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The purpose of this page is to encourage and collect the user reviews of a Forex product called Auto Pips Profits. To get the details about this product (such as its features) or if you’re looking for support, please visit the official website that can be found at

Below are the current reviews of Auto Pips Profits. It is possible that at the time you’re reading this page there are no reviews yet. Because they come from real users, it may take some time for the first reviews to appear. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly to check for new reviews.

If you have experience with Auto Pips Profits, please leave a short review or comments with your feedback (please follow the posting rules). It will help other users to decide. Thanks!

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  1. I haven’t tested this EA out yet, but what I suggest is that you only test EA’s on live accounts. You can open a $10 micro account if you want, but don’t trust demos.

  2. Hello All

    This Justin Delmar sounds very convincing I must say. And you can’t beat the price of 49.00 a month. Well maybe 39.00 LOL
    Anyway I’m going to see if anyone else has heard of this APP system before I decide.
    Good luck to all and Happy Trading

  3. I bought this yesterday to see if it works out.

    A warning though: there are a LOT of upsells! But you can just ignore them because you can buy them later, from the members area. But if you want the teaching upsell, you have to decide on that when the offer comes; I cannot see it in the members area.

    As most other, the tool is an EA in MT4. It seems to be the same software that is used by Copy Paste Pips, since it looks the same, both in the messages on screen and in the Experts tab. And they both call the software “EA copier”. That is good, however, since that sw seems to be working just fine.

    This guy seems to trade manually, though he says that he gets help from some AI tool (which he won’t sell to anyone). I don’t know what to think of the AI part but I like the manual trading.

    I have had Copy Paste Pips since January, which is (as said earlier) a very similar signal service. That guy is very good, actually. The only real drawdown was in late March when the market was in chock after the Japanese disaster, and the JPY went crazy. Anyone who had a forex position in the wrong direction, should have been stopped out, so I don’t blame him for that.

    Now let’s see if Delmar is as brilliant as he declares. Early this morning (CET), he opened a long position in EUR/USD. To me, he is competing with Copy Paste Pips, who has a short position in the same pair.

  4. Good Evening Warren
    Would you mind if I asked you a ??

    Do you have to keep your computer on all the time?

    And What are the 8 clicks of the mouse you have to do to get it to start working?

    I think I saw your name in the Leo Trader Pro Review site for FX Machines.

    I hope it works out for you. BTW At what price did you get it for? So far I have gotten 3 different prices.

    one for 69 dollars
    one for 65 dollars
    and one for 49 dollars a month.

    Which one is right.

    Happy Trading to all and may the Forex be with us.

  5. As all other EAs (Expert Advisors), the Auto Pips Profits EA runs inside your MT4 platform, and your MT4 will run only when the computer is on.

    It isn’t really an option to have these kind of EAs running on your own computer, I think. You have to keep it on all the time and the internet connection can go down, just as the EA was about to enter, modify or exit a trade.

    Many brokers let you hire a VPS for free, where you can run your MT4 and EA. Personally, I hire a server, which is located somerwhere else in the country, on which I can do whatever I want. Just like my own laptop. It doesn’t cost that much, and I have full control of my server, can install and run whatever I like and am garanteed an internet connection with 100% uptime. I connect to it from my local computer and it looks like the server is part of my own laptop. On that server, I run several MT4 platforms with different brokers and a lot of EAs. Smooth and reliable.

    I don’t know about the eight clicks, but you install it as any other EA. Very simple.

    About the prices, I think it was $49. But all prices can be “right”. As with all of these offers, even if you want the product, you should always try to turn down the offer once, because in most cases you’ll get a new web page where the price is much, much lower. If you say NO again, you usually get a $1 price for seven days trial. I don’t take that because a week is too short to see what the EA can do.

    About the competing traders, Copy Paste Pips and Auto Pips Profits, CPP closed one of its short positions with a small profit. CPP’s second short position is now at -129 pips, while APP’s long position is at +81 pips. All EUR/USD.

  6. I bought the Auto Pips Profits on April 3 late at night PST. I paid $1 for 7 days trial, placed it on a small live account and immediately it opened a short trade on EURUSD, then within 15 mins it opened up a long trade, both trades ended positive, it then opened a long trade on April 5 broker server time and is now up 120 pips. This morning it opened 3 trades in rapid succesion going long and are 10 pips in the positive now although my free margin is running low. I noticed the stop loss level got changed a few times and that 120 pips is protected at 75 pips profit right now. I checked back on the cart of the entries and I cannot figure out why they were entered. But it seems good so far.

  7. Good Evening All

    I must say that from the reviews I’m seeing about APP it looks like it’s going to be a winner for now anyway.
    I think I’m going to try with the 1 dollar special and see what happens.
    Tell me guys did you open a small live account say 500 or 600 dollars? That’s what I’m going to try it on and see what happens.
    BTW are you or they using Brokers here in the states or out of county? I’m waiting to get my 600 back from GO Traders from down under.
    The blasted CFTF rules forced me to close my account with them so I have to find another broker elsewhere.
    Anyway it sounds like a winner and Good luck to all of you who have APP and Happy Trading.

    And my the FOREX be with us.

  8. I don’t understand “MT Intelligence” yet.

    Please enlightening me.

    I think result should be…
    1.00 lot x 3.0 pips = USD 30.00
    but APP result is..
    1.00 lot x 3.0 pips = USD 60.00


  9. Hi, Can anyone help me on how to get the 1 week trial? thks

  10. I don’t understand why anyone would want us to make 5000$ a day?

    If that person is truly capable of achieving that amount of money on real account then why does he need 67$ monthly charge. Heck why does he even need to trade for us?

    I remember how Rober Calmer [Copypastepips] started out like this and then bam bam bam losses in 5 consecutive trades in last 2 weeks…

    Just imagine if this guy fucs up then your money will be gone…

    I will be waiting for all of your TRUE RESULTS…

  11. Saw a comment on the MT4i statement for autopipsprofits which makes it look suspitious.
    The message is “This statement contains anomalies such as profitable trades where the exit price is below the entry price. ”
    What do you think about it?

  12. I am a newbie to this,never traded in my life, this sounds great,seems you can start with only $200,can someone tell me, Is this software easy to put on to your pc?(for a newbie)where would I hire or get for free a VPS, any help I would be greatfull

  13. I’m also new to forex. Anyone test this on a live or demo account? Results?

  14. Steve do you have internet at home? If so then you can buy a Asus Eee PC for less than 300$ and live it on all your life..No Monthly BS fee for Vps…You can either use Wireless internet or Router connected wireless internet…

    One more thing since you are new to forex don’t ever FALL for BIG MONEY STATEMENT…They are just trying to get your money..Forex is not a holy grail where you click once or twice and you make 90k in a month…It is possible only when you are knowledgeable and trading on your own…Don’t put too much trust on so call FOrex Guru…Its all about money…

    You also need to have enough money to lose some and make some..

  15. this is the real deal. 7 winning trades so far for me no losses . just dissappointed i only traded mini lots.

  16. Have been trading this one on live account for last 2 days, still too early for accurate assessment but long enough to spot some dodgy feedback on here!

    5 trades, 5 losers. Total loss on 37pips though so at least trades are being managed when they turn against you.

    Lets see how it goes over next 4-6 weeks…

  17. Could anyone confirm that there is no trade happened since 22:00 CET brussels time 7th april till 8th April 17:00? thanks

  18. Kukur,

    Could you expound on your suggestion to Steve to buy a Asus Eee pc. Also just what do you mean by, you will not have to buy a VPS subscription ever? Just what type of PC is it to not have to subscribe to a VPS service ? Thanks for your input.

  19. hello Ron M. u mentioned ur vps the one that allows u to use several different brokers, can u post the name of that vps? also can u post the name of the broker u r using if in the u.s.a.
    thank u

  20. Hi Rick
    Thanks for reply, I have a a Samsung np-n130 10 inch notebook which I bought 2 months ago ( for back up) would that be anygood, and I have wirless internet,you say no fees for VPS,can you tell me how to use



  21. for the week I had 8 trades across 4 pairs.

    4 winners 4 losers which netted me a negative $ amount.

    -46 pips. Although it may be more, since I am not quite sure on how to calculate pips on the 4 and 3 digit amounts or even 5. And yes I am kind of green when it comes to Forex, although I do know how to trade, Just wanted to try a robot so that I would not need to sit so much at the puter… LOL… All I know is, with a $2500 account size I am down $113.45. I guess you can’t win them all… Hopefully next week will prove better.

  22. For 6 years I have never purchased a Forex product that was worth the money and time spent on it. So I swear this is now my last try forever.
    I got it Friday afternoon, yet I don’t trust it. I am afraid of placing it on my real account, so I allowed it to trade on demo only. What’s the use of it then? I think I am going to pay for it in order to call for the rest part of my life loudly: “Don’t buy any Forex product! All of them are overpriced crapware!”
    Their support didn’t answer to two of my letters tonight. I have won the first two points: FOLKS, THEIR SUPPORT DOES NOT RESPOND TO LETTERS!! I felt better for a while.
    UNFORTUNATELY, they did execute three profitable trades for me. 🙁 Damn it! Why hadn’t I put it on my real account??! Actually, two of them were “twin” trades. Anyway, it was more than 30 pips in profit on EurUsd, while the third trade resulted it plus 40 pips.
    So it’s not enough to call it a scam. Let’s hope next week I’ll lose with them.

  23. Hello to All
    Hello KD
    I was trading with Go Traders Down under as well as IBFX here in the states. One 10 18 of last year the new CTFC rules went into effect and they hammered me with my Trades.
    They were blocked by the CFTC rules that unless the brokers agree to follow CFTC rules and Regulations they are not allowed to trade with any one from the US.
    Now IBFX has a real bad habit of changing your trades from winners to losers. And that really got me upset.
    When I tryed to close out a winning trade I couldn’t but I didn’t have no problem closing out a losing trade. Go figure.
    And they would move my Stops to other than I had set them for. I have this bad habit of writing things down and when I would closed out of trades and then the Numbers didn’t match, then I know something was screwy.
    So I called them up and they told me that they don’t have no record of any such trades happening. Yea Right.
    So there you go.
    Happy trading to all and have a great weekend.

  24. Hey One Hung Low
    7 winners Good job. Hey look at this way you had a mini account and now you know this works. At least you made something.
    Time will tell. who knows it could have been 2 winners and 5 losers. But you did good none the less.
    Have a Great weekend.

    Happy Trading.

  25. anyone use it in mt4 for live account? does it work as what he said?

  26. Hey A. S.
    Any Smart Trader would test a new product on a Demo First. TO see if it really does work. And if it does work then go live.
    Then the next move would be to open up a Small Live account and then and only then trade with just 1 to 3%.
    That way you will know for sure.
    I have seen and heard too many horror stories about traders buying a FX product and putting it on there live account and losing most of it if not all of it in a very short time.
    Test it on A DEMO first. TIME WILL TELL.
    Good luck and happy trading.

    And my the Forex be with US.

  27. Sounds like this is a load of rubbish,I will not be buying

  28. well i have had 4 positive trades so far and there is one open trade which is currently in red (gbp /usd down 40 pips, pnly installed the ea on friday. My winners netted me around 80+ pips. But can settle for this kinda win loss ration for now. Still too early to pass any judgement. I am a skeptical when it come to new forex products hitting the market, all of them promise a lot and then fail miserably. I hope this guys proves me wrong and makes me some money. Hymnn might be wishing too much, guess only time will tell!

  29. Jack Maverick

    First of all, I’m very suspicious of any system that has a lot of upsells. They just finished telling you that THIS is the best trading system in history…but then they tell you that you need to buy 3 or 4 other things, too.
    Also very funny about the similarity between this program and “Copy Paste Pips” – we’ve seen this before, where someone repackages a system under a new name to get more sales – or where they offer two systems that fade each other (trade exactly opposite each other, so that at least one of them is guaranteed to have a winning trade).
    Just be careful.

    Trader Jack

  30. you know he was selling it for 47 a mo now it is up to 67 a mo and he had 7 days for a dollrs now it is 3 days for a dollrs i dont get it at all

  31. Its too early to tell. But it has been successful on 5 trades for me. I’ve been using a demo account. All of them netting at least 21 pips.
    The beauty of it is that on one of the trades there were 3 that opened in rapid succession going for a buy…and closed around 22-24pips by the time he closed them all. So thats about 65-66 pips on 3 trades that were only exposed to the market for 2 hours. That rules out a quick scalping mentality. But it spent majority of the time in the positive for those who cant sit easy.
    But again i wouldn’t use this first week as a measuring stick keep testing/demoing
    oh and i got that GBP/USD Sniper and it only made one trade for positive in the two days i had it running. I was having some installation problems too…so that could be why only one trade was executed. But then again less trades are probably better…you dont want over anxious trading systems anyway. Patience is key in forex and the guys operation this EA seem to have a good deal of patience. Which is good.
    I know it hard to get accurate testimonials on line b/c people be lying to try and sell another product. or are marketing this one. But I’m doing my best to keep you at ease. I’ ve tested the FAP Turbo too. Just keep testing the products if you dont like em dont trip just return em and get your money. But if anything go get educated on the market. For beginners to super advanced you can learn at baby pips website how to trade forex. Its worth the time. Hit me up on twitter @B_wellington

  32. how do you install the software in windows vista i can get in stalled i will give my cell number if some one can help

  33. on the eur/usd what tme are you using 1hr or what any one wont to say thanks

  34. eedie,
    You can open the EA on any chart since it doesn’t act on that symbol/timeframe, as most other EAs do. The chart is just a place to host the EA since it must run somewhere. The actual trades are then executed on any symbol that the trader behind chooses.

  35. BAD news: even on calm Monday they made a profitable trade for me.
    Even WORSE (look up for my earlier post): they answered to my questions by mail and on their site. THEY RESPOND TO LETTERS.
    Actually, there is a note on their web: “We reply to every email within 24 hours, but during the launch period, we get get 1,000s of emails daily and are trying to do our level best to get back to you ASAP.”
    Can’t say they have been misleading.
    P.S. Thanks, Ron M.

  36. @ A.S I got that same trade this monday morning. It was open for a few hours and closed out with a 16 pip gain. Not bad. it bought EUR/USD at 1.4451 and took profit at 1.4467. Oh and support answered my questions too. i sent them some things about setting up the software last week. i wish they had a live number to talk directly to someone.

    Again everyone i do my best to give you all the best info i can. i KNOW its hard to get real feed back without someones previous emotions or past ideas caught up in it. Hope everyone knows i’m just a regular Joe Schmo..Sort of..haha. I do work in entertainment…i hope i’m not regular. That equals boring in my business. Hit me up on twitter @B_wellington. I’ll keep posting back with some more info on here to give you all the 411 on whats going on. Laterz

  37. Hey Its B.Wells again Hope you all have been following my posting. I just got a losing trade. They closed it real quick though for -5pips. It bought EUR/USD at 1.44325 and closed it at 1.44279 . I have a 5 digit broker. so look at it like 1.4432 and closed at 1.4427.

    Thats the first losing one i have had since installing the software last Wednesday but on the positive side its plus more pips than i feel like counting right now and -5. But again keep demoing b4 going live. See what it does. But so far so good. Hopefully someone else can post with me to help provide some transparency to these posting. Just bookmark this page in your toolbar or something to keep checking back.
    We gotta get some real feedback on some of these products out here. thats the only way to put an end to people buying B.S. So somebody step up and keep posting with me if you’re demoing the software. Follow me on twitter @B_wellington. and bookmark this page to keep check reviews. Thanks

  38. Hi BWell, thanks for your postings. It’s really helpful for me to compare the results that I got with yours or others in this forum. I think this forum is really great for all of us sharing our experiences with AutoPipsProfits.

    Regarding the losing trade you got, it’s funny because I didn’t get that one(lucky me!). I am also trading on EUR/USD. If what we’re trading is a copy of Justin’s trade, I don’t understand why some of us got it and some of us didn’t. Different brokers maybe?

  39. @hokie… Hey its B.Wells writing you back.

    I think the brokers could be a possibilty. Or computer performance as well. Because the quick trade was opened and closed real quick so i would go with a system error at best.

    It also opened a lot non proportional to my demo margin. it opened at .01 Lots so the loss was only 46 cents. haha. But i’m testing its money management strategy and it usually opens the same lot size. You can adjust the parameters though to set a fixed lot size or let the EA set one based off of your margin.

    I’m trying to come up with a way where everyone can just view what the EA. There is this site called join me dot com (Cant use URLs in postings) that will let you view someones computer if they give you the access number. But I’m about to leave the house so i might launch up a viewing page later. either way i’ll post back and let you all know.

  40. Long live long awaited loss! (European Monday) It was comparatively small both in pips and in actual money as the position for the lost trade was chosen smaller. It speaks in favour of Autopips.
    But I had pleasure in analyzing this quick trade (a few minutes long). I find out that Autopips was not smarter than my manual trading (I have several years of experience, though). It seemed right that Autopips trimmed a loss to a small number, however I would have either placed stop-loss some 20 pips lower or reentered the trade in the same direction soon. I also noticed that the trade went contrary to the main manual system of V.Ribakov, the system that I had learnt of recently and reserved a certain amount of respect for.
    Autopips is not ideal. On the other hand, I don’t expect any Forex product to be ideal. It would be really enough if it brought a certain amount of profit in times when you are not able to do yourself due to some physical obstacle.
    And Thanks to all who posted their comments and made it possible to compare results. I don’t write the exact numbers only for the reason I have been slightly tinkering with the default settings for the EA.

  41. Hi B.Wells,

    I think if you want to let other people see your trade, you might want to use, or other similar site like this. This way you would only allow people to view your metatrader account, not other parts of your computer.

    My vps crashed this afternoon, I am not sure if it is because of AutoPipsProfits or my other EA. Anyone got the same problem?

    Btw, currently there is one open losing position (long position, -25 pips at this time). Hope it will rebound, we’ll see…

  42. Hi hokie,
    Downward momentum in the Asian session still does not seem to be strong enough to challenge the stoploss level. The price should bounce in the European morning, but will it bounce enough? Then Stop level looks like being to be placed at the risky level again. These guys either know something fundamental I don’t know or we’ll see stop loss taken today.

  43. Hey,
    So I have that same trade open right now as well. We’ll see if it rebounds. Today was a relatively quiet day on AAP certainty not a $1000 day even with demo money. However it should be noted that Monday is not a huge price movement day. The better/optimal days to trade are Tuesday-Thurs. I’ll post back tomorrow and give the update on that open trade and let everyone know what AAP does tomorrow and we can all compare results to keep reviews honest and fair.

  44. i have eur/usd it has be in the minus al day we will see what happens

  45. Good Evening All
    My Inbox has been flooded with Emails from some one named Josh Jakeups. I think thats the name and he or they keep saying something about something called Forex Pips Taker. But when I try and open the page for this pips taker thing it’s blank.
    Does any body else have the same problem? And who is this Josh Jakeups or whatever his name is??
    Never heard of him or the product before. is it something new or is it another scam trying to take our money. LOL
    The brokers and scammers are all ready doing that for us..

    Anyway if any one has any news on this thing please let me know because the Emails I’m getting from this person are all blanks.

    Happy Trading to All

  46. @AS..Yo Its B.Wells

    What going on right now is a falling wedge in an uptrend. Its testing the Fibo support levels of the current trend. If support holds it should bounce back up. The buy order by AAP submitted the current buy at at the 23.6% fibo retracement. Right now the price is testing the 50% retracement level. it went past the 38% level. The stop loss was entered at the 61.8% level. If prices reaches that without bouncing back it will probably turn into a reversal.
    But the movement in the Asian session, as you mentioned earlier, isnt really reflecting a reversal. Price will more than likely push back out in the early morning when there is more price action.
    I’m guessing thats what he’s assuming too bc he hasnt closed the order yet.
    But again, i could be wrong, he could be wrong, fibo levels are subjective.
    If you go to forex pros dot com slash currencies (cant use URL’s) On the 1 HR chart you will see the Stochastic/ The CCI/ and the Williams are showing oversold. And the ATR is saying that there is less volatility right now meaning that price wont move as much. On the Daily chart its indicating a stong buy. So I’d keep my eye open for price to rise and continue the trend. And look for some news to support that theory.
    oh and @Hokie…Make sure that the EA is attached to the chart and there are no other EA’s running in the platform or additional templates open. And if you installed the EA to another demo account and then out it on another one make sure you delete it entirely from the other account. Even if its not live trading but is installed on another broker it could affect it. I had that problem last week and their support team passed along those tips to me.

  47. The support team response very slow. I can’t install it to iamfx VPS. Acording to the insttuction, both main and snipper can’t install in same MT4 in the same ac.

    Anyone of you installed in iamfx VPS???

  48. iam using 1hr time frame is that good or bad or shoud i i use 15 min chart or 30?

  49. eedie,
    I answered your question about which timeframe etc, earlier. Look further up on the page. I use 4H because the trades are long term ones and you can then follow the entire action from start to finish without scrolling or zooming out to tiny candles.

  50. @Bwells & All
    The Asian session was a piece of cake: you should have looked at GbpUsd first. It was clear where it was heading to, and it was clear that before it reached Support around 1.6270 and before the UK news on CPI Cable would drag Euro down together. Cable reached Support and stayed between yesterday’s Low and 38.2 Fibo expansion. The correlation between Euro & Pound was essentially broken at the UK CPI release time, cause the weak statistical number was the fundamental weakness factor for Pound only.
    My question: why do you need keeping a losing trade when you can close it and re-buy at the much better level? For a robo trader it were OK, but it is not so for a human trader who claims the super level proficiency.

