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3 thoughts on “Realtime EA”

  1. I would not recommend purchase of this product at this time. I have purchased the main product and a supplemental product called the Accelerator. The problem is that when the EA is attached to a chart, it will not connect with their server or recognize the subscription. Their tech support people offer only one solution, which is being sure that you enter your MT4 account number on their web site and being sure that you enter your subscription number in the EA, both of which I have done about a dozen times and it does not work. They say that they have been inundated with e-mails about this problem, but I have had the software for about a week now and there has been no solution. I can’t say whether the EA itself is any good, because I have never been able to get it to run. They may have a server capacity problem. I don’t know, but until they get their act together, I would stay away from this product. This certainly isn’t in line with the “state of the art” system that is advertised in their promotion.

  2. Had Realtime running now for three weeks. Says I am connected with smiley face. Has not made one trade. If you turn off computer you have to go to their website to update account number again. Could not recommend at this time.

  3. You have gotten steps further than I,It says paramater 3, and doesn’t allow me to type in my clickbank receipt no. which is the licence number.That means it won’t work as they specifically.They also say your comp has to be on 24/5. so, if you have to turn it off or bat goes flat one would need to use a Virtual P server.Gab, have you allowed the EEA in the top dropdown Expert Advisor menu at the top of your Metatrader 4 page, that may be why it isn’t working? If you see the smiley on the page it should be ok to trade.Also, in the member’s area, where it says tur5n off the alerts it may make it work if you try turning off those manual email notifications from”LAUREN ANDERSON?” How did you two manage to input your licence number by the way,I am using firefox, Someone said they were able to solve some probs by using Chrome!!

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