live brokers, only to lose MASSIVELY with FXCH live. They are the WORST scamming broker on the face of the planet. Do NOT ever use them for Live, and do NOT use them on demo as that is how they lure you in.

  80. Leo,

    I’m not sure I like the tone of your last post, as I do not appreciate disrespect and rudeness in any form. I post here to offer those that are interested feedback on my trading and in particular my experience with Rover North, and I look to other contributors for the same. After all, I thought that was the purpose of this thread. I do not work for Surefire trading, and (other than using the product) I have no association with Rover North.

    If you can’t be bothered to do appropriate research yourself, then I suggest that get out of the market, as research is a key component to sucess. Now, and finally, for your obviously necessary edification. And, if you took the trouble you could have found this yourself. Surefire Trading Challenge can be found at the Traders Secret Library website. But, no doubt you will pass over this as it’s a commercial site, so you have to pay to become a member. As you seem to need someone else to do all your work for you, you might find paying for information a bit tough to swallow. But, none the less, their URL is

    Just by the way, I took the trouble to Google “Surefire Trading Challenge” myself, and if you were to actually read a selection of the articles, you would find everything you need to know about them.

    Please refrain from bothering me further.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  81. Hi BobO

    Hmmm, interesting post. Makes you think. But did you mean FXCM? I’ve never heard of FXCH.

    But, if you did mean FXCM, then here are my thoughts. Firstly, when I decided to move from demo to live trading I did a pretty thorough investigation into the broker market. It’s important to trade with a broker which is regulated by a responsible governing body. It’s important even, that there IS such a regulatory body. By the way, those of you trading the robot LeoTraderPro should know that the broker LTP uses is based in Finland where there is NO regulatory requirement, and as such, FinFX is an unregulated broker. As I wanted to trade under UK regulations (which, for example, allow hedging) it made sense to use a UK broker. FXCM, whilst having a presence in several countries, does operate outside of the UK. As such, they are regulated by the FSA, and are forced to be a member of the FSCS, which is an organisation which goes a long way to protecting investor assets. I also looked into their asset base, and whilst I forget the figures now, at the time they were one of the largest FX brokers, and more importantly did not operate a trading desk. This effectively means that they cannot trade against you. Furthermore, they get their price feeds from (I think) 10 – 12 different banks, and offer you the best spread price – naturally with their commission added on top. That’s just a few of the basic reasons I decided to use them, but trust me, it took me several weeks of investigation before I decided to trust them with my money.

    As to the issue of different prices between their demo and live accounts. Well I can vouch for that. I concurrently run a demo MT4 platform and a live FXTSII platform from FXCM feeds and I see the differences all of the time. However, I never see more than a couple (3 at most) pips difference between the two, and in my trading style, it doesn’t really impact on my trading.

    As to the anecdotal stories of people who write multimillion Dollar performing EA’s which work in demo but crash live accounts on certain broker platforms, I tend to take this with a very large pinch of salt. Why bother with such ravings against FXCH (sic) when they have obviously moved their EA to a more reputable broker, made an absolute fortune, and presumably are dictating their notes from a hammock on a private beach in front of their new luxury villa in the Bahamas whilst swilling down copious bucket loads of Dom Perignon? I think not.

    Don’t misread me here, I carry no torch for FXCM, although I find their platform, information services and trading strategy and signal services are all very good. But I do feel that mindless ravings need to be put in perspective.


    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  82. hi Paul,

    Indeed I meant FXCH. But thanks for the missive, must have been a bit slow on the markets today :), born out I think by the way RN has been chopping about with not many entries (that I felt like taking).

    I subscribed for a bit to, with their proprietary range bar charts. The charts also gave you direct access to Currenex ECN, which is an institutional grade broker with liquidity via 80 banks, the spreads were the lowest I’ve ever see, some pairs were .5 pip. This was serious stuff and I may resubscribe in the future.

    For what’s worth, I’ve listed below some additions I’ve made to the RN charts, to provide me with a bit more confidence if pressing the trigger.

    1. added Sweetspots indicator for all prices ending in 000 or sub 00 for S&R
    2. Added Hieken Ashi to help decision to stay on trends for longer
    3. Added an additional 30 ema, in order to analyze more reliable ‘revert to mean’ pull backs. Still seeing if this is useful. It also gives a cross of the 10 which also firms up the trend
    4. Added fractal S&R indicator for local S&R awareness

    The above set up should also alow me to enter some trades a bit more aggressively when 10 and 30 cross and the HAs support the move.

