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12 thoughts on “Profit Alert Machine”

  1. Greg’s previous offering “The Ultimate Forex Club” was a total rip-off at about $497-. What he sold at an exhorbitant price could have been obtainned on the internet free of charge.

    I am not biting this time. Once bitten, twice shy!

  2. I bought PAM and tested it. It is nothing more than an indicator (a combination
    of different indicators) and an Expert Advisor = robot.

    This contradicts the advertising message, the robots will be frowned
    upon. Equally false is the advertising that only 1 x day, the PC /
    laptop needs to be turned on for a short time. Thus, only very few
    trades would take place. The result can not be better than the hundreds
    of other robots. In my case I stopped after 5 losses and 1 win.
    I feel deceived by the advertisement and ask for refund.
    I insist on the money back guarantee.

  3. Well, at first this guy seemed worth trusting but so have many before him. They all seem to have two things in common: saying how much they hate all other scammers in the business and that they will provide you the real thing, and then giving you a piece of junk themselves.

    He tried some old tricks, like saying you have to hurry before the price goes up. But the one specific thing that made me toss this offer in the trash, was that he kept repeating how profitable his system was but wouldn’t share any proof at all, apart from a blury movie showing some trades in MT4, but he could have tried this a thousand times before he got a series of profits to show you. I agree that most so called “proof” that other guys show you, are fake in one way or another, but Greg could at least try.

    I won’t fall for this cheap trick. I’ll just wait for the next scammer to show up in a day or so with a fantastic system that “actually works” – yeah sure.

  4. hahaha…

    His PipBreakoutAccelerator was a bust…Its not even his product…He is good at stealing somebody else ea and sell it..just like karl dittmann he will sell you junk too…

  5. Great info provided by all. Thanks for looking out for us. I’m still looking for a reliable system, but not sure they even exist.

  6. I really appreciate everyone’s comments. Saved me a lot of money and time. Let me know if anyone finds a reliable system ?? I’ve been looking for a long time.

  7. Response to Sally,
    Like a lot of others, I’ve tried so many systems, etc. The only thing I will recommend is George Smith’s Forex Made E-Z. But even that takes time to master. But it is legitimate and cheap, too! The key is being satisfied with 2-5% growth per day in your account instead of trying to get rich overnight. That will add up quicker than you think…check with a calculator! BTW, I don’t get anything for recommending him. Good Luck.

  8. you know dave…George is awsome but I don’t know how he makes soo much with rare loss and more gains…I am trying to figure out his pending strategy order instead of instant orders…

  9. Bought the PAM, signal received can be deceiving. Take profit and stop loss to set at 1:2 ration but always got trigged out by stop loss for H1 chart. Just another up and down indicator. I am asking for my refund.

  10. Well, another wolf in sheep’s clothing. I knew this guy was full of crap from jump street. Thank goodness i bought this piece of junk for dirt cheap. Everything written above is 100% correct. Signals are deceiving, no manual but rather a video that is close to useless, an EA that doesn’t work welletc etc. I could go on and on. Meanwhile I just bought a manual system by Jason Sweezey called “1 Hour Forex” that works really well. Comes with 8 vid’s and a manual along with a TPL. Takes a little getting used to but at least it works like a charm.

  11. Like so many of you out there i to thought this guy seemed like a punt , as hes linked to scambusters , MY ARSE just another wanker . i am new to trading but what is becoming clear is that there is no magic box . even people who have bought out aload of shit,then release another one saying that they now sorted all the previous problems and people buy it again WAKE UP . I know there is no easy way and i will have to spend alot of time learning and practisng the fundamentals of the markets . Its not possible to learn a job in one day . Good Luck

  12. I purchased this course, and tried it out in demo for 30 days.

    His promo video is flawed. He states that start your lap top in the morning for 10minutes and place your trades. Easy as that. I didnt know what kin d of system was being sold as I work during the day ao thought id give the PAM software a go.

    After requesting a refund the response was that I hadnt understood the program, and I should place trades only when ther is a trend. Over the course of the 30days even in trends the signals were losers.

    This is an indicator which is not very transparent, lots of false signals, Greg Stefanik would have more credibility if he was to alert traders of what trades he was about to place, what signals he was looking at to provide an undertanding of what works or what doesnt. I am a newbie by the way…although it doesnt take much to work out this is a pretty naff system, with statistics based around picking winners in hindsight which even I could do. Real time results would be more credible.

    Anyway Greg did not provide a refund and had to telephone plimus and refund issued imediatley.

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