  51. The last trade is going to be closed in profit. The trend has not lost its momentum. Should I be happy? I’m just testing it, so I get practically nothing except the possibility to evaluate how Autopips take the positions and close them, and I see it could be better – if it Autopips is run by human brains all the time, not just the algorithm created by human brains.

  52. Its B.Wells….@A.S

    I totally agree. Could have gotten a lower buy. That position was an aggressive buy. But why close out a winning position (that is temporary losing) to take a loss and repay the spreads. If anything just submit another buy. In the U.S you can have 2 or more positions open that are going the same way as long as you close the first one that you opened first when you decide to close. (F.I.F.O)
    Good research on that CPI report! That was smooth.

    @ Eddie…time frame doesn’t matter. but if you look at all the videos on the sales page the chart they tend to have up the most is the 1hr chart. And if you used their trend squeezer template it operates on the 1hr chart as well.

    @A…You cant have them both running in the same MT4 platform. You have to download another MT4 platform from your broker and change the install path so you dont overwrite your current one. And then install the sniper in that one. (I had that same issue) The support team explained it. If you click on contact the support desk in the members area…and then click on knowledge base in the new tab that opened up, They explain pretty much every last question you can think to ask in conjunction with how the software operates.

    @Hokie The trade rebounded like Dennis Rodman haha…now AAP is in the money on that trade we all had hanging around. As of now that trade is up about 40 pips with candles and reports in favor of the position AAP opened up. It couldn’t break through the 50% fibo level…AAP set a really risky stop loss on that one as A.S mentioned earlier.

    So far its hard to knock this product. For newbies and people who hate trades sitting in the negative for a while…that last trade (or current one we’re all talking about) could make it hard to sit easy. But like A.S said…that research could make it easier to be comfortable in a temporary negative position.

    On the real though…I’m feeling this blog. Probably the most honest one i ever read on any forex product so far. There was some unjustified negatives being posted close to the beginning but we all did a good job clearing it up.

  53. Philip White

    I have had this Sigs service running on a live account since last Wed with Alpari UK mini account. Result: 8 wins (just cashed in the open position running) and one small loss, early days but looking good so far!

    Slight problem: would like to change the parameters but when I right click the chart the EA is on, Eur/USD 1hr and click expert advisors/properties it doesn’t bring up the parameter box for the EA. Anyone know how to resolve this?
    Also at the moment the bot opens positions between 0.04 and 0.07 micro account. I would like to trade at fixed lot of 0.1, what do I change in the parameters to do this (once i get in)? Thanks

  54. Wow, only 9 pips away from the stop loss and EURUSD rebounded like a hell! I must say I am really impressed with this Justin guy and if the performance continues like it has been this past couple of days, I think I’ll extend my subscription at least for another month.

    To A.S… I think he stayed in the losing position because he anticipated price will hit support at the key fibo level (like B.Wells said) either 38%, 50% or 62%, or anywhere within that range, nobody knows for sure. If you’re out, you may miss the rebound altogether when it happens so fast.

    @B.Wells, thanks for your suggestion. I actually ran my oother EA in separate account and separate MT4 instance. I’ll see again today if it’ll crash again or not.

  55. @Hokie…

    Wheeww (wipe sweat)…it was chilling super close to the S/L. I was about to move it on my own for some space. but i wanted to see what they were going to do.

    @Philip White
    Close the Chart that you have the EA on and then close MT4. Make sure you copy your license key first unless you know it. Then reopen MT4 and chart the EUR/USD window and drop the EA back in and the parameters should pull up this time. And set fixed lots to .10. If you have the fixed lots set to anything other than 0.0 it will trade whatever you put there. But the EA is opening positions with your Margin being taking into consideration so opening smaller lots is good bc its using risk management for you.

  56. Thanks to all posting., It helps to know we are all on the same page with APP., I currently have a winning trade on Eur/Usd bought 1.80 @1.44368, one question….this is a demo I have Ea working on…is the trade size based on account size? Also current profit on this trade is $1,137.47. NY time 10.44 am
    Good trades to all and please keep posting this is GREAT.

  57. My own rational arguments are not in tune the irrational part of me. The irrational part is also a physical one: this is my stomach, these are my guts that raise their disagreement. They say “we cannot put up with more than 50 pips in drawdown. Don’t you remember how you lost 25K in a single day, and then another 25K?” I need a supplement – a DVD course of hypnotherapy or something like that to cope with the problem.

  58. Its B.Wells again..

    Si final update on that trade. AAP move the stop loss to take a profit if it feel. However it moved the stop loss to take profit at 1 pip. haha.
    It went all the way up by 70 or so pips…and then i think some news hit and the price fell all the way back down to take profit at the 1 pip stop loss.
    If i were doing more than testing it…i would’ve took profit at 1.4500…
    I’m having mixed feelings about this particular trade…while it was a winning trade in a way you can consider it a loss. For how long the trade was open you would hope to take profit with more than 1 pip. But if you want to evaluate the performance or win to loss ratio it still one. A win is a win right?

    Anywayz…we’ll see how the week turns out. So far its still in the positive.

  59. Its B.Wells again,

    oh and don’t judge a system and curse it to hell if it takes one or two losses. Losses are going to happen rather if you’re trading manually or the system…its part of the market… you just want to make sure that you have a winning system. And that means that for every dollar that you put in you make more than a dollar back. But if it does take losses we want to be sure that the losses are manageable and reasonable. So far this system has picked up way more pips than it lossed.

    I understand though. Everyone wants 150 pips a day. haha. If you get 300 pips a week thats 1200 pips a month. if you made 2 dollars for each pip you cant be mad at a system that made you $2400 that month when you only paid $67 or $64 or whatever you pay a month for it haha…on top of the fact that you had to put in very little thinking. Thats putting it lightly. I’m just saying look at the bigger picture and not 2-3 days in a 30 day month.

  60. B.Wells, are you saying the current position has been closed with 1 pip profit? Because in my case, the position is still open as of now, as follows:

    Current open trade:
    0.40 lots EUR/USD @1.4436, long position bought on 04/12/11
    TP: 1.4596
    SL: 1.4366
    Current price: 1.4473
    Current profit: $148

  61. and also, the SL did not change today, still the same as yesterday at 1.4366

  62. I agree with You Bwells., 6 trades one loss and only a $28.80 loss at that…
    profit $2,270.80, and as Bwells has said +21.60 a pip or two is not a loss. I too have been letting it run otherwise I would have taken profit at the $1,400 mark.
    So far so thing I will say….. If the system were manned….profit would have been taken long before the fall or even a trailing stop placed.
    looking forward to the next trade.:)

  63. Roxi, are you using demo account? And may I know how big is your initial capital because you have like 1.80 lots position, whereas mine is only 0.4 lots (my demo account has $20K in it and I set the “Multiplier” to 1.0, so I guess whatever lot size in the master trade will be the same as mine.)
    Again, in my case, the position is still open until now with the profit now at $200. (NY EST 1 p.m.)

  64. Wow! I’m kinda upset. My SL changed. It could be my broker and it happened when I was closing positions in another platform. So thats good for AAP!

  65. Hokie, my account is about 92,000, I have not changed any settings,and my stop loss change to 1.44380, I am using FXCM broker .. I am wondering why your SL would not change and Bwells and my own would?????
    Are you in the same time zone? EST here New York..

  66. Hokie (sorry) Yes I am using a Demo account…$92,000 wish it were real..:)

  67. ok so we are same time zone what broker are you using?

  68. Ok, that’s explain the different of lot size. Apparently the lot size is determined not only by the “multiplier”, but also by the account size, although I don’t know exactly how they calculate this.

    But the more interesting thing is the different between your (Roxy and B.Wells) and my account regarding the stop loss. To bad we don’t have access to Justin’s account for the reference.

    Btw, I’m using TadawulFx. How about yours?

  69. @Roxi
    I am in NY. My demo broker is Alpari US. I thought it was weird that the stop loss changed. Hmmm…probably a broker issue.

    So did you get stopped out Roxi or is it still going for you as well.

    We should all get MT4 Live accounts to compare when changes happen

    I have an account I need to set that up.

    @Hokie let us know where it closes. On a positive note at least we are all getting the sane trades.

  70. @Bwells Yes I was stopped out at 1.44380 and I am using fxcm.

    @Hokie Yes please let us know where it closes if the TP changes, etc.,
    Also we should post trades as they come up and set up the mt4 live.. I will look into that this evening.
    no trades open now 2.13

  71. Hi guys,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I just closed my position manually (+54 pips but again this is just luck), because I noticed something was not right when I checked the log file, it showed that there was an error when trying to login this morning. I then tried to manually close the trade but failed, it didn’t let me, so this even increased my suspicion that something was not right, so I rebooted my VPS. I just got back in and only then I was able to manually close the trade.

  72. I am laughing, Actually I am happy.. now I know we are all on the same page.. good for you and the lucky 54 pips. who is your broker Hokie?
    lets keep this going, and as Bwells suggested we should mt4 live but until then we should post openings and SL changes etc.,

    @Bwells If you dont mind me long have you been with Alpari? and do you have a funded account.. in other words are you happy with them, ??

    I am going to open an account soon and I have read so many neg about all brokers.. I would like to have an account with the least (bad)..:)

  73. Are they american? I have never heard of them, and are you happy with them so far? I have found many of the brokers re quote, and go off line occasionally.,
    If I am using Real money I would like a reliable broker so I chose FxCm.. so far I have not been offline or re-quoted…

  74. Buy just went in 4.00pm 1.80 @1.44790
    SL 1.41780
    TP 1.44990

  75. @Roxi
    I’ve been demoing with them for a few weeks now. I like them. They really have a lot to offer such ass trading tools, live news radio, competitive spreads on their MT4 Pro accounts.
    I’m more than likely going open up an account with Fast Brokers though because its less capital to have a MT4 pro account and I like their customer service. And if I ever stop using MT4 Fastbrokers Path Finder trading platform is the bomb! Oh and they get paid commision so you dont have to worry about them taking the opposite position. Okay so….I’m done free advertising hahahaha.

    @Roxi Congrats on the 54 pips. Not bad for a days work. If you traded 1.0 lots $540 is coo for chilling. 😉

    Did you all get the new trade AAP opened about an hour ago?

    So far AAP is proving to be somewhat reliable. Can’t wait to see how this week plays out. And the GBP/USD has a trade open too. Anyone using any of the others?

  76. TadawulFx is European based, not US. I think they have offices in Cyprus, Switzerland and Hungary. You can check it out yourself:

    I don’t like US broker because they have too many regulations although I live in US.

    I used them because one of the EA I had (a scalper) recommended this broker. I did open a live account. But in the end, I lost most of my fund (I blamed the EA more than the broker). Currently I still have some little money left there, dormant. I was just thinking that the APP is not pips sensitive, and so virtually we can use any broker to trade this, and since I still have my TadawulFx acc active, why not use it?

  77. @Roxi the trade you listed above. I got that one too.

    What I’m confused about is the sniper is selling GBP/USD aka buying dollars….while the AAP is buying EUR/USD aka selling dollars. And theyre kinda correlative pairs. But the sniper is taking profit at 10 pips kinda scalping. So I guess it could work.

  78. Roxy and B.Wells, yes we currently have an open trade, like what you wrote Roxy. Let’s see how it plays out.

  79. @Bwells Thanks for the broker info..:) I have not purchased the GBP/USD system, I do like scalping… but I must say it all depends on the day.. some $700.00 days and some a lot lot less. lol
    either way I think I will continue with the APP for a while and see how it goes before I purchase more. I did notice the price went up since I signed up and the $1 trial is only for 3 days now…
    did you get in on all the goodies?
    please let me know, how the others work I do like a good scalp..hehe
    so let me know how they are profiting for you.????? 🙂

  80. @Hokie Most brokers Say they dont mind scalping..but I believe they mess with the re quotes for that reason.
    I like to scalp also., but as I said before Only on a good day…. 🙂
    I am using fxcm because I have noticed some of the big traders like Kathy Lien use fxcm, so I figure they might be far so good and they even paid me Swap…hehe
    first broker I had a demo with who did.

  81. Just facts. I have opened the chart now to check the results: at 12.00 GMT the price touched the upper line of the channel I drew long ago. It were a touch if four digits after comma counted. Anyway, it definitely touched it on the next bar. It was more than 80 pips of profit. How greedy a trader ought to be not to close the position? @13.00 my system of trade clearly indicated that the next bar most probably would be bearish. The position was left opened. Retracement continued almost to Fibo_61.8. The whole bunch of nice rising MAs was in the area but the stop order got triggered, bringing… +1.6 pips in result. If it were real money, I should ask: “where is that trader and where is my thick stick? I am going to bring him some Enlightenment!”

  82. Oh. sorry, I forgot: THEY CAN’T BE GREEDY! Their profit does not depend on your profit, they are going to take their monthly pay for whatever they do to your account. My meek wish were that they make some profit and they can deliver it. Like doctors: you pay them, and they treat you, probably making you a bit better. Good health is however not guaranteed, the treatment is.

  83. @AS
    That was well put.
    We can always adjust the T/P & S/L ourselves. Im going to see how those profit and loss targets play out the rest of the week before delivering a verdict.

  84. Trade closed. @1.44816 small profit but still a win
    closed before TP OF 1.44990 made $46.80
    please confirm close…?

  85. Yes, the trade was just closed, although in my case it was a small loss by 1 pip (-$4).

    Next please …

  86. APP just enters a trade and quits with 2 or 3 pips profit. What is the problem? Is that also happening to you too or only to me? If anyone could answer, I would be happy. Thanks alot…

  87. Denise,

    Are you talking about this one:

    2011.04.12 22:01 buy 0.40 eurusd at 1.4480
    SL: 1.4178 TP: 1.4499
    2011.04.13 02:00 close at 1.4479
    profit/loss: -1 pip

  88. Mine took a small profit two or three pips.
    Some people might’ve gotten a 1 pip or 2 pip loss due to broker slippage or platform delays.

    I think he closed the trade bc price movement is low right now and the US retail report comes out tomorrow so there will a lot of price movement. You can’t win it all and retire overnight. Like Denzel said “This shit is chess it ain’t checkers Jake” -Training Day.

  89. @BWells Think you might be right..tomorrow could be exciting

    @ Hokie once again Its the size of my demo…bigger contracts lol…size does matter 🙂

    @ Denise When was the trade you are speaking of?

  90. April 12, Buy at price:1.44355 and sell at price:1.44376
    S/L: 1.44380 and T/P: 1.45960
    This gave me only $2.10 at a standard account with 0.10 lot.
    (In the morning it was showing $80 and then ended up with this amount. I can not believe this. I should have closed it myself.)

    Also, April 12, Buy at price: 1.44779 and sell at price: 1.44805
    S/L: 1.41780 and T/P: 1.44990
    This gave me only $2.60 at a standard account with 0.10 lot.

    I am not sure why they closed like this. Is it the same with yours, or something wrong with mine only?

    Thanks alot…

  91. @Denise

    So your stop loss was re adjusted to i’m guessing? it must be a US Broker thing….idk

  92. Denise,

    Yes your two latest trades were about the same as ours, although in my case (read my email above) I was lucky enough on the first trade because my MT4 was essentially disconnected to APP server at some time during the trade, so my SL happened not to get adjusted and I didn’t get stopped out like all you guys. I ended up closing the trade manually for +54 pips profits (again, just lucky!).

  93. @ Denise Are you trading a demo account with APP?
    the one you mentioned in the morning was up.. Yes we had that too 1.44368 and then we had a SL change and it closed at 1.44380 a pip or 2 above the buy but that was after going all night. The next trade 1.44790 closed at 1.44816. no great gain but not a loss. 🙂

  94. Yes, one of the trade went over night and other one was just today. And it is a real account with US broker. Everything was really good when I was running APP with a demo just a couple of days ago. Do you think, it was because of the broker? But, how can a broker change the S/L? That is not fear. and also, why can’t APP adjust all these properly? I thought a real person behind all this thing.

    Thanks again guys, I appreciate your answers. They are very helpful really.

  95. you know i think this thang is junk i made so far 2.90 why pay 67.00 ? a mo

  96. can someday talk me through how to read auto pips on the chart MT4 so i can demo test myself


    @EDDIE T…$2.90 cant get you a variety meal at McDonald’s. haha. So if you’re trading even smaller micro lots.. i’m talking anything less than .10 or .07-.08…It might be tough to gain some ground. In which case I’d say dont use it. But i dont know how long you’ve been using it bc AAP had some great days last week and this week has gotten off to a slow start but it is only Wed.
    I don’t think you can look at it in a vacuum ya know? This system wasnt designed to make a lot of trades. maybe 1-2 trades a day. And then sometimes it opens 3 buys in one order to triple profit. But you gotta take in account the things that are taking place in the world. Its risky putting your neck out there all the time and it increases wins but also the possibility for losses.

    @DENISE…DISCLAIMER: Past performance is not indicative of future results..haha…we all had some good trades a few days ago. but look at what going on…..3 days ago we love it and are excited….2 slow days this week we’re frustrated and questioning its very existence. haha. they say you need at least 15-30 trades to judge a system but 100 trades to judge a system accurately.
    I think we as anxious traders….myself included…drag the days out watching numbers go up and down and it turns 2 days into 6 in our mind.
    And then we forget that trading is a road trip and not an air show war jet.

    Look at it like this…markets are open Mon-Friday for 4 weeks= 20 days…IF (THATS A BIG IF)…IF this system has 8 slow days where we only gain 2-20 pips…and then 12 days where it gains at least 30-100 pips thats coo. lets take 30 pips times 12 days…thats 360 pips from “good days”..if you trade .10 lots that $360 on auto pilot. if you trade 1.0 lots THATS $3,600! (30 PIPS IS PUTTING IT LIGHTLY SO NO ONE WILL GET OVER OPTIMISTIC…BUT SOME TRADES MIGHT BE 54 pips, 30 pips, OR 40, or even 2.

    I know that $3,600 made you all feel differently about 30 pips haha. Results and feelings will vary depending on your lot size. Thats why demoing for a long time with accounts bigger than you intend to open gets people too excited…there is a reason why brokers give you 100,000 or 50,000 or 10,000 to open a demo account. The objective is to get you to trade live with as much capital as you can afford too. Which isnt a bad thing if you have a winning trading plan, strategy, or system. 😉

    All I’m saying is if you have a $100 account your goal should be to get it to $200 as soon as you can…or $500 to $1,000…One mile at a time. Obviously the more you have the quicker it multiplies but if you start small dont dream big…right away…but take pride in turning $1 dollar into $2 dollars with your mind working and not your body..aka..a job. If you want to turn $5 into millions in a month play the lottery and not Forex. ya dig? But do know that with every increase you can compound your money on the next trade or lose it too. Risk management is EVERYTHING. Try to hit singles, and doubles, and not grand slams on every trade.

    When you’re reading the sales page of these systems like AAP, Fap Turbo, Mega Droid, Copy and Paste, you gotta understand that the lot sizes they were trading to push results were probably 1.0 or greater. But I tested Fap Turbo for at least 100 trades, and now AAP…what i will say is that AAP…SO FAR… has less drawdown, fewer losses, and a higher winning %…however it doesnt trade as much as the other one…which is probably why the winning % is higher. The more you step into a war zone the more likely you are to eventually get shot.

    If the person behind AAP knows that truth you would be happier with fewer trades. If you want more trades check out the other systems they are selling…
    OR…you can put in your own order RIGHT AFTER they put in Theirs if you trust the direction the bought or sold! Then you can double you wins….. or LOSSES. 😉

    You see he didnt open a trade today yet…hmmmmm…..Must be….waiting on that RETAIL REPORT…haha. Using his mind. But internally I’m chuckling at anybody getting upset with the frequency of the trading AAP uses. He did say he was “driving us there himself”. If you want to be in control and do it yourself then get out of his car and cruise in your own. Ya feel me?

    To Make a long story short…haha…Have some patience and….Think like a real trader bc a “real trader”…and not a robot…is operating this system…So they say…

    Church dismissed….right after the offering. haha. Happy Trading today. I wont be on as much… Hit me up on twitter @B_Wellington…I’m shooting an episode of Celebrity Ghost stories today..Get to play a basketball player. Show some support and follow me on twitter.

  98. That was excellent…
    and as you said in other words… LEAVE EMOTIONS OUT…..
    Good Luck Today BWells.

  99. Tuesday Autopips behaved so strange that one must think it was jus a component of a larger system which allows hedging.
    While Autopips was made to bring some profit by itself, the whole system would include orders to the opposite direction – if hedging allowed.
    So far, all the positions Autopips have opened for me are long, none short. Can it sell too?
    Warren and Jack Maverick mentioned „Copy Paste Pips“ and they mentioned that they may or even already seem to be competing each other. It’s possible that Autopips and Copy Paste Pips are just parts of the same system.
    Someone could check.
    (If I’m right, expect additional components being offered.)

  100. hi i purchased APP this morning and i still cant figure out how this thing works. I have loaded everythiung as the manual says but i have not received any trade signal. How do i know when there is a signal? its almost more than 10 hours since installation but i have not received any signal. pls help….its frustrating since there is no proper member area to figure out my prob.

  101. @revathy I usually post when a trade is signaled…so dont worry nothing yet today I am awaiting the trade also.. 🙂

  102. Oh thank you roxi, this is my first ever online purchase and it took a lot of guts to do it. i have been trading manually but have no idea how this EA work. thanks and will wait for the signal.