    In addition I am using the News Profiteer Meter to gauge the individual currency strengths against each other when deciding on placing the trade.

  83. Hi Bob,

    Off to bed now (00h30) after a long day, but thanks for the post, I will definitely look at those indicators tomorrow. Looks cool! (See mail sent to you).

    Trade with care, elephants crossing!

  84. Hi Bob,

    Been a TradingFX member for about 5 months now. I’m a big fan of the TFX charting system. Been using RN with some of the TFX indicators and see some potential there. (CCYX, USDX, TFXD) Seen several times where a better entry can be achieved as long as the confidence level of the RNTA’s still there.

  85. Good Evening All
    Did any one else get creamed by the unexpected down turn of the EURUSD and GBPUSD.

    I got 2 buy signals to buy and then while I was in the other room both of them went south big time.

    Got stopped out with a 40 loss on each one. OUCH !!

    Oh Well the fun of trading FX

  86. Hi Ron,

    Sorry to hear. Are you playing the Azn session before 5:00? I’m sticking with the default time setting to avoid most of Azn session and start with the tail end. I saw the whipsaw action with my U/CHF still in play from the London session. But still alive as I’m testing the 80 SL.

    Experienced day #1 with the GP setting. Finding it’s tough to be a consistent winner cuz this is all about going after the big plays. Yesterday may not be indicative of a full trading volume since the US market was closed but I’m starting to see how this could be difficult. Assuming RN was designed as a scalping tool so I’m thinking it’s best to trade it as is.

    TS works pretty well. Might’ve been more profitable if simply going after 10-20 pips though. Torn between simply going after 10-20 on each trade or a bigger TP with TS.

    On with the fun!

  87. Hi Ron,

    Ouch. Try placing the moving averages from the 15 min and 30 min charts on your 5 min chart as per my post above and close your trades on the cross of the fast EMA’s. I had my stop around 15 pips as there wasn’t good sepperation of the EMA’s and price was still very close to the slow EMA. As per his system he closes his trades on the cross of the slow EMA so this is a good place to place your stop. I hope this helps,have a great trading day.

  88. Paul, it’s easy to prove who is and is not: Show us the link that RN claims to have won all these accolades (“Surefire Trading Challenge organization” – not rehashed adds by one scammer and the other). Then your “status” will be restored; if not, you are just one of their promoters!

  89. Hi K-Boy,

    Good to hear you are still with Derek. Interesting what you say about the CCYX, I have tried to simulate this as much as possible using the ADX. I really liked the pip range charts, but was not really into scalping as was the main strategy. On saying that, I like RN and that has opened up the pull back principle for me on the M5 for scalping. That’s why I I am trying the Heiken Ashi to provide a similar visual look of a trend to a range chart. I’ve now added the other MAs in the higher time frames as your previous post and interestingly, where the fast ’10’ and ‘144’ cross seems to exactly correspond where the HAs show the move breaking down, so something works with these 2 indicators. I’ve found a good website as well for the (USDX) $ index which presents a configurable chart all online, although it’s in danger of getting very complicated for a supposedly simple system.

  90. Bob,
    I agree with you. Never got that comfortable with scalping but with RN combined with TFX…this is interesting. Been focusing on the scalping/day trading method more this month and this has been helping. I’m sticking with the RN charts originally intended. But always interested in hearing about your revisions.

    GP’s not working for me. Down about 12% and day #2’s not done yet. Will have pip counts later.

    Used an 80 SL but thinking that’s too aggressive. Had 3 hit SL during today’s wild swing. No need for this much risk. Will reset for 30 SL. Manually readjust SL around the 10 MA if/when needed. Setting TP for 30 with continued use of TS.

    Paul….stick around. Just ignore him.

    Pips pips baby!

  91. GR41, Thanks for your response to my post on 18th Feb regarding RN signals and trading times. My EA is set to trade from 5.00 to 23.00 and I am on GMT so trade London opening and sometimes NY opening. I still haven’t been getting any trades during the London session, and only a few during the later afternoon of the NY session, which usually go against me. Am on one now which signalled me in short and immediately took off in the wrong direction. So far, my vote on RN is a big fat NO THANKS and am strongly considering a refund. I can trade better by myself.

