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2 thoughts on “Pips Raider”

  1. Just reading on another review site how this is nothing more than a scam. I kind of thought that was what was going on here. How come if this makes all this money that the big banks and Hedge funds etc don’t have it. This guy is nothing more than another scammer and from what i read his bot hasn’t put on a trade in over 3 days. I will pass on this piece of crap

  2. Hi,
    I bought a copy of Pips Raider in October last year (2011). I installed it according to instructions but nothing happen. It did not place a single trade even after many instructions on how to adjust and re-install. The worse thing was that after all failed, I asked for a refund of my hard-earned money, but the marketer told me that that was not possible because the time for that had lapsed. I am really disappointed because Sinclair spoke so much eloquently about his machine and that prompted to part with my money. If you ask my candid opinion, he is just like other scammer on the Net. Thanks

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