  103. @revathy The trade will automatically place itself on your comp. you have to do nothing.. but we on this blog have been verifying the trade with each other so as we are on the same page. also most of us are using demo accounts so as we can test the EA,and not lose real $$$$ just incase it is not a good EA. If you should have a trade opened please post it here so we will know as well.
    be sure to leave your trading platform on and internet connection on.
    I expect we will get a trade today around 4pm EST.
    good luck lets hope its a good one 🙂

  104. @revathy; roxi
    “APP trades at 20:00(server time) usualy.” Auto Pips Profits Support Team. Tuesday, April 12, 2011

  105. @A.S
    The trend is your friend. EUR/USD has been in an uptrend with a few retracements so its only been buying when the prices consolidate so far…..There have been sell orders on the GPB/USD Sniper though. There have been some opportunities though that I feel it could’ve taken advantage of.
    You all gotta get their trend squeezer template…now that is hot! That’s why I even considered buying AAP.
    Any trades today anyone?

  106. No Trades today here…. @Bwells.. I went to the homepage and I didnt see anything about trend squeezer…? where can I get it? I agree nice opportunities today.. I have been scalping eur/usd on my oanda demo all day nice trades..

  107. we are now in a trade on the eur/usd it is a buy

  108. Guys, finally… a buy trade! 🙂
    Let’s see how it’s doing for this one.
    My 1 wk subscription will end today, so I need something to show it’s worth extending the subscription for.

  109. received buy also… 1.44456
    lol TP is 1.46460..SL 1.43960
    I am impressed 🙂
    hope it is a good one

  110. @ BWells
    Yeah, the trend is your friend… but not at its end.
    How is that GBP/USD Sniper doing all in all?

    Today’s direction is in agreement with ForexFactory Trader Sentiment: majority of traders are bearish.
    Good night with FapTurbo so far (I saw it).

  111. Hi B.Wells,

    How do I get my hands on “Trend Squeezer”, I’m really interested.

    Btw, I don’t like the way the current trade looks, I’m afraid this will be the first it will hit the stop loss.

  112. Hello!
    Is price $67 for APP it`s price for one month use or for life time license?

  113. Andrey, the $67 is recurrent payment for one month subscription fee. I was lucky enough to get it earlier when they offered $47/month.

    Btw, the current trade looks good, looks like it’s going to be another winner. I think I’m going to extend my subscription.

  114. Hello. is there a link we can check his real trades ?

  115. @Roxi….Shoot me an email at bwspam23@yahoo dot com and I’ll forward you the link i got from Delmar to get the trend squeezer.

    @AS…the GBP/USD Sniper opens ups sells all the time. Its never lossed but it sits in the negative too long and opens up positions that are opposite to the AAP EUR/USD..While it wins it eats up unnecessary too much margin…

    I’m tempted to just reverse whatever position it opens and gain a whooooollleeeee lot of pips…bc thats how much in the wrong direction it goes before eventually taking profit. But it wins though.

    The new trade that opened up on hte AAP is up by 50 or so pips now…we’ll see where it takes profit or if the S/L moves

  116. Am I the only one that is getting non stop trades here? I hear everyone talk about their 1 trade or the current trade or if a trade has happened yet today… I’m getting non stop trades on both eur and gbp. The only reason it stops making trades is because I run out of margin but if I check the journal I can see it still trying to make trades. Do I have the same APP you all have? It makes me suspicious though because the only thing I know that can make trades 24 hrs a day without sleeping is a robot. Here’s my stats:

    I had 7 recent losers but I also manually closed out dozens of eur buy trades last night while they were up around 1.4500 before the 100 pip fall, which if I was making these trades, I would have had moved the SL to protect at least some of the profit. So its up over 2000 pips in about a week but I still don’t know if I trust it based on its behavior and I seriously don’t know how this could be a real person making these trades. Aside from the poor management and the robot like behavior, there’s just no way a human being could physically make that many trades, unless assisted by an EA of some sort.

  117. @Ben

    Idk which AAP you have bc mine doesnt make trades all day long. Who’s your broker and are you in the US? You’re the FIRST person i know who’s getting trades all day long around the clock. I check multiple blogs as well and no one else is either. Do you have another EA running?
    Are you trading with the system as well?
    At least its still profiting for you.

    The one trade that it open lst night was up by about 70 pips and then it fell. My trade closed out. idk if the system did it or if my margin got low. I have a small demo account. Does anyone still have that trade open?

  118. Lacika007

    Do you have your last trade still open, or it is closed, or stopped out?

  119. Last trade SL closed it @1.43960..
    Yes it was up for nice profits but once again it dropped and stopped at Sl for a big loss.
    @BWells… I think your right…we should put in opposite trades on a buy and make on the fall… then once it hits its buy point again put a buy in and take profit once it hits a decent profit 40-70 pips….I was sure the TP was way too high when the buy went in..I will email you For the Trend Squeezer…Thanks 🙂
    @Ben Most of us get one trade a day.. are you using AUTO PIPS PROFITS ????
    what was the last trade placed for you mine was a buy @ 1.44456..

  120. @Lacika

    Mine closed last night.

    AAP just made a sell on the EUR/USD so i guess it doesnt just buy….however there was a hammer that just appeared on the 1hr chart…signaling the end of the fall. Idk if selling was the right choice however i didnt do any oher analysis…we’ll see

  121. Hi,
    I was under the impression that AAP trades are around 20Hrs(past transactions @mt4i shows), past few days i got trades @5hrs,23hrs,15hrs and so on…any idea?

  122. I’m running this on Oanda (US broker). I bought the primary Auto Pips Profit service promoted on his site and I bought the gbp sniper upsell.

    I have a separate sub account just for this service and I’m running the main EA on the eur chart and the sniper EA on the gbp chart and that’s it. Any other EA I use has its own separate account.

    I’m not making any manual trades on this account, though I have manually closed several of their trades because I was running so low on margin, then it just immediately opens new trades right back up. I’ve since went back in and adjusted the fixed lot size to .01 because it started increasing the lot size too much for the size of my account and the multitude of trades it was making. I may have to set a cap on the maximum open trades as well.

    I was hoping someone else was seeing the same thing on their account so we could compare notes.

    @roxi, i couldn’t tell you the last trade I got, there are so many you lose track. I closed a few eur trades manually for a small profit to free up margin and it went on to open 15 more gbp trades. I think I’m going to move this ea to an overseas broker with higher leverage.

    I do remember hearing on either Justins video or sales page that he uses this system to take in as much as 1500 pips a day, which would match the activity I’m seeing, I just don’t see how you’re supposed to survive the total margin depletion of your account. And those last dozen or so eur trades should have all been closed at 1.4500 by the system or justin or whatever is doing these trades. Thank god I was able to get to them before the drop.

  123. @BEN Wow thats some major Trading going on…As I said we are only getting an average of one to two trades per day but I did get a triple trade one day…I wonder what is going on? are you on a demo Ben?

  124. @Ben,
    I am not getting multiple trades a day, having said that i am using only Autopips profit service and not gbp snipper, i agree with @roxi and @Bwells -my eurusd trades are similar to their trades.

  125. oh my god sad to hear that the last trade was closed at SL, i was closed it mannualy at 4505, so still nice profit for me. Actually i realize i closed 80% of my trade manually… it seems this APP is a good signal provider, but you need to monitor it…i will give a further 2 months try, if it still not fully automated get profit i will get a refund though.

  126. @ Suresh I too am only running the Auto pips profit system.

  127. @ nancy I have been letting it run. I am on a large demo account so I am not worried about losses just yet, but I agree with you it is a good signal provider. and used manually, we could make some nice PIPS.. 🙂

  128. so close to TP right now…and we have……an up bar forming

  129. @Roxi, i have noticed APP- past 6 months trading details and it looks like on average 2 to 3 trades a day… as long as these are winning trades its a good system…i have installed APP on my live account with $50 to see how it performs on live account…as of now my first trade on live account is up by 18pips and TP is at 20pips..

  130. @ Suresh – how long do you have it on live account

  131. @roxi, i have had it on demo for a week and switched it to live like an hour ago. I have monitored closely on the demo account on all APP trades, every single trade which i received for the past 3 days went up to 70 to 120 pips, however TP is too high and price retraced back without hitting TP, last trade was closed at 44pips loss rather than 70pips profit. I guess i need to adjust TP to 50 to 70 pips on every trade manually.

  132. @ Bwells

    I to have had this problem in the past. So I changed max trades to 2 and they always fill up. I have max trade size at 0.01 on $5000 (demo)account at Olanda to tame this ea down.
    I have also deleted bad trades with no stop loss. I have seen a trade with about 3 times stop loss to take profit, that I cut with very small loss. At this time I have 2 sell trades one with tp and sl and one without sl or tp so I will cancel this or modify it.
    This is strange the one trade that has a sl and tp must be wrong. Price 44296 sl 47286 tp 44076 Need to cancel this one to. Small profit on both trades.
    Not on VPS and had 2losing trades last night and computer shut down last night.
    Now I got 2 more trades with Very bad sl.. to TP whats up with this?

  133. @ Suresh…I agree it seems the TP is way too high, and the SL is way to big..hmmm but The signals have been pretty good, If I were trading with a real account I would have made some nice pips, but I would have had to watch it..
    I cant say It is not good..and I wont say…but I think tweaking it could work and another thing I dont understand is why there is no trailing stop?????

  134. @roxi, I’m trading it on a live account. I put $100 in but kept adding to try to keep up with low margin till I realized that when my margin increased it would just keep opening new trades. what brokers are you guys using? maybe that could be part of the issue? I’ve definitely noticed many brokers have a delay in execution which could easily affect a trade copiers performance. Oanda has always given me more or less instant execution of trades. IBFX has always been good as well.

    I like the way this system is working so far, I’m just concerned that it’s a robot which means 1) we were lied to and 2) eventually it will produce some bad results which could have been avoided had a real person been making the decisions.

  135. I just readjusted the max trades open to 3 from -1, which was the original setting.. am going to see what happens now..

  136. @Ben, I am using GoMarkets(Australia) regulated by ASIC. i dont know about delays in execution yet.

  137. @suresh, i’ve used them and didn’t like them. the delays and requotes were ridiculous. but maybe i was just used to using brokers with no delays.

  138. Hi, new here. I’ve been reading all the comments since I bought the APP last week. I was so excited with all the winners since last Thursday. Then last night happened. The trade that is open now is questionable. I will reserve my opinion for another week or so, have to expect losses.

  139. @Leatha Yes we have to give it a chance, may need some tweaking too..:)

  140. @ BEN What are your settings? If you could tell us please?

  141. Elizabeth

    I agree with you Leatha. Not a trade I would have manually induced. The sl is 1.47300? Seems high. But, like you I expect some losses. I do hate to see two in row though. 🙂

  142. well there aren’t many settings to change here that could affect the trading except slippage. It is at 5, i can’t remember if that’s default or not. PriceDiffAcceptedPips is 10.

    I had to change fixed lot to .01 to control the size of trades and I also changed MaxOpenPositions to 15 to limit the amount of trades it takes because -1 is unlimited.

    This really is a smart strategy if you can just control the margin while your account is still small. I guess I need to email support and ask them how to manage that. If you’re only getting a trade here and there I would try it on a different broker, that can make all the difference. That or change your slippage to 10 or more and see if that helps. I’ve had 53 eurusd trades since 4/7/11

  143. if -1 means unlimited trades then why does only one trade come through. And if you set it to a number like 3, 7, or 5…you get multiple trades?

  144. Bwells, i don’t know. the manual says -1 setting will open all trades from the master account. maybe it’s just coincidental timing from when you changed it to when new trades took effect. Mine was -1 and it didn’t stop placing trades till i ran out of margin. You could look in the journal and see all the failed trades every minute from not enough money where it was still trying to place trades.

    You might try looking in your Journal and Experts tab and see what’s going on in there. If trades aren’t going through it should give you a reason why.

  145. @Ben I keep checking both journal and expert, the only trades are the ones going through..I am Baffled..I changed the setting to what you posted and still nothing…when did your last trade go through? mine was 1300 system time.

  146. Leatha, here is my stat page for APP:

    Keep in mind I closed a couple dozen eurusd trades manually while in profit to try to get some margin back so I don’t know what SL’s would have been hit if I didn’t because the price dropped over 100 pips right after I did that. I’ve had 7 losing trades so far. The rest were winners and 20 are still open.

    I really wish they would give us a stat page or investor access for their current master account so we could see if our account was on track or not.

  147. roxi check my stat page. i could be missing some trades now though because i changed max open trades to 15. actually i think the last trade it placed was a eurusd sell around 9:45am EST, but you won’t see it there, I had it temporarily on a different broker. if I were you I would submit a support ticket and have them help you. it can’t be right that i’m getting lots of trades and others aren’t if the trades are just copied direcly from the master account to ours. make them fix it, you are paying for the service after all

  148. Agreed, I am just wondering what the difference could be…

  149. Roxi (and I think B.Wells too), your trades are so far the same as mine.

    I don’t understand why Ben got so many trades? Ben, are you sure you are using the same APP ?

    How about the others? How many EUR/USD open trades currently? I only have one, a SELL position, opened at 3p.m. system time, and at this moment it’s down by about 55 pips. Could anyone confirm?


  150. Btw, I use all default settings.


  151. @ hokie I closed out that trade to change some settings, but yes That was the last trade I had…Did you renew your subscription?

  152. those are the settings I had…I changed them a wee bit, thinking it might make a change in frequency of trades but no luck so far.

  153. Roxi, yeah I renew my subscription, think it’s too late to cancel it anyway despite what looks like to be 2 losing trades in a row… 🙁

  154. I know so maybe we should play the opposite of Delmars trades hahahahah…..they seem to work

  155. @Hokie

    I have that same trade. That sell looked like a bad idea anyway. It usually wants to buy and now it picked sell right after a hammer occurred…

    We should email support and ask if they have an account MT4 Live that we can view to make sure all of our trades add up.

    Can we all do that? Maybe demand for transparency will get them to supply it.

  156. Thought I would chip in on APP. This is not what it is cracked up to be by any means. First, the real time statement they show on the sales page has to be altered. Support says they update this every 1-2 days, yet it has not been updated since Mar 23rd….3 weeks. All traded lots on the report show 1.0 lots traded but on Oct 27 there is a trade at 20:00 for 1.0 lots, +35 pips and a profit of $350. OK, that’s right, but at the same time another trade is taken for 1.0 lots traded, +26 pips and a profit of $520. That’s 2.0 lots traded in my book. It goes on throughout with the same discrepancies.
    Now the kicker. On Nov 4 a trade is taken at 20:32, 1.0 lot traded for -218 pips (negative 218), but the report shows a profit of +$30. How do you do that? With our loses, we could all be millionaires! By the way, Support has not responded to my question about this.
    Now, I bought the EA on April 5th, and had no trouble getting it up and running. I started it up and got a trade immediately. +75 pips! Wa-hoo! Hold it a minute. Here are the rest of my trades:
    4/6…4 trades, all winners, +20, +3, +2 and +8 pips
    4/7…2 trades, both losses, -8 and -15 pips
    4/8…3 trades, all winners, +32, +33 and +37 pips
    For the week: 9 trades, 7 winners, 2 losses, +112 pips
    Very good, I thought….until this week…
    4/11…2 trades, 1 winner, 1 loser, +13 and -3 pips
    4/12…2 trades, both ‘winners’, +1.5 and +1 pip
    4/13….no trades
    4/14…2 trades, one loser, one in draw down as we speak.
    Loser was for -48.5 pips. Trade was taken at 0:00 (GMT+2)
    Buy at 1.44445. It went into an immediate draw down, then reversed and went into profit. It went as high as 1.45136, nice move!) and was testing the latest highs in the 1.45200 range, which as resistance was tested 3 times over the past 3 days and failed each time. I should have closed at that level manually just from experience, but decided to truly test the EA and see what happened. Ka-plunk! Sure enough, the highs were tested and the reversal came. The EA did not close in any profit, and finally hit SL at 1.43960 for a -48.5 pip loss at 13:05.
    Three hours later, a sell was opened at 1.44286. It made a nice move downward to a low of 1.43645, a nice move of +64 pips, and tested the major support levels from two days ago at the 1.43750 range. I decided to test again and let it run. Ka-boing! Price bounced like a live rubber ball (as expected), no profit was taken and the trade is now in a draw down, negative trade of more than -60 pips! A difference of 125 pips, and now a loss instead of a profit.
    Who the devil trades like this? Weren’t we all told how great this Justin is at trading… 10% of traders, and all that?! Justin said that, by the way, I didn’t…..if Justin is his real name.
    I am not impressed, but I am past the 7 days and have paid the $47 automatically to go another month. Granted the 7 days is not enough for a good evaluation, and I will continue to test for better results. Based on last night and today, I do not hold out much hope, especially if an experienced trader such as ‘Justin’ is ignoring major support and resistance that even a blind man could see. I’ll keep you posted.

  157. B.Wells, I think your idea of asking Justin to post his trades is a good one, but I doubt he will do that, because other people who are not subscribers may have access and be able to see the trades and take action on it (it might not be at exact recommended buy or sell price, but still… ).

    Anyway, it won’t hurt asking.. right?

    @el bee, I’m in the same position as yours, too late to cancel the subscription, and 7 days was not enough to test this APP, so one more month..

  158. @ Hokie,Bwells.
    Guess I am in for another month also…Just got the email from Plimus.
    also sent a ticket to support….see what comes back on the frequency issue.

  159. Hey folks I have had the system up since last friday here are the trades that have take place, all with ERU/USD. I live in Alberta Canada so my time is GMT.

    4-12-2011 Buy, went for +40 pips but at one point was up over 110 pips.

    4-12-2011 BUY, went for +1 pip

    4-13-2011 BUY. went for -40 pips

    4-14-2011 SELL, still active trade going for -50 pips so far.

    I will post all the trades that take place, I am commited to finding a good automated trading system and this one has potential just want to see if its worth the money.

  160. @Tarvold Those are the trades we had…so this is good! yes please post trades and we can all compare..And hopefully the next week will be better..

  161. @ roxi, sounds like a plan. we should exchange emails that way we can stay in touch if anything else comes up.

  162. Good move Roxi.
    Tarvold, your trades are the same as ours.

  163. Deal closed with a loss of -53 pips. So far a total of 4 deals has passed with a 50% win ratio. Not the greatest but Time will tell when it comes to this.

  164. @ Roxy 1.41860???? are you trading EUR/USD or GBP/USD? I am trading the EUR/USD.

  165. Just an update on my trades as well. My open trade from earlier closed at 0:35 for -59 pips. That’s negative 107 pips for one day. Nearly wipes out the gains from last week. So much for the sales hype of one of the 10% best traders with 97% win ratio and less that 1% draw down.
    At the same time, a buy was opened for .4 lots at 1.44871. The trade is in a channel and up only 1 pip in an hour and a half. Bear in mind that the EA is in a buy near the yearly highs of the 1.45200 range that have been tested and failed 4 times in 2 days, but we are still in a buy….!! Sorry, but not good trading……
    I still have not heard from support about the discrepancies on the proof report. We’ll see…….

  166. from Tarvold>1.41860???? are you trading EUR/USD or GBP/USD? I am trading the EUR/USD.
    I am trading Eur/Usd and that was the stop loss set. I have closed now with a nice profit @1.45005

  167. I am not to sure about this EA.
    Having many problems with This.
    This is there comments off there support page

    Where can I find trading results?

    We have mt4i monitoring on our website, which is updating every 5 minutes. You can see all currently opened trades and trading history there. You don’t need to wait trades every single day. The fact is, that System is using middle term strategy and opens a trade only after multiple evidence confirmation.

    So I submitted a support ticket.
    Ticket is still open…Been over 24 hours….

  168. I am not to sure about this EA.
    Having many problems with This.
    I and others want to see this but where is it?

    This is there comments off there support page

    Where can I find trading results?

    We have mt4i monitoring on our website, which is updating every 5 minutes. You can see all currently opened trades and trading history there. You don’t need to wait trades every single day. The fact is, that System is using middle term strategy and opens a trade only after multiple evidence confirmation.

    So I submitted a support ticket.
    Ticket is still open…Been over 24 hours….

  169. I still have seen no trailing stop or adjustment to stop loss. I use Oanda (demo)
    I now have 2 horrible trades but are letting run.
    Sell EUR/USD Price at 1.44484 SL at Fricking 1.4746..
    You must be joking at a TP of 1.44266
    Almost a 300 pip stop to 20+ pip gain.
    something is not right!

  170. @ Brett, the E/A sets the S/L at 300 because he just sits in front of the screen and watches the trade. I am sure he would never allow a real trade to take a loss of 300. Give it time and lets see what happens. At least a month i would say.

  171. I wouldn’t say the EA sucks. From last week to this week its still plus more pips than its lost. By a considerable ammount at that.

    You can’t jump to quick conclusions off of a few days of trading. We all want to win on every trade but the reality is that not even the best get every trade right. If they did they would be considered a Forex mogul and hanging with Warren Buffet.
    You have to have realistic expectations.
    NO ONE…I MEAN NO ONE…can trade without ever losing. Unless they trade once, get it right and never trade again. In which case they had better been right for a 1000 pip gain trading a lot size of 10.0 so they’d never have to do it again for the year.