  92. Okay I’ve done some preliminary testing! Even though Rover North started out quite okay with some good trades, things are not so good now! I believe a trading system weakest link is when it is at its worst, the problem with Rover North is that the weakest link is beginning to become quite regular to the point where the account thank God it is demo is going slowly backwards, lots of small winning trades only to be wiped out with one or two large losses! So I’m beginning to feel like I am going to shelve this within the next week!

    I have requested that the Assistant Program should become completely automated as in “Robot”, because Rovers North is not a robot, presently they will not bring out a robot because they try to get to work correctly and consistently, the keyword is consistently! This is a very telling statement because basically we are doing the actions of a robot by interacting at the time of indication the choice to participate in the trade, therefore even if they brought out a robot that would replace our choice to make a trade or not mean that the program will not work At All, why because the robot will only replace the human being on the other side of the computer pulling the trigger on the trade, it won’t make the trade any better or worse, you would just get more of the same thing, a system that loses consistently!

    One more week!

  93. Hey Bill.
    Have you seen Fx Core Scalpe Robot? This is the new Scalpe robot. FxCore Scalper is designed to work simulta-neously with the four pairs in One Day (D1)time frame. I try to review this robot in this website but I found nothing. Admin so you gt this msg.

  94. Hi K-Boy an all,

    I’m having mixed results, but up about 50 pips today. I’m being fairly selective with trades, if the MAs are waving about and the EMAs are criss crossing, I wait until they go parallel and at a decent angle. I also enter ‘manually’ if there is cross of the 10 & 30 EMA and the HAs are strong. I have the Heiken Ashi smoothed indicator beneath the normal candles. My SL is 50 with no TP, as I’ll take what’s on the table and go by feel of how strong the move is. I am using TS set as 9 with 2 pip trail. Actually I think I’ll be able to scalp more pips with this system than Dereks.

    Paul – rise above mate, it’s only text!

  95. Hey traders,

    I’m with ya…mixed results for this week. Partly cuz I’ve been adjusting settings settings. I’ve tried to let the EA settings exit the trade to see the results. TS is working by protecting gains with a 9/2 setting. However, the 50 TP is leading to many pips left on the table. I’m thinking, since this is a scalper system I should trade what it was meant to be and set the TP to 20. I’m finding it’s VERY rare the gains will go beyond this before retracing. Would rather lock in 20 often vs the rare 40-50 gainer. Got stopped out twice with the 30 SL. However, my demo #2 with 80 SL never got taken out today but, 3 times yesterday…ouch.

  96. hi traders ,ive been using the RN abt a week ,on monday not much of a signal ,but from tuesday till now im with some 39 signal,of the 39 ,4 hit SL, 4 SL of 40 pip each,remember this is a trend scalping system based on EMA conformation,so lets not be greedy on your TP,im getting a good result based on 40SL an 10TP,i`ll be trying to adjust the TP tp 15pip from next week,and the TS also works good,and im trying grid profit with 70 Sl and 60 TP ,its wonderfull system,will be udating soon

    “He who asks a question may look stupid for 5 minutes;but he who doesn`t ask will be stupid for the rest of his life”.

  97. Hi all
    I also have purchased Rovernorth system. Everything seems to me ok if Assistant takes profits (trailings stops). But when to stop if the trade is bad? That is a question.

  98. yes Tom, based on the 144 EMA crossover on the 5M the SL estimate will be around 40 -50 pips most of the time,on the 24/02 RN give abt 19 signal ,of the 20,1 hit SL of 40 pips,1 still in holding

  99. yes Tom, based on the 144 EMA crossover on the 5M the SL estimate will be around 40 -50 pips most of the time,on the 24/02 RN give abt 20 signal ,of the 20,1 hit SL of 40 pips,1 still in holding

  100. Tom,
    Per RN recommendation:

    I also trade the E/J. Others have been trading various pairs but not sure how they’re doing.

  101. K-Boy ,


    Anyone else?

    What pairs is everyone trading these days with this system, and having success with?


  102. Hello All
    Well it is like a Ghost Ship here. Either every one is out making a ton of money or looking for some other way to trade. Time will tell.

