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57 thoughts on “Pro Trade Copycat”

  1. Hello All
    Has any one heard of the Pro Trade Copycat Forex??

    I hope so. I never have until about 15 minutes ago. I’m trying to get some info on it besides the website itself.

    Thanks all and Happy Trading

  2. well the 3rd party has moved from Pipscloner to Pro Trade Copycat..They are bombarding my email account with PRO TRADE COPYCAT just like they did the PIPS CLONER…It is nothing new but another MONEY MAKING SCHEME…Don’t fall for it…

  3. They offer an investor account access. Strangely, it is the same account of Leo Trader Pro. See at [link removed] No more comments!

  4. That link (which I’ve removed) is to an affiliate site, which has little to do with the product. Looks like a dishonest affiliate who has decided to scam people into buying through his affiliate link. Pay no attention to it.

  5. Pro Trade Copycat went on sale at 9AM EST on 3/8/2011 and will be closing at 11AM EST on 3/8/2011. I have been bombarded with emails over the last week regarding ProTradeCopycat. The marketing does not appear to be that of a legitimate product or service. Then when you click off Protradecopycat’s website.You will get 3 or 4 popups asking if you want to cancel.It’s right at 11:00 AM-I guess I am too late

  6. I bought the cheapest version of this subscription signal service. Activated. Went to Members area of the Website. Went through the tutorials and the only ‘active’ signal was telling me to risk 10,000 pips (in s/l) on a trade that would currently be recovering to -30 pips after dropping to -72 pips. Only 9 other ‘closed’ signals (prior to go-live), many of which appear to violate US hedging rules (simultaneous opposite positions on the same pair), or to be just dummy or beta testing entries. Although the support area shows pictures of people available to assist, the mechanism for support is to start a ‘discussion’ which is only acknowledged via e-mail, without actualy addressing the issues.

  7. Thanks a million for you guys spilling the truth. You just saved me from another round of wasting of money instead of trading it 🙂

  8. Wish I seen this first ! Bought the cheapest version, still waiting for login access. There are 4 upsells one of which he tells you if you don’t buy this one then I don’t want you in ! This is after you have already bought the first one, then it goes on to promote forex sniper and another well known one, sorry can’t remember what it was and then he even promotes buying software to build your own 10 websites ! Will be asking for a refund, although I don’t find plimus as easy as clickbank for refunds.

  9. 25 hours after the sale of copycat wireless, I still have no license number and can not do anything. mails are worthless. maybe a big fraud.
    The same like Bruce:
    … the mechanism for support is to start a ‘discussion’ which is only acknowledged via e-mail, without actualy addressing the issues.

  10. Stupid me!

    I fell for it and bought the whole lot of up sells. When it came to the last up sell which is an older Clickbank robot I came here to see the review on that since it had been around for awhile. ( extremepippoacher) The reviews here were laced with complaints on that product that it had losses and it had large, risky draw downs. So I’ve decided not to trust this program if he was marketing something that generated complaints on top of all of his upsets.

    Thanks much to each of you for posting! You help me allot. I need to come here before I buy!

  11. I made the purchase as well… THE one thing that David made clear with all of the hype… even on the day of the release… was that they were accepting “only 230 spots”. That… plus our “personalized link” will only be “active” for 2 hours before it all shuts down. None of this appears to be true… First… the original link I was sent is STILL active… had I not purchased right away I could still even now. Plus… I’m still being bombarded with marketing emails on this product… why??? Certainly the “230 spots” were taken up very quickly on the day of release… no?? And so finally… the “blog” that was active leading up to the release day is closed…so people no can long post and ask questions such as these. So… while his marketing materials were exceptional… and I bought it hook, line, and sinker… I’m very disappointed at THIS stage as it does not look like he is any different from the other stuff that’s out there.

  12. I am having better luck with Copy Paste Pips which charges $47 a month and puts the trades into my metatrader 4 for no extra charges like this one is charging. I made $200 yesterday on EurUsd trades…

  13. copycat wireless:
    33 hours after payment I still dont have a license # to start the EA.
    Full-bodied advertising and no equivalent.
    Now mails are not confirmed by machine anymore – let alone answered.
    It´s a big fraud. Save your money !!

  14. Good Day All

    Well the strangest thing happened. I opened my Email today and found the same thing from Pro Trade Copycat from 12 different people saying the same thing.

    Every One of them opened up with the same video saying

    Imagine in the next 30 seconds. and then it has a count down of 1 hr 4 min and 59 seconds until it all ends.
    Well there is one problem with that. It all ended 1 day ago.
    And it sounds like the same hype and marketing BS you see all over the web from the same people.
    Who knows maybe tomorrow we will get the same thing again but with make believe people making all kinds of money.

