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  1. Great hype – ‘this is not another EA, Signal, Indicator, expensive membership’ ‘this is something you have not seen before’ ‘Revolutionary FX could not be coded into an EA – I had to write a complete new platform to support it’

    I bought it this morning. It’s another indicator that you add into MT4. The instructions tell you to use the RFX Template – there isn’t one. The documentation refers mistakenly to the ‘shock wave indicator’ – so evidently this is cut and pasted from the Forex Shock Wave manual and not even read through and corrected.

    If you buy this you get the usual slew of ‘pay more for OPTIMISED Revlutionary FX’ ( so they have set up this great program with variables that aren’t as good as they could be – but if you pay more they’ll tell you some more values to set them to ?) as well as the by now familiar ‘stop! we’ve got something else!’ offers. This ‘method’ that is ‘not another robot’ can be improved – by paying more for the same program as a robot (EA to add into MT4 ). You get offered membership to John Seely’s signals service ( I trialled that – it’s deplorable )

    Everything it claims not to be is precisely what it is. When I added these criticisms to the forum they were, not surprisingly, quickly removed.

    I just wanted to put some comments out on the net somewhere were people can see – more of the same recycled crap created for one purpose only – to part gullible, hopeful people from their cash.

  2. Thank you Dean!

    You saved me and a lot of other people the trouble of buying and refunding.

    Have a nice day,


  3. Bought the system last night with all upsells. There is a template missing off the software, thus unable to get software to work. Also the link to the $1000 strategy does not work. The link goes to a error 404 link does not exist. Tried to contact five times without success.
    Advised if no response by end of play tonight, a full refund request through click bank will be requested as per there 60 day money back guarantee.

  4. Thank you Dean. I really appreciate your comments. You just saved me from another”LOAD” of you know what.Have you found any satisfactory Robots or Ea’s that actually work?

  5. Thanks guys I listened to the video but it was to slick so came to the net to look for reviews so thanks you saved me a lot of grief

  6. Same experience as Dean and Chris – bought the system, there is a template missing off the software, thus unable to get software to work. Also the link to the $1000 strategy does not work. The link goes to a error 404 link does not exist. Tried to contact multiple times without success. Left messages on blog – they were removed and not answered.

    William Hopkins (if that’s his real name) and Revolutionary FX is just another SCAM. Just another idiot with a smooth marketing system in place built to prey on traders looking for an edge in the market.

  7. I purchased this product which I find to be really cheesy. 95% of the effort went into the sales presentation, maybe 5 % into the product–missing templates, inadvertent references to other products, repainting indicator. This product looks slapped together at the last moment. Not a good sign. Will ask for a refund

  8. Thanks for the warning. The FX scene is littered with garbage and crooks 🙂
    Like buy swallow a “magic” pill and you can run the comrades

  9. can someone tell me how to go about getting a refund? I’ve never received any info from them with support contact information etc. the system lost me more trades than won me any for the past 2 days now

  10. This is nothing more than aq scam. I use FXDD and they do not charge commissions. On his proof accounts on the site it shows commissions and when I called on that via email he responded back saying it was really a swap. So why wasn’t it in the swap section. This guy is full of crap and so is his BS system that is nothing short of hyped up crap. A pure scam. I would definately stay away from this mess for sure

  11. The sales audio on their website just goes on and on and on and on and on…about people’s desire to make more money and how crappy all the other EAs are and how his is so revolutionary. Sitting here listening to the BS for about 20 minutes now. A lot on hype, little on substance on his software…

  12. We paid for this system and early on noticed a missing template. We never even tried to contact support just went straight away to Click Bank and asked for refund, thinking the idiots who put this junk out do not even deserve the courtesy of our time. We got the refund promptly, today. Like others here the link to the $1000 strategy would not work. One thing this SCAMMER has taught us, this is the last time – we are done forever taking chances on tricksters like this.

  13. I payed for it yesterday (16th of Nov.2011) by PayPal and got nothing. No Software, no download link, nothing. I wrote an email, asked for help, also got nothing, no answer, no software, no download link. So sad 🙁

  14. Thank god I found this website! I was very tempted to buy Revolutionary FX yesterday but the “too slick, too polished” video presentation rang alarm bells. I’m so glad I read these reviews. Genuine review websites like this are worth their weight in gold, unlike the rubbish these scammers are trying to flog! Cheers

  15. Thanks so much guys (all of you). All of your comments save a lot of people a lot of heartache time wasted by these parasites. And thank heavens for websites like this. Like the old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

  16. Thanks a lot guys saved me a lot time and aggravation. When will someone put an end to these scams? Their must be a regulatory body out there somewhere. I used to trust the internet for valuable information but except for sites like this one I’m starting to lose interest in the internet, it’s gone to the dogs. I think there are more swindlers and scam artists than any else.
    PS: Are there any Robots or other software that actually work?

