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27 thoughts on “Profit In 60 Seconds”

  1. Looks good, only thing is the instructions in the manual don’t work – When you download the product, there are three files inside the .zip file, but there should be five, the .dll and a file for MetaTrader are missing.
    As is, it does not work. Sent them a note last night, nothing heard yet.

  2. I have it for the 30 day free trial. They keep saying you can start with $200 but their brokers minimum is $250. I have had it almost a week now and there is no way I can duplicate the
    performance shown in the daily vids. They are admittedly doctored,edited,and cherry picked.And yes there were troubles with missing files upon installation but they sent them quickly. They promote good customer service via email but I have not received replies to queries I made days ago. I have not a close tally on the wins and loses but I guess about 50/50. One of the main problems I have,except for poor performance,is the popup application panel that provides the alerts goes off everytime I receive 3 or more
    alerts at the same time. Just 1 or 2 it is okay.I am not sure how quickly you are supposed to respond when an alert
    is received,it seems if you dally it could mean success or failure. There is no info on that and they never replied to that question.I only trade $5 at a time so I am not down too much but still losing.

    My opinion at this stage is it is not worth the $997 price so I won’t purchase it and may not even go the whole 30 days.

  3. Mr. John Dough,
    What do you enter in the “Customer ID” field when you try to log in after double-clicking the shortcut icon your desktop ?
    I emailed their support team but there is no response.

    Mr. Dave,
    The .dll file and the Metatrader files (.ex4) are not in the zip folder but after installation you will find them in the Profit For 60 seconds folder on your hard drive. For me I found it in C:\Program Files\Profit In 60 Seconds. It might be the same for you. But I agree with you…..the instructions in the Manual are not straight forward and they never respond to my queries. I have everything successfully downloaded and ready to run but the software login window asks for a customer ID. My email address as Cust ID does not work.


  4. Patrick…

    Thanks, I’ll look for them tonight… I don’t recall them being there….

    When they ask for an ID, this is the ID they sent you with their 2nd email… a 5 digit number… Goes into the little popup that is the frontend for the Profit window.. This part works for me. Not having the .dll and the MetaTrader file ( the .ex4 ?) file is a problem… I can’t imagine they are that busy that they can’t answer a query ….


  5. my friend if you want the other files I can provide you, I have it, leave you E-mail. I have the program but not the customer ID , they wasn’t sent that. sorry for my english.

  6. Thanks Dave !!!
    I found my 5 digit number and I have successfully logged in. Now let’ see what happens.
    Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. Although neither of us “purchased” the software there is a good possibility of loosing our investment with Trade Rush/Redwood if the damn s/w does not work as advertised.

    John Dough,
    Please keep us updated with your trades. Would appreciate it !


  7. Hi, my name is Victor Ladino.

    Mr Dave, I got a question, when you subscribed to profit in 60 second, they had a lot of delay on give you the download link and the ID costumer?, because I subscribed a few day ago and I haven’t an answer from them. I sent a mail but they don’t answer anything. sorry for my bad english, that’s not my native language. cheers

  8. Victor, I received my confirmation emails and ID number within a matter of a few hours – it may have been 15 minutes, but I was asleep. Sorry, but I’m not thinking it’s worth the effort; My Redwood account balance has dropped since using the software, a matter of maybe 80 dollars! The 60 second trades don’t give enough time for a trend to follow.. I think the videos are chosen to show the trades which mostly win. I ended up with EURUSD, and still was losing. Did win a few, but mostly lost. Sorry! Thanks to the fellow who offered the files, too, I did find them !!!

  9. hi guys, have had nothing but trouble with my software as well, the customer id screen wont come up for me to login, email them and they tell me to try something thats past the login stage which is no use to me. I have asked for a phone number to get tech support and they never mention it in the emails. starting to get a little suss about this program

  10. Stop Stop Stop this is too good to be true, have you tried pulling your money out!!!!! there is always a problem.
    Think about it No business can stand to lose 60% of the time.
    Mugs game, if you lived in the UK I could help you out and make honest money but I am not allowed to promote here.

    Stop wasting your hard earned cash, there no such get rich quick formular, you get out what you put in.

  11. I have spent the entire day trying to install. I followed the directions exactly and it does everything the way the manual shows EXCEPT there are no signals, When I emailed Storm, I got a generic answer and was told I needed to hire a PC tech. I wanted to believe the diary as it looked real but am beginning to think it was rigged

  12. Thank you for all the above comments. I was considering starting with Redwood Options till I read all the problems people have encountered with PI60sec.
    Have you read the TOS in Traderush? You must have at least 30X your initial deposit before being able to withdraw funds.
    So if your deposit is $200, you can’t withdraw till your balance is quite high. We’re not able to put affiliate links here, but just email me if you want to learn how to profit in 5 min. instead of 1 minute.

  13. I took the trial. Didn’t have any real problem loading the system. Went with Redwood Options because of the onerous terms on Traderush. Had to depo $250 instead of the $200 they say. Only took high probability trades. Results: 1st 2 were winners, then 9 losses in a row, then a tie, and another loss for a total of 2 wins, 11 losses and 1 tie. Great system–just use it in reverse!! I have contacted Redwood Options about a refund to my credit card of the remaining balance (I only took $5 trades–I’m gullible, but not stupid). Got a fast response from Redwood about required verifications–ID, utility bill, etc. for refund. Hope they aren’t into identity theft. Both recommended brokers are unregulated brokers and they give referral bonuses so Profit in 60 is still getting money off of our trials. An email to Profit in 60 with a screenshot of my trade results went unresponded to even when I asked for their feedback first before I said I would post to forums. If you want to be fleeced, join the party. Nuff said.