    This is why I always come to this blog to get the real run down the the products before I even think about getting them. Saves me a lot of time and hassles.
    I’ve been burned to many times as well as a lot of you have.
    It all sounds good on video but to put it to the real test takes guts. And now days with all the hype going on you just don’t know who to trust anymore.
    For the one person that did make 200 dollars Good job if you are for real and not a plant.

    Happy Trading to all

  15. OK i Feel I have to Leave a comment here, I got the wireless so “david” makes the trades, even though he is retiring…(sighs) If you look at the members page its made 1 or two trades both about 115 pips up, several with “0”. There is only one trade currently running (since release). Itsa down right now, but I run an EA with a consistant 200 pip a week return, and it agreed with my ea, actually took it at a lower level. That trade is down 35 pips as of now so,,,, might be crap. I mean having a 100 pip leeway gives you some room, and where is the proof of the 17% drawdown?
    anyway,,, ima not dis it yet, those of you that know me know i give it time to PROVE IT. not the John that says “another one debunked” not sure he can even decompile, but this is a signal,, sooo let ya know how it works out
    cheers, John

  16. Ron and I have crossed paths b4 lol. and a signal service is a signal service, not a bot so..
    I have the funds, its on a live micro, does what it does…

  17. ok 1 more needed, yes crap loades of upsells, not uncommon, wories me more the street he is on in london, makes me think its a backwater sweat camp… i had issues loading it the first time, but it loaded ok about the 3rd time, I got repeted emails for the log in about 30 hrs after purchase,
    but its still had issues geting the dll to install ( i’m HP certified tech support, it sucked)But again ima give it a fair shot, its ez to just gripe. In fact the bot that makes me 200 pips a week got slammed, i don’t mention it here, because i did on that page. So let it be, will let ya know
    cheers john

  18. Listen up. If one of these liers says there is only 230 being released check at the bottom of the hype and see if it advertises for affiliates. If it does 9/10, then he is lying because no affiliate is going to want to sell such a small amount between them! So that leads to the question: Would you buy from a lier? No, simple.

    Never ever buy on launch, let other people proove it works first!!

  19. My mailbox is full of various sources of the same offer. Not a good sign. Only did the monthly rate through paypal. What horrible choices have already been made. I can pick better trades than this myself. That last open trade that closed this morning was horrible. So they are lying about the success rate so I hope they are telling the truth about the 71 day refund guarantee. I want a refund after the very loosing first day. I have been trading for 6 years and can do my own analysis but was looking for somebody to save me the trouble. This aint the guy. I’ll keep doing my own.

  20. think about that, if its only 230, then he can sell all of them by himself, he doesn’t need any affiliate. Im very disappointed again and again.. :((

  21. Hi there !

    I have no experience with Copy Cat , but there are no Systems which will give you any guarantee.Ask youoself WHY would someone do this ???? I realize with my Techniques with 1 lot on Euro/ US $ a Day average about 200-1000 Euro.No Robots but you must be on Computer. For it I spent a coüple of years ( I was in USA )and realy hard working .I am no professional trader and I am not interesting to sell anything.Just want to tell you all DONT BY any System from Professional Trader.I talk to lot of Pro_Trader and they said to me you have to learn diferent Trade-Techniks and after that make your own system. That was a realy TRUTH. Now after 8 Years I know how.

  22. I bought the $37 per month “signal service” but none of the upsells. Only received one trade signal in the first week which closed for a 100 pip loss. Good thing I’m only trying it out on a demo account at first.

    All week long I continued getting emails from “David” to be sure and activate my scret code or whatever it was and that time was running out, etc., etc. This after buying the service! It was all just to get me to come back and buy the upsells, which ofcourse I didn’t.

    I will watch the signal service for another week or two and then request a refund if it is not profitable in that time, certainly before another month is billed.

  23. got my refund today. not ever going to fall into these traps.
    it is like one person is selling all these craps. same website i.e. product plus hundreds of upsells. disappointment after disappointment on and on……

  24. I went for the basic signal service and the one trade listed during the week lost 100 pips. I will give it another week to see how works out. If it is no better then I will ask for refund.

    chao how did you request your refund? Did you just ask Pro-trade Copycat and they gave it to you without question?