  172. @Tarvold
    So If I see a change in stop and I then go to VPS I might be happy. Thank you all for we will find out if this is the real deal

  173. This Is there Trading Results Reply

    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, “”””””” with the following response:

    Hi Brett,

    You can see our live results using the link The results are updated periodically, every 2-3 days.
    Also, you can watch our results by logging to one of the accounts, using the next login details:
    a. Username: 45479
    Password: Autopipsprofits4
    b. Username: 45683
    Password: ykJJz75Vd
    Choose one from the following servers:
    You can download MetaTrader4 using the link

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.

    Auto Pips Profits Support Team

  174. First, about APP performance and happiness – I see no connection. Let say, Autopips makes you 15,000 in an hour but the next hour you find some stranger in bed with your spouse. Are you really happy? Or it lost 15,000 but everyone in your family is just crazily successful today, happy, and loves you ever so much – can’t you smile at them? (What’s wrong with you?)
    Second, when I finally saw Autopips lost almost 2000 thousand on my DEMO account and then won just 200, I got HAPPY.
    Autopips is the BEST FOREX PRODUCT.
    You think I’m NUTS?
    If you do, I kindly ask you to write it to me in person at Forex-TSD. I’m “sala” there. I promise no kidding, no spam, no scam, etc. Just my full and honest opinion, and I swear I am in no way affiliated with Autopips. I HOPE I can surprise you 🙂

  175. A 300 pip stop is unacceptable.
    at a Tp of 20 or so pips.. Come on!
    My computer could go down or we have a flash crash.
    This is Crazy unless you are on a very long time frame but not for 20 so pips.

  176. @BWells did you get the last trade that made a profit was about 5pm our time?bought at 1.44876?

  177. Replace xx to tt on urls

    This Is there Trading Results Reply

    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, “”””””” with the following response:

    Hi Brett,

    You can see our live results using the link hxxp:// The results are updated periodically, every 2-3 days.
    Also, you can watch our results by logging to one of the accounts, using the next login details:
    a. Username: 45479
    Password: Autopipsprofits4
    b. Username: 45683
    Password: ykJJz75Vd
    Choose one from the following servers:
    You can download MetaTrader4 using the link hxxp://

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.

    Auto Pips Profits Support Team

  178. Hello traders, thks for your comments.

    Does anyone use the Moneymachine EA? how is that going?

  179. Have you seen this ?
    last update is 3/something/11
    No stop loss
    going to try there other info

    You can see our live results using the link hxxp:// The results are updated periodically, every 2-3 days.

  180. I someone going to sign in to the APP account? If so, please post what you see.

  181. I have tried to log on but cant.
    Please try and let us Know if you can

    Hi Brett,

    You can see our live results using the link hxxp:// The results are updated periodically, every 2-3 days.
    Also, you can watch our results by logging to one of the accounts, using the next login details:
    a. Username: 45479
    Password: Autopipsprofits4
    b. Username: 45683
    Password: ykJJz75Vd
    Choose one from the following servers:
    You can download MetaTrader4 using the link hxxp://

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.

    Auto Pips Profits Support Team

  182. @Brett yes I had the same trade as well. I am more then happy to exchange emials with you so we can both monitor the trades that come in. We can work with each other and find out if this APP is for real or not.

  183. I just tried both sign ons and they don’t work.

  184. @ A.S
    Remember “How You Think, Is Where You Sit”

  185. Thanks Brett for the info, I was able to login to Justin’s trader account. This is the combination that works for me:

    Username: 45479
    Password: Autopipsprofits4

    Unfortunately to my dismay, the results of this account were not good at all, in fact it ended up in a loss of about -$700 in the $31K account from 02/21/2011 till now. It lost more than $6K on 03/31/2011 alone !! Another disappointment 🙁

  186. @ Hokie,I am going to continue to monitor APP and see what happens until the end of my first month(paid already) and manually trade along with it, some of the signals have been true. what you think?

  187. @hokie
    What is going on?
    Thanks for the right log on, But this cant be…

  188. I was hoping since he gave longer than the 60 days to try, it would be good.

  189. Hey everyone its B.Wells,
    I emailed support earlier today and told them about this blog we have going. And that we want their product to work, be profitable, and transparent. As you can see they came and checked out the blog and posted the link for their MT4 accouñt above so that we can follow along. Not bad eh? Haha.
    Again, thank you guys for participating to help give a honest and fair view of a product. We as traders gotta stick together…like the commercial banks. Ha! 😉

    @Roxi I got that trade as well that took profit. If you placed a trade when the signal came up on the trend squeezer for the EUR/USD 15min chart you would be plus some pips right now. 🙂

    Thanks again guys, if they see that we actually care ànd want em to do good maybe they will do the best they can for us. We keep pips, we write good reviews, they get more customers, and everybody wins. I hope they see it this way.

    I’m the type of person that wants to see something succeed so I don’t get on these blogs to bash products, people, añd ideas…I just want the company to be fair to us and in return we stay fair to them. I don’t mind pating monthly for something that will work and I want to tell people if something does. Besides I rather be broke together than rich alone. Ya feel me?

  190. @Roxi,

    Yes, the good thing is his account shows the actual trades that we all receive, no fake trades etc. You can see your results almost exactly match their results. It’s good for reference of our trades. But on the other hand, if we just want to monitor the APP, why should we pay the fee.. unfortunately I have already paid for another month, so I’m in the same boat as you. Oh well…

  191. Oops my bad…I read that wrong. I thought AAP got on to see what’s up. Shout out to Brett for re-posting that email from support. I asked them the same thing earlier and they got back with me. So scratch all the stuff I said about support checking out this blog. Haha

    Oh on that account I wouldn’t look too much into the results before the 5th of April. Because that’s when the product hit the market. Any trade before that can be looked at as testing purposes before the final tweaks. Has anyone actually tallied up its performance since it hit the market?

  192. Hi B.Wells, do you mind telling me where to get the Trend Squeezer please? Thanks.

  193. Interestingly, if you check the other account:

    Username: 45683
    Password: ykJJz75Vd

    You’ll see his GBP/USD trade results.

    This account looks much better on first sight, almost all closed profitably with just a few small losses (profit 3.4K in 14.4K account). However, there are currently two open trades with huge losses (-3.3K total). So again, doesn’t look too impressive to me.

    It looks almost like he’s using two entirely different strategies though for EUR/USD and GBP/USD, what do you guys think?

  194. I have been using auto pips profits since the 6th of April 2011 and the losses are far greater than the wins. The GBP/USD Sniper has a 100% losing ratio so far. Also signed up for the protege program but I have not received any information on that program. I will probably seek a refund on my purchases soon from clikbank.
    Their trading has actually been very poor thus far. I thought I would be able to do less trading using Justin’s system but obviously I will need to trade to make up the losses his system gave me. I guess if anything is to be done right you have to do it yourself.

  195. @hokie

    The APP trades only the EURUSD pair. The sniper trades the GBPUSD pair and that is probably what you saw. My guess is they keep the accounts separate because of two different trading methods. I just wish one of them worked….!!!

  196. Below are my results running from 4/07 thru 4/14.
    Started out hot but has given almost everything back.+$13.20
    8 winners out of 11 total trades 72.7% winning
    At one point the 4/13 -50.50 was up +50 points but was allowed to go south.

    4/7/11 12:37 PM 1.42942 4/7/11 3:15 PM 1.43016 7.40
    4/8/11 1:00 PM 1.44251 4/8/11 3:48 PM 1.44607 35.60 4/8/11 1:00 PM 1.44252 4/8/11 3:49 PM 1.44567 31.50 4/8/11 1:00 PM 1.44261 4/8/11 3:49 PM 1.44564 30.30
    4/10/11 11:46 PM 1.44616 4/11/11 3:45 AM 1.44676 6.00 4/11/11 8:17 AM 1.44328 4/11/11 8:19 AM 1.44282 -4.60 4/11/11 6:00 PM 1.44368 4/12/11 11:29AM1.44375 0.70 4/12/11 4:01 PM 1.44789 4/12/11 8:00 PM 1.44796 0.70 4/13/11 5:00 PM 1.44463 4/14/11 6:05 AM 1.43958 -50.50 4/14/11 9:00 AM 1.44308 4/14/11 5:45 PM 1.44876 -56.80 4/14/11 5:45 PM 1.44876 4/14/11 7:30 PM 1.45005 12.90

  197. I have been misunderstood if nobody has yet knocked at my door and the only message I got in return here was ““How You Think, Is Where You Sit”. Of course, this is smart. As well as another one: “Where You Stand Depends On Where You Sit”. But I was WALKING when I got my idea.
    Now I consider whether I should go public in what I wished to keep private. My wish was to reward the curious first. (It’s just because of my “moral principle”)
    This story is like “Archimedes and the bathtub”. I’m just unsure how I should communicate it… if I should at all. But if I got the idea, then there will be many others who get it too. This is just the law of nature. All it happens thanks to APP. (funny)
    Whether I buy APP or not, it does not matter for me in the long run. If they keep at their current pace, all the lazy bones of Forex may hope to have some monthly profit with it instead of nothing. But why would the rest keep using it when Autopips is managed much poorer than it should be? Nothin better exists? NOT TRUE! All you need to have is… YOU. You just need EACH OTHER. Individuals, get on boats! This year I definitely have good, profitable systems myself, I have VPS and so on, what about you? All I need is just to have people like hokie, Bwells, Brett, Roxie (…) on my boat. And there’s NOTHING TO SELL!
    But it’s right to pay people who take care of you. I mean APP team. They deserve it if they do it.

  198. @KJ

    The GBP/USD does not have 100% losing rate. Double check the you have the auto money management on so it will open up lot sizes proportional to your margin.
    However the price des go south befor it T/P so if your margin stopped you out…then yes it has a 100% losing rate.
    I emailed support about the recent trades that didnt close with profit and went against some of the technical indicators…this is what they said:

    — do not edit ———————————-

    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #249993 with the following response:

    Most probably, the TP has not been reached, because of that the trade was not closed in profit. And the SL has been reached due to extreme volatility in the market which was not expectable. There is not any system, EA, or trader on the Forex market, who doesn’t experience losses at all. The main idea is to win in the long run. Yes, we could have several losses, but our final results – are nice profit and increasing of capital in several times.

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL. Instead, login to your account online for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses. You can add a message to the currently opened ticket there.


    At least the admitted that they will lose sometimes which is honest. I mean they told us on the sales page that there is a 3% draw down. maybe thats exxagerated but the profit is undeniable.

    Who here has really lost more money than they gained? and if so did you change the lot size or did you use auto money management.

    Because if you set the fixed lots higher and happened to get stopped out or that happened to be the trade that lossed
    than the results can be skewed.

    For example

    Its like betting 50$ dollars on black jack and you lossed 10 times betting $50 dollars. Now you lossed $500… And then you said..hmmm…I’ll bet $10 this time and you won 40 times in a row…You made $400….And while you won 40 times in a row you’re still minus $100.

    So if you’re changing the lot size bc you want to make more or risk lisk on certain trades you could be manipulating the performance. Even when they tested the system…they used the same lot size on their trades. Thats what they said. But again even if they didnt, the point is that you can manipulate the performance or profit or losses depending on how much you risk.

  199. The only way to get proper results is to set a perdentage…then you can say i risked 5% or 2% on x ammount of trades and my results are this.

    The lot size is a variable that can change…thats why you want to risk a percentage…or stick to the same lot size…and then you can get a view of what the trader/EA is doing. But if you are constantly changing how much you risk you have to factor that into the overall performance as well b/c you are playing a part in the performance of the EA…and that goes for any system not just AAP.

  200. DISCLAIMER: those satisfied with 5% per year should not bother.
    Someone writes you CAN manipulate the APP trade. I don’t think so. If you wish better for yourself, you HAVE TO do it.
    I could not create a better example than the one which APP performed on my trade platform: climbing up 82 pips in profit and then letting it melt down gradually to less than 2 pips in a few hours. If it was handled manually, it looks like handled by a cat’s claw while a trader was asleep and watched his/her sweet dreams.

  201. @A.S I agree, That was a fail….I have been letting it run totally Auto. for a true evaluation, Also Using a real account is insane !!!!8/10th s of the signals have been correct, in the long run that is.. but the drop initially… is extreme…I dont think the system is total manually operated., maybe here and there,
    truth is… who wouldnt take an 85 pip profit??????

  202. Post Scriptum. I mean it took several hours for the cat trader to learn how to close the trade with a paw. It’s hard for animals, you know, even if they were schooled by the best circus trainers.

  203. its copypastepips…hmmmm me thinks one and the same company?

  204. @ roxi
    I used to have cat(s). It seems they are sleepy when they are actually on alert all the time. They do not fall into deep slumber. I know that some traders “attach” live cats to their trading computers. I have even found photos of trading cats.

  205. @ A.S I too once had cats. Allergies appeared out of nowhere in my early twenties… hence no more cats(so I wont be able to purchase one of those desktop trading cats now) 🙂 🙁

  206. Thank you. I have checked it some 15 min ago. But I had some unexpected problem with Firefox. I’ll try IE. Don’t know if you received anything…

  207. Now it should be: I got ‘message sent’ message. 🙂

  208. Ok, the last one: I’ll provide my contact details to you (on TSD). Control panel has some restrictions.

  209. @ A.S it seems the tsd site is very slow in delivering mail, I have just received a couple of mails from you and the time is quite a bit ago.,I will send you my Gmail and we can chat there.

  210. roxi “has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space”.
    Maybe noticed too late, have you got the message on the bonuses that are available right now?

  211. @el bee, I didn’t know that APP only worked on EUR/USD, because when I read the user guide, they say I can open any chart to place the APP, in fact the guide shows GBP/USD screenshot, so I assume at least it would work on GBP/USD ?

    But I guess you’re right because the GBP/USD trades on the second account looks very different from the first account. It looks like the Sniper for GBP/USD is a better one though, what do you think?

  212. Hi Have read most of the info here ,have the APP, MONEY MACHINE, SNIPER, and Trend Squeezer, so far my $3000 live account is down $608 (ouch) as a result of 3 EURUSD trades that went belly up big time ( 3 x buy & sl @ -$430 each)all of these Major losses as a result of the Money Machine as i only have MM on the EURUSD pair. will be turning the Ea off this week until serious review of last weeks poor performance and some productive time on demo. Must say that the other sniper and APP is performing well and consistently racking in +$40 – +$50 winners – so maybe i will just turn of the Money Machine or should i say MONEY LOSER. have not used the Trend squeeze yet, but looks like it is a trend follower rather than trend predictor, will see??

  213. Unfortunately, at the end of the last week I had no proof Autopips was profitable. The result came as a surprise for me. Explanation: I forbade Autopips to open multiple positions. There was also a good reason in favour of imposing such restriction on it. The reason was mentioned by some commentator(Ben): APP could go crazy in opening too many positions if left unrestricted. With one position per time only, it lost.

  214. @ hokie

    All I signed up for was the APP and did not sign up for the GBP Sniper. The APP has been running on my demo account since Apr.5th. The first week it made a small gain….6%, but last week was a loser and took back 1/2 the profits from the first week.
    The APP has been running tonight for 7 hours and no trades so far although there appeared to be a good set up based on other methods I have used.
    There is a little over 3 weeks left on my first monthly payment. Perhaps it will show some better results this week if it ever decides to get going again……!!
    Will keep you informed………..

  215. El bee, thanks! I am on the same boat as you, I too still have about 3+ weeks left on my first monthly payment on APP. I also just sent email to support asking if APP only works on EUR/USD or other pairs as well, just to make sure. I’ll let you know their response.

  216. Had 1 small win this morning $11.90 @ about 6:45 am, glad I didn’t get the trade @ 3:00 am that they had on the Live Account link -$931 they closed the 6:45 am one for a gain of $198. Account shows from 3/31 to 4/18 – Loss of $5506.58. Not so hot, nothing like the hipe about 97% winning huge gains, ect, ect. Turning it off looking for a refund.

    Check it out Live MT4:
    Account 1 Username: 45479 ; Password: Autopipsprofits4

  217. AAP Seems to rebounding this week. 3 straight winners picking up some pips today. roughly 60 or pips from last night until now.

  218. Folks,

    I need to know that trades that took place today 4-18-2011 on the ERU/USD. APP did not trade anything for me but your saying that they did for you. Thanks.

  219. @ Tarvold
    This is what I have had so far today, since opening last night. All times are GMT+2:
    9:01 sell 1.43752, closed 10:01 1.43622…..+13 pips
    16:15 sell 1.43396, closed 16:21 1.43160…..+23.6 pips
    20:00 sell 1.42357, still open at 1.42411, down 5.4 pips
    20:00 sell 1.42345, still open at 1.42411, down 6.6 pips
    20:00 sell 1.42345, still open at 1.42411, down 6.6 pips
    We’ll see about the last 3 trades….

    @ hokie
    I think what you will find is that support will tell you they only trade the APP on the EURUSD as stated on their sales page. They just tell you to apply the EA to any chart because it is a trade copier and has no bearing as to what chart it is on. It just has to be on a live chart so it will make contact with their server and give you the signals produced. Sounds like not all of us are getting the same signals as noted by my trades above. By the way, I am on a demo account and that may be the difference. No way I would trade this yet on a live account until I have further proof. So far I am not excited about the consistency, and consistency is really the name of the game. I can work with consistency but I don’t like dealing with 3 wins, 3 losses, 4 wins, 2 losses, 2 wins, 3 losses, if you know what I mean.

  220. Thanks El Bee, I agree its not consistant and I wont trade until I see some sort of positive pattern. I think we can all agree that we were mislead by the 97% success rate. Its 50% at best.

  221. Hello Guys and Dolls…Was A very nice day for App..
    all trades but for 1.. winners and the loser is a small percentage of the wins.. also have one trade ongoing..a long bought at 1.42258.
    I am thinking App has done well today 🙂

  222. I can’t imageine how much STOP LOST he put on a single trade. It is like 200 pips SL for only 20 pips TP.

  223. also why he make trades when NY and LD session were closed?

  224. @Roxi, can you tell me what you took for profit for trades today? also how many were made in total? thanks 🙂

  225. Hi all
    I have noticed big differences on there live chart chart compared to my demo on Oanda.
    I have changed setting on the demo to keep it from blowing up, but now I am changing max trades back to -1.
    I know that this Ea will not work on your home computer.
    I get trades all the time with no stop or tp. (not good)
    To make charting easer to follow I use P4l OrderHistory script on there account and on mine. You may want to do this too. I would load there Account and always check what is really going one!
    Sorry to say I will close all trades with no st or tp or -200 pips to get 20……
    Not sure about this one (you have to be on top of this Ea) but I have done good in the account.
    I think I need to send out more support tickets
    I still don’t think I got the Multiplier right for -1 Max trades

  226. I had 6 winners and one lose. I should have closed this last one. It was in the positive, now negative. I’m still unsure about this one.

  227. twas a strong day for AAP. Probably picked up close to if not slightly over 100 pips today. minus 4pips on one trade. Really Nice Volatile market today making it easier to get in and pick up some pips and get out.
    On a positive note today was combined with some buy’s and sell’s.
    I didnt get one trade on the GBP/USD…could be bc i canceled my subcription but i thought i had a month. idk..idc either…AAP has done good in the first two and a half weeks. Probably 65-70% winning rate. Not 97% though,…still time left this month…we’ll see

  228. @el bee, you’re absolutely right when you said the APP only applied to EUR/USD, that’s the answer that I got from the support as well. The GBP/USD trades were placed by APP Sniper.

    Does anyone know how the 180-day money back guarantee work? I mean, we’re currently pay monthly subscription. If let’s say by the end of our 5th monthly subscription we decide to cancel, are we going to get all 5 month subscription fees we have paid so far, or they simply cancel our subscription without refunding the amount we already paid?

  229. @hokie

    My understanding on the guarantee is that when you refund within the 180 day period, you get back as a refund all the monies you have paid in monthly. The nice thing is that payments are made through PayPal and they are easier to work with on refunds than anywhere else I have dealt.
    Here’s a tip: 180 days is a long time…..close to 6 months, I think….;-) Go to APP web site and copy the guarantee and save it. Then there is no question what the guarantee was 4-5 or 6 months down the road. That has worked for me before.
    The results for today on my demo account were very good. Nine trades, 8 winners, 1 loser, +92.1 pips, 88.9% hit/win rate. This is more like what they advertised, but hey, the week and month are still young. Would like to see this continue on a consistent basis.
    Good trading tomorrow, all!!

  230. Hi guys,

    I have purchased all three EA’s, I’ve been running them on a demo account since 6 April and I’m a couple of hundred down on a $5000 account. Not really impressed at this stage, and I’m beginning to wonder if the “alleged” real live trader exists, and we’re not all hooked up to a robot! Doe’s any one know if there is an APP blog, regular email or some other communication from them to their subscribers? Also, how can we view their current live results.



  231. Seems like a robot. Opened trade at 4:30 eastern time to sell eur at 14261. Down 75 pips with stop at 300 pips. I dont think it is a human. Seems like another scam. I would have cut trade way earlier then 75 pips. I have been closing manually for some gains but was not home for this mess. Down every pip I gained before. Time for refund.

  232. Super HUGE stop lost for only 20 pips gain again.. damn, -81 pips now!

  233. i here you. I just closed it manually for -75. they suck.

  234. Philip White

    I think we have been had once again. These trades are so much lke a robot it’s unreal. I got out early this morning with only an £8 loss thank god. That position is down over $800 on thier MT4 as we speak!
    I wish there were more honest people in this world, saying that I am still £65 up since I’v been running this thing, but the drawdown is a joke and the hype on the website just stinks!!

