Reservoir Pips

Reservoir PipsReservoir Pips is a new Expert Advisor from Next Generation FX Trading company which claims to have created a robot that trades with 100% accuracy.

Reservoir Pips Forex robot trades EUR/USD currency pair on a 30 minutes chart. The developers, who are professional traders themselves, have adjusted the system to produce 100% winning trades over 12 month period and they emphasize that it was not achieved by simply removing a stop loss. They have focused on save trading and have tested it well before going live. The robot is still being tweaked on the ongoing basis to adapt to changing market conditions.

I want to note that even though the developers are happy to have achieved the 100% winning rate in the past, it doesn’t mean it will continue to perform that well in the long run.

Otherwise this robot doesn’t have any more remarkable features, like all other robots it is fully automated, and works on MetaTrader 4 platform.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Currency pairs supported: EURUSD

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5 thoughts on “Reservoir Pips”

  1. There are 2 upsells!

    1. Reservoir Pips: $97
    2. Upsell 1 – EXCLUSIVE – Forex Kryptonite EA: $97
    3. Upsell 2 – EXCLUSIVE – Forex Redemption EA: $97

  2. Upsell pages, you click “no” over and over again, you can buy it “$7” not $97.

    not ninety seven dollars, only seven dollars.

    that’s funny. isn’t it?

  3. on 20.4. I bought all three systems ( 2 upsells ).
    Res. Pips, Redemption and Kryptonite. All three manuals show no explanation about the settings. On 23 sheets you can only see how to install a metatrader and the EA. Thats all.
    On Kryptonite it is not even possible to set the lot size.
    Res Pips made 2 losing trades till now.
    If you check the standard settings you will see, it is not possible to make a profit with this EA. SL 225 pips TP 15 pips. That means if there is only one losing trade, the profit of 15 trades is gone. I am quite sure this EA will never have 15 positive trades in a row.
    The vendor promisse to answer every question immediately,
    latest within 12 hours. That is a bad joke. I have sent 4 mails to their so called support – no answer.
    When I asked Clickbank for a refund, I got a reply:
    VENDOR: COMMENTED: 2010-04-25 09:11:41 PM
    HI There,
    kindly sent us your queries in detail we more than happy to assist you.
    support Team.
    I did it again – no answer.
    I believe this people are no real traders what only copied free EA`s and know therefore nothing about the settings.
    If you do not want to loose money stay away.

  4. Hmmmmm, I do like the fact it is sold at a realistic 97.00 and comes with a 60 day Clickbank-backed guarantee (MUCH better than the too brief 30 or 45 day ones on some bots!) You need a bit of time to see how these programs run under as many real-world mkt conditions as possible and you’ll want to see any weaknesses on a demo before taking a chance with real money. I was seriously thinking about buying this beastie, but now I’m not quite so enthusiastic reading some of the reviews around the net. As a guy that will trade with limited amounts of ‘play money’ on a real account, I am more concerned about the dreaded draw-down factor than any other single item. I don’t like the risk-reward ratio either. I hate to procrastinate -again- but I hate to waste time, effort, and maybe 97.00 even more. I think I’ll feel safer waiting until I see what else is said around the Forex websites on this one, but I think it’s probably still one to watch.

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