  25. Can somebody help with how to request refund from plimus, I didn’t have receipt number, quite unlike clickbank. Just not happy with the whole set up, I’ve lost 100 pips unready. Guys the best robot is YOU, learn how to do it manually. cheers

  26. Derek, Kola…

    You should have received an email from Plimus Sales confirming your purchase. At the bottom of that email is a link to their customer support. Click that and enter your email address to start the refund process. From the lousy performance of this signal service so far, I will most likely be requesting a refund soon too.

    We always need to go through the payment processor to request a refund on these things and never to the vendor. All the vendor would do is convert it to a support ticket and you go round and round with them.

    Best of luck with it.

  27. LISTEN UP!!

    I was sceptical about this EA at 1st too because I hated the hype and the market pitch. U all complain about the customer service and yes it is slow …about 3-4 days but so far they have answered every question I have had AND sent me an alternative way to down load this EA because my Nortons Security didn’t like it (no bugs just no reputation if u kno anything about security). SO customer service tho slow gets a tik of approval here. Now onto the performance. I have had 2 trades so far on the wireless(its a trade copier) 1 lost but the markets were forcast to b bulish last week but wern’t the other is up by 47 pips at time of writing this. Now to the manual trading system Executive: I made 4 trades 2day 4 winners and 68 pips up and its a monday… not bad by any standard. The deluxe hasn’t traded yet and that mayb a credit to the EA, time will tell…. If this EA continues in this fashion ima laugh at u all who didn’t give this a go and cashed it in, have a little patients.
    ps dont bother trying to trade with the basic download its just to get u in the door and is crap.

  28. Thanks Jeff W for the refund info. I haven’t used Plimus before. The 2nd trade notified since I joined had a big loss last night, so the basic service isn’t doing well so far. I’ll give it to the end of the week before asking for a refund.

  29. Many thanks Jeff W for the Refund info.

    I quite agree with Matts Micro. The used the basic one myself but was not happy with the performance. What I’ve also noticed is that, they seems to be adjusting the stop loss and if you’re not glued to your screen or bought the wireless copy you will missed out. A typical example was the 2nd trade yesterday, I entered on a demo a/c and left it, at a point it was up 50 pips (profit), but when I checked again this morning in loss of 80 pips, upon checking the member area, I noticed the stop loss has been adjusted and the trade closed with 1 pip profit. If it is truly a trade copier, any manual adjustment will be copied directly to your account (like CopyPastePips which has made me more than 600 pips so far). What I would like to know Matts is, do you have to leave your system on 24/5?….

  30. Kola,
    How long have you been using CopyPastePips? I’ve been hearing about that site but have been skeptical. Do you leave it on all day and just go about your day to day life w/o interfering with the trades?


  31. copypastepips is actually really good but they made me lose 200$ on USD/CHF…It is best to have FIXED LOT SIZE if you chose their service…I suggest you use 2-3 brokers that way you can balance out your income…I am using 1 for signal service and 1 for my own trading strategy…I lost 200$ on one broker and gained 100$ on another one buy going opposite…

    3rd one I just it for the indicators/ea…

    By the way just go to copypaste pips site and you can look at their Mt4i and copy the OPEN TRADE..You can easily avoid 67$ monthly payment…

  32. It looks like David is on a winning streak. The last four trades have closed in profit for a combined total of 202 pips profit. That makes a net of 75 pips profit since I bought the signal service. Worth watching a while longer.

  33. No new signals for a week. Is anyone seeing any action on the wireless service or any of the other upsell products?

  34. I’m so glad this site exists…I appreciate all the comments & all the updates…good trading to all!

  35. Mike,
    sorry for the late response. I have been using the CPP since January 2011. I was using it as a free-rider before (as Kukur suggested above) but I realised that I missed out most time when he adjust his stop loss or take profit, so I felt $37 (or £29.29) a month isn’t a bad investment, considering the fact that I have made tipple of that amount before i subscribed. Note, If you try to close the sale page, you will get $10 discount.
    Recently, there has been losses though, I believe this is part of the business as there is no 100% profitable systems in the world. Overall, my net pips is still more than 300 pips.

  36. Error in my earlier comment:
    My monthly subscription is $47 (£36.47)and not $37. It was actually £67 on their sale page but if you add “495.html” after the copypastepips dotcom/ you will get to the 7 day trial for $4.95 (£3.24)and subsequently charge you $47 every month after the 7 day trial if you don’t cancel.

  37. I subscribed in early March and have been watching the performance since then. I haven’t subscribed to the wireless service and so only look at the open and close prices on the members signal updates. So far only 100 pips or so and the ratio of positive trades is pretty poor.

    Am I missing something here? There seems to be some happy customers on this site and I’m well aware that nothing is guaranteed but I’m considering getting the refund at the moment! Is the wireless service performing better?