  235. I am backing out of this scam. Its no where near 97% accuarate as he claims. He is maybe 50% at best. REFUND!

  236. @Jules
    To check APP live account, look to the post above by Russmac1 on Apr. 18. You have to go to and download a platform, then use the account number and password shown above.

    As far as the trading, this is getting ridiculous. Yesterday +91 pips, today down 100 pips….current trade sell at 9:45 (GMT+2) at 1.42366. Still open and down 100. Like Tarvold said, 97% accuracy?? This EA is not trading like a pro who is supposed to be in the top 10%……10% of what?
    Current trade is a sell into support levels that were rejected 3 times. Any good trader knows you wait and look for the probable breakout to the upside (which it did). This is more of a rookie mistake instead of a top 10%-er…..or simply a robot that is not programmed to take support and resistance into consideration. My guess?…..Robot.
    I doubt very seriously that they will get my second payment beyond what is already paid.

  237. @ el bee what do you mean by “Current trade is a sell into support levels that were rejected 3 times” what are you using to determine that? Are you using any other systems? I am using FAP Turbo as well which seems to give me about 20-49 pips a week in profit.

  238. Since opening my £1k demo account 2 weeks ago, my APP account stands at £980. Down £90 from the trade that just wiped out all todays and yesterdays profits. I thought perhaps my little Atom pc wasn’t coping, but if you’re all suffering too…
    I hope they’re going to honour the refunds..=

  239. I think it might be better to use the mt4 account to see what this is doing for free for I will not get this system.
    The trades on my account do not mach theirs. App cut losses at 1.4334 from the original stop of 1.4535 and this didn’t happen on my account. I am still in the trade(sell) and now they have a buy. This is crazy!
    There stop did not track to my account.

  240. @Tarvold

    When I discuss support levels I am not using anything such as an EA. I use fractals and draw my own lines of support and resistance based on where the market has been. (Based on GMT+2) look at the chart at 5:00 and 9:00. Price went down to the 1.4205 level and bounced up creating 2 fractals and a small level of support. What APP did was figure it would go there again and tried to force a sell at 9:45 to that level for a 20 pip gain. On the other hand, after 2-3 hits on a support level, I don’t try to trade into it. I wait for that level to be broken… this case go below the 1.4205 level for another sell.
    While waiting, I look for a break out to the upside thinking support is telling me to look the other way. In this case, the candle at 4:00 created a fractal to the upside, and price broke that level on the 10:00 bar and created a nice buy that went for 100 pip TP. Without the TP, the trade would still be running for +120 or more right now.
    If you had to call it a system it would be called Patience and Experience……;-)
    Anyway, what I describe would also have been caught by Justin’s Trend Squeezer. It hit the buy about the same time. So why is Justin not using his own Trend Squeezer instead of losing 100 pips on a sell that should never have been? Good question!!
    This site is supposed to be for opinions, not training, so I apologize to the Admin. As for the APP, this is not something I will stay with, even if it ‘turns around’. It is too inconsistent…..nice gain one day, wipe out the gains the next day. If this is not run by a robot, which I think it is, then “someone” needs to re-evaluate his self proclaimed tag of being in the top 10% of traders. Rookie mistakes are being made that a seasoned pro would not make, or would at least learn from them. I don’t see that in this trading style.
    The next thing you will hear me typing is my request for r-e-f-u-n-d……

  241. People listen to what I’m about to say!

    Do not purchase any product that isn’t sponsored by ClickBank! Why I hear you ask, because ClickBank has an agreement with all vendors, a legal requirement to Refund. The agreement is set for 60 days, plenty of time to test, don’t be conned into 180 day promise. If you check out the agreement with the purchase site you will find that there is no agreement between the vendor or and the purchase website! What does that mean? What it means is you are going to get left high and dry, arguing over a lot of BS, don’t be surprised if the vendor or has to authorise a refund, good luck with that, ClickBank authorises refunds not the vendor it is part of the agreement, legislated properties.

    Now I’m very impressed with the reporting of this product I was about to purchase it, however right now I’m running away from it as fast as my fat ask can carry me, thank you for your great support, and commiserations on being conned.

    Regards to all, Bill

  242. something tells me APP wont be in business for long.

  243. Funny, my purchase went through Plimus. I remember seeing Clickbank, but it went somewhere else.

  244. admin

    Attention: Please abide by the rules. Posting of emails is not allowed. That means no “please send me this and that” comments. Please stay on topic.

  245. Has anyone gotten a refund yet?

    I almost think this software would work if we were allowed to set out own Stop Losses.

  246. close them now and lock in some profits. Thats what i do.

  247. Tarvold,

    I asked their support for a refund a few days ago, but they asked me to hang on and keep monitoring the APP performance a bit more. I have to admit though that the APP really rocked this week, and I’m willing to watch it more, and probably even consider opening a small live account. Let’s see one more week before deciding one way or another…

  248. Crap, If you look at there account it ficking rocks,
    I can not get this Ea to follow my account.(olanda)
    I am about to ask for refund but…
    On there account the stops are managed but not on mine.
    Need to find out why.

  249. i think they put in FALSE stops to the brokers platform so that the broker doesnt try to make a push towards your stop loss.
    I’ve NEVER had a trade hit any of their stop losses. But i have had some hanging in the negative for longer than i would like. But most usually fight there way out of the negative in dramatic fashion to eventually close for a profit.

    AAP is however rocking this week. Probably up 200 or more pips. i didnt do a count yet.
    But so far it has made more money than it has lost and thats coo. Not perfect….but coo.

  250. Yeah I’m not worried either with the fact that sometimes he places the SL way too far. This hard stop is placed just for protection in the worst-case scenario when the price spikes or goes crazy, or like you said to avoid broker manipulating the price to hit your SL. In reality, this SL will never get hit because long before the price ever reaches it, the trade will already have been closed manually.

  251. I just cant get my account to line up or track with theirs.
    Not good, Is it tracking for you?

  252. Brett, yes, for the most part our trades are the same as those in the master account. I noticed that you have been getting this problem (trades not matching theirs) since the beginning, so much so that at one point I even asked you if you’re at all using the same EA as ours. Why don’t you try to change the broker, open up a new demo account with other broker and give it a try, just in case the broker is the problem?

  253. I asked for a refund as of 7:30PM Alaska time frame.
    I sent it to support@plimus and support@autopipsprofits. I will update you on what I find out and how my request is handled.
    I made it clear that I didn’t want to test it for the remainder of the month or anything else. We will see.

  254. I might have figured out their system. It looks like they use 15 min chart and follow stochastic. Every time they trade it is when stochastic at or below the 20 line. A basic but useful trading system. Very common signal.Look at the times on there account and follow .

  255. Alright I am giving these guys 1 more week to win me over or else I am asking for a refund. I want to see 97% wins like he says.

  256. @Tarvvold So am I. I have had more winners, but this last trade is scarey, I closed it.

  257. Looks like they are doing what i said in earlier post. Any thought?

  258. Jules, you may be right. But how about the SELL order? Is it using Stochastics too, i.e. above 80 ?
    I think he is using Stoch just as an entry signals, but he also considers the longer term (daily) trend.

  259. Look like that is the case. Trend involved no doubt but looks to be stochasric as the main. Getting burnt on last trade though.
    Went counter trend on 30 min and hour. Got beat so far.

  260. hello
    i buy all the system but has cautious do run so far on demo on a 100.000.00 in my horror twice had too stop trade was on when i was a sleep one was minus lost $ 2000 was a sell should be a buy??????????then this morning wake up they put a trade on eurus too buy hahaha should be a sell so again lost cause i stopped $ 1200 what sort of junk are they the other day was a big move on the 20 eurus a buy did put the trade my self more the 120 pips if they are so professional they should put that trade on i think kids playing with they systems i am a new baby here god sake i can do better what a scammed again they all scammed i love too know if someone there at last bought a system or realy make profit

  261. In all fairness though, this system do make money in the past 2 weeks I have been monitoring on my demo account. The initial deposit was $20K, and today (about 2 weeks later) the balance is $22,875. More than 14% in 2 weeks, not bad at all… we’ll see if the performance continues in the coming weeks…

  262. Hi All, Just thought I’d give you my results. I bought APP Profit, Sniper and Trend Raider. Everything started out great. I have just let them run with their default settings.

    I put APP and Sniper on a $10,000 demo account. For the APP trades, I am showing 17 wins and 3 losses with a net profit of 10.98%.

    Sniper on the other hand had had two winners with a profit of 5.1% but there are still two open trades with a current loss of 13.7% for a total of -8.6%. The open orders were down by as much as 17% at one time.

    If I was to total both systems, I would be up a measly 2.3%.

    In my opinion, they open up too many trades with huges lots. Their money management is terrible and will destroy your accounts in a short time unless you bring down the lot sizes by 80 OR 90%. With one order going down by 17% at one time, you should not risk more than 2 or 3% per trade which means dropping lot sizes down by about 85%.

    The other issue I have is their billing. I was told that AutoPipsProfit was going to cost me $1.00 to try it out for one month…they already charged me $68.73 on April 17 th over and above the $1.00 charge on April 15th. Same with Trend Raider, they just charged me an extra $27.23. Please note that these amounts are converted to Canadian dollars and are about 1.03 for US$

    I will probably run it one more week but it looks like refund…sure hope they honor it.

  263. @hokie

    I began my demo on Apr.5th with $5000 balance. With no trades today in a sideways market and a big loss to end the day yesterday/start the day today, my balance stands at $6335.99, a 27% gain in just over 2 1/2 weeks, which is not too bad. As I stated before it is the inconsistency of winning day, losing day that drives you nuts. Also, it is not the actual win % that is bringing the account up. It is the number of lots and multiple trades, same direction, same time, that add to the balance…..and subtract from it too!!


    The APP was the only system that I decided to try, so have no experience with the Sniper or Raider, but other comments I have seen about the Sniper are not that good.
    You may have misunderstood about the trial period. I know my trial period was for only one week, then they charged for another month on the APP at $47US. My guess is that your trials were also for just one week.
    I did apply for a refund 3 days ago. After 36 hours I got a reply asking me to continue to try the product, and no mention of a refund. I replied and asked for my refund again yesterday and have not heard back as yet. If you are going to ask for a refund, go to PayPal and cancel your subscription first. Then they cannot charge you again. You will then be in the same boat I am and only risking one month service fee.
    The next step is to ask PayPal to institute a refund on your behalf. They have been great in the past about protecting clients and getting refunds that are legitimately due. Hope that helps………

  264. Hi el bee,

    I copied their home page when I went there. There is a discrepancy in what they are saying.

    At the top of the page, their heading stated:
    “ONE TIME OFFER: Next 89, 36, 17 Members Get FULL Access For ONLY $1.00!”

    Near the bottom it stated:
    “I’m offering this software, the system that effectively allows you to steal my winning trades, for the incredibly low price of $1 a month… ”

    The “incredibly low price of $1 a month… ” was in bold red.

    But when you read further on, it says:
    “That’s a steal at $2.16 a day, less than a cup of coffee and a doughnut…”

    I don’t think I can send you the whole page but I have all of it saved on my system.

    Unfortunately, I paid with credit card so I will have to block any further transactions though there to make sure they don’t get any more of my money. I should be good for a couple more weeks anyhow.

    Let me know if you find out anything else. I will also post anything else that I find out.


  265. @el bee, when I check the equity chart in the detailed report statement of my MT4, I saw the equity line grew pretty steady up, and pretty smooth too, there were a few bumps, but overall I think it’s pretty smooth. At least it’s much better than a lot of other EAs out there. Again, this is just my opinion based on a very short period (2 wks) observation.

    Regarding multiple trades on the same signal, I take it as a positive thing, in fact this is what makes it different from a robot. The robot is (usually) programmed to trade the same lot for a given signal. But the APP has better Money Management as it’s controlled by human (at least that’s what they claimed), so if a signal has very high probability of winning, they’ll take advantage by placing more than one trades for that signal. Another reason also that they can then close the trades at different target price at different time.

  266. Another big loss last night and another going on now. Actually had it winning last night but never closed. Cant be a real trader. I dont like this.

  267. Looks like you are just going off 15 min stocahstic even if it is counter trend. Once it hits 80 you sell and once it hits 20 you buy. Looks like typical 8 3 3 settings. really not good.

  268. Finally got a reply from these guys on a refund. Their responce is below. I have told them in clear terms that I do not want to test anymore and I want a refund. We will see.
    I don’t get it everyone is wanting to give these guys another week or two to see if the system starts winning. Are you forgetting that it has done nothing as advertised. At least not on my MT4 account and from what I have read not on yours either.
    “97% wins 3% lost 201 trades from 9-16-10 thru 3-09-11
    $5000 turned into $90620”. I don’t think so more like 50/50 at best and they don’t take profits when they are winning, what gives this is just another scam.
    They are not what they claim to be.
    “But let me be clear…

    •I’m not trying to sell you another piece of crap robot or AI system…

    •I’m not pushing a day late/dollar short signals service

    •I’m not some bogus guru who wants to teach you his “magic” system that’s going to make you rich overnight”

    I think this is exactly what they are trying to do.

    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #857753 with the following response:

    Hi Russell Mcdonald,
    We regret if your experience was disappointing and hope you will not allow this to deter you from giving our service a chance to prove the complete benefits of using the software on a long term basis.
    You are free to continue using your product Risk-free according to our refund policy: should you still be unsatisfied, you may always return your money anytime in the course of the refund period.
    If there is anything else we can do for you to help, or you need any assistance with using the product please let us know.
    We value your support and hope you will give us an early opportunity to regain your confidence.

  269. I see that they are now selling “Black ops sniper” for another $97. And they claim that it has traded 41 times for 41 wins!! Well, what d’you kmow.


  270. A buy and sell opened at same time. Are they Friggin serious

  271. Is anyone on there server watching this. I need to know. Im am livid right now.

  272. Let me get this straight, Justin Opened a Buy and Sell at the same time on Easter Monday? And he has 10 years trading experiance?


  273. Thats exactly what he did. Look at his server. Buy and sell open as we speak.

  274. He was just up on his sell by 1200 now only 600 . no way live trader. no way.

  275. Kinetic stones

    I already asked for a refund for the protege, the sniper and the auto pips subscription. They are dragging their feet. They keep sending me the same copy and paste response to ALL of my emails. They have lost more money than they have made on my account. The trades appear to be random and have stop losses that are a mile away. There is no true system here. The trades are not done professionally. It appears that the “real” profit he is making is coming from the suckers that are paying him to place trades.

  276. I think some are being a bit hasty here. Admittedly it was overhyped as everything is, the upsells were pathetic and annoying and some of the trades have been erratic indeed. And not sure if everyone is getting the same results. However my alpari account on demo is up 12% from 12 April at this moment. 21 profitable, 6 losses. Should this be consistent ( the big question ) most systems are not doing better! I’ll be staying in for 2-3 months, refund or not, because I want to see what happens. Hope to dare go live soon. Maybe that will change things, it usually does! Oh, i just rechecked it’s now 11%. No it’s 11.5% Only to say we need to make enough time to test it. A few days is not enough.

  277. Hi all. What is the minimum deposit has to be to open a live account with real money? Is this going good for anyone?

  278. Kinetic Stones

    I escalated my claim directly to Plimus and they sent me my full refund of all my products including the trial within 2 hours. THANKS PLIMUS!! I also noticed right before they refunded my account Auto pips had two more large losses on the EURUSD. They had two buy and one sell going on at the same time. Of course as I write this the EURUSD is taking a nose dive at the moment. Definitely this trader is not in the upper echelon of traders. Obviously I am going to have to go back to manual trading again. But at least I am profitable on my own. I was hoping to enjoy profits without the work. But that is only a dream I guess.

  279. Just stumbled on this site
    So thought I would give my 2 cents worth … for what it’s worth

    Quickly reading the posts here it seems a good deal of people have not been trading very long, or are experiencing thier first venture into signal services etc which can be difficult, frustrating and scary !

    A little advice for the newbies .. take it or leave it
    Firstly, forget about all the pre-launch hype etc
    It is all complete BS
    No system or trader has a 97% win rate … it simply does not happen
    You must judge the service based on the live trading you do from the point you subscribe, not expecting to repeat some fantasy figures published on a website … you will be horribly dissapointed

    During this trial period YOU must decide if this service is any good for YOU

    Now I would suggest everyone needs to log into the clients trade server with the investor password and server details as have been provided in previous posts
    Yes, it does work
    You will now see the trades as placed by the trader / ea / whatever in real time and can see them get duplicated on your own account
    This is important as you need to be sure you are getting the signals correctly and efficiently etc
    It also gives you somewhere to check if say you have an internet problem etc and have been offline and need to make sure the trades are still open etc when you are back on line


    Now the services themselves

    I am a suscriber
    The service went live on the 5 April
    Reset the Account History on the client server to show only trades from this date, forget about what happened before the 5th, it is irrelevent
    Currently from the 5th to present APP is up approx 11%

    Now if any of you are not happy with this level of monthly return you had better get a reality check !!
    This level of return is excellent

    The big question is can it be sustained ?
    Only time will tell … if it can come close it will be outperforming just about everything out there

    I subscribed to this on the $1 7 day trial
    I cancelled any further payment the same day
    Why … because of the method being traded
    Basically accepting no losses and waiting for the market to reach a profit however long it takes
    It does work … most of the large institutional funds trade this way, but you need monster size capital to be able to wait out the heavy drawdown periods

    I have ( and still do on a small scale ) trade this way, but at the lot levels being traded in Sniper it seems a certain route to dissaster
    There are 3 open trades at the moment, in fairly large drawdown … was near 50% of original account balance
    The client has recently injected more funds, presumably to avoid a possible margin call and make the figures look less frightening !
    This is a definate red flag !!
    Be very very careful if you are trading this system, it really is for the big boys


    Alex made a most important point a couple of posts ago
    Give it some time ! … don’t be too quick to judge and dismiss the product
    Don’t try to analyse the death out of each and every trade
    We have no idea what is triggering them ( if anything is .. coin toss etc LOL )
    And don’t get paranoid about trading both ways together etc etc, this is perfectly normal trading strategy

    Put it on a live account ( you will learn alot more when it is real money ! LOL ) leave all settings as default EXCEPT the ” Multiplier ”
    Until you get to feel more confortable with what is happening set this to a small fraction so as to trade only small reletive lots to those on the client server
    Avoid setting fixed minimal small lots, you will not get the same results as allowing the strategy to set varying lot sizes

    Then you have to decide if you are going to let the service trade completely for you ( as it is designed ) or are you going to manually intervene
    There is no right or wrong way, but if you opt for the latter you are saying you know better than the signal provider … so why bother subscribing, just trade your own signals 🙂

    Good luck to us all

  280. My concern is the number of trades that are running at a loss. It seems that the risk is approx. 4%, and the net return is approx 2%. This suggests that you need a fairly healthly account to get a good return. Also the recent email about viewing the trades live, just turned up a bunch of demo accounts.

    Does anyone know what is going on, as I like countless others were looking for a genuine trader, copying and pasting their trades to my platform. Is this feasible or just hype. Is it just a robot which is operating from a program within the script that we have installed. Can anyone shed some light on this.


  281. Waz

    The ea on your chart is simply a copy slave with the master on the client server
    All it does is copy the trades from the clients server to your account, nothing more

    As I said above we have no idea who or what is deciding to place trades
    It could be purely a robot
    It could be a trader
    My best guess is it is a combination … robotic system that generates signals and may even place the trades, but I think there is some manual overview and imput on closures and hedging etc etc … just a guess

    But in any event we will never know, just find out if whatever is trading is good for you

    You really do need to open the clients server so you can see the trades being placed live, as I stated above

    At first you should download MetaTrader4 platform through the link
    Then login with the following details
    Account: 45479
    Password: Autopipsprofits4

    Hope this helps

  282. Thanks for that schojohn … I went into this account, but no trades are currently active. Also there are two identical trades showing a $2,040 loss x 2 on the eur/usd. According to the megaforex site this is a demo account as per the Masterforex site below. Have I got this wrong? I am happy to admit it, but how many IP addresses are used for demo accounts?

    Anyway the platform is showing a loss of $2,197, but a balance of $33,417 with no trades. Am I the only one who is a little confused about this?



    Demo account

    MasterForex Ltd. offers you to make the first step on the way of learning the trader’s profession – to start trading on training accounts. By trading on training accounts you will keep off that disappointing mistakes that starting specialists always do. Moreover trading accounts can help advanced traders to estimate the technical opportunities of working with the trading platform.


    You should download the trading terminal MF Trader 4
    Download the trading terminal MF Trader 4

    Run the terminal
    In menu File chose «Open account».

    Fill in the registration form.
    You will receive login and password of your trading Demo account.

    Point out the demo-server’s IP
    For dollar server type (Standard account):
    For cent server type (Micro account) •
    • XXXXXX
    For ECN server type (ECN account) •
    The demo-server accounts address:

  283. I am not sure just what you are looking at

    The 45479 client account is showing a balance of 33,417 as of now
    From the date it was funded … 21.2.2011, it is showing a current profit of 1,874.93

    But, and importantly the service went live on the 5 April, so disregard anything before this date, it is of no interest to us
    See my post above, which shows the current profit from the 5 April as 3,994.70

    There are no current open trades, one was closed at profit a few hours ago

    It may well be a demo account, but that does not matter, it is the server the client is placing the trades on which is all that matters

  284. Hi Schojohn

    Thanks for that I went back in and saw some movement. I guess the issue is the quality of the trades they transfer to your platform.

    What are your thoughts about the protege program?



