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3 thoughts on “Prime Forex Signals”

  1. Pros- Profitable if you can sit your butt all day and wait for the signal.

    Con- No auto refresh. Doesn’t list the time they opened a new signal. No Customer support basically means it runs by eTORRo brokers corporate thug to dig your 99$ monthly check.

    Stay the hell away and learn to trade on your own..there are plenty of free tools you can use to make profit.

  2. I strongly recommend novice or experienced traders to trade the signals provided by Forex signal providers in demo accounts and then trade in micro account with cents per pip. If you are satisfied in making consistent profits with their signals then go head and trade in standard account. And also clarify the things about risk reward ratio and absolute drawdown because some signal providers issue signals which needs to leverage high and possibility of maximum risk to blowup the account.

    Happy trading.

  3. I didn’t find the signals helpful. Often it indicates buy and you do and the signal changes back to don’t buy, but you have already and you lose money. What’s the point? They are also not very good with support, I begged to have my membership cancelled, but they still deducted the money from my credit card and refuse to give it back, despite a month’s notice. Be careful!!!

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