    Good Trading to all

  103. I’m interested in buying RN and have been doing my due diligence when I came across this thread. After reading through the entire thread it seems this product has mixed reviews. Is anyone currently using it in a live account and if so, how are you doing with it? Would you recommend it? Thanks.

  104. I traded with it for a couple of weeks on a demo account, and decided last week to go live with it, so far I have made $923.27 from Monday to Friday, that was on a deposit of $2k and trading .02 on the ERR/USD, the AUD/USD and the GBP/USD. To say I am pleased with it is an understatement, Well worth the fee.

  105. Eur/Usd & GBP/USD, Just picked up $103.47 on the GBP/USD and the AUD/USD, gotta say the signals on this are very reliable, sometimes you have to wait for a while for profit but it’s a good set of indicators and the signal is great.

  106. Sandra

    hat setting are you using as I can get close to these figures. I am using 30SL trailing loss of 9,2

  107. Is no one using this system any more is it just quite???

    This system is not doing to good for me at this time, using 30 SL and trailing stop of 9,2 on GBP/USD EUR/USD AUD/USD

  108. A note to Paul and others. The “don’t post your contact details” rule was added exactly to prevent situations like this that turn a review thread into marketplace. What’s worse, it opens a loophole where anyone can push their products or products of which they’re affiliates, or outright spam people. We don’t want that to happen.

    I’ve removed some of the posts that are irrelevant to the reviews of the product, and I ask you to please not make a marketplace of this place.

    A possible option to do it the right way would be if you submitted the service in question for reviews ( and refer to the page once it’s up. That would give an opportunity for everyone to see it and discuss it openly. If that’s possible at all.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  109. Admin.

    Point taken, but it’s not a service or a product, it’s a group of traders who trade together once a week with a full time trader who trades a particular method. He neither sells his system nor his time. He gives both freely.

    But I fully respect your rules and I was not aware of the “don’t post your contact details” rule. I apologize. It won’t happen again.




  110. RN made $124 last night in about 4 hrs on 3 pairs. $1000 K account with .1 lots. I think the lot size was a bit high, but it did well. We will change it back to 0.02 or 0.03

    Garry in Hawaii

  111. Ken, your using 2 pair thats not recomended by RN. Those are some wild pairs and not very stable for this indicator.

  112. Hows everyones trades going? ( I was up some good money and then 2 SL’s hit me ( one I had changed to 60) and hit it.. Thought perhaps it needed deeper pockets to swing back… it didnt swing back….

  113. This is a truly great fully automated system ! I am using version 3 of the trade assistant which has now finally become fully automated. I Demo traded it for 2 days with 14 trades taken of 4 currency pairs, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. 13 winners & 1 loser only.

    I have incorporated the FFCal news filter into the EA code and will test this out next week and report back ! It basically allows you to set & avoid high impact & medium impact news announcements set in mins before & after the event. The FFCal indicator automatically checks for you via forex factory website based on your EA settings and applies the news filter in the background.

  114. Anyone here already went live with RN? and to which broker? How was it?


    Theo, can’t seem to find the automated version of the TA, can u post the link where you got the TAv3?


  115. I did well a few weeks back, but now breaking even each day and a bit in the loss. arggggg. It looks so good for a while…


  116. Running on demo for 4 weeks now and my losses are about 5% more than my wins. aggravation for sure… Thought this one was better than normal, so far its not. But its easy and fun to use. Any one make any changes to the out of the box settings and having better luck than me? I have 2 friends testing also and they are getting similar results, both are losing slowly more than they are winning.

    Aloha from Kaui Hawaii


  117. posted the link but admin must have deleted my post. Not sure how i can give you V3 of the fully automated trade assistant which im using…

  118. Theo,
    Can you PM on this site, an email address is required when we join so maybe you can email it to us.

  119. Theo, apparently you can use the URI field on this site so that you can get information or be contacted, I have filled it out with my email address, not sure if it will show up but can only try

  120. Gr41

    No I cannot find it either, I think that someone must be blowing smoke.

    It’s not an automated system and probably won’t ever be.