  285. Hi Waz

    Have not looked at it, as it does not particularly interest me

    If the trader who is placing these orders ( if he exists ! 🙂 ) is offering a service to mentor people I guess you first have to ask yourself do I like the way he trades based on what I see with APP, Sniper etc etc, because you would expect that will be the basis of the teaching …. or maybe not

  286. Hi schojohn

    I see your point. It seems that the GBP/USD sniper is always using up equity in the trade. The profit potential grows but the margin increases. My platform is currently showing a loss of $4.5k on a trade with GBP/USD sell using the sniper. Could it be that they are expecting a huge drop. They entered the trade at 1.6415, with no stop loss and to take profits at 1.6280

    If that’s the case we should all start selling GPP/USD

    Your thoughts?



  287. Hi Schojohn

    Based on what you have seen so far which EA would you trade with from Autopips. It seems to me that the sniper is for big traders who can invest margin. The mean machine appears to do more trades, and the autopips client didn’t move at all on USD/JPY.



  288. Update on refund request. Still jerking me around. Anyone else get a refund from autopipsprofits?


    The dispute for invoice # 58191328 was just updated.
    Comments: VENDOR : Resolve (without a refund) – Please, specify the reason of your asking for refund. Just describe the issues you have received with our EA and we will be more than happy to help you. You can submit a ticket using the link and you will get quick and helpful support within several hours. You have a great opportunity to try our product, you may run it on demo account without risking real money. Please, just try out our software and we are sure you will change your mind about it..

    What are you guys stupid? I have told you several times I do not want to keep testing the system or have anything else to do with you or your scam system. I have made myself clear and you still keep turning my request into a support ticket and refuse to refund my money. Your web page provides a refund no questions asked. Now stop asking questions and refund my money. It’s that simple…. I do post everything on forums about your system and customer service so others can see what they will have to deal with and how good your guarantee really is.

  289. Updates on the test performance:

    My previous demo account ($20K) gained about 14% profit in 2 weeks (from 04/07/11 to 04/21/11).

    I then opened another demo account on 04/25/11 with $3,000 (because this is more or less the amount I’m going to fund my live account if the performance continues).
    I also set the Multiplier to 2.0
    As of now (04/27/11) the account stands at $3,537.50. That’s almost 18% in 3 days!

    Man, I’m really excited. This APP rocks!!

  290. I don’t understand the bad comment on this product. I think this Justin does a very good job indeed. At least the APP. I don’t know about the upsell products because I generally only buy the standard one.

    Most other systems, both manual traders with signal services and automatic EA:s, opens a trade with a fixed TP and SL and then just lets the trade run for either TP or SL. But with Justin, if the market goes the other way, he can close the trade early and even go in the opposite direction. And his trades don’t wait for a 300 pips TP, like many others.

    As you all know, EAs that think for themselves and open trades at will, won’t make you money in the long run. But if I compare APP with other manual traders which offer signal services or education, Justin is really good. My old favourite, Copy Paste Pips, has not done that good lately and that trader just leaves the trades running. Never reevaluate, like Justin does. I’ve also been with Bob Iaccino and his Trader Swiper/Outlook and tried to learn his strategies but found out that they fail as often as they profit. Not good enough. Also, I am trying out Honest Forex Signals, with an Indian guy called Raj. That might turn out fine, we’ll see.

    Finally, if Justin goes long and short in the same pair, it is nothing strange. Professionals usually have several trading strategies and if one of them says BUY, he buys. While that trade is running, another strategy might say SELL, so he opens a SELL order, but leaves the BUY order. Of course they go against each other but you never know which of the stragegies will do best. And, as Justin almost did today, he was long and short in EURUSD. First he took a profit in the long trade, then the market turned around and he nearly took a profit in the short one too. (Then Bernanke started talking and made the USD drop.)

    I will absolutely stay with Justin and let the APP run. So far he is the best one I have tried and his trades show that he is really active in his trading and constantly reevaluates the open trades.

  291. hokie … i am not getting excited, 🙂 , but I agree it is working well
    2.0 multiplier … you are tooooooo brave for me LOL

    Warren …. could not agree more, nothing to knock here yet as far as I can see

  292. Should have said I am always talking about APP eurusd only, I don’t subscribe / trade with the other systems being offered

  293. schojohn,

    You know you’re probably right, I spoke too soon, it was hard to control your emotion when your account shot up more than 10% in a couple of hours 🙂 But that was this afternoon (EST time). The last two trades were in the red big time, and as it stands now, the balance is back down to $3,175 (6% profit).

    I set the multiplier to 2.0 just to have a feel how I handle the ups and downs emotionally in the demo account first before going live (well, as you already noticed, I didn’t do it very well 🙂 ). When the account is small, I can manage higher multiplier setting, but once the account grows, I plan to reduce it gradually to the level I feel comfortable with.

    Oh, I’m also glad to have you, Warren and Alex in this forum, you guys seem to have a lot more experience in this forex thing than most of us here, and your opionions/advices are greatly appreciated.

  294. Hi all
    Well I should get a new reply from Support
    But my problem in the past was using Oanda for a server.
    I should have known for it is a U.S. broker. (FIFO)
    APP has hedge in it’s blood.
    Next was Swiss, Russian and Cyprus brokers
    Broco looked good but they lost there license but there demo looked great.
    So looked for more and Dukascopy looked good to but .10 is the smallest lot size I could find on mt4.
    So I am looking at Tadawul FX Looks good but not great spreads. They are reg. have segregated accounts and more but I am in the US and this still scares me.
    also looking for VPS in Cyprus and they want 80(not US) per month but might be something to look at.
    Yes, now I have been able to track Master to my account and SO FAR it looks pretty good to me.
    We will see.

  295. Brett

    Tadawulf lot sizes are min 0.05 and go up in increments of 0.05 only ( I believe )
    This could / would be a problem following signals ?
    If you haven’t I would check the demo first

  296. Hi All

    As regards autopips I find this upselling to be confusing. Why doesn’t autopips promote itself to the exclusion of others. It sends a message of just being out to sell something to someone. How can someone register with autopips and pay a monthly charge, and then for example take on copypasteprofits (autopips latest endorsement) and ultimately pay another monthly charge. If autopips is so effective why encourage people to buy other EA’s. This is not a criticism but hopefully a constructive insight into what signals (if you pardon the pun) autopips are sending out to would be traders.

    I want to have faith in their systems, and would prefer to see developments of their EA’s to be even more effective. The only other reason I can think of is that maybe their resources are getting thin and this type of selling provides cashflow without as much investment of resources.

    Curious what others think



  297. I to was wondering why they are promoting copypasteprofits.

  298. Brett, I’m glad you finally got your trades tracking the Master.

    Regarding CopyPasteProfits, this is the software from Robert Colmer, right? I think this two guys (Justin and Robert) are buddy, so they are promoting each other products, just my guess…

  299. One more thing Brett, that I’m also using TadawulFx demo account to test APP. schojohn was right the minimum account size is 0.05. In my case with $3000 demo account and Multiplier set to 2, the smallest lot size placed so far was 0.2.

    So if you intend to leave the multiplier to default 1.0, then I think you would need at least $1500 in the account.

  300. Anyone who wants a refund will have to “Escalate to Plimus” before you will ever get a refund otherwise it just goes to support who tells you to go to plimus and so on and so on. Best of luck to those who are sticking with them. They are not even close to 97% wins and 3% lost trades on my live account like they claim, and with all the upsales and promos of other products, signs to run!!!! Best of luck.

  301. Hi Russmac1,

    If you are still seeking a refund, sometimes the reason you give for the refund may signal automatically to Plimus that it is a technical reason. I recently applied for a refund and got it within a day, based on it being a matter which was not of a technical nature, and that you didn’t see the value in continuing on with their services. Also if they send you an email advising that the matter is to b referred to technical assistance, open the link and change to non-technical. Eventually they will send you advice of cancellation.

    Hope this helps.



  302. When ‘Justin’ said he wanted to connect and keep in touch did he mean that he wanted to send me endless messages promoting other products? lol. It gives the impression that he’s not really expecting to succeed with this.
    He might even be congratulating himself on a lucky month!
    But as for the actual trading results we could be cautiously optimistic for now.
    For anyone who manages to stick with it, the only important thing in the long term will be the monthly result.
    I’ve seen nothing to make me think about refunds. Not yet anyway!

  303. I to may think this maybe good but!!!
    So many times I have been F%$#^%
    We will see so on a lighter note
    Some where over the rainbow
    Have a good weekend

  304. Hi guys

    I am also testing Autopips profit. I had a good week before this week. But during this whole week begining from monday I had zero trades on my account. I was wondering if any one else had lots of trades on their account or any trades. Nothing wrong with my vps or metatrader. Please just confirm if there any trades conducted by APP EA during this week begining from 25th of April.

    I would appreciate that.

  305. Hi Tony,

    Yes, there were at least 14 trades from Monday to Friday.

    I got similar experience at least twice when the trades from Master did not copy to my account. Usually when that happened I would check my MT4’s Journal, and found either login or connection problem, and I simply closed and opened the MT4. This corrected the problem in my case. Perhaps you can try it too and see if that helps.

  306. Thanks Hokie.

    I just reset my vps and metatrader. Hope should be working fine now.

    Would you mind sharing results of last week as I did not take any trades last week. just want to how it went.

    thanks again.

  307. Think I might open a live account
    But I don’t like seeing a trade on the Master with no sl/or Tp
    Whats up?
    I have now got this working on fxbook on the master account.
    I dont know much, on how to use Fxbook butI got APP master to run.

  308. This the reply to US clients
    But this bothers me
    Why would they have this in the reply?

    because MegaDroid needs?!!
    Look Below
    and yes I probably open a live account look at Fxbook

    Hi Brett

    Now we recommend to choose FinFX broker.
    You can download MetaTrader 4 and open Demo account from here:

    Also consider the following list of brokers that will continue offering higher leverage accounts to US customers:
    ActivTrades (h@@p://
    Broco (h@@p://
    RVMarkets (h@@p://
    FXCompany (h@@p://
    FOREX MMCIS (h@@p://
    United World Capital (
    Hot Forex (h@@p://
    Robo Forex (h@@p://
    GotMoneyFX (h@@p://

    You may try to trade on the DEMO account with any broker you wish and choose the best broker exactly for you. Just ask your broker support if the broker supports MetaTrader4 platform, because MegaDroid needs only this platform for trading; also, broker should provide you with low spreads, the robot trades only when the spread is not high than 3 (or 30 on 5-digits broker).

  309. Tony, these are the trades since 04/25/2011 in my demo account of $3000, and the multiplier set to 2.0.

    Open Time Type Size Item Price S/L T/P Close Time Price Profit
    2011.04.25 10:53 sell 0.35 eurusd 1.4596 1.465 1.44 2011.04.25 17:41 1.4566 105
    2011.04.25 14:30 buy 0.35 eurusd 1.4597 1.4297 1.4618 2011.04.25 20:00 1.4582 -52.5
    2011.04.26 2:00 buy 0.2 eurusd 1.455 1.4497 1.4747 2011.04.26 2:53 1.4497 -106
    2011.04.26 2:54 buy 0.35 eurusd 1.45 1.4451 1.4701 2011.04.26 4:18 1.4536 126
    2011.04.26 14:00 buy 0.2 eurusd 1.4603 1.4305 1.4626 2011.04.26 14:35 1.4626 46
    2011.04.27 1:00 sell 0.2 eurusd 1.4689 1.4737 1.466 2011.04.27 6:38 1.4686 6
    2011.04.27 4:30 buy 0.2 eurusd 1.4671 1.4371 1.4692 2011.04.27 7:18 1.4692 42
    2011.04.27 19:55 buy 0.45 eurusd 1.4732 1.4628 1.4738 2011.04.27 20:54 1.4738 27
    2011.04.27 19:54 buy 0.4 eurusd 1.474 1.4634 1.4844 2011.04.27 21:40 1.4779 156
    2011.04.27 19:54 buy 0.4 eurusd 1.4739 1.4776 1.4846 2011.04.27 22:05 1.4785 184
    2011.04.27 23:00 sell 0.4 eurusd 1.4784 1.4835 1.4585 2011.04.28 2:16 1.4835 -204
    2011.04.27 23:01 sell 0.2 eurusd 1.4783 1.4855 1.4793 2011.04.28 9:19 1.4855 -144
    2011.04.28 13:47 buy 0.2 eurusd 1.4805 1.4506 1.4824 2011.04.28 15:53 1.4824 38
    2011.04.29 3:00 buy 0.2 eurusd 1.4826 1.4522 1.4843 2011.04.29 7:36 1.4843 34
    2011.05.02 4:52 buy 0.05 eurusd 1.481 1.4811 1.5003 2011.05.03 1:29 1.4811 0.5

  310. Okay….A simple question…..


    Please let me know.



  311. I am so far
    trading from 5th April and in profit
    My trades have mirrored exactly the clients account except for one missed trade due to a loss of internet connection

  312. Hi Schojohn

    Thank you for your response. That gives me a slightly clearer picture. Can you tell me what % of profit you have achieved and also if possible your net equity percentage increase.

    TIt seems to me that he biggest obstacle is that you need to invest larger sums for bigger returns and that although the returns are high the percentage of funds invested is low.

    Any info to assist me is appreciated.



  313. Facts and only the facts.
    I added APP to my 400 dollar FXDD trading account on April 8th.Had a couple of suucesful trades and added 600 dolars to the account. I still liked the performance and came into some extra cash. So I added another Grand.
    At this point on May 4th at 8:36 an est, I am up $91.62.
    I am using the default settings, I believe my results may be skewed because of the addition of funds during the test. Profit may have been larger or smaller if I had stayed with a set amount.
    I think I shall not add any more cash to the account for the next few months unless Justin keeps winning. I think He may be feeling a little hesitant right now because there hasn’t been a trade in over twenty four hours, (at least not on my system,)since two big losing trades.
    Oh Yes! I have been bitten by losing EA’s in the past, But I feel optimistic about this one which isn’t a Robot,(I hope) and according to the Hype, my two grand should have netted me over 30 grand by this time next year. LOL

    I don’t have a VPS at this time and think I may have missed some of the trades the system made and therefore my results may be skewed.
    Did you guys get that Eur/jpy trade on Monday? Up until then all I had was the Eur/usd trades. Justin was in and out of that trade in 10 minutes.
    I mus agree with posters on th slow response of the Support group for the App.
    Here’s a mystery for me, The ability to have an open short and long position at the same time under US rules. That ain’t allowed. I also get a daily account statement from my broker FXDD that doesn’t always jive with what the MT4 account is saying.
    I’m glad I found this site. Keep talkin Guys! We’re getting very little feed back from APP.


  314. The profit and equity increase is about 11% for the month I have been trading
    Needs time, but if this continues at 10% average per month I will be very happy ….. and suprised, but you never know

    Just use this profit % as a guide to determine your starting capital … eg if you want to make $100 a month start with an account investment of $1,000
    If you want to make $1,000 per month sart with $10,000 etc
    I would be wary of trying to turn $1,000 into big profits quickly by increasing the multiplier factor
    You may get lucky, more likely get busted !

    As with all things forex absolutely no guarantees with anything, but 10% is a very goosd start

  315. A litle further researh into my trading since 4/8/2011.
    14 losing trades with the largest loss $30.31 for a total of $201.13 39 winning trades with the largest being 39.90
    that adds up to $89.72 I guess I had a buck or two more than $400 when I started. That’s better than a two to one winning average, but it still ain’t no 97 percent winning average. Hype?
    Why is Jusin sitting on his hands just now? No trade in almost 48 hours, on my system anyhow.

  316. That’s 39 winners for 290.85 I wish You could edit comments for spelling and omissions. Then I wouldn’t have to add another post.

  317. Holy Smoke! After 48 Hours without a trade, He jumps in and it immediatly goes in the opposite direction of the trade. Maybe there’s something to the idea of contrarian trading.
    I for on would like to see some justification of the reason he takes a trade.
    He’s in at 1.4864 and the price is now 1.4827. Almost 40 pips immediatly after our entry. Stop loss is all the way down at 1.4560
    Hope this one turns around.

  318. My first post on this site, so I’ll start by saying it’s nice to see a site that doesn’t delete negative posts.

    I’ve been running APP on live account since 6 April and can confirm my results for month of April:

    35 Winning Trades total of 740.7 pips
    17 Losing Trades total of -571.7 pips

    So net for the month was +169 Pips for me, good start.

    May has started with 2 Losers and 1 Winner for a net of -80.9 pips. And 1 trade still open at -36 pips as I type. As posts above stress though, got to give it time for a proper test.

    My only concern with this service is that one of the strategies they appear to be running with is a scalping one – which I absolutely hate. Some of posts above have highlighted this also, small TP with huge StopLoss – classic scalper.

  319. Hey Waz, yeah I saw that cheeky EURJPY – had nothing except EURUSD and was starting to wonder if I’d set it up incorrectly on the chart and then BAM! 14 pips on a different pair! Nice! At least now I know its all working – pretty happy overall to say only had it running for a week since 27/4. £500 account, £27 wins (214pips) , £22 losses (244 pips) , £5 profit. Will need to keep it running for a few months to make a proper assessment

  320. The eurjpy trade was clearly a mistake
    APP trades only eurusd
    The trade was taken off immediately

  321. I just don’t see myself complaining about a mistake made for a profit.

  322. Well! It’s 8:45 thursday morning in Miami, and the markets jumping up and down for hundreds of pips the past couple of days and our professional trader has been swinging and missing. Why is it that Justin cannot decipher what’s going on here? His years as one of the top 10 percent of traders cant figure out what’s happenng? Jeez! I made over a 100 pips trading manually on one of my other accounts.
    C’mon Justin. Get with the Program.

  323. Son of a Gun! Would that be another mistake for 69 pips profit? Justins doin better with mistakes than regular trading. LOL

  324. Once again, I spoke too soon!
    Justin opened and closed three positions in the Eur/jpy and closed em for $187.99 profit for me. I take back any bad thoughts I might have been holding.
    Anyone still think trading in other pairs is an error? La De da!

  325. This could be interesting
    This is very different..
    Whats up?
    But looks good.
    If you look at master and hide all trades you will see other trade pairs popup over time.

  326. Cool mistakes in eurjpy!
    Maybe a new strategy added.
    Whatever, it’s turned things round again.
    Anyone got the feeling of being a passenger in an out of control car? But so far going in the right direction.

  327. I think I am getting out. I was ahead on my demo, lost 4 grand. Just lost a small amount on my live account. grrrr

  328. I’ve been with APP (standard product only) for one month now and am I impressed? Is 19% profit enough for me? Well, I just don’t focus on the actual result but HOW the trading is performed.

    I must say that Justin is really active and don’t just leave the trades to reach TP or SL, but constantly keeps reevaluating the open trades. If there is something happening that doesn’t develop the way he thought, he closes the trade, being a profit or loss. Also, when a running trade is in profit, he often moves the SL to a level that the trade can only end with profit. That’s a real pro to me.

    Most autotrade EA:s and many manual pro traders use the buy-and-hold strategy (open a trade and let it run to TP or SL) but Justin’s trading method is the one I prefer. It’s built on what is actually happening, not on pure hope.

    So, after testing so many autotrade EAs and pro traders as well as my own trading, am I impressed by APP? So far, indeed I am.

    (Then, looking at the time of day that the trades are opened, Justin must have someone helping him; he cannot stay up around the clock. But as long as they use the same method and strategies, it’s great.)

  329. I too have been observing Justins trading style. He does indeed sometimes open a trade with TP and SL’s over the moon. As the market plays out, I see them change. This give me confidence that somebody is aware of what’s going on. I don’t feel so alone in this.
    However there are only 317 of Us, Right. It must be so! Justin says so! Imagine if We were thosands, all making a Gazillion bucks along side Justin. By Golly! We’d be market movers. LOL
    Anyway, last night as I slept, another two succesful trades in the Eur/USD pair. Right on Justin!!!!!

  330. @Bill Of the two trades I got last night, one was profit for $33, the other was -$616. The EURJPY trades were all losers. Unless people are closing these maually, I don’t see where they wre winners.

  331. Leatha! You’re obviously doing something wrong or your broker is messing with your account.
    I have loaded the program with just the default settings. I don’t mess aroung with the program. I do not take profits or losses trying to anticipate what the program is going to do. As I stated earlier, I may have missed a few trades by not having a VPS. But that is the only thing that may have happened.
    So far to Me anyway, this is a gold mine. I’m up over twenty percent in a litle under one month. Only time will tell if this continues.
    If anybody else is showing negative results, I think you better check your settings and stop messing with the defaults.

    Good Luck!

  332. One other ting I’ve noticed.
    Once the EA is attached to a time frame, don’t mess with it.
    Switching to a different time frame will deactivate the EA. If you must see other time frames open another chart and mess with that. I know this because I did it and got confused in the first few days.
    Hope this helps. The attached PDF manual that comes with the EA leaves a lot to be desired and the help topcs on the support site are very limited. I wish to Hell there was a Forum about APP besides this site where a few of us have gotten together to state our opinions and rate the Program.

  333. I didn’t change any settings. I wanted to see what it would do. I don’t know why the broker would mess with a demo account. I reattached again. I’m just not seeing the winning trades you guys are.

  334. You know after the big run up followed by the big drop last week, I frankly began to think to stop the APP because it was just too erratic. But the last couple of trades especially those EUR/JPY trades were big winners, so I want to give APP more time to prove itself.

    For the last two weeks the APP gained more than 22% (multiplier = 2.0) in my demo account.

