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8 thoughts on “Rapid Forex Profits”

  1. I have purchased the Rapid Forex Profits by Robert Carslake and i am very much dissapointed with it. Its a SCAM . I felt very bad falling to this SCAM and i dont want it to happen to anyone else. I cant understand how someone can speak such ballatant lies .
    I believe its a scam because of the following reasons.
    1) You dont get what promised for in the sales page. Its after the purchase that you realise that you would only be getting the price signals and nothing else. You would be asked to pay another 297 to get exclusive forex club membership and another 76 dollars for their forex bot. These are optional though.
    2) The investor password they give dosent work.
    3) The members page is crap . It dosent give any strategy for the price selection. More over i didnt get signals since i purchased the product.
    4) Worst of all they never respond to your emails. (which is what infuriated me the most)
    I am left in dark . I am on my way requesting the refend which i hope , i will get.
    My suggestion is to stay away from this guy . He is a pure scam artist.

  2. thanks ever so much gizmo, cuz i was just about to buy this crap. hava gr8 day mate and hope u get yo full refund.

  3. Hi, Thank you for notices under this stupid fraud. I’ve met many cheaters, but it brought me stress and misery, but I always got the money.
    He never tired of Magor with it, just be communicating via Plimus and ask the money back.
    It will take a while, but eventually you’ll get the money. Thanks again! Best regards Milan

  4. Thanks Gizmo, I was going to check it out but I think I will Pass, and stick to my current mentor. happy trading Bob

  5. Thanks gizmo for the truth. I was about to find out what you did. You can dispute the charge with your credit card company. They will back charge them. You will get a refund for sure that way, it is the Plimus policy.

  6. Thank god, via google, I found someone who had tried the RapidFxProfits …
    I was tempted to buy it … but luckily I read this ad …
    Traders of all we should do so to help each other …
    thanks a lot!

  7. Hi Guys
    I also purchased that crap.All Gizmo saying is !00% truth.
    As soon as you pay initial price of 99.00U$ you are being pushed to buy club membership for 297.00 U$.
    I must admit I have got two trade signals ( no time of release),Both loosing trades.
    There is nothing else on the site for your initial 99.00U$.
    If anybody needs assistance with loosing money ,feel free to buy this rubbish.
    I am asking for my money back NOW!!!

  8. I purchased Rapid Forex Profit at very beginning and did purchased $297 one as well. After several days I finally figured out how to make it work, though from time to time it showed CANNOT CONNECT TO THE SERVER. The investment password also works.

    However, every trade it gave me only several cent to several dollar profit on their $50,000 demo account. From Oct 21 to today (Nov 15), only 131 profit. Far less than they advertised, I requested a full refund.

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