  17. HI I did bougth this software yesterday. and I do confirm every word of Dean previously post. After buying the software you have to go true I think it was 5 page of up selling trying to get you to buy a better upgrade software, and service.

    that is telling you a lot of the real value of the first up front product they try to sell you.

    then on of this other software they will try to sell you wich is the revolutionary fx optic indicator buy and sell indicator.

    It is a lagging indicator when the signal pop up the swing already took place long time ago, like the buy appear on the candle that is 30 candle back o yes wow … it is not a repaint it is a back painting indicator.

    the software that it is selling up front is nothing more then a breakout strategy on a doji type candle into a range market. or something like that. nothing that you can not do yourself.

    sending my request for refund directly to clikbank. all you have to do is open your clikbank receipt then scroll down to customer service title,then you will see this :To make a customer service inquiry with regard to this purchase please visit this link: (click the link you see here) it will bring you to your clikbank page receipt

    than click on support on the left. then choose into the menu of the select a reason click more option then it will extend the window so you have the choice to select the refund request then you can ad a comment . and there you go ususaly in 2 to 3 days you will get your refund directly by clickbank.

    hope this can help out few out there.


  18. Thanks a lot everybody who posted the truth about yet another con.I had an idea it was so I “googled” it.What made it worse was a guy from England sent me an email giving it the big sell.Stupid because Englands a lot smaller than America and people are really easy to find….People who endorse rubbish are as bad as the people who make the rubbish.No excuses…

  19. I bought Revolutionary-FX and like most of the other purchasers I was immediately taken aback by the upselling of upgrades. In all honesty I am looking for a robot for the simple reason to spend less time in front of the computer. I e-mailed the supplier but he never answered me but as soon as I opened a refund request I received two answers.
    This is the last one,” Revolutionary FX has proven to provide its users with high returns and longterm profits.
    Please tell me the reason you are not satisfied with Revolutionary FX so I can solve this and you will be able to enjoy the its great results.

    If you refund Revolutionary FX, your license will be canceled and you will not be entitled to receive any future upgrades, including the forthcoming upgraded version.

    I am again requesting a refund because if he was not decent enough to answer when the other two times I e-mailed him he does not deserve my consideration.

  20. Hy, update: at “forex peace army” you can see some screenshots of given signals. And good news for me, I received an email from Clickbank. My order has been refunded.

    I wish all of you a nice weekend,

  21. I too bought this software with those upsells but I cant install in my 5 digit Mt4 demo account. I sent support ticket 5 days ago but no reply. Today I filed a dispute with paypal.Hope I can get my full refund.

  22. i bought this product but it fails to give me profit.. always miss a good trade, and a lagging indicator indeed. i asked for refund 4th times already, but everytime the support team keep telling me that they can help me make profit from their product and ask me to keep trying using this indicator until i can make money from it.. it seems like they dont want to refund. what can i do to make them refund my money..? is anyone out there can help me out..? guys, please stay away from revoultionary fx..

  23. Yet another piece of crap then from the comments above! Was gonna purchase it but no chance now! What makes me mad is the big name affilate marketers out there who we all know who endorse crap like this or have there link to it! Makes you think that their own products are garbage! Having purchased the most famous EA out there and others they are garbage! I guess it is my fault then for believing in the hype! Maybe we need to boycott these people too! ie take your name off their mailing lists. If theyve got no-one to mail to, they dont make money and they wont sell many of their own products! They promote crap so whats the point?! Seems like they dont even trial the software and dont know how bad these “products” are! They will put there name to anything to make money it seems.

  24. I just have to leave this comment to say thank you Dean for your post & honest comment about this Revolutionary FX product that you say is just another piece of CRAP!!!! I too was about to purchase this product & you just saved me my time, money & frustration. This is definitely what is needed from all Forex participants is the alliance to stick together to speak on these forex products that come to the market on a daily basis claiming to work to bring in profits but are only junk software & the truth needs to be told about those products that actually work & those that are only imitators & perpetrators designed to try to put money into the pockets of those who knowingly market their junk products, scam artists looking to try to make a quick buck. I appreciate you Dean. Thank you. Thank you Forex Machines for making this blog site possible & available.