    Leatha, what broker are you using? It doesn’t make sense with the losses you had. Did you try to compare you trades with the one in Master account, how has it been so far and prior to these last couple of trades?

  335. @hokie My demo is on FXPro. My live account is Alpari. Haven’t tried it live because of those big losses

  336. Leatha,

    I mean, did you try to check the Justin’s master account, here is the instruction to do so:

    1. Download MetaTrader4 platform through the link

    2. Then login with the following details
    Account: 45479
    Password: Autopipsprofits4

    And see if your trades matched theirs.

  337. @hokie I’ll do that this evening. Thanks for the info

  338. I don’t want to sound like a Tout for APP, but since the three successful yen trades that netted me 1.89 dollars last nigt, Justin has just add 5 more in the euro/usd for another 162 dollars for me.
    Hell I shouldn’t even mention the one loser for 26 cents.
    This is in a live account with FXDD.
    I’m up 333 dollars since inception on April 8th.
    I’m happy as a Pig in Slop!

  339. @Bill WOW! That is great! I used to have an account with them. I only had 4 with the last run

  340. Correction to my earlier post this afternoon, after 3 additional big winners since, the APP actually gained 40.6% in the last two weeks (multiplier = 2), assuming no other trades will me made till the end of day today.

    This thing gets me going again 🙂

  341. I asked Justin about the EUR/JPY yesterday, if it was a mistake, and this is his answer:

    “We are trying to enlarge our field of trading for our main product right now, thus you may receive some trades for EURJPY in the nearest future, sir.”

    Sounds good to me 🙂

  342. Does anyone know how to look at APP’s master account to view trading history, or at least the trades currently being taken?

  343. 200 pips down in a little over five hours, and App got none of it.
    Makes me wonder if Justins in bed during these hours.
    Myself, I managed to grab about 60 of these pips in another of my accounts. If I had any guts, I could have gotten a bunch more.
    Still, no profit is better than a loss. I’m sure most professional traders got a big hunk of this move.
    Justin! Are you out there?

  344. I have been trading live with APP for three weeks now. I have made over $800 from an account that is about $3500. Might have made even more except that I accidentally turned off APP on my vps and didn’t realize it until it had 3 large stopouts. The $800 is the amount I made after disregarding those three trades, however APP is net up for the month. So far I am very happy with it, but I think you have to let the EA do it’s thing and don’t close out losing trades just because you get scared. I don’t think it has ever taken a full stop loss on a trade yet as long as APP is running on the account. So far I am very pleased.

  345. I got a eur/jpy order. Showed up in my demo, but not my live. Can we not have this on more than one MT4?

  346. Also, my lots are 2 and on his account they are 1.90

  347. Yeah! I got two Yen trades about a pip apart. Just in the money now. Let’s see how it goes.

  348. Leatha! I think there is aproblem wiht having the EA on more than one MT4. I dont know if it has to be on another platform or on a different computer plus another platform. Feel free to input any other info the rest of you guys may have,

  349. @Bill I have it on a demo, plus my live account with different brokers. Live account isn’t getting the trades. There shouldn’t be an issue with doing that. At least I wouldn’t think.

  350. Leatha, Bill,

    No, you cannot have this APP in more than one MT4 account at the same time. You could switch from one to another, but cannot be simulatenously. For one given license (clickbank ID) you purchased, only one client connection to the server at a time is allowed.

  351. So! there Ya go! Running on your demo keeps it from being active on your live account. Now you know.

  352. Thanks guys! I guess when I trust it enough, I will remove it from the demo.

  353. I’ve got only the main product, Auto Pips Profits, and it’s great. But how are the other three products doing?

    Could someone, running them on a live account, please tell how they perform compared to APP. They are the GBP/USD Sniper, Mean Money Machine EA and Trend Raider.

    About the custom indicator, Trend Raider, by looking at the installation video, it seems that it is made up of the Fractals indicator and two moving averages.


  354. New day, new chances! Yesterday the App opened and closed two positions in the Eur/jpy for 19 and 13 pips. Which added up to 47 dollars for Me. Then 15 minutes later opens another short at almost the same price and takes a seven pip loss on a position He only holds for ten minutes.
    I don’t guess I’ll ever be able to come close to figuring out Justins secret trading system, but you tell me if that move made any sense?
    I just got billed 67 dollars for the second month of the program. I see some people are only paying 49 dollars for the same thing. How can I get on that list.
    Then I suppose I shouldn’t complain, since I’m gonna be a Gazillionaire soon. LOL

  355. I didn’t get any and there isn’t any on the master account.

  356. No trades
    I’m going live
    Got Vps but not set up yet
    Running on my computer at VERY low risk.
    Need to cover the service($67) and the VPS ($20) soon.
    This looks good so far.

  357. @Brett I am thinking about it too. Very low risk

  358. It’s almost midnight Miami time. No trades in over 24 hours.
    I’m going to bed. Maybe there will be a surprise for me in the morning.
    Rollin, rollin, rolin, keep them profits rollin. LOL

    Remember the old Rawhide series?

  359. Keep those doggies rollin…Rawhide lol

    No trades…dang

  360. Anyone know whats going on? Missed some big moves down today. No trades 2 days now.

  361. In my case, no trades for the last two days too.

  362. none for either.

    At least we’re all on the same page with AAP. I emailed support and they gave me their MT4 login. I havent checked it yet though.

  363. On the bright side! No one is losing any equity as in opening a losing trade.
    Though it kinda seems like the Megadroid EA. It usually only traded Tuesday thru Thursday, and then for such small amounts I’d get more profit from a bank account.
    I have made quite a few pips in my manual trading account just by following this down trend in the Euro. Hope it lasts.
    Anyway! If the next trades App makes reap a large profit all the discussion will fade into the background again.

  364. This is crazy. No trades for three days now. Euro getting beat up and no sells on it . I dont get it. Anyone else feel the same

  365. Has it occured to anybody that we are dependent on the trades of one man. (At least that’s what we signed up for.)
    Perhaps he’s down with the flu, or on a short vacation.
    It would be nice if he popped off a brief Email to his subscribers stating such.
    It is hard to imagine that his top secret system can not come up with a trade in the Eur/USD after an 800 pip decline. There aught to be a blog or forum where he posts his current reasons for trading or not trading without disclosing his Top Secret formula.

  366. This is the answer from the Suport service of APP just my question about the no activity for 2 days:
    “Typically there is 1-2 trades per day. Depending on the market conditions it is possible to get 3-5 trades opened during one day, but it is also possible to have one to several days off trading when the conditions are considered dengerous. But there is really nothing to worry about, and no reason to devalue AutoPipsProfits.”

  367. Quijote! Good answer, but that was the reply to your suupport question. Something a little more is needed to the general subscriber populace is needed.
    We get enough emails for other systems an stuff he’s trying to sell or be an agent for. I don’t think a email informing us of any anomalies is too much to ask for.

  368. @ Bill
    @ Leatha
    I think a little more would be good to.
    I just got everything setup to go live and no trades
    But I would rather be safe than sorry. It would be nice to know why this is a bad time for trades in his eyes. But he doesn’t want to teach us … still would be nice to know.

  369. Hi I have another hopefully simple question

    Autopips promote the Autopips Client for $67.59/mth. Black Ops Sniper for $67.59/mth, Automated Signals Service for $44.94 /mth, and various EA’s eg Money Machine for $1, and $47/year.

    What is the difference between all of these. Is there one trade copier that would copy regardless of the currency pair? I have a limited budget, and want to be way ahead of my monthly charges.

    Can someone please explain this to me?



  370. Richard Taylor

    Black ops just closed a nice profit.
    So far, taking into account the monthly charges, there are some pretty handsome profits. Both are on Demo accounts at present
    APP has done a 95% return in 5.5 weeks
    Black OPs has done 44% return in 2.5 weeks.

    Time to go live soon.

  371. Just got some sells on eur/jpy. Seems to be his new favorite.

  372. The first and last day of the trading week. Oh well!
    I seem to notice whenever he jumps in the water the trade goes againt him. So instead of Euphoria, I get an Oh Crap! feeling.
    It’s only been a month and I hope this isn’t typical of Justins top secret trading system. It’s bad for my digestion. lol

  373. no doubt about that. Might start doing opposite and would get some winning trades. I’m just about done with this.As we speak he is down 1500.00

  374. I’m sorry. 2000.00 now. waiting till friday at 1 oclock to trade . Unreal. missed the whole week of eur geting hammered then does a sell now. This sucks.

  375. Yes! The sand is rapidly draining from the hour glass. However the market is acting strangly in the final hour.
    Maybe Justin knows something I don’t. If not It’ll be a losing week.
    That ain’t cool.

  376. Well Whadda Ya know! The system keeps positions open over the weekend. I don’t know whether to feel good or bad about that?

  377. Hi
    Well you guys got a trade(3) but my vsp didn’t.
    Am using BBVSP on hotforex.
    When using APP on HotForex demo everything was fine.
    But my VSP or live account on hotforex is a problem ..Why cant this work? oh so many variables..
    I got 7 days money back on BBVSP.
    Yes I could try to trouble shoot this out but
    I’m getting old
    We will see
    But all of you ,have a good weekend!

  378. Hi,

    Does anyone know what the difference is between autopips_client, and autopips signals? I also have the eur/jpy trades.



  379. Hi,

    I find it interesting that noone has responded to my question

    Does anyone know what the difference is between autopips_client, and autopips signals?




  380. Stating the obvious, this is quite a strange service and i’m not sure if they really want to keep their subscribers -for reasons unknown!
    But because of 40% increase in demo in 3 weeks from april 12 i feel it has potential (if used carefully).
    Bill, i definitely feel bad about it but let’s hope Justin is right.
    Glad i’m still on demo. But live tomorrow. are offering refunds of up to £300 losses in first month of your account. They do spreadbetting on MT4 if you’re in the uk or retail forex if not. Spreads look ok on the majors.
    If i can get it to work that refund looks a bit of insurance after last week with APP.
    Good Luck to us All.
    Waz, since no-one else answered i think it’s just the same only client is the name of the EA.

  381. Hi All,

    I bought three of their offering, AutoPipsProfit Client, GBP/USD Black Ops Sniper and their trend railder indicator.

    For me, there is only one thing I care about and that is consistent net profit. I don’t care how many trades are made or whether he even sends me messages or not.

    I own 3 businesses and I need to show profit month after month or I go out of business. Same with Justin. If he blows up our accounts, no one will buy from him. If he can’t convince people to keep paying him monthly because of his successes, he will also go out of business.

    So far, I am happy with the AutoPipsProfit Client and have just added it to a small live account to see how it works.

    The GBP/USD Black Ops Sniper has not had a loss yet but, that is because they hang onto it until it goes into profit. One trade sold on April 20th at 1.6342. It went all the way to 1.6746 (-404 pips) at one time. My account was down by 33% before it turned around and went back into profit and sold on May 9th. I believe this is a style of trading that will eventually blow your account. They also just charged me $99.00 for it so I am requesting a refund on this one.

    For the Trend Raider, it appears to be a custom indicator based on two HMA’s (moving average). I couldn’t come up with a profitable way to use this indicator so I will also request a refund on this one.

    As far as I am concerned, the only one worth anything is their Auto Pips Profit Client unless you like to play Russian Roulette.

    This is just my 2 Cents worth. Take it for what you wish.

    Good trading to all.

  382. I have both the APP and the Sniper, they have charged me 2x now for the Sniper when the ad/order form stated it was a ONE time charge of $97.00 and no ongoing monthly fees. Who ever is responsible for support (seems oriental) cannot seem to get through their heads that all I am asking of them at this time is to refund the 2nd charge and to honor their contract – they are trying to tell me it is a monthly fee

    The sniper was installed on my home system and I inadvertently shut mt4 down several times so I do not know if there were positions closed/opened during those times. I did experience a 30% draw down during the first month but ended 30 days of trading up 20% with 1 losing trade out of 9. The first trade was on 4/7 last on 5/13 this was on a 10k demo at Forexoma – which I highly recommend. It seems that two or three positions had sl and tp.

    The APP first trade was 4/12 last trade 5/9, total 58 trades
    This was a 3k demo at Forexoma. 29 shorts and 29 longs both winning 75.86%. Largest loss was $100.40. Currently there are no open trades and net profit for the 30 days was 25% Every position had a sl and tp. As to if this is a robot on the server, I have the impression from the audio portion of the ad that it is a combination of ea looking for setups and
    Justin – if that really is him – i.e. the trader – taking the trades and monitoring.

    I have not bothered to compare the equity curve to the individual trades, but there was only one time where the equity curve dropped below a previous low. All of the lows except that one time were higher giving a very nice upward trend from start to finish. (There was a 3.3% negative balance at the end of the 3rd trade and aproximately 1% negative from trades 13 – 14. From there the equity never dropped below the 3k open and end with a 25% net gain.

    I would again encourage anyone reading this to look at as a new broker established by traders.

  383. Clarification: Sniper had 2 or three positons withoug sl/tp and this of course could be because I shut mt4 down.
    The APP is running on a vps.

  384. The App doesn’t copy Justins trades quite so close. All three of my positions are lagging Justins 113.85 entry by three pips 113.82 average. He could bail for a break even or smaal profit and I could still be in a losing position.
    Just sayin!

  385. All I want is a dependable service with steady profits. I’m not convinced this is it.

  386. It closed my three positions for a tptal of 21 pips. One for 10, one for 6, and one for five. I’m out now but I notice the master account still has a partial trade open and continuing in a downward direction.
    I guess the open trades depend on the size of the account.
    Nevertheless, more bucks in the bank.

  387. In effect, it’s a free trade for him as he moved the stop to just below break even. I guess to cover the spread

  388. If the above trade comments refer to trades of the 13th I had three sell positions opened 113.849, 113.828, 113.831 closed at 112.75,112.75,112.731 respectively that is 10+ pips each. Getting the exact entry and exit is by chance as you have both signal transmission lag and variation in broker price so you can do better or worse randomly.

  389. James! I buy that explanation. However, the master system only closed a partial part of one of it’s trades.
    When the remaining open trade hit it’s stop loss and closed for a very small profit. My broker opened and closed a trade at the same time the master closed. But in my case it resulted in a small loss. Possibly the spread plus one or two pips. That stinks.
    It’s now Tuesday afternoon. Are we going to have to wait again to late friday before the system opens another trade?

  390. just set off 3 eur/jpy again.Moving good on this one. I closed out with nice profit. Not waiting til TP.

  391. As you can see He opened three trades in Eur/Jpy.
    My three trades have been closed for a very nice profit. He on the ohter hand left a partial trade open and moved the stop loss. I have deactivated the EA until after he closes the last part of the trade. I dont want to get stuck for another loss on a position I don’t have open right now. We’ll see.

  392. Don’t want to be the only Poster on this Forum. I would like to hear others input.
    Anyway Justins back in with three positions int Eur/USD again.
    For some reasons with this pair the immediate movement is against the trade again.
    Seeing as the system is making Me over 30 percent on my equity, I shouldn’t complain. But bouncing around the forex News, there are more pundits calling for a spurt up in the Dollar. Maybe Justin is a Contrarian?


  393. seems to be making some good picks now. If he would close them a little quiker he would have made a 1000.00 in 10 min. Not bad.

  394. I manually close and wait for pullback and get back in at original price.

  395. If you have the time and are at your desk to kkep close eye on it.

  396. Put it on my live account this morning after the eur/jpy trade. I hope this trade pulls out of it. I can’t help but look…lol

  397. If you’re going to anticipate what he’s doing, doesn’t that defeat the pupose of having a Pro trade for you?
    Yeah! There’ll be losses, but I want and expect consistant profit with little effort on My part. Thats what I’m paying 67 Bucks for.

  398. @Bill I know, I’ve made enough losses for my self lol. I’d hate to see a loss first out of the gate. oh well

  399. @Leatha! Yeah! We down but as that great American Yogi Berra said,”It ain’t over till it’s over.”

  400. I like what I see.
    I am Live now (VPS)with micro account on Hotforex
    Lot multiplier at .75 going Changing to 1. up 106 US

  401. History Is being made right now.
    You need to look at this.
    Brokers and illegal actions.
    Crap, I had a better message but lost it.
    REALLY you need to look at this.
    Fxprimus has been busted and many more.
    If you go to the first post it will explain allot but got to

    This is history being made

  402. By the way have you seen this link?
    It is about how the Brokers are stealing or money and the illegal ways there are doing it.
    I think History is bing made now as I tell you this.
    I have been watching this for some time now and this may be incredible..

  403. Another successful series of trades. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tickled pink as they say. Words like jubilant, ecstatic, and excited also come to mind.
    I just did some calculations of profits since I went live on April 8th. I’m up 33 and a third percent on a two thousand dollar account.
    It might have been more but I futzed around the first week figuring out the little idosyncracies and the EA wasn’t activated all the time. I also added more cash to the account in the second week as it was doing well. I think I read on this forum that someone had been up over 40 percent about a week back.
    It hasn’t been a bed of roses. Remember there were a few big losers in that span. Happens to everyone!
    I’d like to hear somemore input from live traders with the result you’re having. Six weeks may be premature to say I’ve found the goose that lays the golden egg. What length of time do you consider a true test to be.

  404. Hi Brett,

    I was intrigued by your recent post

    By the way have you seen this link?
    It is about how the Brokers are stealing or money and the illegal ways there are doing it.
    I think History is bing made now as I tell you this.
    I have been watching this for some time now and this may be incredible..

    Could you please explain?



  405. The above site is very interesting. I may join the testing.

  406. Not too bad lately. What do guys think is his process. Seems like every trade is coming in at 1:00 eastern time. Cant fiqure this out.Could be following BB or cross on the macd on hourly chart. Any thoughts.

  407. @ Jules! As long as He keeps making me money, I don’t care about his process.

  408. I agree. It’s maybe better not to know. As long as the monthly result is positive we should be here.
    As for how long before we can really believe, maybe needs six months for me.
    And we have no control over how long this will run.
    When we really commit to it he might close it down!
    Actually fairly committed now with $7000 multiple 0.8.
    I only say it doesn’t look like he will blow our accounts.
    That’s the most important thing.
    Hope you’re looking Justin.

  409. It would be nice to have some contact with them > No support at all. It would be nice to learn a little about process.If he closes site were done.

  410. Since APP (main product) clearly comes out in top of all other EA robots and signal services, some of us want to learn the secrets behind APP. The Protégé Program was supposed to be teaching this. Once again I wrote to the support. They answered in TWO MINUTES! That alone, is support to me. Well, the answer was:

    “When the learning begins you will be informed by phone or via e-mail. It will be the monthly sessions and every time you will learn something new regarding new strategies and get new experience. Please, be patient, the first session will start soon.”

    I have been waiting 1½ month by now. I truly believe that they have some interesting strategies to teach.

  411. @waz

    This is a reply from AroMan to this list

    chkven7 hi.

    It seems you are missing many posts, ok I explain…

    We are not using MT platform at all, we are using our under development ARO Platform (Active Relay Open Trade Platform) we use both LP and BR DFs the Platform has a very advanced functions to calculate spreads and predict spikes based on its self learning algorithm based on the broker’s history of spreads that it goes as back as 10 years if available. so regardless if the broker using static or dynamic spreads all trades would be in the range of entry.

    There are so many complex functions embedded in the platform that gets invoked automatically according to the market move, the broker’s cheat, and the broker’s infrastructure and terms.

    There are thousands of flags gets encrypted during trades injection, there are hundreds of random mechanisms that keep fooling the broker’s bots, there is a built-in fraud and cheats detection, there is a stick-by monitoring for broker’s logging, there is a push-pull and TTL to slave the broker’s execution server.

    The platform would switch off all the above if the broker is clean of fraud and trades normally with the market focus, but as soon as it detects a signal of fraud then it will quickly switch to the safe mode and invoke every function to secure orders, also it has a reminder for the trader to remind him/her to withdraw profit or fund depends on the previously setup by the trader.

    The Platform has a built-in Visual strategy builder, and it can trade up to 28 strategies on the same pair using one single plotted chart, it has the ability to be programmed with endless strategies and has a self-learning to optimise and invoke/suggest the best strategy/strategies to be traded manually or automatically.

    The platform developers including the most advanced skilled programmers from Ex MetaQ and Java development firms, and 1000s of human advisors in both forex and share market point of view.

    This is not an MT platform, The platform is independent with open framework for Java/DC and web based trading platforms.

    It is developed for the trader rather than for the broker, so it works for you not as all brokers platforms which works for them.

    Results you see of copy trades at one of the most heavy stress test it keep getting much profit even while we are trying to blow up the account, still we are in profit, so picture when we remove the stress test, the profit would be massive and more secure.


    What this is.. is Most incredible if this is true and it is looking to be true.
    I hope it is! It could change all forex trading forever

  412. So no trades on Friday
    I don’t know about you but a get a trade that is out of order from the master.

    It is executed later than the master and is cut soon after the execution with a loss. This could be a big problem with big lot size.
    I have had max trades set to 4 because of a problem with Oanda because the ea ran wild, and on a live account would have kill me. I am not using -1. This could be the problem.
    I am going to increase max trades to 5 on live account to see if this helps.
    Anyone out there with this type of problem. I think I saw someone that had

  413. Brett

    I have been getting some ‘ rogue ‘ trades also, which have been closing at a small loss ( so far )

    I believe for me it is caused by the master doing a partial closure of a position and moving sl to breakeven on remaining trade
    I can not do partial closures with my broker, so on my platform the order is closed completely and a new order for the remainder seems to be opened for the remaining lot size

    Because of the minimum distance from order to sl I get the small loss if the master trade then closes at breakeven

    At least I think that is what is happening to me

  414. Hi Everyone,

    I would like to get a full refund for my subscription as mentioned on their website – 180 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

    Have anyone been successful is getting a refund. If you have, could you advise me how to go about it? Thank you.

