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6 thoughts on “Point Click Pips”

  1. I haven’t buy it yet. I ask all of you to be aware about the website and amount.

    You can notice between US dollars and British pound. See $163,624 at the top of the website and check at “Click Here to view my bank account” to see British pound at his Barclays account.

    He’s British and use forex account that allow up to 1:500 or more. In the U.S., US clients only allow 1:50. Big difference.

    The US clients can’t able to earn $163,000 in ONE MONTH

    I used the support and asked the simple questions to ask him. Provide the PDF (or manual) to how to run, install, and protect us from greedy brokers(I add this question). And he doesn’t answer my questions. Nothing. Trust him? I don’t know.

  2. Paid for it in full 4 days ago, unable to download for 24 hours, got some help and downloaded. It DOES NOT work at all on Demo OR Live accounts and I cannot get any further response from them. Am now trying to get refund.

  3. Disappointed about Back Up.Or Lack Of
    Tried o get Jefferys help.

    No Simple Instructions for settings for Pointclickpips Std + Point Click pips Extreme.Have loaded But wont run on Demo

    Sad as Salespage sounds Great

    Actuall Disaster Grady

  4. I bought PointClickPips, and it appears to be a rehash of a previous robot I bought and returned called OneClickPips. That didn’t work, and neither did this one until I started fiddling around with the settings, and now it is working, but not making any profits so far (only 2 days though). The trouble is that the “out of the box” setting for LotSize is 0.01 lots, and most, if not all, brokers will not accept orders that small, my own broker’s minimum lot size is 0.1. As soon as I increased the Lot Size to 0.1 or above, it started working. I would urge the posters above to try this, but I also despair of getting any support, just as I didn’t with OneClickPips. Iain.

  5. Have been using this product for several months now, and everything is just as Jeffery said, right out of the box. Must be run with lot size of 0.10 in GBPUSD HI chart without candlesticks. Run just as it is installed…add nothing in the way of indicators, you don’t need them. Start the EA and sit back and watch for a week before doing anything else. You will have to determine whether to collct some of your profits, or let them ride. First 24/5 handsfree robot that has worked for me, and I’ve tried plenty. Good job Jeffery!

  6. I’m back to give an update on this product. Well, I now have a free live account, running the original pointclickpips, I started with Alpari which gained 17.5% this week. And, I have a 10K demo accnt running pointclickpipsextreme which gained 8k this month. I just started a 3k live accnt with pontclickpipsextreme which I will report on next week. I’m totally happy for the 1st time with any of the products I have purchased. This one delivers right out of the box. Maybe, I got the wrong one! But, I like it!

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