  25. I have had Rev. FX for about three weeks now and it still has not traded. I have asked for a refund at least three times and the vendor keeps saying he can fix it, the last time he told me that the EX4 file should be put in Experts where in fact according to his PDF file it says it should be put in Experts/Indicators so I am pretty certain he does not know what he is talking about. I shall go straight to clickbank themselves and ask them not to keep passing me on to the vendor and return my money.

  26. Hi everybody,

    I bought like you all the same system, and got nothing at all!!!
    The same story is already written by all of you.
    This crap they are selling is a shame, just for steeling!
    Thanks Norm for your Help!!!

    Kind regards,


  27. Hello,

    I was stupid enough to purchase the Revolutionary Fx even there were SO MANY signs that of course this is just another big scam. I mean the name of this guy, William Hopkins, yeah right – “William Hopkins (2 February 1793 – 13 October 1866) was an English mathematician and geologist”. This should already ring a bell!! Then after trying to purchase this “program”, there comes these upsells – OMFG!! You have got to be kidding me!! Anyway because money refund policy, I wanted to see with pure curioucity what was this super “program” like. And Oh My God – What a JOKE!! It is just a f..king indicator which gives you every now and then buy and sell recommendations based on the last candle´s low and high values. The PDF-manual is also ridiculous, really poor instructions and there´s not even said which time frames you should use etc!! This guy says he developed this great “program” for 13 months!! I mean what program!! I can make this kind of indicator in few hours. WHAT A JOKE!! Now I am trying to get my refund but so far it has been difficult, I hope I can success. Well about results, there´s already everything said in other comments. It is much like flipping a coin and as we know the probability is poor.

  28. Beware this program!!!! I was curious so I gave it a try with the hopes of gaining a useful indicator. The attempt at the massive up sell before you even finish your purchase should be the first warning but as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. I bought the basic program without the up sell and figured I would give it 30 days to see how it performs…… well it is dismal to say the least. You would do just as well to flip a coin to make your trading decision.

    Now here is the real kicker …. after reviewing it for 30 days I asked for a refund last week, this started off a week of back and forth between click bank and the vendor. Every time I would put in for a refund the vendor would switch it over to a Tech support question and Click bank would not process the refund since the Vendor was trying to work out a tech support question. Newsflash everyone it was not a Tech support problem it was a performance problem of the product not even meeting the minimum performance set forth in the advertising. Well this back and forth went on for 3 business days with me providing lengthy explanations each time. Yesterday I finally had to resort threatening to file a grievance with the Attorney General in both Colorado and Idaho ( where ClickBank is domiciled) to get some action. The refund was finally processed this morning.

    This guy is just playing a shell game with your money. If the indicator even was a mediocre performer I would have happily kept it and just felt like I overpaid for something and moved on. But with the overt up sells and the shenanigans with the refund process I would bet this guy is bleeding $$$ on all the refunds. Don’t buy it expecting to try it and if it does not work get a refund ….. I don’t think this guy will be around that long and you will be left holding the bag in my humble opinion.

  29. Hey guys and gals. we are being taken by these so called robot developers signalgivers and now these copy/paste auto trading so called experts..
    For those who want to buy any of these products my suggestion is to go through paypal who takes the orders and clk bank who approves the orders..When you buy through pay pal, you go to http://www.paypal.com .. Then if you want to cancel you call clkbank at 1800 390-6035..You do not need a reason to cancel since they are honoring the developers money back guarantee..I just purchased copy/paste subscription that has recently been circulating and once I saw that they were upselling to different products I immediately canceled and will be receiving a refund within 2-3 days..
    We must stick together and be the eyes and ears for each other since there is nothing but scams roaming the internet on a daily basis..
    Now that I have found this site “forexmachines.com” I will definately be back to read your comments and I for sure will be sharing comments with you about my purchases. For the record I have purchased and returned the following robots. PIPS4IDIOTS,GODFATHER, CRESCENDO, AND the latest, COPY/PASTE..
    I was going to purchase Stealth signals but haven’t as yet so if anyone has some really positive reviews than please for sure share with us here..My email address is par3on1 @ aol.com for any private communications..
    P.S a friend of mine turned me on to a robot that trades only the GBP/USD during asian time and I was doing really well until the dollar collapased on or about 1/19 when I got hit for over 700.00 loss. It works well with the exception of when a currency enters into a long trend..The developer is going to have to fix that problem if he can and he is working on another one that does deal with trends. Both these are not for sale and me and myfriend are just demoing them…I will let you know if they are viable..The one that was working good until the trend came was giving me with 0.3 lots about 80-100 dollars profit.. what a shame it could not handle the continuous trend..

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