  415. You Guys are correct about the rogue trades. It happened to me twice that I noticed and that was when he closed partial parts of one of his trades. I think he closes the majority of the trade, and says what the Hell, “We’re up, let’s take some profit and see how far the remainder will run. He sets a stop a little above entry. However with the copy lag, we get in at a different price and close at a loss if and when the price comes back to his stop. I have avoided this by deactivating the EA, and closing the remaining position if it manages to get entered. I’ts small potatoe’s anyway.

    @ Dominic! Do you mean you want your money back on a system thats extremely profitable? Holly Smoke!

    I also wonder why some of you change the defaults to limit the losses. Aren’t you also limiting the profit. As for me I’m not gonna try to outthink the Creator of the system.
    I know I said in the past I wasn’t going to add more cash to the account, but Gosh! I’m awfully tempted. I guess Greed will get you every time! LOL

  416. “Once more into the Breach”, with three Eur/usd Trades.

  417. Never looks good from the start.Always goes down big time. Hope this one turns around like the others.

  418. Hi Bill,

    What broker are you using?

    Glad I found this site, I’ve had App since April 11 and started with a new – real account with OANDA and have managed to go from 800 – 969.22 to date.

    The Journal always stated order failed, on a lot of trades “not enough money” but I just ignored this as I was profiting from the system and just did not want to fund more as I wanted to watch… see what happens.

    Today I noticed the Journal Tab stating “[Hedge is prohibited]”

    The Experts Tap stating “Auto Pips Profits, Client EURUSD,M30: Error: non-retryable error: hedging is prohibited


    “Auto Pips Profits, Client EURUSD,M30: Error: failed to execute OP_BUY/OP_Sell, after 0 retries.

    I wonder if OANDA is not allowing Hedging anymore. This just showed up today.

    Should I transfer brokers, maybe you have a suggestion for a good broker or maybe I am doing something wrong here, Lol.
    I am new to trading and thought I would give it a go.

    Thanks for any info,


  419. Don’t know for sure about your Broker, but if you area U.S. Citizen, you must be with a U.S. broker and trade with the U.S. rules that don’t allow hedging.
    That being said, Justins had a few trades in the past with both a buy and sell open. Never did get an explanation for that.
    In answer to your question, I’m with FXDD U.S. and I went live on April 8th, and am up ove 35 percent in profit, and that included a couple of big losses.
    I find it hard to be anything but positive and I’m not questioning his technique of trading.

  420. Thanks Bill.

    I’m a Canadian Citizen with a Canadian Broker – OANDA.
    Are you achieving this with APP or do you have the APP_Sniper?
    Any way I did read the US law prohibits hedging and that is why I was wondering what others are doing and if I should be finding another broker.
    So I understand this, again Justin must of made a buy and a Sell on the same pair to compensate possible loss – hedging?
    Sorry for the dumb questions:)

  421. Kelly,

    I remember in the past someone had problem trading APP with Oanda broker. Please read the post from Brett on 04/28.

  422. Damn! I wasn’t concentrating on the trading tonight and got caught by another rogue trade at the end of it. Justin of course closed with a 30 dollar profit. I on the other hand took a $5.04 loss.
    A nice profit but He gave too much of it back as far as I’m concerned.
    Still! What the heck am I complaining about?

    @ Kelly1 I only speaking of the APP application, not any other systems.

  423. Anyone in UK here using APP? Looking for a reputable UK broker. Demo accounts are with Alpari, so I’ll probably stick with them. Also considering GFT.
    Anyone running APP and Black Ops on the same account? At the moment, I’m running them on their own Demo accounts because I can’t workout the magic numbers thing on MyFxBook

  424. @ Bill
    I had the same problem but closed it right when it opened. Got lucky. I noticed App had 4 trades when I only 3. I think the 4 trade was triggered when the 3 of mine closed. I dont know but I did wright to support.

  425. Well! here’s an oddity. Justin opened three long Eur/JPY positions at 115.69. I actually got in two pips lower. Hooray for me.
    @ Brett. I hope you get an answer from suppport about the rogue trading.
    @Anyone! I have the options for alarms set in my MT4 platform, but the only thing that sounds an alarm is News.
    If I could only get some sort of sound emitted from the computer, I might be able to catch these rogue trades without being glued to the terminal.

  426. @Bill
    Still dealing with support,
    Hi Brett,
    Please, dear sir, specify your broker, equity, leverage and settings.
    So I gave them the information.

    I show 3 trades also. I wonder if we get a rogue trade.

  427. He’s got 3 going long… My EA’s got 3 going south…

    Who’ll win this battle?! The suspense is sooo sweet, I can’t take it any longer lol

    Great trading wishes to All

  428. @Jules
    I would have to agree, but I didn’t close. I may lose a couple of hundred (live) and looking at the charts I should have closed but we will see.

  429. I was just about to hedge this trade but not yet.

  430. last 60 days made $800 in demo account was happy . went live . last trade with eur/jpy my real account (not demo) was down $680.00 . going to ask for a refund . and I think I am done with forex.

  431. Hi guys, I am in the UK – my live account has been going strong since mid-April running APP and Sniper. I have to say overall I am very pleased with results. My last post here was 6th May, back up to date now, have re-read all posts and hope to join in more regularly now. What is happening with the current EURJPY action? Holy crap! Results for May is 20% in the black to date but if this current trade goes south it will certainly do some damage! -250 pips at this time (0830 GMT)! Surely all focus now must be on the current trade – I have not checked master account ever to date but will go ahead today… is everyone else in this trade?

  432. Yep! Just checked Master acc. still pretty miserable about this particular carry on but happy to see “he” is in it too! At least my loss is not swinging around the £5k level! Whoa! Hopefully things will turn as the East sleeps and the West wakes up!

  433. triple bottom on hourly at expected resistance
    If this can get above 115.30 and stay there for a few hours we might get out at BE at least … would feel as good as a win !!

  434. Hi folks, does anyone else use MyFxBook to monitor their account? If so please share details so we can follow each other I think that would be a great idea. You can track my account by seaching for my user id which is “markkuch”. On “Main Trading Activity” you will see I started with some shabby performance because of silly mistakes but since around 1st May it is all APP and Sniper only. I share most things on my account apart from the actual balance if I remember correctly. Hope this helps.

  435. Not quite out of the woods yet but its looking MUCH BETTER!!! And relax…

  436. Good Morning fellow pain sufferers! Went to bed last night feeling I was going to take a major setback in profits.
    I’m glad to say this morning, Justin seems to know when to hang in there. Not all trades are get in and get out quick with minor profits.
    Going in, He left plenty of room for movement against the trade if it went bad. His stop was over a hundred points away.
    Anyway we’re still in it and in a Hell of a lot better shape than when I went to bed last night. We may just pull this off yet. In fact, I was even back in profit for a brief period this morning. EST time of course.
    So the World didn’t end on May 21st and we ain’t dead yet either. LOL

  437. This is how the experts at FXCM see the Eur/JPY trade.

    Pivot: 115.25
    Our preference: Long positions above 115.25 with targets @ 116.25 & 116.75 in extension.
    Alternative scenario: Below 115.25 look for further downside with 114.7 & 114.45 as targets.

    Comment: the RSI is bullish and calls for further advance.

  438. I can almost smell the tension among APP users, anyone stopped themselves out yet/having some fun with this move?

  439. @ Kuchy. I aint paying 67 dollars a month to try and out think the system. I will own up to playing around with the rogue trades that sometime happen at the end of a series.
    So I’ll let Justin roll. If at the end of any Months trading, I’m down in equity, maybe I’ll rethink a little. But why pay Bucks for a trading method and then try to work around it. Makes no sense. But I’ll own up to being a little tense on this one. LOL

  440. @ Bill I agree – haven’t messed with any, ever, no joke, just to clarify. LOL. Need this one to go well… next payment due any time soon… Tee hee!

  441. It sure looks like where He went long yesterday has turned into resistance. Geez! The price has gone slightly thru or touched about seven times since then. How many more times till she succumbs and yields to his advances? LOL Hope he doesn’t give up!

  442. The latest from FXCM. Looks like they’re turning negative.

    EUR/JPY intraday: consolidation.
    Update on supports and resistances.
    Pivot: 115.75

    Our preference: Short positions below 115.75 with targets @ 114.7 & 114.45 in extension.

    Alternative scenario: Above 115.75 look for further upside with 116.25 & 116.55 as targets.

    Comment: the RSI is mixed with a bearish bias.

  443. I’m too chickened to stay in this trade, so I manually closed 2 (out of 3) positions, one at 115.68 (2 pips gain) and the other at 115.50 (17 pips loss). I let the remaining one run the course and see what happens.

    The funny thing is that this all happened just as soon as I switched to a live account. How “lucky” I am 🙂 But frankly I’m pretty glad with how things turned out because it could’ve been much worse if all 3 positions had hit the stop loss last night.

  444. I closed all three trades will some loss.
    I noticed that at multiplier set to 1 that this trade(s)
    had more than 30% of my account at risk! Not good. I hope I never fall for a trade like this again. I think there should be a better copy program with better control than the one APP uses. Also when I closed the trades in a short time the APP EA started to place the trades over again. I closed the trade with small loss.
    Be careful using this EA! and just don’t only turn off the MT4 Experts on/0ff button, to stop trading You need to go to Tools, Options,Expert Advisors and disable Allow Live Trading. I had this ea trade even with MT4 Experts on/0ff button turned off.
    I have got a bit of work to do before I go live again.

    Well I got a reply on Rogue Trades
    This is it


    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #387262 with the following response:

    Hello Brett

    Yes, it is possible that APP opens a trade after some delay, if the signal was not received in time for some reason. The algorithm of opening the delayed trades is based on the next parameter:

    PriceDiffAcceptedPips, set to 10 by default.

    Try to decrease it to 3 or any other value you consider best match in order to avoid further low-loss delayed trades.

    I have had my trades close I think with a difference of 10 pips and still had rouge trades don’t know for sure.
    I think it might be better have ea on a timer for safty.

  445. I thought this was suppose to be a real person trading, not an EA

  446. Oh Ye of little Faith! I hung in there. Just closed one for 32 bucks. And the other two are going great. I see the stop has been moved to guarantee me 60 bucks at least on the remaining two. Never having lost faith, I have nothing to restore. Yea!

  447. It was like pulling teeth, but my overall profit on this one was a little bit above 82 dollars with the positive swaps.
    He left a partial trade open again and I disabled the system to avoid the rogue trade.

  448. Yep it was a tough one to stick with, but we must or what is the point

    I guess he could be considered a lucky boy, some 10 pips away from a 15% acount loss at one point
    That makes us lucky too 🙂
    Which makes a nice change !

    I also cancelled the remaining trade

    Another example of how trading is the most stressful pastime / hobby / job you can ever get involved with

    Anyway another profit booked
    Very pleased so far
    On with the next trade

  449. This guy risking 100 pips to make 20 pips . very risky.
    he got very lucky this time

  450. Good morning. Nice to see the 3 “problem trades” closed for profit – 15+15+19= 50pips! Wow.

  451. Glad the three trades closed profitable.
    How does the lot size work with this EA? Is it relative to the funds available? I’ve been messing with the Multiplier variable, running at 4 on my demo accounts.
    Look on

  452. @EvylRat – Setting APP with 1.0 multiplier setting will execute trades with proportional volume on your account. For example, if they open 0.5 lots on their 10K account and you have 1K account, then the APP will execute 0.05 lot.

    So yeah it is relative to funds available – because its all proportional unless you tweek the settings like you have done.

  453. @myself!
    From the Manual
    Multiplier: Ea with 1.0 multiplier setting will execute trades with proportional volume on your account. i.e. for example, we open 0.5 lots onour 10K account and you have 1K account, then EA will execute 0.05 lot.You can change multiplier to increase/decrease risks. We recommend you to start from 1.0 setting and then increase/decrease it.If you don’t like our money management, you can specify your own fixed lot size in EA settings.
    FixedLot: All orders will be used are fixed lots,and size does not matter which lots on Masters side.
    MaximumLotPerTrade: if FixedLots are set to 0, Experts will copy trades with lots from Master,to protect your balance from wrong lots of Master,there is option – maximum lots size allowed.
    So setting the Multiplier to 5 is a tad adventurous, although this IS a demo. I’ll be starting lower on the Live account.

  454. Stewie Cartman

    Looks like “Justin” is opening three trades every time, so I’m gonna adjust lot size accordingly, or we are in for a rough one if he has a couple of full losers.

    You guys need to write their support and tell them about the rogue trades that keep appearing, I have been on them for weeks, and they claim I am the only one that has this problem.

  455. If you have had any rouges trades show up on your account from APP (like I have and many of you)you need to write to APP support.. I and several other people I know with this service have written support about the issue and they keep blowing us off. saying we dont have a EA freindly broker, ect. and that no other people are having this problem..
    So the only we can get this issue fixed is for more people to speak out about it to them.. thank you. note: they will require screen shots of your acct. history and journal from MT4 along with your explaination.
    PS. does anyone have a link that talks about SNIPER. I want to check inot it. Not just the purchase page.

  456. I ain’t adjustin nuttin! As they say, “I’m playing with the Casino’s money already.”
    If He’s willing to give some back, so am I.
    Looking at the master account, Justin started with $31,542. His profit is almost $13,500.
    This after all is not a mindless EA thats gonna bust your account and send you begging for Alms as most eventually do. It’s a human being laying his own money on the line.
    That being said, I’m willing to take the same risk He is.
    I’ve done a lot more stupid things in my long life. LOL


  457. Well! Here we go again. A late friday afternoon trade in the Eur/USD.
    I don’t know what his magical formula sees? If it was me, I would have done just the opposite. I’d have sold as it looks like it’s hitting resistance. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never been a consistant winner when range trading.
    Now! Will we make money today or have to wait untill Monday again?

  458. In and out in less than an hour. If that ain’t scalping, I’ll eat my hat

  459. Overall it’s not a bad week after all, let’s hope the winning steak will continue now that I’m trading live. 🙂

  460. A positive week is always a good week.
    And we don’t have to worry over the weekend too.
    But it’s nothing like the times i saw April into May.
    When i was in demo!
    If we hang in maybe those times will return someday….?

  461. WavSurfer

    Well, looking at overall stats – I show about a 767 pip net total for APP since may 6th. I have missed minimal trades and yes, I am trading live.

    Does anyone else here seem to have similar performance?

    Average pip loss = 33
    Average pip win = 22
    total trades on my account = 86
    worse trade in pips = 97
    Best trade in pips = 81
    Net total pips = 767

    I do like pip evals better than $, as it makes it relevant for all.

  462. WavSurfer

    Oooops! Above post is 767 pip since April 6th!

  463. Hi,

    Has anyone received some upsell emails from autopips, and directly promoting Mike Maffei’s Currency Cash Machine Trading system, where is uses a tradency platform which mirrors trades, rather than ending up with a delay in copying and pasting them?

    This is a promotion through wealth insider alliance a company in New Mexico which prevously promoted John Thomas, and others with hedge trading strategies.

    Does anyone know someone who took up the USD $1,997 yearly subscription offer?



  464. Hi,

    As a follow up to my last post,re: Mike Maffei and his currency cash machine. Did anyone read the audited performance results. This poses the question…

    How did his CPA accountant calculate 4,127.12% when the account started at $127.434, finished at $738,613, with drawings of $622,000, and produce these as audited results?

    Any thoughts?



  465. Andy (Jasper)

    Hi all, I have APP , been in demo since began & showing good profit, thinking of going live with small account shortly.

    However , as above I have also been looking at Mike Maffei currency cash machine & trying to find out if legit. All I have found so far is negative reviews – basically saying it is a scam on forex peace army forum, but I would hate to walk away from it , if it worked , so anyone bought please tell us more & when it actually begins ! as I received another email about thie product today – saying will be able to trade it shortly ? strange hey

  466. A few thoughts on EA’s and robotic trading systems.
    I’ve always wondered why anyone who had found the Holy Grail of trading was so eager to share it.
    True there’s a lot of money to be made by luring those of us who are desperate to secure our financial success with little or no work. Although, I’ve always thought the time and research I’ve spent in this search a form of work and like all work deserving of reward.
    Now I can see why we keep trying after so many losing systems because we just know somebody out there holds the true secret. We’re consistant in picking losers.
    Now after several years of research, remember the ability for us to trade using the internet really hasn’t been around that long, I’ve found something that’s making me money. Money in the amounts that I feel will give me a very comfortable living. Now why would I want to discuss any body else’s method of making money as so many of these methods are nothing but junk to begin with.
    Right now I feel I’ve got a Winner with Justin’s APP. From a purely selfish point of view, I want to play this close to the vest, and not shout it to high heaven. As I said, selfishly I wish for my success only, And maybe you Guys who are already on board.
    Never-the-less, I wonder why you’re still searching.

  467. I’ve watched all the video’s of the Currency Cash Machine, looked at the documentation..etc. Didn’t get in. I thought about it though. He supposedly runs a hedge fund. I’d also like to know if/when anyone in here gives it a try.

  468. Andy (Jasper)

    Interesting comments above – I am a newbie but I am of the view ” don’t put all of your eggs in 1 basket ” I would like to have multiple brokers & multiple trading strategies in time (but no where near that yet ).

    I have now gone Live on a Mini account with Broker, they have a offer , ends today . I deposited £ 150 & they gave me £ 100 Bonus. So very small start with £250 Balance & I have dropped mmultiplier to 0.4
    I will not be available for 2 days (mini break) on forum , but would love to return & seek all advice , comments on recommended multiplier settings, (with such small starting balance) & suggested plan of action going forward – as I am in this for the long term !!

    Take care everyone & I will be more active on this forum when I return .

  469. @WavSurfer
    Demo account since 6th April
    Average pip loss = 23
    Average pip win = 21
    Total trades on my account = 98
    worse trade in pips = 92
    Best trade in pips = 67
    Net total pips = 926

  470. This isn’t a plug for
    Only that there’s some good freebies there for manual trading and they may only be there today!
    If this posted i hope it helps someone.
    As for APP, we wait as usual…
    But after good look at comments on many other systems here i think we should stay on this page!

  471. Hello! We’re in bigtime. Six open poition at the same time.

  472. Holy crap. Do you guys think this is for real ? This is pretty amazing. If you can just hang in there and not get a margin call it seems to work great. Sometimes I jump the gun and close positon with a profit too early. At least it is a profit. I am going to wait a while till i put real money into play. I’ve been playning with a thouseand just to test. If this keeps up I will increase my cash. Still skeptical. Good thing we have a little support team going here. Sure dont get it from APP. That is ok as long as he is doing this well. Lets keep fingers crossed.

  473. 5:04 est. Locking in profits right now. Stops moved. No losses allowed. Way to go!

  474. This guy is really good! Keep up the good work Justin!

  475. I did what I said I was never gonna do. I closed the remaining Eur/USD position before Justin did.
    I was more worried that his remaining JPY position would cause a rogue trade and cost me a few bucks as usual.
    Anyway I’m up over 235 bucks today and about 12 percent on the days trade. That puts me over the 50 percent mark since I’ve been live on April 7th.
    I locked in my profit on this last position at 1.4403 for 38 bucks. I’m happy. System deactivated untill he closes the Yen trade.
    Now if the winning keeps up at this rate, I can only speculate the winnings in a years time. “Visions of sugar plums” as they say. LOL

  476. I still have a eur/usd open. I’ll let it run for a bit. I’m still a bit cautious. Only trading 0.01

  477. Bill,

    I’m just curious, you said you got 12% today, what is the setting for your Multiplier?

    So far with Multiplier set to 2.0, I am up $260 (about 16.8%) today. I still have one trade open.

  478. @Hokie,
    I’ve mentioned it before. Default settings. Don’t mess with a Winner.

  479. Bill, thanks… that’s what I thought too (you used all default settings). The reason I was asking is because I’m wondering how come my result is not double yours? If you gained 12%, I should expect 24% since my multiplier is set to 2.0, but it didn’t… hmmm… ???

  480. Perhaps my math was off a little. I only approximated. I went into the trades with $2883 and finished with $3115.
    As I write the Yen trade he was holding hit the stop and closed out with very little. It would have been a small loser as a rogue trade for the rest of us. The eur/usd is still going strong. I outsmarted myself on that one. At least if doesn’t come back and close at his stop.

  481. Hi all,

    Please advice on settings. Very small account of only €100. Going live probably tonight. Most say to keep the default settings. How about the multiplier and the max lot per trade.

  482. One trade still open, the closed trades are as follows
    Open Close Symbol Action Open Price Close Price Pips
    19:03 23:07 EURUSD Buy 1.43724 1.4392 19.6
    19:03 23:07 EURUSD Buy 1.43724 1.43925 20.1
    19:22 23:05 EURJPY Buy 117.014 117.311 29.7
    19:22 23:05 EURJPY Buy 117.014 117.311 29.7
    19:22 23:01 EURJPY Buy 117.014 117.347 33.3
    Very nice profit… on my paper account. Just waiting to open on live.
    Settings wise, I’ll leave max lot and multiplier as default. I should point out that the above where made using a multiplier of 5.

  483. Bill