  121. Hi, very good when you know what your are doing. Bad if you do not know what you are doing. The system is a champion. The champion knows what he ‘s doing. Those who purchased , looked at it and later returned it is a real loser. I am doing ok as I did not rely 100% to it, I have include my own indicators and I am happy with what I had. TQ

  122. Hi guys i just got the RNFS and the EA V3,still not yet test it cos is weekend cant wait monday come 🙂 .By the way here got anyone who got use V3?if got can share with me about the set up?

  123. V3? I dont believe it….

    Let us know how to receive the up date also. Didnt get nothin from the company.

  124. Here my V3 testing result。I try it at Tokyo time session open 3 trade all lose make me force to off the EA,so i wait till the NY/London session than open again and i got 4 open trade all 4 make a profit for me,i set my TP 15 so is total 60pips。So i think this EA is good in NY/London session but dont use it at Tokyo/sydney session。

  125. I really dont known what happen ??? only the 1st day ( last Wed) i use the TA and gain some profit. after that i has been lost alot of money from last Thursday till now? can any one tell me what goes wrong ? The price always retrace back up to ema 144 and go again the trend ?
    What wrong ?

  126. Hi Shaik
    I use the signals from the TA and also the Williams %R to checkif it is over bought or over sold if it is just hitting overbought or oversold I usually take it and look for a few pips. I also have a EMA50 and watch for cross over of the 10 and 50 EMA’s that has been a very profitable on for me. I only trade the London New York sessions, which for me is 10pm to 1am as I am in Australia.And tonight I have managed to get $100.00 and it is just 1030. I trade the Aud/USD,GBP/USD & EUR/USD
    You can email me if you like at mstransomatgmaildotcom

  127. I think that most expect the TA to make heaps of pips, but this is not always the case, I just look for a few pips, generally 5 or so and so far it is making me money. It’s the old story, don’t let a winning trade turn into a loser by wanting more. Be satisfied with a few dollars frequently. It’s fairly easy to get $100.00 a night.

  128. Hi Sandra ,thanks for your reply regards to the additional indicators .

    I’ll like to know abt the SL ,do you normally place SL or you exit on a crossover and if on a crossover ,is it on 5M or 15M time frame.

    It’s very difficult to know if it retracement or reversal.

    I’m using MTF STOCHASTIC to take the entry .

    Hope to hear from you.


  129. Hi everyone,i’m interested in RN and like to try it,but i want to try it in demo mode first,do i have to buy it first to try in demo?


  130. Sandra: I like your headsense with RN using williams%R. I’ve been using the 50 MA and it seems to stabilize my trades. I also use daily pivots, and s1,2,3/r1,2,3’s to help with PT, and mental stops! I look at 4-5 pairs, and when I see correlated movements, I don’t wait for TA to provide signals, many times I pull trigger when 1st candle closes over 3rd MA up or down, not needing to wait for retrace, if I feel momentum is “or looks” good! Small profits are the key, yet when pairs are moving fast and steady, and I’m in quick decent profit, I stay in the trade as long as there is good distance between the proce and the 10MA…

  131. Hi Paul, Sandra, Ali, Shaikh and the rest,
    It seems you all are seriously interested in making RN work. I had shelved it a year back, as it did not work for me year back. But on going through this column, I am interested in activating it again. Yes Paul I know trade carefully, elephant crossing! Lol!!otherwise we are likely to get crushed!
    Paul and Sandra are right when they say its a scalper on the 5 minute timeframe. So follow their recommendation to go for many small consistent wins and not chase or even try for the big ones.(At least till the market conditions improve.)
    I also have had problems with the settings for the profit grid and how it works?? Can anyone enlighten me on this???
    Thanks folks and see you guys around.

  132. Good day Guys

    I am only starting to look into an EA to purchase.

    I see that posts were last posted in March 2012.

    Could anyone please give me an good update on this EA as it seems like the product became better all the time and then the posts started to fade away.

    Any reasons or is the EA so good nowadays?

    Please help me to make my final decision


  133. Hi all,
    Competition winning systems are best avoided because unsustainable risk taking was necessary to win !The higher the price tag the more useless the product. Avoid Ads for trading systems with pictures of silver Porsche`s and out of work actors reading from a prompter.Leave very short term charts until you have gain experience. Divergence can be good but add an average directional movement indicator and avoid divergence opportunities if the ADX reading is in the upper 30`s because the trend is very liable to ignore the divergence and just sail on !Good trading.Peter

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