  38. This EA is 10/10.

    summary since 22th march :

    14 closed trades
    13 winners with total of 411 pips.
    1 loser 64 pips.
    total win is 347 pips.

    It was the first EA collecting money for me.

    Note: i’m talking about the wireless EA.


  39. I have been running wireless for about 3 weeks now and up
    about 150pips very slow (not many trades but is in profit)
    on average 2-4 trades a week

  40. yes did buy it all then a week ago they cut me off even i pay a monthly $ 37 they never reply too my email they are scammer will ask for a refund do not buy that useless robot???????????

  41. I bought the EA on April 18th. Finally activated it on the 19th and guess what happened. On April 20th it failed to execute what was an 80 pip profitable trade. Has anyone experienced problems with trades not executing? My reason for buying the damn thing was to avoid watching the signal service which is an absolutely ridiculous concept.

  42. Check out the response from tech support when asked why the trade did not execute.
    Subject: Activation of wireless copycat


    You should generally receive signals every 2-3 days. Our traders will not enter a trade until all of their conditions are met.

    The trades usually stay in a working status for several hours so I would advise you to check the signal udates page every few hours to see if there any signals.

    If you want our traders to automatically place the trades for you, you may want to try Pro Trade CopyCat Wireless which is an EA copier service that receives the same signals but enters the trades automatically for you:

  43. They offer a trial-subscription for the manual Pro Trade CopyCat Signal for 7 days for less than 0,85 € which will convert to a monthly subscription of 85 € after seven days. When you go to the membersarea you can see the signals in an area called ‘Signal Updates’. Curious – today 3rd of May – last Signal generated was 20th of April – so there was no new signal for about 13 days – there have been 9 business days for Forex market with no signal. Also they claim to sell the App only to 230 selected customers – when you scroll down you can register for an affiliate program – that’s curious, isn’t it? When you purchase the Signal they try to upsell und upsell and upsell and upsell and upsell – when will this come to an end???? I’ve purchased the first system to get an easylivinglifestylebygettingrichwithworkingonly14minutesadaysystem – why should i buy more?

    cu Rob

  44. Hope Jeff W. gets a refund. I have asked for a refund 9 times since 15th march and fed up being told this has never happened before. So where is my refund honest David? Nothing more than a con, don,t touch it with a bargepole.In the video it says about the trades, this is the two we will be concentrating on (out of the 10 shown on the screen), look closer, the other 8 are all loosing trades. You have been fooled like me.

  45. I signed for a $1 trial membership of Protrader Copycat for 71 days. The $1 was deducted from my credit card and to my disgust I noticed that a further approximately $97 was later taken from my account! Furher more, I can not get to sign in to the “Membership” area today!I have asked for a refund today – will see what will happen.

    Hope there is some way to stop these con men. Any advise of what to do?

  46. I am also unable to log in today. Upon requesting a new password, I get the message that there is no such member registered with my email!!!!!!!! even though they managed to take my monthly subscription yesterday. I shall be complaining to Plimus and requesting a refund.

  47. Bought this service but was not satisfied with results. After 6 weeks I asked for a refund under their unconditional money-back guarantee. They played me along for weeks until I finally gave up and changed my credit card before another monthly fee became due. Still have no refund. Definitely not recommendable.

  48. I bought the copycat and after a few weeks I asked for a refund because I was not able to place the trades manaully at the write time. David offered me Swiper Deluxe free of charge provided I kept my subscription. The licence I was given for Deluxe never worked and I have constantly asked for refund invain. I am very dissapointed with the serivice. The guarantee period is due to expire, I guess that is what they are waiting for then they tell me I do not qualify for refund.

  49. I bought both copycat service and copycat wireless.
    This past month the service/website for members has been down.
    The trades are still executing albeit this has not been a good week. So it sounds like you really don’t need the subscription service. they sent me a link to see the executed trades but that display is not accurate. The last trade on 5/19 was stopped out and yet the site shows the trade as “working”. I have nothing good to say about the support service or should I say lack of support service.I’m tempted to cancel the subscription (which is worthless)

  50. Just noticed another bogus thingy…. the weekly analysis has not been updated since April….So there you have it …more worthless info. Already requested a refund for the bogus signal service.

  51. How do you get hold of these people at protrade copycat. They have taken a sum of money from my account, looks like a subscription that i have not authorised. Any ideas ? chuck

  52. hi, today i got by email a offer of this pro type copy cat.thanks i foud this site with all the comments and i save my money.
    best regards

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