  14. I really appreciate you all posting your experiences as reading this forum put the breaks on my plan to join. The fact that the broker is unregulated is scary in itself. The first feeling I got about this whole binary option thing is it just sounded shady. I am sorry for all of you that lost money getting sucked into this scam and I hope you did not lose too much but just enough to learn a lesson. Clearly profit in 60 is horrible, however, I really like Karen’s suggestion to just take the opposite trade which would not have been bad at all to win 9 and lose 2 instead which is along the lines of what they are advertising. Another idea I had was that this software is designed to benefit the broker so that PI60 gets a kickback and the broker makes money and they know that no one will pay the $1000 for the product in 30 days but they figure if they scam enough people it will add up either way and they both win. Need to think how these scam artists think 🙂

  15. Is there anybody who got profits using this software?
    I donwloaded the software no problems
    I am using this software for one week and didn’t make any profit
    I operated 86 trades
    39 winners
    43 loses
    4 breakevens
    using only the 90% and above trading signals
    do the math =0000
    maybe is there any possibility to trade the opposite let us try it and post the results
    I sent out different emails and never received a response

  16. If you follow the clock on the upper right in the videos, you will get a clue why this is a scam. They say most trading sessions last for about 20 minutes. Well, according to that clock, trading sessions last for between one and two hours. That gives them plenty of time to cherry pick whatever winners and losers they want to show on the video and give an illusion of a 90% win rate. Let me just finish by saying: Smoke and Mirrors!

  17. After some days money-management planing, when I felt myself very well, how to get out from my bad finantial situation – based on the nice daily diaries of Pin60S-guys, Yesterday within 30 minutes everything collapsed w. 2 wins and 3 loses, so I will not do it, but before to lose my whole 500 investment on this nicely promoted and well-organized new scam, I need good ideas to trade BO, so I would like to get mail from “…Chala Salisbury on November 18, 2013 @ 7:59 pm..”, who wrote: “…email me if you want to learn how to profit in 5 min. instead of 1 minute…”

  18. I am not one to post items on forums, but I have the 60 sec system. I have found that it is best to use it to indicate that something is happening, the best pair to look at and the possible direction. I trade support & resistance, Bounces in the opposite direction. This gives you a better outcome. Taking the signals blindly was not working well. Use it for activity and direction. All other indicators must still match. Its still trading. Techniques still need to be followed. You can also get the system for $50.instead of $1000

  19. I tried profit in 60 seconds, deposited $250 instead of the $200 they said you could start with, the broke was redwood options. After losing $91 I decided to call it quits, losing to much and not winning enough! On their videos they have more wins than loser, but my experience was more losers than winners, and that was only taking 90% trades and above. I consider them to be a scam! From reading the above comments, they do also.

  20. THANK YOU ALL for your comments on this scam! I almost tried it but decided to look for Reviews first (MOST “reviews” are people trying to sell it…).

    One warning to those depositing funds: At least one of the companies requires a 60-times-deposit earnings before you can withdraw funds. That means you cannot just “get your money back”. If you deposit $200, you can only make a withdrawal when (Ha! IF) your balance is $12,000!!

    Before I found all of you, the thing that made me hesitate was the thought, “If this works that well, why isn’t EVERYBODY doing it??” (Hehe, now I know!)

  21. Ref Dave in very first comment. I contacted them and was told they are now using a newer version and the .dll file is no longer needed…that’s why it’s not in the download.

    Also, they now (Dec 17, 2013) offer a web-based version of their program so that nothing needs to be downloaded to your computer….you need your brokerage account number to activate. And wouldn’t you know the brokerage I was with didn’t have account numbers…

  22. I opened an account and deposited usd200 on12 december 2013.
    I am still not able to get the 30days free.

    I also sent proof of deposit as oroof that it is a brand new account

    Can someone help me as their support cannot solve my problem and get me my free 30 says. I chose thus program becayse I believed it will work

    Please help


  23. I started also with USD 200,- I “tradet” with traderxp. I “tradet” only >90% probability, but I didn´have 15 winners and 2-3 loosers like the video. I had nuch more loosers and not enough winners. Every day I chattet to this MR Russel, and I got every day the same answers. Whenever I chatted I chatted with Mr. Russel, whether in the morning, in the evening or late at night. if my questions too specific, I should email to the support desk. But there was never an answer. When I asked Mr. Russell, he said that the desk was too busy because they would change the algorithm. bla bla bla bla bla……. I think it is a scam….

  24. Can someone tell me how to down load this program, I’m doing just what the manual saids but when i go and open the file it saids it is empty. please someone give me step by step instructions. A lot of you seems to know how to do this. Do i need to contact them and tell them all my files are not there.

  25. Hey Bob Gruhl,

    So far I’m not able to get the P in 60 program to work either. I’m at about 50%

    I am very interested to learn about your Profit in 5 Minutes.

    Not sure how to email you but here is title of your post. Comment by Bob Gruhl on November 19, 2013 @ 7:17 am


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